Chapter III's theft of the Wing of Red Wings

One thousand years later, Ardeney has transformed into a famous magic kingdom from the empire of the original hegemony, and the entire king city is built around this ancient church.

"This is Ari Adenie ~~ It really is famous." Najib looked around.

"Najib, don't admire it again, think about what to eat tonight, you blame you to lose your wallet." Guardian Wing Chun angrily looked at the west in the westNajib.

"Najib ~~" Ferlasla's long tone, Najib immediately turned to stand, "Let Master hungry ..." I told my neck with my hand and said fiercely.Sentence, "The death penalty ~"

Najib touched his neck with his heart, and said, "That master, you see, what kind of baby must there be, or so there are so many guards, let'sGo to steal it at night, do you have money to eat? "

Ferlaz watched the church of Wangnaji's finger and found that at least one hundred guards were strictly guarding an old church." Oh ~It is very likely "

" There are indeed a baby in it ~~ "Al's mysterious smile, watching everyone looked at themselves in surprise, lowered the voice," It is said that there was a thousand years ago a thousand years ago.Baby ~~ "

I heard that Najib said happily," Then we steal it out at night ~ "

" Then I just responded to you ~ "AlSuddenly said.

Lakaku's mysterious smile suddenly flashed for a while, and I wanted to finish Lakan, "I also respond to you outside"
"OK ~~ Then we act at night"Najib was happy to decide this operation.


Lakaku looks excitedAl, I always feel wrong, "Al ..."

"What? Lakaka" Al's face looked at Lakan with a smile.

"That ... really there is a baby in it?" Lakan hesitated, "I always feel that it is not a baby in it ..."
"Ah haha ... I didn't expect you to find it." Al said casually."But there are really babies in it ~ or Alea Adenie's 'national treasure' ~"

"National Treasure?" Lakaka asked in doubt.

"You know this book, you know," Al took a book from his arms and threw it to Lakan.

Latan took the book and opened it.When invading Ari Adenie, he took over the responsibility of the Pope and used the tactics beyond ordinary people.With his own life as a sacrifice, using the ban on God, rescued the dying Tyrina, but returned to the embrace of the goddess.Later, it was announced that the nation's mourning for 7 days and chased His Royal Highness of Thousand Fantasy as the "Eternal Holy Light"The Magic Empire"

After reading the profile, Lakan asked to Ali, "That ... not ... in that church"

"Well ~ there is buried thousands of fantasies,The place of the Trosa Pope "Ali excitedly said," I really want to see what he grows "

La Kaku watched the excited Alta suddenly see that Najib was carrying Najib in the night.A huge water -blue coffin galloped.

"Oh ha ha ~~ Come" Al also saw Najib, and looked at Najib, who was getting closer, and saw that Najib flew in front of the two and did not stop and yelled."Al, Rakan withdrew, there is a chase in the back"

After a long time, the Na guitar dumped off the chase behind, and Feltis said breathlessly. "What is the coffin?How to chase the guards and not life, there are magicians in it !!! "
" Ah haha ~~ Who knows? "Lakaka watched the tired asthma

> "Regardless of him, just open it and see it." Wing Chun jumped up, pulled out the long sword and chopped it to the coffin.

"Don't ~~" Al hurriedly wanted to stop Wing Chun, but Wing Chun had cut the coffin, and suddenly a milky white light resisted Wing Chun's attack. After the dazzling light flashed, everyone found that the coffin was just like crystal crystalIt was so broken, and there was a figure in it. Everyone looked at the person in front of the moon by the moonlight, but was shocked by the appearance of the world.People, slowly opening, a refreshing voice spread, "Did you awaken me?"

"Huh?" Najib looked at the person in front of him curiously, and did not understand him.What does it mean? When I was about to say something, I saw Al suddenly kneeling on one knee.Al, "How many years are Ari Adenie now?"

"You have been sleeping for a thousand years ~ His Royal Highness" Alone answered.

"One thousand years!" Thousands of magic fell into contemplation.

When the magical contemplation was, everyone in the red wings asked Al in surprise.

"Al ~~ What is going on?" By Ferlaz

"That's ~ you call His Royal Highness, who is he?"What's the matter with a thousand years "by Longdao

" Give a reason ~~ Al "By Wing Chun

Al slowly stood up, patted the dust on his body, revealing the dust on his body, revealing the dust on his body, revealing itIn the past, "AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhI heard Al's questioning, "Ah ~~ I don't know ~~ I haven't introduced myself yet, my name is Thousand Magic Thatestrosa"

"Then join usLet ’s say blood suddenly,“ Our red wings are the famous team of magic world! ”

“ The wings of red? ”Qian Xian suddenly remembered a trace of influence from the distant memory, no确定的问着,“你的名字是?”

“哦~我叫纳吉・史普林菲尔德,刚才下跪的是阿尔,那边的肌肉男是拉坎,叼着烟It is Cato, next to his apprentice Long Dao, the sword with a sword is Wing Chun, and my Master Ferlaz, "Najib introduced a few people, and asked Xiang Qianmi," How about it ~ Add to join"Let's say slowly.

"So ~ Thousands of Fantasy Tenstrisa joined the red wings". After confirming that this is the world of magic teachers, Qian Mi reached out and held it tightly with Najib.

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