Chapter II, be able to be happy and regretful!

The second chapter should be able to die with joy and regret!()

After the elder uncle bought Fuxuan a year ago, Fang Senyan threw off the work in his hand and returned.At that time, he was already the second deputy of a Panama 5,000 -ton cargo ship, and he would retire after the big vice years.Although the captain had repeatedly reserved, Fang Senyan refused. He returned to the tattered Fuyuan and re -made a crew, and also took out all the savings to pay the debt to the uncle. At this timeThe shed was built by the last month he took before leaving.

Although not far away, the shoes under the feet are already filled with mud water. The cold meaning always seems to be in the muscle bone."The sulking sound is difficult.After a while, Sanzai's shed has arrived, and he did not look back. "Papa" patted the wet oil for twice.Open the gate of the shed next to the shed, and then get in.

Fang Senyan is turning around, but the door of the shack behind him suddenly opened again, and the wet head of Sanzi was explored again. The black hair was stuck on the forehead.I admire again:

"Brother Yan, at that time, the waves were afraid that there was no more than one foot, and even the four uncle and the uncle had no way. How did you see the fat head?"

Although Sanzai is only a few months younger than Fang Senyan, he is too far away in terms of his mind.It is to treat this brother who has no blood relationship with an attitude of worship.Fang Senyan smiled slightly after listening to his question, and his eyes squinted slightly:

"I just have to be in the middle."

After pulling the lights next to the light, Fang Senyan removed it and removed it.I took a dry coat and took a dry towel to wipe the water on the head.His height is about 180 cm, his physique looks strong, his eyebrows are dark, and the pectoral muscles under the personal elastic vest show the bulging muscle outline. In the past few years, his skin tone shows his skin color.Copper color.Simple inch, the double eyebrows of the tall knife, reminded people of high -quality bodybuilding coaches, but slightly thin lips and indifferent eyes make him a kind of coldness that refuses to be thousands of miles away.

In all fairness, this is an extremely rude shack, about seven or eight square meters. It is built with the corners on the building materials and the inferior asbestos and fiber tiles.It is not humble.A single -player bed with spring steel, a washbasin, and a simple wall -mounted plastic wardrobe.But after entering this, there is a special feeling of warmth. It is a feeling of home, and no matter how luxurious hotels can be replaced.

The only decoration inside is a small frame placed on the bedside.In the frame, Zhang has a slightly yellow color photo. There are three people in the photo: Fang Senyan, the uncle, and the three babies.It was the first photo taken by Fang Senyan to go out before going out. Looking at the uncle in the photo, Fang Senyan's eyes also had an extra and respectful look.Pulling himself and Sanzai big, more importantly, he has never concealed his life, and even "dad" does not let the two call.Because the senior uncle favored Feng Shui, listening to Mr. Fortune said that he was lonely in his life, he did not want to make the two children contaminate his mildew, and would rather be lonely and old.

What kind of ignorance and great feelings are the conflict of the uncle who is convinced that the uncle who is not filial.He is a very determined person. Since he is sensible, he is not very resentful to his parents who abandon himself, but he is even more grateful to the uncle.Although he was called Four Uncle in his mouth, his heart was really regarded as his father.There is a piece of white paper on the bedside, with ten crooked words on it -you must be happy to live, and you must have no regrets!These ten words were seen by Fang Senyan from a broken novel. After chewing for a long time, they liked it, and they wrote it to stick to her bedside.

After picking up the photo and staying for a while, Fang Senyan fell asleep and fell down, but after passing the drowsiness at the beginning, his sleepiness gradually disappeared.But there is always some described anxiety, as if there are any big things to happen.

Fang Senyan's intuition has always been accurate, which is why he has always been well -known outside.Because he can often find the best way to deal with things with intuition, and people who know him rarely gamble with him, because Fang Senyan can cleverly reduce the loss to minimize the loss even when Fang Senyan is not good.Earlier, Sanzai asked Fang Senyan why he could accurately shoot the essential whale with fish guns in the wind and waves. The root cause was that Fang Senyan played a huge role in the extraordinary intuition.

The rainwater sounded densely on the top of the shed, monotonous and tedious. Fang Senyan kept turning back and forth on the bed, but there was no sleepy at all.I simply sat up and turned on the lights and lit a cigarette.He accidentally glanced, and saw that there seemed to be something red in the mirror on the opposite side.When I looked down, I found that the center of the chest did not know when there were several red marks that were criss -crossed.He felt that there was no itchy feeling, and he didn't care about it.

At this time, Fang Senyan felt a little thirsty. He poured a glass of water and drank. When he drank halfway, he suddenly heard the sound of "wow and wow" from outside.It is very irregular, as if a person is struggling to struggle in the mud water.Then, soon, Fang Senyan's soul sound came from the door of the house of "嘭嘭

"Here!" Fang Senyan was stunned in his heart, and immediately opened the door.As soon as the door opened the line, the cold wind couldn't wait to wrap it in, and then it reached into a bloody palm, and he chopped the door frame next to him.Then I hit a person with blood and mud flowing in a muddy body. It was the high -strength of the uncle to fight the floor to sleep in the uncle. Although Fang Senyan reached out to help him, Gao Qiang was paralyzed on the ground with weakness.He grabbed Fang Senyan's feet, and his hissing sounded:

"Brother Yan, something happened!"

