Chapter 24 The head of the bullet kissed

"Big, big brother. Can you see me?"

"Very good." This has almost become a warning before Meng Fan's killing tonight.Eyes, he felt something, and he yelled at the door, only ran two steps, and felt a cold between his neck, and then frightened that he had a head without a head in front of him.

That's his own, because his head has been divided by his body.

Killing Huang Sanben was expected by Tongmeng rhymes, so she was not surprised at all. If Meng Fan did not do so, she would feel strange.

Children's dream rhymes have gradually understood Meng Fan's style, that is, to be cautious, decisive, killing hands, and never let go of any threatening enemies.

If you are fighting such an enemy, you must not take it lightly when you are in an advantage. When you are weak, there is basically no chance to come back, because people like Meng Fan will not despise any opponents.Once you win the grass, you will cut the roots. Don't think that he will make great compassion, talk about what people are, and give you the opportunity to come back to Dongshan.The rules are out of cards, only cheap and not suffering, have a certain strength, but cautious.

Meng Fan searched carefully throughout the room. When he walked next to the coffee table, a dangerous hunch suddenly appeared in his brain.

He calmly looked at everything in front of him, and finally saw a fishing line with a slightest trace in front of him.Meng Fan slowly bent down, asked the fishing line, and found an old -style H eight -five grenade.This kind of grenade, explosion radiation is not very large, is a low -explosive bomb, but the bombardment of the bombed is definitely deadly for humans within five meters.

The other end of the fishing line is a small hook, hanging on a small ring on the leg of the coffee table. As long as Meng Fan let go of the small hook at the top of the fishing line, the danger will be released.A better approach.

Meng Fan pushed the grenade from the fishing line, hung on his waist, and then left the study room. Meng Fan had a new plan in his heart. He decided to give up looking for the secret room because he understoodWith Dijin's wind, even if you find the dense room, there will be the same as the secret room of the hidden food. There is a password door. People who do not know the password cannot enter at all.

If Di Jin and Yuko's father are old, he will also place it on the door. If someone forcibly breaks the door, he will only be bombed with the materials in the secret room.

Just as Meng Fan thought, Dijin did feel that something happened in the church. It was suspicious that he had predicted that Huang San and Zhang Mazi were likely to be controlled by Meng Fan.

In fact, when they talked to Huang San, they had come behind the door of the secret room, but before they came out, he still used the walkie -talkie to contact Huang San and Zhang Mazi to ensure the safety of the outside.

As a result, Zhang Mazi lost contact, Huang San branch was completely different from usual.Therefore, Dijin was broken, and the church is likely to be controlled by Meng Fan.

A desk in the church collected room slowly rose, and a anti -theft door appeared in the middle of the room. Generally, such institutions were controlled by electricity.Can be controlled by electricity or manual control.

The door created by the stainless steel was not immediately opened, but an observation Kong was opened in the middle, and then a black object was thrown out, and the white smoke of stocks emerged after landing.

The entire study was immediately filled with a pungent smell. It turned out that this was a tear gas specially specialized in the riot police.

With the outbreak of the tears in the entire room, the anti -theft door opened, and the two all armed people came out of cautiously. It was Di Yu who walked in front, and Dijin behind.

They are wearing special protective combat uniforms with tempered helmet on their heads, night vision mirrors on their eyes, and anti -virus masks on their faces.Di Yu's hand was holding a 10 -type slight rush, and Di Jin's hand was actually a multi -tube machine gun.

This machine gun is a US -made Z720 firearm. It can fire six hundred rounds per minute. The gun is extremely heavy, but Di Jin can be lifted in his hand. It can be seen that Dijin's power is much greater than ordinary people.

The first thing Di Yu did was to pick off the fishing line on the coffee table, but he did not check whether the grenade on the other end was still there.Essence

The two did not walk out of the study, but paused slightly in place, and then threw out the tear gas again. This time they threw them into the church.

"Huang San, Zhang Mazi, where are you?" No one answered Dijin. The entire church had only his echo. In addition, it was surprisingly quiet.

"Meng Fan, you will come out if you have a kind of one, and make up with Lao Tzu." Di Jin has determined that Huang San and Zhang Mazi fell into Meng Fan's hands, so they immediately spoke.As long as Meng Fan answered, the multi -tube machine gun in his hand immediately fired as many as 600 bullets and torn Meng Fan into fragments.

The church is still silent. Of course, Meng Fan will not make any response. Although he has the ability to be more than ordinary people, it does not mean that he can overcome such a full armed manThey have toxic gas ammunition in their hands, but Meng Fan does not have anti -toxic masks.

The poisonous gas has been fully spread in the lobby of the church, but there is still no special voice. This shows that Meng Fan has not hid in the church hall, and the Di brothers slowly walked out of the study room and came to come to the study and came to the study.hall.

