Chapter 234 Tiantian Grassland, Battle of Guild

Seeing Ji Dong's three people appeared.Hilo nodded towards them. There was no doubt that Ji Dong, the two women, absolutely the young combination attracted the attention of most of the magicians.However, these six -crowned magicians are old -fashioned players of the guild, and they are facing the enemy today. No one wants to inquire about Ji's origin.Just left a few eyes on them.

Hilo said in a sinking voice: "Departure."

At this time, Tiangang is bright, and the entire Central Plains City is not completely awake. On the street, only a small number of vendors start activities, most of them buy buying, most of them buy buying, most of them buy them, most of them buy them, most of them buy them, most of them buy them, most of them buy them. Most of them are buying.Early pavement.

When people watch such a all -out suit, when the team with a strong atmosphere passes, they can't help but feel stunned. Even the slow people can guess that something will happen today.

Out of the gate of the city of Central Plains, no Hilo ordered. All guilds accelerated at the same time, expanded their shape, and moved north along the official road.Arrive at the Tiansi Grassland earlier is the plan of Hilo.Although he had 90 % of the battle today, he would never have any care.As the full -time vice president of the Magic Association, the president is absent.The entire guild was managed by him.He never allowed the guild to have any problems in his hands.Therefore, even if it is confident, every detail must be perfect.

Along the way, no one of the strong people of these magician guilds did not speak, but just buried their heads.The three of Ji Xun fell at the end. Needless to say, Akin's speed was that Ji moved his hand with the flames and used his own magic to drive himself and the flames of the flames without half behind.

One hundred miles, for the magician above the six crowns, it is nothing at all, and it will come instantly.Follow the official road, and soon, it was suddenly cheerful in front of him.The endless Prairie appeared in front of everyone.

Only the great empires like the Middle -earth Empire and the wealth of resources are willing to use such a fat plain as a grassland.This Tianqing grassland is a place where the Middle -earth Empire deliberately opens up and domesticated mounts.Not only the horse, but also the cattle and sheep, in some special areas to cultivate Warcraft mounts.Like the cracking dragon training base of the Diamond Legion, it is based on the depths of the Tianqing Prairie.And there is an absolute restricted area.There are heavy soldiers guarding.

Looking at the endless prairie, the first feeling given people is that the heart is refreshing, especially in the distance in the distance, a touch of the sun is quietly exposed.The advent of light makes everyone feel moisturized.Can't say comfort.

The magic technical guild is naturally reasonable to choose the Tianqing Grassland as a challenge.First of all, in the grassland, there is sufficient space for exhibition. Without the help of the terrain, each magician can only rely on his own strength to fight.Secondly, in the grassland.The magician is also the least influenced by nature. As long as it is not raining, only the Oki Maggist can get a little increase here.It is not like the forest is suitable for the wooden magician, and the hills and mountains are suitable for the indigenous magician.Choosing here, the Magic Association is equivalent to telling the Magic Association to fight fairly with them.

The flames are gently: "It's so beautiful here. Your human world is really a place to care for heaven. Different environments have different aesthetics. Unlike the underground world, some are just dark."

Ji Dong laughed and laughed: "You are the queen of the world's heart world. Aren't you going to lead the world's army to capture the human world?"How can I not be able to perform capabilities in the human world at all. However, if the world of the earth is really rioted. For your human world, it is definitely a huge disaster. The world of heart is only weak meat and strong food, strong people survive, and the weak is defeated.The residents of the earth world must be stronger than your ordinary human beings. Although the world of earth is not suitable for survival, the number of creatures is far less than that of the ground world. But it is enough to be equivalent to the number of empires on your mainland.There are more than one million soldiers who can be used for fighting. However, the earth's heart always belongs to the dark side, and it can be said that it is a completely different world from the ground. The creatures in your ground world will not allow them to come to the ground to survive.Heart creatures may not be able to adapt to the survival of the ground world. "

From the words of the flames, Ji Shi clearly heard a bit of sadness," Every race has its own characteristics. In fact, the ground world may not necessarily may not beIt's not suitable for you. "

The flames said:" In the world of the earth. There are always two factions that are rolling with each other.The human world on the surface, robbing the territory. The two kings of the original kings belonged to the latter. However, because the opposition concentrated the biggest and most powerful forces in the heart, they did not dare to build it. And I destroyed the two major major.After the king, it was also the support of this forces that it really became the master of the world. After so many years, the main war factions in the world of earth -hearted worlds are gradually recovering. They are both the two major kings.Supporters. Just because I suppressed, they dare not perform. "

Ji moved slightly, saying:" It seems that there are contradictions in place, and the earth's heart is no exception.Although I have practiced in the local heart for ten years, I have never been outside the Lake outside the Lake. Flame, if you have time, you can take me around in the world of the earth. Feel the mystery of the world.? "

The flame laughed and laughed:" I am afraid it won't work. I will appear anywhere in the local world, which will cause unnecessary riots. If you want to see it, you can only go by yourself. But you are not the world of heart world.Life will still be a bit troublesome. Let me think of ways back. "

When Talking about Ji Shi and Flame, the Lord of the Lord Guild has gathered together, sitting on the ground and sitting on the groundOn the top, let the sun shine, swallow the aura of heaven and earth, and keep your magic in the best state.The people of the Magic Association have not yet come, but the atmosphere of the Magic Association has gradually become tense.The atmosphere of the war gradually rose.

