Chapter 687

The ultimate murderous hell comes.And it is the ultimate nirvana. When the Dark Sky Machine locks Ji Shi with his own consciousness, even if Ji moves at this time, he can transfer the scroll to the other side of the mainland. As long as he is still in this world, this skill is all all skills.He will work on him and completely destroy him.Therefore, the dark sky was not afraid that Ji Shi would escape.What's more, after the use of love poppy to enhance its own strength, once you leave here, the effect of the peeled poppy disappears, what will Ji Shi have a chance?

Looking at the dark smile of the dark sky, at this time, Ji Shi even laughed. Although he did not laugh as arrogant as the dark sky, when the dark sky was seen when he saw his smile, he felt in his heart.I did not make a twitch.

"What are you laughing?" Dark Sky looked at Ji Shi doubtful. At this time, there was already a twenty -eighth magic pattern on the beam of his back, and there were eight worse.Essence

Ji moved indifferently: "I laugh. It's because you are happy. Do you think you will conspiracy? Do you have your conspiracy and I have my Yangmou. The final victoryWho is who is? In fact, the moment you devour the chrysanthemum pig, it has been decided. "

Listening to Ji Shi, not just the dark sky was surprised, but even the light of the five elements of the cycle of the five elements will be done tomorrow.The disciples are also horrified and inexplicable, and they can still be calm. Only by the opportunity and Chen Sixuan tomorrow, because they only know what the Yangmou in the mouth of Ji Jing's mouth is.

The light pattern on the dark light wheel behind the dark sky has reached thirty. At this time, it is impossible to do it even if he wants to interrupt his skills.Hell is coming, and he has paid too much magic.

A touch of green light, at this time, did not appear in the chest of the dark sky machine at this time. His body suddenly shocked, and he was performing the ultimate murder.The thirty -one light pattern that was raised was so solidified, and it was not continued to complete.

The dark opportunity was extremely proud of the moment ago. At this moment, the face has been shocked. He seems to have solidified there, and the huge magic fluctuation behind it only continues to stagnate the stagnation.At the degree of the previous moment, the thirty -first light pattern could not be formed.

"No, this is impossible." Dark Sky screaming panickedly.However, no matter how he called it, he couldn't stop the green of the chest more strong.

The green color is like a tumbling anger.Keeping crazy shocks on his chest, the dark light wheel behind the dark sky also became unstable, and the black -purple electro -light fluctuated violently, and even the dark magic barrier responsible for protection around him also appeared.Taoist light flickered.

Ji watched the dark opportunity coldly, "Impossible? Nothing is impossible. If I don't let you become a god, do you think, can you really become a god?Beasts can break through such an important thing in the god level. Do you really think I will forget? Everything you do is very careful. Indeed, I have not found any clues.You can know what your ultimate purpose is. Especially when you have not participated in the war after the jihad starts, I will even affirm my judgment. "

" No, it is impossible, it is impossible, I have completed the devouring the last holy beast through the dark altar. I have really become a god, you, you ... "The Dark Tianji couldn't say it anymore.Go all out to deal with it. For him, he is not now hell coming to the hell to destroy Ji.Instead, how can we stabilize the threat of the madness of my body.Although there is only one -fifth of the divine power in the body, he is in the process of exerting the ultimate murderous skill at this time.All will be devastating disasters.

Ji moved, he laughed very much, "Impossible? You think too well. You must not know one thing. You should swallow the chrysanthemum and pig, and it is impossible to devour it.He. You said before that the five great beasts are the pets of the five first -level elements. Is the pet of God so easy to devour? Without God's will, they will obey your coating?At the time of the time, the reason why you can devour the Fourth Sacred Beasts is of course a role in the dark altar, but the more role of your dark altar is to urge the contract of God. It is precisely because of the relationship between God.The swallow of the four great beasts. However, at that time you failed to devour the chrysanthemum pigs, but it would never be possible to swallow it. But you thought that you can hardly eat chrysanthemum with the magic that has reached the pinnacle of the Holy grade.Pig, also lock its breath with the dark altar. All of this is actually in the plan of me and the chrysanthemum pig. Before I rushed to the battlefield, the army of fire crows in the world of the world came to the battlefield.In addition, I also did another thing, and I planned to give you this yangmou with chrysanthemum pigs. "

" With the practice of your original Holy Peak, if it is a normal jihad, in yourUnder the leadership, the Dark Army will cause a huge loss to me. If I expose you prematurely. You will not continue to have a dream of swallowing chrysanthemum pigs., But it is impossible to keep you, and you can only use love poppy once. Even if we have won the jihad, once you get rid of it, it is the forever in our light of the five elements of the five elements.It is enough to bring us a devastating disaster. Therefore, I have to fight in danger to let you devour the chrysanthemum pigs and let you temporarily become a god. Only in this case, you will not escape.Your opportunity.

Listening to Ji Shi's words, the darkness of the dark sky has become pale. He has always thought that his plan is perfect, no one knows, but he isHow could I think that Ji Shi had already had everything he wanted to do, and it was not suddenly launched until the last moment.Moreover, no chance to leave him.

