Chapter 1 Whale Hunting Return

The first chapter of the whale hunting ()

The dark night, the wind and rain.

The turbulent waves of the sea hit the reef crazy. It seems that the whole land will be turned up in the next moment.The orange balloon, which is more than ten meters away from the ground, has been blowing extremely crooked, which means that the typhoon is close at hand. Even the strong Bazhiba that is blocked below is squeaking. It seems that it will be in the next second.Break off.

For the remote port of Four Bridge, although this bad weather is not much, it will appear three or five times a year.Therefore, the residents here are also accustomed to it, retracted back to their own sheds, and the faint candlers drank the red star two pot heads with dried salted fish.And everything can be filtered away.This is like this, and the quilt will always be in a tide state, as if stroking the hand can be wet on the upper layer.

In this atmosphere, in a tattered shed in the west side of Siqiao Town, there was a fire.The messy rubber tires are stacked in it -for the poor boatmen, this is a cheap and effective shipping leather -also gathers a dozen skin black, but his expression is very excited.Most of them are 20 or thirty years old. Only the middle -aged people sitting in the middle of the middle -aged face have deep wrinkles, like swords and axes, and the bearded beards of the jaw are also pale. His facial features look likeSorrow with peace, at first glance, I know that it is the kind of person who is against life and destiny.

"Oh, oh, for me to say that today, Sanzi is contributing, but Senyan is aimed right!"

The young man of scars is called Gao Qiang, and he said from exaggerated gestures.And his speech was obviously recognized by his companions. Many people nodded again and again, betting on the appreciation of the young man sitting on the right.

This young man's eyebrows are dark, the muscles on the arms are raised, and the physique is very strong. Although there is a somewhat flying look between the eyebrows, it is not stable.He was sitting on a dilapidated wooden bench at this time, with a porcelain bowl with a lack of horns.Probably because of the boiling water in the bowl, it is necessary to drink while blowing.This young man called "Senyan" smiled slightly after he heard himself, but he didn't say a word, but he nodded at his companion and continued to drink water.

"Senyan naturally didn't have to say, but I stabbed nine forks, a whole nine fork!" A big -nostril man stood out and said loudly, and he kept excited by his hands.Bidly.

"The servant was touched, the big beast dragged me away, and said a few miles! Drop a lot of miles of miles, we have to eat this wind."

A black and thin middle -aged man in the corner laughed:

"Big Brother, the balm scraped this time is afraid of not 20 kilograms!Kg -this time it is a big money. Didn't you always want to repair Fuyuan once? There are more than ten banknotes that have been repaired ten times! "

The senior brother is obviously the middle -aged manHe laughed at the thickness, but the eyebrows were clearly full of joy.He was born at the beach since he was a child. The salty taste of the seawater was almost infiltrated into the bone marrow. He almost used the boat as a home in his life. Because he adopted two orphans very earlyI don't plan to find it.He bought the old ship of Fuyuan with his savings a few years ago. He did not expect that he was also fraudulently fired. He just repaired it as soon as he got the ship, so he did not pay off the debts that now owed.

If you will be favored by fate, then I believe that the senior brother has long been entangled, but the fact is that the fourth brother can not be separated from the fate of the poverty.However, no matter how hot God is, there will always be occasional eyes. When Fuxuan was in the sea the day before yesterday, he encountered a fat head monster with a single order!

The fat head monster is the common name of the fishermen in Guangdong/Guangxi/Hainan. The scientific name is the well -known plasma whale. Its body is short, the actions are slow and clumsy, and the appearance is very weird.If it is described by what creatures to get, the tens of times that has been enlarged by tens of times can barely be able to get the number.The ministry seems to be a big box.Its nose is also very peculiar, only the left nose is unblocked, and it is located on the left front, and the right nostril is blocked. Therefore, the fog pillar of its breathing is sprayed to the left at the angle of 45 °.For experienced fishermen, they can find their traces from the water column sprayed out of this whale.Only after decades of killing career, the coastal whale has been reduced to only a few hundred heads around the world. In the past five years, the entire South China Sea has only reported the news of hunting to the fat head.Know.

At that time, he found that the fat head of the order was Afa, which was the black and thin man who was talking about with his senior brother.The rest of the post -born babies had to be called "Four Uncle".To be honest, according to the configuration of the old fishing boat, it is impossible to start with this behemoth.Fortunately, an orphan, who was adopted by the senior uncle, was clever. A few days ago, a few days ago in the dock's abandonment, a person was removed from others to remove the unnecessary fish gun.Use.However, its original intention is to cut a few flower glue with a shark that shoots in the South China Sea.