Ji Shi has no doubt that once there are any problems in the ten battles agreed by the two sides, hundreds of magicians, the Magic Association, will summon their strong mounts at the same time and launch a comprehensive attack.These people are definitely more powerful than the three thousand diamonds I have seen last time.If you want to really compete with them, it is possible to have a full attack of the Diamond Legion.certainly.Ji Shi measures the combat effectiveness of the Diamond Legion in accordance with the strength of the extinction.And he is not clear about the real combat power of the Diamond Legion.

The sky has gradually become bright, the color of the sun gradually transforms from orange -red to gold, and the beautiful morning glow gradually spreads at the end of the sky, and a white clouds wander clearly over the sky.

Vice President Hilo opened his eyes suddenly, the first standing up, accompanied by his up, a kind of magician of a magician guild also stood up, his eyes came towards themLook at the direction.

Nearly 300 people quickly entered the Tianqing Grassland. Their speed was equally strange. Although they were not as neat and orderly as the Diamond Legion and Extinction Legion, they were fast enough.

Ji Shi couldn't help but take a breath. There is no doubt that these 300 people are from the Magic Association, but what shocked him was that all the three hundred people were all over the six crowns or more.The magician.Oh my god!Does the Magic Association mobilize the magicians of several countries?Although it is said that the Six Crown Lord is not too rare, there will be nearly a thousand six -crowns in each country.However, in addition to being controlled by some big families, nobles or national controls, these six -crowns are more free practitioners.They may join the magician guild or the magic technical association, but in this world where the communication is not well developed, it is very difficult to call a large number of powerful magicians in a short period of time.Although the Magic Association also has the ability to call hundreds of six -crowns.But in just one month, what they can concentrate is only these forces in front of them.The Magic Association is obviously long -planned.Ji Kimong has reason to believe that the more than 300 demonstrators of more than three hundred and six crowns in front of them are likely to be the entire strength of the Magic Technical Association.It may even find foreign aid.It seems that the Magic Association is also sure to get it!

However, what makes Ji move a bit admired that in the face of the other party's more than 300 strong men, Vice President Hilo's expression remains unchanged.Too many emotions have not been revealed.However, the other magicians were slightly changed.In the case where the level is different, if a melee is launched, a hundred pairs of 300.They are almost dead.

The people of the Magic Association stopped at a hundred meters away from the Demons Association.At the forefront of the Magic Association, it is still Woff, who is wearing black, is obviously the eight -crowned heaven -level strong.

Seeing the crowd of the Demon Division Association who had already been listed, Vodod's face showed a sneer. "Hilo, your magician guild came early! Is it so anxious to join our guild?"

Hilo said faintly:" The battle has not yet begun, you already know who wins and lose? "

Wo Buddha said:" That's natural, how do you think you are your devilIt is not easy for the Division to have a chance to have the opportunity today? It is not easy to train a magician above six crowns! You need to think about it. If you directly lead the magician guild to vote for sincerity, after the two guilds are merged, you are still the vice chairman., Just rank below me. How about it? "

Hilo snorted," less nonsense. I represent the magician guild. Although you are the vice president of the Magic Association, but you are also collectedCan't represent your guild. Where is the coronation of the back of God? "

Woff is wanting to continue to speak. The melodious voice has come from all directions." This seat is here, Hilo, are you really obsessed? "

The original clear sky suddenly became dark clouds, and the refreshing air suddenly became wet. In a flash, the sun was covered by the dark clouds, and the thick water in the air caused everyone to start the clothes on everyone.It becomes wet.

Ji moved to look up at the sky, and saw that a small black dot was amplifying quickly in the air. It was a white dragon. The dragon was nearly 20 meters long.Concerning the state of the sun.The dark clouds in the air seem to be produced by it. The thick water mist permeates the air, setting off it to fall from the sky.

On the back of this snow -white dragon, an old man in black was sitting. The old man looked around about fifteen last year. He was thin and long, with a faint chill in Danfeng's eyes.The black robe covers the whole body.I didn't see any magic weapons and equipment on him.However, the appearance of this person directly makes the air full of oppression.Just like when he challenged in the Magic Association that day.It seems that it is no longer the blue grassland, but a world of Renshui.

"White dragon, is this the dragon of the Renshui system?" Ji Shi asked with a low voice to the flame.The dignified pressure in the air had a great impact on him. After all, he was a fire magician, water, and the water in front of him was most annoying.

The flame nodded, saying: "Wind cream is a dragon in the deciduous water, the body is dark purple.The ice and snow dragon wind cream is not comparable. However, looking at it, although it is also ten -order, the heritage is not as deep as the wind and frost.It's pretty good. You can immerse your mind in the fire of the soul. You can feel that the air is not only full of water, but the water elements of any place are equally rich, and even the distribution is very uniform. This is not naturally formed.Instead, under the control of his magic. In other words, he can change the environment you see in front of your eyes at any time, and change in any place. "

Ji is shocked and concentrated on the spiritual power to goFeeling, as the flame said, the water in the air is extremely uniform, and almost changes at the same time.No wonder the appearance of the two masters and masters last time made the royal family of the Middle -earth Empire have to do their best.The power of the Supreme Strong is indeed a destroyed existence!Although the difference between the eight crowns and the nine crowns is just a crown, but the strength is far away.

Hilo's complexion began to dignified, and he sinking: "Water Mingyue's gods are crowned, why bother with each other?Nothing. It is a special guild on the mainland. From the perspective of origin, magic skills are only part of the magician ability. It should be that you are our branch.You guys? At the beginning, we did n’t have it when we were there. Although you are the supreme strong, God ’s crowns, but if you want to threaten our Lord Guild, then you are not enough."

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"" "If you add me, is it enough? "

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