Di Jin made a gesture of Di Yu holding a multi -machine gun and signaled him to go upstairs. When Di Yu rushed on the stairs, he felt that something was stumbled around the neck.After a moment, I heard the sound of the grenade.

Di Yu's face turned white instantly. They used to deal with Meng Fan's grenade, but at this moment, they bombed under the feet of Di Yu.A group of blood -stuffed grasshoppers drilled into his ** through his protective clothing.

Di Yu fell to the ground. Although there was a protective service, the protection of ordinary protective clothing was very limited. His arms, thighs, and necks were injured in multiple soft tissues around the neck.But if you can't treat it in time, death is just an instant.From the current environment, professional treatment is obviously impossible.

Dijin was also impacted, but his injury was obviously not serious. For the first time, he showed anger, and the multi -machine gun in his hand shot without a target.

The multi -tube machine gun shows its powerful power. The shell is sprinkled on the ground. On the wall and the stairs are everywhere, the white and gray of the bricks and the broken bricks are everywhere.However, the church has a large area and a lot of rooms. Therefore, this kind of shooting is more likely to vent his anger when he loses his brother. The possibility of hitting the enemy is very, very small.

When his shooting just stopped, a light on the second floor was on the second floor, a bullet designed earlier, with its scoring and ridicule of the owner, like a little anger and blood -stuffing little littleWorms, flying at high speeds on Dijin's huge head.

Di Jin's head with a tempered helmet is the old -fashioned ordinary military helmet. The protective effect of this kind of steel helmet can only make the grenade shot into the head of the weeper, or let the weirler's skull, or let letThe ballad bullets are bouncing, but if the opponent's bullets are directly shot vertically, then I'm sorry, you can only say goodbye to the world.

It is said that the Japanese Kanto Army at the end of World War II, because the head of the helmet was painted with a blood -red circle on the front, when the red circle was against the Soviet army, the red circle can easily become the target of many Soviet infantry in many marksmanship.As a result, the number of Japanese soldiers with steel helmets exceeded the number of soldiers without a helmet.

Dijin immediately leaned back.

"Meng Fan, I said it a long time ago, my marksmanship is very good." Tong Meng rumored to show Meng Fan's achievements.

Meng Fan also walked out on the stairs on the second floor. The fighting process was smoother than he expected. Perhaps at the beginning, he imagined the enemy too strongly.

Suddenly, Di Jin, who had already "deadBefore he had time to warn alert, Meng Fan hugged the children's dream rumors and pushed away. The bullet wiped from Meng Fan's back, two of them, and found the right direction.

Meng Fanzhong has played, but the light armor he wear is made of special materials, far from ordinary bulletproof clothes, so despite Meng Fan's body trembling, the impact of the bullet has caused some harm to him to hurt him, But the effect on his combat power is very limited.

If the bullets are never endless in some games, then Meng Fan may really lose the chance of resistance, but it is definitely impossible in reality.

The bullets of Dijin pistol quickly shot quickly. At the moment he replaced the magazine, Meng Fan leaped down from the second floor with his body quickly moved.

Dijin's response is also very fast. At the moment Meng Fan raised his knife, the magazine had been replaced. He raised his hand to shoot a shot. Meng Fan quickly turned around.It was not surprising that Meng Fan had begun to turn to dodge while seeing Dijin's gun raising his gun. It is not enough to avoid the first bullet.

While Meng Fan dodge, the knife raised quickly was quickly put down, cut on the gun held by Dijin's right hand. If Meng Fan's movement speed can be almost zero, thenHis knife will cut off Dijin's right hand, but in reality, there is no if, only the result.

The sharp alloy war knife and Meng Fan's sharp offensive, actually cut the pistol made of fine iron into two halves. As soon as Di Jin's spirit was stagnant, Meng Fan's second knife had been cut inOn his head.

This knife Meng Fan intends to cut his head in half, but the result only cut his steel helmet in half. Meng Fan's hand was numb by the opponent's head anti -shaking tiger mouth.The alloy sword almost flew out.

In addition to this big surprise, even if the other person's head is made by stones, Meng Fan can cut off half of his knife, but it turns out that Dijin's head cover is more than a stone.hard.

No one's head cover can be harder than stones, so it is not that Dijin has a very powerful protective product hidden under the steel helmet, or he is really evolved as Meng Fan expected.

If you can't get a hit, your body retreats, Meng Fan's chest, if Di Jin goes to pull the gun again, he will immediately rush forward to cut Dijin's neck. Meng Fan does not believe Di Jin's neckIt will also be as hard as the skull.

But Dijin did not take a gun, but took two steps quickly and rubbed his head. Although Meng Fan did not achieve his life, his scalp has been broken, and even the skull.Meng Fan was also cut out of a crack. Yin Hong's blood rushed out of his head, flowing to Di Jin's face, blurring his sight, which made Dijin look like a terrible zombie in the biochemical crisis.