Then there is a persistent chase.

Fuyuan decided to seize the opportunity to give up on God, regardless of the typhoon alarm in the storm, biting the ten -meter scent whale!However, except for the fourth uncle on this ship, no one has the experience of whaling, and the fixed radiated fish gun installed on the ship is in a semi -reported state.In the same time, it made this behemoth vigilant, and it would sneak into the bottom of the sea.

At this time, another orphan Fang Senyan adopted by the senior uncle grabbed it step by step.That firm, aimed at ten seconds, and then shot a shot when everyone was almost desperate!

This shot pierced the pest of the flavored whale!

Under the pain of the dying giant beast, he dragged Fuyuan to swim through thirty nautical miles, and the sea water along the way was red.But in the end, he helplessly became a loot for human beings. The old blessing far returned, and he also miraculously successfully returned to the Siqiao Port before the typhoon landed.For the flavor whale, although its meat/oil/bone is expensive, the most valuable thing is the "balm" in the intestine.This thing is the common name of the local fishermen. After drying, it is the famous "ambergris."

The main food of the flavored whale is squid/octopus. After eating it, it cannot digest its sharpness.The mouth of the mouth and the internal round bone. At this time, the end or end of the large intestine of the scent whale caused the lesion due to stimulation, which produces a gray or dark secretion.The dark substances are stored in the colon and rectum. When it was taken out, the odor was unpleasant, and it gradually became fragrant for a period of time.This is the so -called ambergris.

Ambergris contains 25 ambergone, which is the raw material of precious spices. It is the best substance that keeps the fragrance for the fragrance and is used for perfume fixed agent.It is also a valuable Chinese medicine.The sperm whale hunting by the senior uncle is only more than ten meters long. Among the same kind, it is also medium -sized. Rao is so. The harvested ambergris can also sell a huge sum!

This boatman gathered together to talk and laugh, and he didn't know it was late at night.They rushed to the sea for half a month, not to mention that they rushed into the Fourth Bridge Port before the typhoon came. They also ate some hard work. When they hunting to the big guy's excitement, the tiredness immediately hit.It was raining outside, and the typhoon said that it would stop tomorrow afternoon.The elder uncle was logically leaving someone in his sheds and staying on the ground. These shipmen didn't feel much when they were used to their hard work.However, Sanzi and Senyan have been separated. The two repaired a shed house next to Mazu Temple Street in the north of Siqiao Town. They also have their own private space. At this timeIt doesn't take much time to go from the town to this period.

The two pushed away the old door of several wooden boards in the horizontal seven, and a cold wind with a large area of rain came in, and immediately made people fight a cold war.Even the ships who were lying down in the middle murmured a few times.Fang Senyan and Sanzai retracted their heads on the top of the door with an oil cloth, but the uncle of the senior uncle caught up and stuffed the umbrella. The two people distinguished the direction of the debate through the dark light inside the door gap, and they were deep and shallow.The feet walked home on the way home.

Four Bridge is a small town, and there are no towns marked on the map.

Its specific location is a small bay in the south of the border city of Fangchenggang, Guangxi. Even when the weather is clear, you can see the land on the west with the naked eye.The division of administrative location also happens to belong to the three areas.Therefore, it is invisible to form a deformed port that integrates smuggling, trade, and smuggling in one. Most of the people in it are engaged in the gray industry that walks on the edge of the law.

The reason why the uncle who is honest and honestly chose to settle here is because the old ship of Fuyuan was also stolen, and the uncle of the senior uncle could not afford heavy taxes and fees.Fang Senyan has seen the long charging bill, which involves many departments, including finance, taxation, industry and commerce, public security border defense, health, township governments, fishing committees or village committees, fishing boat management companies, etc.Just fly a protection fee to the local "big guy" flower shirt on time.

Because I don't know when it will be "swept" above, most of the buildings of the four bridges are temporarily built with quite cheap tri -panels, tires, glass fiber tiles, etc.The illegal building stabbed in the eyes of the breeding urban pipe.Fang Senyan is close to 19 years old this year. He is a few months older than Sanzi, but since the age of fourteen, he has been entrusted by the younger uncle to do things on board. Because he is calm and solid, he has been well received by the employer and has been repeatedly appointed.With trust, at a young age, he has passed through the ports of the world.