Chapter 139

Brother Xu glanced at Ji Shi behind Fer "Frey, is this your brother who almost aroused the battle of supreme? You give your brother a bottom, you come this time, yes ..."

Ferry's color is condensed It has nothing to do with us. Who said that I am a traitor, okay! Let him compete with me. Our brothers have taken it. "

Brother Xu nodded, saying:" There is you with this sentenceIt's enough. Whoever dares to stop you from entering the Holy Evil Battlefield is to be able to live with us. Go, go, let's talk about it first. "

I said, I saw him ** The silver dragon figure was oneThe exhibition seems to be just a bit of a double -wing, and it has disappeared like a silver meteor.

"Little Master, this person is my good friend, named Xu Yonglong, five years ago he was already a seven -crowned heavenly division -level strong.One. Nickname Yunlong, 裌 之 之, although his Yunlong is the smallest in the dragon, only seventh -order strength, but it is the fastest. Before he was 50 years old, the Holy Evil BattlefieldInside, it is the most headache for the opponent. Often, it will snail the enemy in a place where it is impossible. It is an absolute old qualification here. He has been guarding for decades.And me, synthesize the glorious Liulong, I also have another nickname, which is called Lei Long. We all six are dragon riders. The five of them have a dragon character in the names of the five people. Unfortunately, they are not divided into five elements. Otherwise,The strength will be stronger to be stronger. Nevertheless, they are the backbone here. Even the directors of the college must make them points. After all, they put their half of their lives here. On the title, they are five.People are the Dukes of the country. The identity is noble. "

While saying, Zi Lei Yao Yao Tianlong has converged on the ground.As Frey's convergence disappeared, it resumed the light and lightness.

Xu Yonglong has been waiting there, and his silver dragon has disappeared, and there are three other people waiting there, looking at the age of 50 or sixty years old, although the appearance is not differentThe same, but they all have their own special temperament. They have deep eyes and cannot see the depths. There is no doubt that they all have extremely powerful strength.

Frera jumped off the back of Zi Lei Yao Tianlong. In the first few steps, he gave the other three middle -aged people: "Fry has seen several brothers.Is it?

On the left is a middle -aged man with a long face and a simple face. The short head looks very energetic. He laughed and said, "You make such a big move in the air, can we not know?? Let us introduce this little brother first. "

Frey nodded and said to the four people in front of him:" This is my little brother, and it should be the teacher's closing disciple. The name is JiMove. "

Ji moved slightly, and he had seen the ceremony, but did not speak.

Frey said: "These four brothers are the deputy heads of the Tiangan Legion, and they are also the heroes who guard the border. Brother Xu Yonglong, nicknamed Yunlong. I have seen it for you.This is Brother Du Kuanglong, nicknamed the lion dragon. Jiamu is a middle -aged man who has just just spoke.

Ji Shi looked intently. The middle -aged man looks ordinary and looks like a gentle and elegant temperament.

Xu Yonglong smiled, saying, "He is a pervert, you must not be confused by his appearance. If this guy is fighting, it is like a lunatic. So, we call him most of the time."

Du Kuanglong said angrily:

Frehaha laughed, saying: "Brother Du Kuanglong is called the king of offensive, but the attack is not like the magician of the Kimu.Yes. "

" Frey, your kid is not authentic, and you don't quickly introduce others. "Another middle -aged man standing beside Du Kuanglong suddenly said a word that made Ji move.This person's voice was a little bit more scattered than a woman, especially when he spoke, he also squeezed out a orchid finger.That looks like it is.The two people standing beside him took one step and made a look like he didn't know him. Xu Yonglong patted his forehead, and it seemed that he couldn't stand it.

Frey also touched the muscles on his face, saying: "Little brother, this is Brother Jin Zelong, nicknamed Jinlong, Xin Jin.
Frankly, if this Jin Zelong just looks at it, he really can't pick any problems.The appearance is also the most handsome of everyone. His skin is temporarily, Liu Mei Fengmu, and has a flowing golden long, but his opening, a momentum, and a handsome face are destroyed by the atmosphere.

It is really unacceptable.

Jin Zelong looked at the crowd dissatisfied, showing a sorrowful look on his face, "People don't want to do this, but people are the innate ninety -nine yin metallic attributes.Fa. "Little brother, your skin is so good."

Listening to the words in front of Jin Zelong, Ji Dong was only surprised in his heart, and 90 % of the metallic metal. This can be said to be the existence of the limit attribute.His sissy has an unusual strength. He is that when Jin Zelong said the last sentence, he couldn't stand it. His face was white, and he hurriedly turned his head.

"Cough.Let me introduce it.Ze Long, you can be quiet."The last middle -aged man is much more normal. He is tall and no longer Ferre. A short red root stands erected. It looks like a good brother Carl who looks like Ji>
"My name is Jin Gulong, nicknamed Fire Dragon, and the second of Binghuo was studied under Teacher Zhu Rong's door, but he was just a disciple.For countless, I am also your real brother.Of course, among them, my strength is the worst, not worth mentioning."

Frehaha laughed, and said," Brother Jin, you are ridiculing me.If I remember correctly, you were already seven years ago.This worst is not your turn!"

Kim Gu Long said seriously:" No, I must not be as good as you.My fire dragon is low, not as good as your purple Lei Yao Tianlong."

Frey said:" Brother Jin, you are still like this.

Jin Gu Long said angrily: Oh, right.Brother Kim Gu Long and Brother Kim Zelong are brothers.

