3 5 0 yao tiao lou de zhai nan

? "Liu Ziguang suspected.

"Don't be afraid of thieves, you are afraid of the thief. You know this sentence. To be honest, although these contracts can unveil the dark inside story, it does not have a sensational effect. This is already the industry in the industry.**, you will not hurt the number of minutes and a few minutes, or get the real estate bureau to complain in time. After all, it is still strong now, but when they are weak, they will play this card.The last straw that crushed the camel. "Li Yan explained patiently.

Liu Ziguang nodded, and took it seriously. Li Yan was the boss of the real estate company. The insight is naturally high. It is not difficult for her to have a staff member from the side.

The peers are the enemies. The Chengcheng Group and the big opening are similar in the industrial structure. They belong to the natural enemies.At this step today, the strong man shows that it is not relying on eating the Buddha, and the decision to kill is the strong point of President Li. In the incident, Li Yan is Liu Ziguang's natural allies.

"You slipped out that night just to do this?" Li Yan asked.

"Yeah, I have thought about it, and it is impossible to expect that the bad kindness of these people who eat people who do not vomit bones.So, I have to do something, "Liu Ziguang said.

"Well, now is the director of the neighborhood committee, is the next step, is it the representative of the district **?" Li Yan laughed.

Liu Ziguang also laughed, walking over and gently pinching Li Yan's nose and saying, "Know me, President Li also."

Li Yan pretended to be angry, waved Liu Ziguang Lu's LuThe mountain claw said, "No right, this is in the office."

Liu Ziguang laughed and retracted the salty pig hand. Li Yan said, "Today is Christmas Eve, do you prepare gifts for Xiaocheng?"

Liu Ziguang said," Yes, I have been prepared for a long time. "

Li Yan blushed and said," I will not buy it at ten dollars on the ground.'What horse'? "

Liu Ziguang said with a smile:" How can I ... "

" What about my gift, are you ready? "

Qingqing me, Liu Ziguang's mobile phone rang, it was made by Deng Dazhen, and the voice was very eager: "Director Liu, when the accident, you come back quickly!"

ActuallyIt has been determined that Liu Ziguang is the best candidate of the neighborhood committee, and has begun to shout like this. Liu Ziguang is calm and calm as usual: "What is it?"

"Someone wants to commit suicide, just on the rooftop No. 43."

Liu Ziguang said," Hit 11o and 119, I am right. "After saying, hung up the phone and got up and said," There is something in the community, I go back first. "
" That night ... ... That night ... ... That night ... ... ... That night ... ... That night ... ... That night ... ... That night ..."Li Yan got up and sent each other, Liu Ziguang people had arrived in the corridor:" Let's talk about it at night. "

Shun driving back to Chengcheng Garden, the 43rd Building No. 43 has been **A group of spectators, everyone stared at the people on the roof on the top of the building at the top of the rooftop of the top of the building. Some old ladies who were idle and the old lady were boneless outside.Coaxing: "Jump, jump quickly."

Building 43 is a small high -rise residential building with a total of 14 floors. There is a person sitting on the rooftop.Seeing that two legs were pulled outside, the weather in December was cold and scary. Presumably, normal people would not sit idle and sit on the rooftop. This 80 % couldn't think of it.

The community property rushed to the scene first. Seven or eight security guards maintained the order. When I saw Liu Ziguang, I quickly reported: "President Liu, the investigation has been investigated, it is a resident on the fourth floor.It was normal. I just climbed to the top of the building while the family didn't pay attention. I had called the police. "

Liu Ziguang nodded, saying," Are you guarding below, I go to see it. "Talking into the elevator and reaching the 14th floor.

A group of people have been ** on the rooftop, people with property companies, family members of light students, and Pharaoh of the police station, but they can only stand in the distance and persuadeThat person is going to jump off the building.

Sitting on the rooftop was a young man, wearing only sweaters, his thin body trembled slightly in the cold wind, and there was a mobile phone and a bottle of white wine on his hand.

"Xiao Qiu, come back, you ca n’t say anything, do n’t scare your mother.” A tearful nose of a 40 -year -old aunt, standing on herNext to him was a white middle -aged man, and he was also nervous. It seemed that he was the parents of the light life.

The Pharaoh of the police station saw Liu Ziguang, and hurried up to shake hands with him: "Xiao Liu, you are here, *** has been contacted, and the municipal bureau's negotiating experts are also on the road.What he did was stabilizing his emotions. "

Liu Ziguang said:" Police officer, the level of the municipal bureau negotiating experts, you don't know, or I should persuade him. "

> Pharaoh said: "The child's temper is stubborn, and the average person is not allowed to approach, are you sure?"

Liu Ziguang said, "Just apply the right medicine." After saying, go over and ask the middle -aged men and women: "Are you?"

" We are the parents of the child. These days, he has not been emotionally stable, and he is not bored in the house all day.Thinking that he didn't pay attention, he ran to the rooftop. "Aunt wiped tears and cried.

