Chapter 26 The knock on the door of the storm

Zhang Bingbing and Xu Xiaoxiao have already got up. They were slightly nervous when they saw Meng Fan, but they were just nervous. Meng Fan could not see horror from their faces. Perhaps the disaster had made them right to everything to everything.The matter is calm, or maybe children's dream rhymes have made some words of comfort. In short, they are not very afraid of Meng Fan. Zhang Bingbing even smiled sweetly at Meng Fan.

Breakfast is mainly canned fruit, plus one person and two sausages, but in the end Meng Fan ate five roots, which made Tongmeng rumors despise him in his heart for a while, why this guyEat a lot more than others every time, and never see him diarrhea. It is a pair of steel stomach, super rice bucket.

But I want to make Tongmeng rhymes feel embarrassed again, because it is definitely incorrect to say that Meng Fan can eat it. Although he can eat it, it is indeed better than anyone she has seen.Fighting, following him, it is almost equivalent to hanging up with security.

Four people eat around a table. If there is a chewing sound, it seems a bit too monotonous. Meng Fan feels that there is a responsibility to say something.Essence

A man is around three women, and all of them have their own characteristics. The child dream rumors are simple, stubborn, Zhang Bingbing is mature and charming, Xu Xiaoxiao is pure and lovely, Meng Fan is really a bit left now.The feeling of hugging right, if he went to the problem of the food slightly, he even felt that it would not matter if he couldn't go to Beishan County. If a man could have three women at the same time, it felt like it became an ancient prince.Three wives and four concubines, hugged left and right.

Meng Fan thought insightly in his heart, or stay here for a night today, play a double P or three P, but he knows that this is also possible. This is not a paradise.It is not resolved for a day, and it is not conducive to digging the grave.

"What happened yesterday, I don't need to say that you should know." Meng Fan finally spoke, "Di Jin, Di Yu, and their claws were killed by me and Tong Meng.What I did before, we should be very clear. Although I killed them for self -protection, I can be regarded as a walk for heaven.It's right. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't come here. Think about it and I would like to thank Mr. Meng if you were not there, I am afraid that the two of us would have been ... "Zhang Bingbing smiled etiquette.Although the later words did not say, they knew what it meant.

Meng Fan cleared his throat, and then said, "Needless to say, I just kill them just to protect themselves and save you purely.People, this is also the biggest difference between me and Dijin. Nowadays, they are all ending. There is no need to say those useless polite words. Lao Tzu is not a good person and did not intend to be the savior, but he did not mind going to the human base of Beishan County.Two more people, but. "Meng Fan talked:" If you want to follow me, you must be obedient, you must keep quiet and obey my order, otherwise I don't mind throwing a person getting off the car on the road. And there is, there is, and there is, there is, there is, and there is any.When you are in danger, don't always think about saving you by others. I will not be able to save a person who has no effect to me. "

I heard Meng Fan Fan Fan Fan Fan Fan?In this way, Tongmeng rumors despise him in his heart. There is no heroic style of a man at all. Noble virtues who save people and water and fire do not exist at all.Just cheap, almost becoming his woman.

Zhang Bingbing's expression is a bit strange. If it comes to human accidents, she is the most sophisticated of her. Although she is only 24 years old this year, she has experienced the people and things she experienced.It is also rich.Zhang Bingbing is not a powerful star. There is no prominent family life, no orthodox background (not learning performance), no outstanding acting skills, and no singing voices, but she can live in many industries such as acting, singing, hosting and other industries.One of the top ten entertainment stars with the highest income in China is relying on its skillful communication ability, and one of the important wrists is well known, but they can't reach the elegant hall.

Zhang Bingbing thought about it at this time, Meng Fan's last sentence, "I will not be able to save a person who has no effect on me." She is thinking aboutIn this sentence, do you include some hint? A woman, a woman living in the last days, a weak woman who lives in the last days, but she has a bit of a weak woman. What she has?Saying.

Zhang Bingbing has no ability to dream of children's dream rhymes. She is unclear how she even turns on the gun. A first -class zombie can easily ask for her life. Not only that, for many years of luxury material lifeLet her develop a lot of habits that should not have in the last days, so she is not as good as she is in adolescence in terms of adaptability.The possibility is almost zero.

Meng Fan's words made Xu Xiaoxiao a little nervous. Although she had suffered a lot after the disaster, and the ability to adapt to the last days was greatly enhanced, she did not have the ability to fight, so Meng Fan saidWhen she encountered dangerous self -help, she was worried about herself, and she was worried that Meng Fan said that the person left on the road would be herself.

