di yi bai qi shi yi zhang chao bi sha lei huo lian yu

Seeing that thorns, thunderbolt dragon is about to be completely resolved by the Yin and Yang world of the Five Elements, but at this time, Ao Feng, the saints of the light, suddenly accepted, and drank it, so that all saints killed the thorns to thorns thorns.Fire Dragon attack.It was seeing this scene that Ji moved his eyes with a fire.

How can Ji Dong can't see the purpose of Aofeng? If the situation on the main battlefield is still stuck, of course, the five elements of the yin and yang world will not be lifted.It died thoroughly. However, seeing that on the main battlefield, the five elements of the five elements of the main battlefield had won, and Ao Feng's heart suddenly changed.

Everyone can see that this thorns thunderous dragon must bring huge benefits. What he is afraid of is that Ray Diferi came back to rob.Although the five elements of the yin and yang world will win, it takes a short time to completely destroy thorns.He can't wait.His ideas are simple, that is, after the five elements of the five elements are removed, he uses the strongest nirvana to bombard the thorns thunderbolt, so as to kill it quickly, and leave here after obtaining benefits.

Ji Shi was scolded because of this that he saw this. He couldn't think of it. These saints were so shameless tomorrow.Compared with the cold rain to protect the scorpion, they are not as good as pigs and dogs.They are also worthy of light?

"He must, what are you doing?" Yao Qianshu roared angrily.

Aofeng quickly condensed the magic, and answered coldly: "Do you plan to let Lei Di pick it cheap? Don't hurry up with nirvana."

Ao Feng's words were not stunned, then curled up there, and the body even raised his head even with a trembling thorns.

"Fire, come back soon." Ji Shi shouted.

The fire was extremely clever. The body was rotating in the air, and he did not fly directly to Ji. Instead, Xunshi displayed the sunfire soaring the French array, the extreme yang fire, flying towards the high altitude.

Ao Feng's Ruyi is good, but he forgot to say that there is a hundred -footed bug and not stiff, and even forget the four words to die.What's more, this thorns Thunder Dragon died far away.

Without a thorns that are thorns, thorns Lei Huolong burst out of more horrible magic.The thorns that had previously been squeezed and melted by the five elements of the five elements had grown from the body again.Each spine has become a color of red and purple, and it is like a magma atmosphere to come out of the body. Its bodies have become red -purple.weird.A roar at Yangtian, thorns, thunderous dragons seemed to burst out their anger. The next moment, its body's horror expansion, countless red purple intercourse, full of energy that was full of destruction.

The dark clouds in the sky have become red -purple. At this moment, thorns Thunder Fire Dragon seems to be integrated with the Wan Lei robbery in the high -altitude.The soil turned into a magma rolling, a red -purple lightning fell from the sky, and the magma on the ground boiled rose. All the air in the day and the ground was trembling violently.ticket.

When Ferry confronted with thorns, why did he not use a powerful skill to attack when confronting the thorns. Didn't he want to end the life of this Warcraft as soon as possible?of course not.It was precisely because he saw the strength of the thorns Lei Huolong that he was not in a hurry.Waiting for the opportunity carefully.

After the seventh order, the wisdom of Warcraft will become higher and higher. Although this thorns are evolved after mutation, its wisdom is not low.It has always been waiting for opportunities, and there has been a hidden killer, ready to use it at the most appropriate time.

The suppression of the five elements of the yin and yang world has no chance to show the killer. When the horrible enchantment suddenly removes, how can the thorn thunder dragon let go of such opportunities?It has always been a hidden skill, and even passed the pre -state pre -state.This is a nirvana.Although it is just the first nirvana, or just the edge of the core killing technique, how can the three words be killed?The name of this skill is: Thunderbolt Purgatory.Thorns of thorns Lei Huolong's dual -attribute -level combination technique.Burning the strongest attack that burst the vitality with the fusion of the magical power in the body.

"Not good, retreat quickly." Ao Feng had just condensed his nirvana, but at this time he couldn't care about others.Flying will kill skills, and lightning is eliminated.The bright saints finally realized that the crisis came.But before this moment, except for Yao Qianshu, who did not think in the minds of Aofeng?

There are no regrets in the world. The Light Saints release their extreme magic to the limit, and the partners who can blend with attributes together are together crazy back.But can their degree compare to the degree of skills?

At this moment, the blue -purple lightning lights of the eight -stabbing dazzling fell from the sky, and it fell on the eight people. In the fierce roar, they were scattered in the bombardment, and finally came at the moment of the thunderbolt.As much as possible from the scope of nirvana.

Even so, they are still affected by the horrible level killing technique. Eight people are almost sprayed with blood at the same time, and the red -purple lights are scattered in the whole body.Above, how much wolf is to be embarrassed.

It was Rui Ru.Anyway, these eight people are also the bright saints of the five elements of the five elements, which are extremely magical.Chang Rui has a rough surface, but it takes great care of the overall situation.Otherwise, it is impossible for him to lead the yin and yang school twice to defeat the opponent on the Holy Evil Battlefield.

Seeing that the horrible killing skills of Thorns Thunderbolt, he couldn't care about chasing Li Yonghao and the Dark Lord, and flew eight saints with eight attacks.Although his thunderbolt would hurt these light saints, it was much stronger than being devoured by the classics.

There are also fires in Ferrey's bombardment. It was hit directly into the direction of Ji Shi and fell into Ji Shi's arms.Seeing that she was not affected by thunderbolt purgatory, but the thunderbolt bombardment of Pueri was never uncomfortable.Ji Tong hurriedly recuperated her in her own Suzaku bracelet, and was about to retreat at the same time.