Fang Senyan's thick black eyebrows are like a long knife out of the sheath.Picking, there was a clear idea in my heart: "Sure enough,Although he was so numb, he took a few deep breaths, with a big channel:

"What's going on!"
"It's the Although he was so numb, he took a few deep breaths, with a big channel:

"What's going on!"
"It's the bastard of the uncle!The banknotes sold by the fat ointment are left for you and Sanzai to be a wife. When he is asleep, he secretly goes to find a flower shirt and sells us!, Flowing the flower shirt only thrown out a hundred pieces! "

Fang Senyan sinks when he heard the words" flower shirt fly ". This guy can be said to be the master in the town of Siqiao.Those who want to stand here have to pay the protection fee on time.And he also secretly did the business of smuggling, smuggling, and drug trafficking. There were more than a dozen thugs in his men.There are also rumors that "flower shirts fly" is also the backbone of the third gangster "Ghost GangIf the ambergris was seized by this guy, it would really be the only tooth beating and swallowing the blood to the belly.

However, Gao Qiang made a drool at this time, and the voice continued with a cry:

"Although the uncle of the fourth uncle was reluctant in his heart, he also knew that the flower shirt could not afford to fly.You can only sell it with the idea of erosion and disaster -free. The flower shirt fly also a step, saying that we will not have to pay the protection fee in the town in the future.I couldn't help whispered a few words, but was heard by a guy named Western beside the flower shirt! The guy was called Xi Di, and it seemed that even the flower shirts had to look at his face, and I didn't know what it was.Don't spare, plus the uncle's Don't spare, plus the uncle's bastard, stirring the wind and ignition by the side, West brother ... West brother would burn Fuyuan! "

If it wasn't for the people who lived by the sea, it would be difficult to understand that the boatmen had about the boats.The feelings of most of them watched the boat crossing the childhood. When they grew up, they were their place of residence/working place/entertainment place.Far more time to accompany your family.Under such circumstances, the ship is almost his spiritual pillar, so that many elderly people are required to make the coffin into the shape of a boat.

For the fourth uncle, he wandered half of his life before he squeezed money from the gap between the teeth and bought this Forte. His feelings for the boat are only too late!If this Western brother wants to burn the boat, then it is better to ask the uncle's life directly!

Fang Senyan heard this, and the blue tendons on his forehead had already bloomed one by one.Gao Qiang then buried his head with tears:

"After listening, everyone couldn't hold back, and broke out.The helper of the hand, the result ... oh! But the broken face of Xi Di was pulled by us, and the little white face immediately jumped like a crazy dog. When I escaped, he heard him shouting to pull the fourth uncle and the uncle.Fuyuan was burned together! Uncle A Gui in the shed next to the shed hearing that he wanted to come out and say peace, he was slammed away by a flower shirt with a slap! What should I do? "

Uncle Agui is also a face with a face on the four bridges. It is said that he was a little bit stained with the flower shirt. He ended up like this.Faced with such a desperate situation, Fang Senyan calmed down. He first patted his high -strong shoulder, then wrapped him a dry clothes, ordered a cigarette to sucked into his mouth, and then it was veryIt is a calm way:

"You are now called Sanzai now, and you two go together and report to the Public Security Bureau immediately!"

After Gao Qiang came inI have been trembling. At this time, I heard Fang Senyan's talk, and I took a sip of cigarettes immediately, and took a few breaths to wrap the clothes and hurriedly said:

"Okay,Brother Yan, I will go. "

Suddenly he seemed to think of something, and immediately said nervously:
" How about you, Brother Yan, don't you be with us? "

Fang Senyan's calm way:

"I can't always watch the uncle and Fuyuan being burned together! Flower shirts charge thousands of protection fees each yearHundreds of thousands of balds have to be said some reason. I think I can tell him in the past, you should be able to settle this. You two are going, if I can't settle this, then you have to rely on you to save it.How about me. "

When Gao Qiang heard it, he also felt a little reasonable. He was not a person with a mindfulness.Fang Senyan waited for him to go out, his eyes had turned cold, and a grinding knife was pulled out from behind the door!

This knife is specially used on fishing boats to kill fish and fish, probably probablyIt has a foot long, but it is rolled with the corners of the steel plate, and the blade mouth is grinded by Fang Senyan himself.The dark knife body, the bright edge of the snow, the coldness is very compelling, and the edges and corners are simply wrapped in a few layers on the edges, which played a role in avoiding sliding hands.

Fang Senyan's previous optimistic statement was just to deceive Gao Qiang and Sanzai, because he knew in his heart that there was no way to do this.The sons of the flower shirt flying big "Black Ghost East"!At this time, the only thing that can be said with the "flower shirt fly" is a knife!Being able to be happy, you must have no regrets!I am not a father and son and the elder uncle, but the relationship between them is better than father and son. Now I have fighting this life.