Chapter 307 Sprint, Akin, Black Altar

The Dark Lord can't let Ji Dong move forward.As long as he is less than 50 meters ahead, he can rush out of the woods. The empty space outside is the altar.

More than ten magic weapons launched at the same time, attacking Ji Kimi, who just completed the attack output and output a lot of magic.In their opinion, such a powerful nirvana has been launched, even if the strength is strong, it takes time to breathe.Even if it is just a moment of time, it is enough for them to kill Ji several times.

Unfortunately, what they do not know is that Ji Shi has the chaos magic that has been condensed into a bead. Yes, just now, he did release a lot of magic, but in the role of the bead of chaos, the role of the beads of chaos beads wasIn the following, he did not need to make any adjustments.The mystery of chaos is almost endless. The actual combat power of Ji Dong's actual combat power is because of the most important reason for Frey because of the existence of chaos.

The golden light flashed, and the fierce sword was at the moment when the bombardment was over.He had been retracted by Ji Shi, and saw that his feet were slightly wrong. The Dark Lord was shocked that the previous Ji Shi turned into three, and the three figures made a move in different directions.

Such a situation is really weird, their movements pause unconsciously for a moment.

At this moment, Ji Shi's body had turned around. He did not continue to rush forward to the Dark Lord's expectations, but turned over and returned to his body.The moment the two phantoms disappeared into the air, he quickly cut into the dark magician.

At this time, it was not the yin and yang fire to condense the method, but the yin and yang fire soaring the law.Under such circumstances, even if there is a large and five -element enchantment to suppress, his speed has increased to extremely terrifying.

The first to face Ji Shi was a dark magician holding a two -meter heavy sword. Suddenly, he saw Ji Dong's body reversing. He hurriedly injected the magic into his sword.With a step forward to the back, the sword in his hand was directly sealed to the front.This is a rapid response for years of hard work.He has confidence in his companions, as long as he blocks Ji move, then what Ji Shi will face the next moment is their siege.

But can he really stop Ji move?Ji Shi's right hand slammed directly on his heavy sword.Only a buzzed metal burst, and Ji Shi had hit his shoulders with his right hand.

Is this guy crazy?Battle my heavy sword with my body?This is the last idea of the dark magician in this world.Because, the next moment his body had been accepted by the spikes of the shoulder of the Holy King of Ji Shenhuo, the spikes were instantly penetrated, and the thorns completely ignored the armor on the dark magician and accurately pierced into his heart.There is no need to have any magic output at all, and the heart is pierced.

The heavy sword that was blocking Ji Shi and the magician, the moment Ji Dong hit, did not play any resistance, just like a paper paste, directly, directly, directly, directlyHe was pierced, and he could not even delay the speed of Ji.

Of course, the three -inch heavy swords cannot be paste. The reason why it did not block Ji Shi's attack was because it had melted before Ji moved on the shoulder.When Ji Tou took it with his right hand, it happened to be shot in the middle of the heavy sword. The ultimate yinhuo was released in a very small range. In the case of output the magic as much as possible, a piece of metal on the heavy sword was completely completely complete.melt.And even the dark demon himself did not find it himself, and Ji Xian's spikes on the shoulder armor.It was pierced from the melted sword, and the spikes were extended three points instantly, directly piercing the opponent's heart.

Speaking of slowness, but in fact, this is just an attack that has been completed in an instant. Whether it is the dark magician who has been pierced to the heart or his companion, neither see how Ji Qi killed him to kill him.of.

With this impact, Ji Shi's right hand waved five times in the air, and the five lights spilled from him at the same time.It happened to hit the weapon in the hands of five of the dark magician who attacked him.

The five strenuous roar sounded at the same time. The first thing that appeared was the dark claw shadow, followed by the golden figure that was exactly the same as Ji moved into the black claw shadow, and did it. Do it.The action of rushing punch.

How can the five dark magicians think of Ji Dong's use of such a weird attack? Five loud humming sounds at the same time. In the huge roar, these five dark magicians were shocked at the same time.Go out.

In order to race with time, Ji Shi can no longer be saved. It was the five bottle of magic wine he thrown, and it was the magic wine combining the attributes of the yin and yang dual fire.The combination of the most basic dark moon claws and strong yang.This is the combination of magic wine that Ji Tong tried after the mental strength.If there is not more time for him to test, he can even make more powerful magic skills.Of course, the materials at the time of production will be replaced.

The prestige of the five bottles of magic skills, which torn a gap again for Ji Shi. He was almost on the ground, his body flashed, and he had drilled into the one that had been hit by the previous fierce sword.Nearly ten meters deep gully.While falling into the gully, he fluttered out of lightning, and his speed had been exhibited to the extreme.

The dark demon chasing the gully ushered in the bombardment of the other five bottles of magic wine.When they resist the power of the outbreak of magic wine.Ji Shi had rushed out from the other end of the gully.At this time, he was only the last twenty meters left from the forest.And only the last ten dark magicians were left in front of him.Behind Ji's movement, the gray land was driving forward quickly.A large number of dark magicians have been temporarily entangled, and less than 30 people who can chase him.

You can't stop. This is the only idea of Ji's heart. From the initial charge to the present, because of the suppression of the great five elements, he could not get any magic supply, and he could not absorb the magic of the crystal nucleus.Because of that, his progress must be paused.At this time, he deeply felt that the six -crowned magic was not enough.The massive consumption of Magic under the pressure of the Great Five Elements has made his breath a little rapid.