Poverty generation talents



At this time, the entire valley basin has completely become completely becomingPurgically Purgically.All plants have been turned into black, and it has become a lava world. The fire elements in the air are strong to the degree of sticky quilt. There are still large blockbusters in the air.The thorns and thunderbolt are bathing in the arrogance of the murderous killing skills.In the fierce roar, he rushed towards the opposite direction.He wants to escape, and his life is the most important.There are levels of Bitong, it is naturally easier to run.

Ji moved to his body and fell on the back of Zi Lei Yao Tianlong. Both he and Feri looked serious.Brother. Give me three seconds. "

Chang Rui froze, and looked at Ji Shi" Little Master, Are you sure? "

Ji Tong nodded very firmly and kept always nodded, always alwaysSince then, Fer's help and maintenance have allowed him to improve to such a degree in a short period of time.It's time to return to Brother.

"Okay. I will give you three seconds." Rui sang, and in the shocking eyes of everyone, he flew towards the direction of the level of murdering skills.

"Ferry, don't go." Ye Xin screamed regardless of his image.

Ferri sat on the back of Zi Lei Yao Tianlong and looked back. What I saw was the tears of the night heart.At this moment, he suddenly felt that his strength seemed to have improved to an unprecedented level. The tears of the night heart were like the catalyst of his whole body magic.

The sound of the thunderous roar sounded from Furou's mouth, and the light of blue -purple thunderous lights suddenly burst, but for a moment, his body and Zi Lei Yaotianlong's body turned into transparent blue -purple.

Thunderbolt element body, this is a sign of Raydi.

While flying out, the Suzaku wings behind Ji Shi have also unfolded, and his body was eager to shoot. He was more direct than Frey.Thunder Dragon.

What do they do?Is this a couple crazy?All the magicians of the Tiangan Legion are dull, and the light saints who barely get up from the mountainside are also dull.

At this time, the dark side had been gone like a tide, and the strongest Li Yonghao was severely damaged by Frey, which caused the darkness to lose.Just after turning over the mountain, the huge black dragon landed, and the huge magic fluctuations of Thunder Huo Purmium made this dark magician look back at the same time to look at the amazing changes in the air.

The woman with a blue armor covered with a blue armor came to Li Yonghao and looked at him with concern.There was a faint smile on the upper end. "I'm fine. I deliberately let Frey hurt. No, how can I lie to him for five years?"When something happened, it should be the thorns of thunder and dragon. I don't know what's going on. Is it broken? "

Li Yonghao frowned slightly," I don't know what is going on.According to the reason, once the five -element yang world is formed, it is not to say that it is Nine -order Warcraft. Even if it is ten Warcraft, it is impossible to break through with the ten saints.For our plans, we have to lose on this session of the Evil Battlefield. The only thing that is worth noting is the other person’s bright holy king. Unfortunately, there was no chance to destroy it before he grew up.His power is not enough to reverse the Qian Kun. It is presented to my order, the darkness belongs, and retreat to the first floor of the Holy Island. After this battle, Feru should also be satisfied. We also have enough crowns to leave the battlefield.. The more they feel that we are timid, the better. "

" Yes. "The people around me responded.

The scorpion quietly came to the back of the cold rain and patted his shoulder. "Why should I stop it in front of me?"

The sissy of the cold rain has not changed. "How can there be a reason to make women be a shield? "His words were very rigid, but he couldn't help but pinch the orchid finger.

The scorpion smiled "Okay. You let me see it for the first time today, you are indeed a man. Anyway, thank you. I owe you."

cold rainHey smiled, and said badly: "Ask you."

The scorpion snorted, "The beauty of thinking. Don't forget our mission.>
When I heard this, the cold and rain lady seemed to converge a few points, nodded hard, and said fiercely: "There are still five years and five years. At that time, we must sweep the lightThe Five Elements Continent. "

What suddenly had a bit more in the scorpion's eyes," If you can kill the abominable barbarians, maybe I will consider it. "

On the one hand, Frey and Ji Dong have already come to the horror magic of nirvana.

Zi Lei Yao Tianlong flew into the high altitude. Frey's hands rose high, and the front end of the Tomahawk was like a spear -like sharp point at the sky.The dazzling blue -purple light turned into a huge sphere.

Suddenly, the purple -red lightning fell from the air seemed to find the source of the vent. Under the attraction of the Thunderboy, all of them fell into the Thunder Tomahawk in Frey's hands.

The irritating purple -red lightning suddenly dyed the body of Frey and Zi Lei Yaotianlong.In the groaning sound, Ferry Qiqiao bleed at the same time. After all, it was a primary nirvana. Although he now carried the power of half of the killing skills, it was also an extremely terrifying load.

"" "younger brother, I can stick to seven seconds."Frey exploded, and he and Zi Lei Yao Tianlong fully bloomed, just like Qingtian's jade pillar, supported this thunderbolt.

Seven seconds, it's simple to say, these seven seven, seven,For Frey and Zi Lei Yao Tianlong, the result of life and death is seven seconds, and the result of seven seconds is known to anyone. This is how much trust in Ji Shi can make Frey make such a choice of adventure.! Even if he is the Seven Crown Lord, coupled with the eighth -order Warcraft, he cannot bear the horror power of nirvana.

Ji moves without saying a word, but his degree of flight has reached the extreme.Dark Moon quietly appeared behind him. At this time, this brake was influenced by the nirvana thunderbolt purgatory. There were only two magic elements that could appear in the air.Out of the fire. What method do he need to use to deal with thorns thunderbolt?