Breakfast Meng Fan was a little full. He did not go on the road immediately. Instead, he returned to the room to rest and rest. When the food in the stomach gradually transformed into the body's calories, he went to Beishan County.

Yingke Town is a remote town in Beishan County. From here to Beishan County, it is an hour's drive. Of course, this refers to the previous world.If you can't walk for one hour, you won't be surprised if Meng Fan can't reach Meng Fan.

When Tong Meng rumored Meng Fan returned to the room, he smiled and said with a smile: "Don't care about him, he is like this, a fierce look, and everyone draws the line with everyone.It's very clear, for fear that others will affect him, but after a long contact, you will know that he is not as bad as he said, rest assured, he will bring you to Beishan County. Besides, isn't there still me?I will not allow him to throw you down. "

The words of children's dream rumors have a great comfort to Xu Xiaoxiao. On the way here, the child dream rumors have helped Xu Xiaoxiao, so in the wayXu Xiaoxiao's heart had treated the children's dream rumors as her sister, and she was even more convinced of her words.

Zhang Bingbing is not so easy to believe in others. She believes that "it can't afford to be early." In her logic, if a man really helps a strange woman, then the only possibility is that he is right to rightThis woman's body is interested.

The weather was a little sultry. Meng Fan who returned to the room remosive the bright armor and lying on the bed in a comfortable posture. He ate very full in the past two days.His physical strength is recovering quickly, and the new meat on his left hand has grown near the palm. Meng Fan does not know if it will continue to recover. After all, no one has repeatedly grown after losing one hand.

At the beginning of the window, the sun was bright, and it gradually dull after leaning. The sound of the sandy collision window was accompanied by the sound of the wind spread into Meng Fan's tympanic membrane.Meng Fan opened the curtains and saw that the sky began to change outside. A large piece of ink -colored black clouds quickly hit the entire sky from the north. The visibility was getting lower and lower.But nine o'clock in the morning, it was as dim as dusk.

The wind is getting bigger and bigger. It seems that everything in the world is taken away. A young pine tree, unbearable winds, and intimately stunned on the nutritional ground.

Let the storm come more violently!Every time I see the storm, Meng Fan will think of this sentence in "Haiyan". Now, this sudden storm makes Meng Fan's imagination a reality, and they really can't go today.

Even in the sunny weather, it may not be a safe thing to set off to Beishan County, let alone this storm.

"Meng Fan, there will be a heavy rain outside, do we still set off to Beishan County?" Tong Meng rumored opened the door and asked.


“嗯!照现在的吃法,只够一天,However, if you save a province, it will not be a problem for two days. "Tongmeng rumors laughed.

Meng Fan also laughed. Among the four, he was more than three of them to eat together, but his combat effectiveness was just proportional to the food he enjoyed.

"Oh! My copy cannot be saved, you can't make donkeys and do not let the donkey be full!"

Just eat a little, who doesn't know that you are our great hero, no one can hungry you if you are hungry, otherwise you are anxious and you will not eat me. Hehe! "

MengWhen Fan moved in my heart, I remembered the game that had not yet been completed with Tongmeng rumors yesterday. Children's dream rumors saw that his expression changed, and hurriedly said, "I'm going to brush the bowl." Then I fled quickly. Meng Fan did not chase out.I don't know why, for children's dream rumors, he didn't want to conquer with force.

In Meng Fan's heart, he did not want to become a man who conquered a woman with force, although in fact he often used force.

The day spent a long time. On this day, except for eating, Meng Fan rarely went downstairs. Most of his time was resting to restore the physical strength of his loss of his long -lost time. Meng Fan's heart was in your heart.I understand that if he returns to Beishan County, he is likely to be forced to return to the army. At that time, everything will obey the order of his superiors. Even if it is a difficult task, he has no power to refuse.

The night came quickly, and the sound of "wow" sounded outside the window. On a stormy night, the house gave the greatest sense of security of human beings, which separated the outside of the house into two completely different worlds.

Meng Fan's mood is a bit humid, just asleep three beautiful women in another room. If he wants, no one can escape his magic palm, but now his moral balance is now onThe side of non -violence.

Meng Fan thought in his heart, did he find an excuse to call the child dream rumors and turn it over.

"Dang Dang Dang ..." There was a rhythmic knock on the door. Meng Fan was convinced that it was not children's dream rumors that knocked on the door. This woman always shot the door when knocking on the door, and at the same timeHe called Meng Fan's name loudly, for fear that Meng Fan would not hear it.