Chapter 9 Line Life

After a few minutes of confrontation, Meng Fan felt that he couldn't stand it. The taste of being used as a prey was really uncomfortable. He decided to take the initiative to attack.

Meng Fan quietly removed a grenade in his hand and sounded gently. He was doing an adventure, because he was very close to the mutant, and he would not even get himself.Broken.

Meng Fan did not throw it out immediately, but stopped for three seconds. Then he threw it lightly and then hit a room.The shock wave caused by the dramatic explosion of the grenade shocked the wall of the room. Meng Fan patted the soil on his head and looked up to see the body of the bombed mutant, which was quickly melting.

"Did you die?"

The reality soon said "no" to Meng Fan, because the mutant quickly re -combined again, becoming a person's appearance, becoming a person's appearance againEssence

Now Meng Fan is a bit crazy, and it is not dead by being bombed like this. What kind of life form is? Meng Fan raised his gun to shoot again.It was found that the knife had been thrown outside when the grenade exploded.

The combination of the mutants has not yet been completed, so it began an attack on Meng Fan. Its mouth, a sticky liquid flew to Meng Fan's head.The gun's hands were replaced with the magazine at the fastest speed, and it was about to shoot again. Suddenly he felt the danger behind him and hurriedly flashed to the left.

Meng Fan saw an incredible thing again. I saw a thick liquid, as if life jumped into Meng Fan's head.

Although I was surprised, Meng Fan's response speed was not slow at all. He quickly fired at this ball of mucus. After the bullets were added, the mucus fell to the ground, the shell quickly melted, leaving only one ping -pong.The yellow object of the ball size, like the tail of the gecko, kept beating, but could no longer jump up.

The mutants hit Meng Fan's chest like an arrow. The first two times Meng Fan hid over, and the third time Meng Fan was mixed with the garbage under the feet, failed to avoid it, and was hit.In the room, his body flew out of the room and hit the wall of the corridor. He fell downstairs from the exploded wall hole in just one inch.

However, Meng Fan really thinks that it is better to fall from the high -rise to death, and he is not willing to deal with this super perverted mutant here, but the reality does not give Meng Fan any time for thinking, because the mutant is in front of him., It did not attack again, but raised his head high. A ball of things rose from the inside of its abdomen to the chest and neck ...

Meng Fan , It did not attack again, but raised his head high. A ball of things rose from the inside of its abdomen to the chest and neck ...

Meng Fan fucking a weapon at hand, and found it when he picked it up before he found that he found it before he found that he found that he found it and found that he found that he found it and found that he found that he found it and found that he found that he found it and found that he found that he found that he found it and found that he found that he found it and found that he found that he found that he found it.It was a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, and he sprayed it at the mutants without wanting to unscrew it.

Just like a person who fell into the water, he caught a life -saving straw. Meng Fan never thought that this gadget could kill the mutant. He just wanted to use it to block it to find a chance to reverse, but this is to find a chance to reverse, but this is to find an opportunity.For a moment, he suddenly transported, because this mutant actually screamed.

How unpleasant its sound is the sound, how much harsh it is to be harsh, but fortunately it just called for a few seconds, and kept going backwards.He sprayed the gas in the fire extinguisher in one breath, and saw that the mutant's body had changed the color and became milky white, and its action became very slow.

Meng Fan raised the gun again. With only one shot, the mutants were crushed into several pieces and fell to the ground."It died, and it died like this." Meng Fan didn't have time to think too much. He filled the two pistols with bullets, and found the alloy war knife. After checking the equipment, he found that the walkie -talkie in his ear was early.It's broken.

"Damn! I don't know what happened to Saifei?" Meng Fan just turned back, a purple light shone again, Meng Fan hurried back, and saw a purple liquid object.Sliding from the ground to Meng Fan, Meng Fan flickered, and the purple liquid object quickly slipped to the exploded wall and fell downstairs.

"The mutant of his mother hasn't died yet." Meng Fan came to the wall of the wall to see, and found that the liquid had already escaped without a trace. Meng Fan was leaving and turned his head and turned his head.Seeing that the small group of liquids that just sprayed to attack him just now were still slowly shaking. Therefore, he thought: "It is difficult for this mutant to be killed, and it must be related to its special gene.Go back and let Lan Ruobing study, maybe you can find the way to kill it. "

Meng Fan picked up the yellow object, and felt that this thing was a bit hard when he got it.Immediately became soft, Meng Fan knew that he could not solve its secrets, so he carefully wrapped it in the box of the magazine, and then turned to go downstairs.