When he was preparing to rush to these dark magicians at all costs, he was fighting at these dark magicians, and then looking for opportunities to break through with a viper flash, he appeared unexpectedly.Instead of attacking him, more than a dozen magicians quickly stepped back and exited the woods directly.

Ji Shi will naturally not let go of such opportunities, and hurry up, but when he comes to the edge of the woods, his heart can't help sinking.

Everything that the ten dark magicians did was what Ji Dong was most afraid of seeing.They exited the woods.It also exits the scope of the Great Five Elements Elimination. Even if it only exits one step, it can not be affected by the Great Five Elements.In a sense, the Grand Five Elements Ceremony composed of the Dark Five Elements Mainland, on the ability to suppress the ability, far above the magicians of the Magic League, but the scope limit ability is not as good as this is because this enchantment is because of this enchantmentIt will not stop people from getting in and out.

The more than a dozen dark demon divisions withdrew from the forest step by step, that is, the ten of them immediately released the magic after exiting the Great Five Elements.Without the influence of the Great Five Elements, their magic can naturally be released.The magical power that can be placed out of the air is condensed into a large net, forming a separate five elements enchantment, just to block Ji Shi's way.

Ji Shi's viper's flashes can only be performed in the air.In front of him.The most painful thing to make Ji moved is that the other party has withdrawn from the Five Elements Ceremony, but his body is still in the Grand Five Elements Realms.But he still has to be suppressed in the fifth elements.In this way, his progress will inevitably be blocked, and the dark magicians in the back have already chased.

Ji Shi is not without powerful magic skills to break through this layer of defense, but the last means he left is used to break the altar.Is the sacrifice ceremony based on the ten artifacts, and it is so easy to break.Even if he broke through the blockade in front of him, what did he launch an attack on the altar?

In the case of entering the Valley Valley, even if Ji Shi such a decisive person could not help but hesitated.There was a bit of poverty in my heart.

At the most critical moment, suddenly, a faint golden light flashed in the oblique thorns, and the ten sounds rang at the same time.Ten Dark Lord who lived in his way out of his chest.Blood and incredible bloom at the same time. The next moment, the five -element enchantment in front of Ji Shi was no longer self -defeating.

"What else do you have to wait for the sound of the sound in your ears. There is no doubt that such a familiar raid method will only belong to one person. That is the owner of the ultimate golden magic power, Akin.

If it is normal, it is not easy for Akin to attack these general six -crowns. Unfortunately, the attention of these dark magicians is concentrated on Ji movement, and when they release them, they release them.After getting out of the five elements, I clearly saw the hesitation in Ji Shi's eyes. In the case of being able to do it, I suddenly had a slight relaxation in a moment.

Akin is definitely a master of assassination.She has sneaked over. However, the energy fluctuations emitted in the altar clearly made her understand that it was by no means that she could break it. Therefore, she was waiting for the opportunity and finally shot at this most critical time to help Ji move to clear the movement forward.Obstacles.

The golden figure replaces the position of the previous Ji move. The six -meter -long eunuch maker has wielded up and blocked the chase behind Ji.The Dark Lord's attack, but when everyone cannot use a long -range attack, A Jin's strong combat skills are enough to make her block the chase for Ji.When Ji moved out of the forest step by step, the feeling of the power of power almost made him moan. Without the restrictions of the big five elements, the suppressed soul vortex rotated quickly.The signal, the chaos beads are luster, all the fire attribute elements in the air are like a mountains and rivers.Holding the hands in the hands of Ji Kimong, fully restored the magic that was consumed before.

As far as his eyes, the dark altar finally appeared in Ji Dong's sight. When Ji Dong saw this at first glance, it was not huge.During the altar, his soul vortex not only shocked slightly.

At this time, the dark altar at this time was different from the previous description of Yuntianji.Then sitting, but standing up, holding the various weapons of the dark golden light in their hands, the extremely powerful atmosphere, it is constantly emerging in these ten dark saints exclusive artifacts.Release a strange symbol with a diameter of about half meters. Ten symbols shine in the air with their own different glory. It is the top of the ten extremely magical power.Holding up the scepter, the special tone is constantly groaning in his mouth. On the dark power of the soldiers in his hands, a strange twisted halo appears.

If you change someone else, maybe you may not see clearlyWhat is that, but through the fluctuations of the soul vortex, Ji Shi can see that the distorted halo is gathered into a huge circular formation in the air.Each pattern of the array is just because it is colorless and transparent, it is impossible to see it with your eyes.

They are about to succeed. This is the only idea of Ji's spiritual magic domain. On the dark altar, it constantly exudes an extremely strange atmosphere, blocking Ji Tong's mental strength to explore more.I can feel that the ritual of this dark altar is approaching the end, just like a broken mirror is about to break the mirror.At the same time, Ji Shi also found that when he stepped out of the forest, he had been forcibly blocked with the soul contact with Dasan Sacred Fire Dragon and Flame.The connection with my brother and Miao Miao has also been disconnected.It seems that this dark altar itself exudes a special magic, which can block all forms of energy.

I think of what I said before the flames, this dark altar is to block the fluctuations of external magic in a special way, even the five stories inside the saints inside can not feel its existence.Essence

No matter how shocking to see the dark altar given to Ji Shi, he has been empty as soon as possible.EssenceThe target points to the core of the dark altar, the dark opportunity.

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