di shi liu zhang shuang huo tong xiu shang

"Only in the evening and early morning?" Ji Qi looked at summer in surprise, and his mind flashed in his mind. "Do you mean that the yin and yang alternate between the morning and evening is the moment of the balance of Binghuo and Ding Huo?"

I was surprised at the moment of summer, nodded, and said," You are smart. That's it. However, the time of yin and yang balance in the morning and evening is only a very short hour.It can only be effective only in a total of one hour. This is also an important reason why the Yin and Yang dual system is difficult to cultivate. In addition to one noon, the simple Binghuo system can be cultivated at other times.The effect is slightly worse, but you can't, you only have that short time. Therefore, your thirty -two times effort is not so easy to do. Let's go. This afternoon you don’t have to go to class. These daysThe main course is to help everyone awaken their own attributes. "

" Thank you teacher. "Ji Dong had a little physical strength at this time, got up with Bi Su, and Bi Su was anxious to cultivate and returned to Ding Ding directly.The fire department went there, and Ji Shi went to the cafeteria to eat something and returned to his separate dormitory.

For Ji Shi, everything has just begun. Today, Bi Su's performance given him a lot of shock, let him fully realize that there is no in this world of yin and yang magician.How sad is the strength.

I raised my hand and stroked my left chest. I had some points in my heart. Every day was valuable. In addition to the early morning and evening, there was a place that can be cultivated in one place. That isThe heart of the Queen of Flame.There is also the same Lake.As long as the time is reasonable, there will be no waste of waste.The flame said that you can go there every day for three hours.

Thinking of this, he immediately came to the bar and concentrated on the preparation of a cup of cocktails.After the modulation, he did not pour the wine into the wine glass, and even did not even open the lid of the jug.Press his right hand in the position of the red lotus in his left chest, and made a call for the flame.

A faint warmth spread from the left chest of Ji, and instantly spread to the whole body, and finally rolled to his feet, rushing out of his feet.The strange scene appeared, and Ji moved to see a piece of red lotus petals from being relieved from his feet, like lazy stretching and lazy waist, and then this piece of petals rolled slightly and wrapped his body.EssenceWhen the last petal rolled his body, his whole person was like a huge red lotus bud.The soft red light did not emit half of energy fluctuations, the light flashed, and it had quietly disappeared into the room.

It feels completely different from the last time the full -scale non -fixed transmission scroll. This time, Ji Shi did not feel any feeling of falling. He just felt that his whole body was warm.The comfort of the Binghuo and Dinghuo magic on the chest also light up slightly.

Red isolates his sight. It feels just a few times of breathing, and the red around him has become transparent again. The hot fiery red world is once again appeared in the sight.However, this time he was not standing in that groove, but fell directly from the air to the ground.

That's not knowing how horrible the temperature is. Last time he was still baked on a hundred -meter -high cave wall. If it dropped, wouldn't it be extinguished directly?Just when Ji Shi was surprised, he suddenly felt that the surrounding scenes were quietly stagnant. The red lotus wrapped in his wrapped into a huge red air bubbles floated above the magma dozens of meters, and there was no first first.When I came here, the extremely hot feeling.The red lotus not only brought him to the heart again, but also directly wasolated the high temperature for him.

"A startled." The sound of the flames sounded, and Ji moved to look at it. I don't know when the flame has appeared beside him, and it is also in the red bubble.

Although it was not the first time to meet, goodbye to her, the shock in Ji Dong's heart was still not half a reduction.Still in a red skirt, holding hands in front of him, long hair on the left chest is like a beating flame. Bai Nen's slender fingers pointed at the mixing pot held by Ji Shi's hands, "This is for me to me.Wal? "

Ji nodded and twisted the bart -up pot and handed it up." I'm afraid that it will evaporate here.The flames took over the bottle, "Thank you, Xiao Ji. You are going to start cultivation."

"How do you know?" Ji Qi looked at her in surprise.

The mysterious smile, "This is the secret." While saying, the red bubbles had taken them to the depression of the cave wall that day, and no flames were seen. She was separated from the bubbles.Go out, just float in the air.

"Don't waste time, you can only be here in three hours a day. When you want to leave, you just need to say goodbye to me by the red lotus on your chest.You go back. "

Ji said:" Can I separate these three hours? "

Flame said:" Of course you can. If you haven't returned yet, if you haven't returned,Honglian will also send you away by itself. Let me taste what kind of wine Xiao Ji brings to me today. "

While saying, she lifts her head and drinks, and the wine in the crystal jugThe liquid is milky white, and it looks like a strong milk.

Ji moves slightly nervously at the flames and lighten the wine. This time, the cocktail he prepared is significantly different from the previous time.If he was full of gratitude when he was prepared for Yang Bingtian's midnight sunshine last time, then it was another kind of emotion that he specifically made for flames this time.The same material will be very different in the taste of different moods.An excellent bartender will definitely be good at injecting his emotions into the wine he prepared.When preparing this glass of wine, Ji Dong's heart was filled with the strong admiration, but there was no half impurities.

"Well ..." The flame glanced at Ji Shi and smiled slightly, "This glass of wine seems to be different from the last cup! Xiao Ji moves——

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