Ji Shi watched the dark opportunity, and the voice was full of jokes. "I can't think of what I said before, including the chrysanthemum pig intentionally in the bright fortress.But you may not be able to kill you in one hit. Once you give you a chance and let you escape the battlefield, then my plan will fail. So, I am waiting. At the same time, you are also guiding you.The ultimate nirvana. Only at this time, you can't get rid of this state, yes, if your ultimate murder can really be completed, we will be destroyed.A ultimate nirvana, but it is never possible to perform it. The chrysanthemum pig who was swallowed by you did not die at all, but lurked in your body. In this most critical time, the ultimate murder was interruptedWhat is the taste? Moreover, only in this case, I have enough time to perform skills with my partners to destroy you. "

" At the beginning, it was the Holy Evil Island you planned.The big robbery made the flames exposed the strength of the gods in order to save me, and was killed by the god of Xiu Puris. You are the biggest enemy in my life. Today, I will have to die in your hands.And everyone who died also destroyed you for the sake of suffering and suffering on the mainland of the Dark Five Elements.Ji Yong's Yangmou also succeeded.After all, Yangmou still covered the conspiracy. The price paid by Ji Shi was also huge. With the use of love poppy, he had the strength to temporarily resist the dark what?As long as you can revenge for the flames and avengers the partners who once died on the Holy Island, all this is worth it.As long as the Dark Sky Machine died, the biggest responsibility carried by Ji Shi's shoulder was completed. At that time, he could go to his flames.

Actually, Ji Shi's plot is not without flaws, which is what he calls the adventure.If the Dark Sky has swallowed the chrysanthemum pig, it would not immediately show his god -level strength to launch an attack.Instead, it is fast and far away, find a quiet cultivation in the place, and completely control the power of his own god level. At most ten years, he can truly refine the chrysanthemum pigs in the body and integrate it with his own divine power. At that time, he could be able to be able toIt is really God, and Ji Shi's Yangmou will naturally fail.

However, the possibility of the dark sky can see that the flaws are unlimitedly close to zero.When a person worked hard for a goal and finally got the goal, how could his mood be calm?How could the dark sky of the god of God not immediately do but seek land for repair?Even if he could really find it, he escaped immediately, the worst result was that Ji Dong fought with him in the final decisive battle ten years later, and who could be sure that Ji Shi could not be cultivated into a god ten years later?Therefore, although Ji Shi's Yangmou has flaws, this flaw is almost no.Dark Sky Mot is finally right. As Ji Shi said, when he devoured chrysanthemum pigs, the final ending was destined.Suddenly, the dark sky was brought into the abyss of destruction.

At this moment, a brilliant golden landslide fell from the sky, through the dark blockade of darkness, and fell on Ji Shi.

It is the sun, the sun full of light, and the Phoenix Fire Erner has successfully penetrated the black sky curtain under the dark sky, and completely guided the sun to Ji Dong's body.

Ji Dong held the sword of Vulcan with both hands, and the brilliant golden blade was full of unparalleled bright light. The golden light pattern began to appear behind him.The magic of the release is like Hainan Baichuan, and it is concentrated towards Ji Xun's body.

The yin and yang crown above the top of Ji moved, the last silver color had quietly retreated at this time, and received the assistance of all the attributes of all the bright saints, coupled with the fire of the bright fire of the vulgar sword, Ji Ji, Ji, Ji, Ji, Ji, Ji, Ji, Ji, Ji.The movement finally improved its own cultivation to the god level.

A light sound of Ding, the core of life at the chest of Ji Xun's chest was quietly broken. In order to maintain the state of Ji Dai at this time, all the vitality in the nucleus of the life had been injected into Ji Shi's body.

The black sky curtain quickly disappeared like the melting of ice and snow. The only gold in the sky was rapidly expanding, and the black sky curtain was constantly dispersed in the light.

The face of the dark sky has become distorted, and one -fifth of the divine power in his body makes him unable to do anything at all, although his ultimate nirvana is nearing completion, but now he is fundamentally fundamental at allUnable to use this power, I could only watch the sword in Ji Xi's hands, the sword of Vulcan was blooming with extremely bright bright colors.

With a buzzing sound, Ji Dong's golden light retreated, all the light was concentrated on the fire of the Vulcan sword in his hand.To maximize the attack, Ji Shi has left the Vulcan sword with himself at this time. Only by releaseing the fire of the Vulcan sword can he make this shot into a symbol of the god -level and ultimately killing skills.

Like the dark sky, he only has the power of this blow. Although the dark sky at this time has not been able to control the hell coming, the darkness of his body is still extremely strong.He can completely wipe him completely without affecting everything on the ground below. Therefore, Ji Kimong cannot risk. He must use his all his strength to deal with the dark sky.

"Go, the sword of Vulcan." Ji Dong sang, the Vulcan sword with bright golden light had broken the air, and the four -foot -long Vulcan sword exuded brighter than the sunIn the light, the void quietly split, and a golden figure appeared quietly. The unreal gold figure quietly held the hilt of the Vulcan sword. In the moment, the unparalleled majesty was filled with the air.

This is the ultimate nirvana of Ji Dong, and Vulcan comes to cut.The golden figure is the main god of the fire attribute element in the god of the gods, and was temporarily summoned by the attraction of the ultimate murderous skill of Ji.

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