The wind was on the outside -the wind, a damaged billboard in the wind swayed a few times, and finally fell down and smashed into a waste car, making a loud noise, and the wind took away the sun in the morning in the morning.Brightness brings Wuyun densely, which is a bad news for the army in Guzhou, because this means that the plane will not be able to take off for the time being.

Although the aircraft is no longer a symbol of safety, most soldiers think that it is a technical failure. Besides, even people who know the truth also hope that the aircraft can fly normally, even on the plane, it is not necessarily safe.However, "not necessarily" is not "no". Some planes are always better than not, let alone the plane has super firepower.

No one wants to look up when he looks up when he is desperate.

Meng Fan walked quickly and cautiously on the stairs. The wind was blowing from the damaged window, blowing up the paper chips on the ground, flying around Meng Fan, like a master in the movie,Scenes.

The closer to the first floor, the more Meng Fan feels wrong, because the first floor is too quiet.

Not to mention that Long Saifei is still fighting the zombies in front of the tank, that is, the battle is over. It is difficult for this group of temporarily patchwork to maintain such a quiet.Essence

The sound of gunfire is still there, but at least 500 meters away, Meng Fan also fought a lot of battles. The error of the gunpowder position will not exceed 100 meters.

It is already the second floor, and it is still very silent. Meng Fan's calm heart, once again excited, he was afraid of him to see the body of the place, plus the great zombie of the zombieEssence

Meng Fan's breathing was a little short. He had to stop temporarily, took a deep breath, and adjusted his breathing that had lost his rhythm.

He thought he had lost a lot in the disaster, so he had already been like iron and adapted to everything. Now he understands that because he has lost too much in the disasterSensitive and more concerned.

But no matter what you have to face, even if the Dao Mountains and the Sea, if you live away, Meng Fan will also choose to look directly, not to escape.

Meng Fan is an ordinary person who will be nervous, afraid, and will be afraid, but he will never lose the courage to continue fighting because of nervousness, fear and fear.

For Meng Fan, even if it is dead, it will never give up the final chance of fighting.

Go down the last step, turn around, raise the gun ...

There is nothing, no zombies, no corpses, the broken glass on the ground and the black stains on the ground remind youIn the battle, Meng Fan loosened a little nervous nerve. Without a corpse, it showed that his people were not dead, because the zombies would not take away the corpse.

Just when Meng Fan was just relaxed, the zombies appeared. A second -level sensitive zombie crushed the glass and "jumped out" from the window of a room.Essence

But using the word jump to describe its appearance is not appropriate, because when it jumped out, it was the first place with a face.Essence

Obviously it is impossible. The correct answer is that it is thrown out by something and what "things" will still come out of the room. Of courseStrong humans.

Although it is not worth it for a second -level sensitive zombie wave bullets, in order to prove their existence and location in order to prove their existence and location in the room, Meng Fan still decided to use a gun to solve it to solve itEssence

"Bang!" Before the second -level sensitive zombies stood up, Meng Fan was shot to break the skull. At such a close distance, Meng Fan's marksmanship can still ensure a shot.

Next, Meng Fanman thought that he would be welcomed by the creatures in the room, but after pushing away the hidden door, the scene in front of him made Meng Fan stunned.

There is indeed a person in the room, but the bloody blood shows that he has been dead for a long time, and the two creatures standing on the other are not humans, but two three -level sensitive zombies.

Meng Fan naturally understood what happened just now. It turned out that the second -level sensitive zombies were thrown out.They are torn for the human body on the ground.

They are fighting for food.Will they compete for food?

In the beginning, the IQ of the zombies was very low. If they put down a person, they would be up and rushed together. They would never bump or throw other zombies for eating solo food, but as the food decreased and their IQIn order to improve, they also began to divide the territory, and the interior will also fight for food.

Meng Fan feels that this seems to have a strange work with the history of human evolution. Humans (in a tribe) in the early primitive society also hunt together and eat together.The contradictions of the private ownership of the private ownership are also increasing day by day. Therefore, the situation of humans in the same area and fighting for resource allocation also appeared, which is the same as the evolution of zombies.

Meng Fan even felt that if human beings are extinct and disappear, will these zombies take over the position of human beings and evolve into new Earth Lords.