Brother Kim Gu Long is brother.""Brother?"Ji Shi couldn't help but open his mouth in surprise. No matter from any aspect, he couldn't see that the so -called brothers had any similarity.

Jin Zelong said againGu Long looks like a father.We also look like the attributes of our parents.This appearance is a bit different."Little brother, your skin is really good, I envy."

I endured the vomiting **, Ji moved back subconsciously, the two people next to the Yunlong and Lion Dragon couldn't help it.Lreep.

Frey shook his head helplessly, and said, "Brother Zelong, you can spare my younger brother.

He wants to enter the Holy Evil battlefield with me."Four Dragons stunned at the same time, and Du Kuanglong said with a deep voice: "Ferry, we have heard of your affairs. This session of 300 candidates entering the Holy Island has also been determined.I don't know how Ji Tong can kill Ji Yifeng. But don't forget, Ji Yifeng is the only heir of the royal family of the Chinese Empire. This hatred can be said to be like the sea. On the outside, there are two military princes.No one dares to make him. But who can speak well on the Holy Evil Battlefield? Don't forget, once you enter the Holy Evil Battlefield, you two will be separated. You have entered it twice and naturally understand the Holy Evil.The danger of the battlefield. In this matter, the two are the predecessors of the predecessors? "Frey smiled slightly, saying:" Without the permission of the ancestor, how dare I bring the younger brother, please rest assured.In the Tiangan College, even if it is in the Yinyang Academy, I am afraid that no one can defeat my younger brother. "Jin Gulong said something unbelievable:"Frey glanced at Ji move, Ji moved" Sixteen years old. "Jin Gulong wanted to say something, but Xu Yonglong on the side said: C, Lao Jin, don't ask more.Since it is a decision under the luminous crowns, do we still need to question?Ferry, you can rest assured that this incident has the support of us. Although there are water directors and the Directors of the Jiamu department over there.It can't stop you from entering the Holy Evil Battlefield.The overall situation is the most important.Although the girl in Yexin has not made a small progress in recent years, it is still much worse than you."Hearing the name of Ye Xin, Fer's face obviously became indifferent, and a strange glory flashed in his eyes. Although it was only a moment, Ji Dong beside him still noticed.

Frehaha laughed and said, "Then I asked several brothers when they entered the Holy Evil Battlefield.

There should be seven or eight days.In any case, we must call Brother Song on the Wanjuan Library tonight. We are not drunk."Xu Yonglong smiled and said," Even if you want to run, you can't run.I heard that your kid has just advanced to the Jiuxing bartender.It is already the level of the wine god."Fervilon smiled" Brother Xu always remembered my wine!This is easy to say."As he said, he blinked to Ji. But no matter how he covered it, Ji Shi also clearly remembered the sadness that Ferry flashed in the eyes of the previous moment.

After being arranged, the two lived in a golden tent. Now it is still early. After arranging their residence, the four dragon ride magicians are busy.They are busiest every five years.

"Brother."Ji moved to Frey.

" Huh? "Ferry was lying on the bed and twisted his head. All kinds of applications in this golden tent were all available, all of which were the best daily necessities.

Ji moved to the bed and said, ", Are you thinking about Sister Ye Xin?"Ferry's eyes were cold." What do I want her to do? "The water -based poplar woman."Ji moved:" Brother, our brothers, you don't have to cover up anything. I can see that you still have feelings for Master Ye Xin.I just don't want to admit it.I understood at the dance last time.Sometimes, you have to see its essence through the surface, don't conclude prematurely, and don't be blinded by your insistence.:

Ferry did not say a word. After a while, he said faintly: "Here, the glory five dragons are the principal. According to my original plan, when someone in the college can inherit my seats in the college, someone in the college can inherit my seatAfter the location, I also came here to meet with the five brothers to keep the border together. Among the five dragons, in addition to Song Ruilong, the head of the group named Shilong, the strongest strength is Brother Jin Zelong.The surface of his mother is confused 7: 3O23-5. Brother Kim Zelong's control of magic has even praised the ancestors and has reached an extreme.Use a point of magic. In addition to Brother Song, the other strong man who reaches the strength of the eight crowns. He is currently the youngest master of Tianzun. The talent of Jiu Jiuyin's metal attribute makes him likely to become the next one.The Supreme Lord. Brother Song, the head of the regiment, is known as the heir under the crown of Ji Changxin Tian. It is estimated that his magic is extremely close to the nine crowns.The imperial royal family, but the status of the middle and upper empire itself is enough to compare the king of peace. Not only is it given to the Duke of the Great, it is also the marshal of the three armed forces of the middle and upper empires.. It is a very powerful person. If I hadn't broke the seven crowns now, I said that I and the five brothers and me said that it would really be a taller.These three older brothers did not know how many times they challenged each other because of the position of the yin and yang school seat. With the support of these five brothers, the college did not dare to stop us into the Holy Evil Battlefield. "

Listening to Fergu's left or right, he deliberately cut off the topic. Ji Shi didn't say anything more, he just listened silently.If there are not a few strong men who guard here, he will be strange.Glory five dragons are undoubtedly the mainstay.

"Ferry, are you there?" At this moment, a soft voice sounded outside the tent.Hearing this sound, Ferry, who was telling Ji Shi, was suddenly stiff, and suddenly sat up from the bed.The face was sinking like water, and the sinking voice said, "What are you doing?" 13