"What is the reason why you can't think of? Do you know?" Liu Ziguang asked.

"The child talked about a girlfriend some time ago, but it made people throw it out, and the result became what it looks like today ..."

Liu Ziguang nodded: "Understand, look at me, look at meBy the way, what is his name? "

" It is called Ye Zhiqiu. "

I wipe it, and I really have the name of the black fat man in the northeast of Meng Zhiqiu, but the style of these two people is really very different.Ah, if Meng Heizi was shaken by which ladies, he had to cut people with a knife. This little brother would be more sensitive and fragile.Big.

"Okay, I know." Liu Ziguang stepped forward, and his footsteps shocked Ye Zhiqiu. He turned back and snapped, "Stop, you jump down again!"

A typical otaku, a slightly fat face, a little acne, a pair of black -side glasses racks on the bridge of the nose, the head is soft and the towels are not this winter.The latest model looks like hand -woven. Looking at his eyes, Liu Ziguang knows that he wants bad dishes.It is definitely not a bluff.

Liu Ziguang quickly stopped and raised his hands and said, "There is nothing else, I am anxious downstairs, and ask you when you jump, if you don't jump, I will go home first first.Come out and see you jumping off the building. "

otaku Ye Zhiqiu glanced at him angrily, disdain at all, but in order to fear that he rushed up and hugged himself, he adopted the posture of riding a crossed by the sky.Following Liu Ziguang's movement.

"Give it?" Liu Ziguang said.

"I'm waiting for someone." The otaku's voice was low.

"Wait for your girlfriend? Do you want to jump in front of her and come to a crispy one.Let this little girl see how sincere and affection you are for her, let her regret her life, right? "Liu Ziguang asked.

"I ..." The otaku blushed, and the acne seemed to bloom one by one.It's not ridiculous, very touching, I look at this, but I think it's not enough to do this, so, I will help you call the people on the TV station too.The little girl who was attentive, and then flew down and died of love, letting her be condemned for a lifetime, and not marrying you for your life, this is the last word. "Fan said indifferently. He shook his head and stopped talking, but kept pressing the phone, and his mood seemed unstable.

"The little girl is very ruthless, you are going to die, she will not show up, or you will give me the number, I will help you contact."
Come over the phone number, Liu Ziguang took out his phone and wrote down, and walked back while calling. The old king over there said, "*** has arrived, in order to fear stimulating him, there is no puppet, but they have no air cushion, only the cloud ladder cars, only the ladder carsIt is difficult to do this. "

Liu Ziguang's phone was not turned on. The other party turned off. He asked Ye Zhiqiu's parents:" What does your son find your girlfriend do? "

br> "It is a salesman of the large -scale sales department, named Wang Li."

"That's it, this is nothing." Liu Ziguang said that the lady of the sales building is a relatively unique group,I saw a large waist of millions of money all day long, and her eyes were swayed by money. How could she care about otakus like Ye Zhiqiu? This chick is also cruel enough. Ye Zhiqiu is going to jump off the building for her.

Liu Ziguang's eyes blinked and said, "I find a way to stabilize him. If you help me find someone, you must arrive as soon as possible.> Lao Wang's eyes lighted up and asked, "Who?"

"Uncle Zhuo, who lives in the second unit of the Cadre Building of the Machinery Factory, used to be a defense department of the Chenuang Factory before, he knows what to do, hurry up."

Pharaoh went downstairs without saying a word. Liu Ziguang said with the phone for a long time. In the past, he said to Ye Zhiqiu: "Wang Li said, they had some problems with the sales of the Rhine Wind Garden, etc.Come here soon, wait a minute. "

" Deduades, she has turned off, and I won't answer your phone. "
" Your old information*Drives others., People use the firewall to prevent the firewall, do you know? "

Although there is still a doubtful expression, Ye Zhiqiu's emotions are finally stable, and they are willing to talk to Liu Ziguang.After a few words, Liu Ziguang understood that although Ye Zhiqiu graduated from a famous science and engineering university, he never talked about his girlfriend.It is not bad, but still cannot meet Wang Li's request. Just on Christmas Eve, Wang Li proposed to break up. Ye Zhiqiu, who could not bear the blow, finally chose an excessive way to express his love for Wang Li.

Liu Ziguang listened for a while of retching, but his mouth was attached to him. The time passed one minute and a second. There was movement in the corridor behind him. Liu Ziguang quietly turned around and saw a strong old man in old -fashioned military uniforms appearing.At the scene, the spirit was stubborn, his eyebrows and Zhuoli were cool. At first glance, he was a bold Mongolian man. He also held a rope in his hand. It seemed that it should be borrowed from the *** staff.

Liu Ziguang suddenly pointed downstairs and shouted, "Wang Li, how do you come?"

Ye Zhiqiu turned his head subconsciously to see, saying that he was late and then, Uncle Zhuo flew on his body.Before, a set of Maso was thrown.

The technique of the old cavalry battalion is not covered. The rope accurately sets Ye Zhiqiu, but unexpected things are born.The rooftop.