3 4 9 zai kan shou suo de ri zi

The criminals with a large waist and round face were still lying there, snoring unscrupulously.

This is the violent criminal of the Tao Lin Detention Center. Recently, I have been beaten severely and came in many newcomers. There were thirty people who lived in the 25 square meters of prisoners.Everyone can't hold it.

According to the rules, the new prisoners are going to sleep on the lower laying, which is the place closest to the pit. Although Wang Xing came in late, he was in prison Meng Zhiqiu's old watch, and people were high.It is very fierce, so it is logical to become the deputy of the prison. Specializing in disciplined the disobedient prisoners can sleep with the prison head in the upper bunk.

Until all of the prisoners got up, the bedding was stacked by the new prisoners, and Meng Zhiqiu got up lazily, arranged for the prisoners to wash. Under his commandThe order is lined up in front of the sink, and the prisoner squeezes a little toothpaste on their toothbrushes. This is also the treatment of senior prisoners. New prisoners can not even mix toothbrushes.Rub away.

After washing, there were already deafening slogans in the two numbers next door. Meng Zhiqiu shouted with a slap and shouted: "Both fucks give me a spirit, class!"

People hurriedly straightened their waists and did not dare to move. In the past two days, the boss of Meng was not good -tempered and angry. Seeing who was not pleasing to the eye was kicking, and no one dared to mess with him at this time.

"Article 1 of the Management Rules of Supervisors."

"Article 1 of the Management Rules of the Supervisor." The prisoners studied with the boss of Meng.It is also the only time to speak loudly. The prisoners who are depressed just happen to leak through this opportunity. The roar of each supervisor has survived the waves. Occasionally, the prisoner who is absent -minded is gone.Kick a kick and wake him up.

At the same time, Hu Rong in the female supervisor is also loudly reading the supervisory regulations., So it ’s a sloppy.

Even so, as a public security staff, she still felt the darkness of the detention center. She could not see the sun all day long, and her mood was depressed and nervous.I'm afraid it has long collapsed.

"Mary, you come for a while." The prisoner of the female supervisor told Hu Rong that there was a while every morning, and the sun would come in from the two -meter -high iron window. In this cold winter,The warm sunshine that can enjoy a few minutes is more luxurious than living in the Presidential suite in Dubai Seven Star Hotel.

Hu Ronghua's name is Mary, who claims to be a street woman who has been caught by the Public Security Brigade. Because she came in, she served a few sturdy female criminals and was appreciated by the prison.The same deputy can enjoy a five -minute sun bath every morning.

Sitting in the sun with his hands, Hu Rong's brain was running. The police mastered a vague clue. Some female criminals from the detention center seemed to be steamed. Because it may involve internal personnel, it may be involved in internal personnel., So if you want to find out the truth, you must enter the inside of the detention center. After two days of chat inquiries, Hu Rong just knows that some young and beautiful selling-** Miss seemed to deal with it faster, but after they put it outThere is no news anymore.

"Mary, where are you from? Where did you do it before?" A female prisoner handed over a 52O and asked warmly. Hu Rong knew that she was the old senior sister of this prison.The thirty -year -old girls who organized the sin of **** answered calmly: "I am from Nantai County. Last year, I came out to work with my friends. I was cheated by my boyfriend to work.Standing on the streets of Dingzhong. "

" Well, you stand on the street, it is a pity, at least one eighty cannon, not in response, come in if you have something wrong, you can't get a labor camp.The half -load is delayed. If you want to say it, just by your body, it is not a problem to enter the high -level club. It is similar to playing 3 to 50,000 in a month. "

" We don’t know peopleAh, there is also a low degree of education, and only graduated from high school. "Hu Rong kept his heart and wiped out with Sister Mei.

"What diploma is or not, Sister Mei teaches you a trick, go back to Xinhua Bookstore to buy a" Cultural Bitter Travel The college students are in the college students, but there are people who believe in graduate students. Those bosses are good ... "
" Really? But Sister Mei, I have no way? "

" It doesn't matter if there is no way, MeiSister help you arrange, right, what kind of relatives do you have at home? "

" My parents died early, and an uncle went to work in the south. The boyfriend also went in last year because of drug use.When it comes to the reform of the Northwest West, "

" Well, the bitter girl. "Sister Mei wiped her tears in the appearance of compassion, but the corner of her mouth seemed to be tilted.


Yang Feng is very busy these days. He is busy with his own work arrangements. After this matter, the deputy brigade's promotion is no longer a drama, and the public security brigade can not stay.It ’s a lot of energy. He has passed with Director Ma. When the limelight has arranged him to the police station as a deputy director, everything is always the same.

As for Li Zhiteng, it was a bit miserable. This incident was relatively large. Even his uncle of the political commissar of the branch bureau could not hold it.It is said that the three Golden Shield Companies of the Municipal Bureau can be a grass -roots leader and then moved slowly.

The handling of other people is relatively light, warning the punishment plus suspension, everything is to say that Director Ma is a talented person and always gives young people a chance.

Anju ** Company is completely resting this time. From the boss to the employees, all of them went in. The guy who moved the knife was at least two years in prison. Others were detained in the detention center, detained or reeducated through labor.I ca n’t run. As for Huye ’s case, there are also variables. In the end, President Nie is not involved in the case.


Great headquarters, President Nie's office, Vice President Wei stood there with sweaty, opened his mouth to speak, President Nie held a Cuba with a CubaThe cigar was not furious, but the cold expression made Vice President Wei even more panic.

"Why not report early?" President Nie asked.

"The following people are afraid of responsibility, want to find it first, what Xu is forgotten, when you really can't find it." Mr. Wei said difficultly, and there was a layer of mist on the glasses.

"Have you found it?"

"No ..."

"What is so important such as the contract selling contract is placed in a safe, and this still needs toDo I teach you that although the real estate of the Danube Wind Garden is not large, it has a wide range of influences. If the secret of the contract is leaked, I think the consequences are clear. "Although President Nie is not loud, the words are knocked like a hammer like a hammer.Strike on Vice President Wei's heart nest.

"Yes, I will let them try my best."

"Don't find it, the matter is very clear, the contract is stolen, and now this person is waiting for usThe enemy is dark, I am Ming ... Hum, these days, you are smart, no matter what price, take care of the other party, after the matter is over ... "

" Yes yes. "Always wipe the cold sweat with a handkerchief, and said busy.


At the same time, Liu Ziguang is sitting in the office of President Li, the eighteenth floor of the Rich Plaza, and flipped through the sales contract of the Rhine Style Park, LiI also wore glasses and looked at a contract. The more I looked, the more I felt strange.

The real estate of the Rhine Style Park was sold out on the day of sales, becoming another grand occasion in the real estate industry in Jiangbei, but it is strange to see these contracts. There is only a small part of the contract.Not only is the price of the price high, but the name of the buyer is also very weird. Some people name the next time I bought a dozen houses, and some look like relatives, such as Zhang Weidong and Zhang Weihong.The certificates are close.

Liu Ziguang looked up and said, "The contracts of the Rhine Style Park are all false contracts, what do you want to do?"

For this kind of real estate industry, Li Yan is very familiar with it.She said with a smile: "The old drama is old. Now the real estate market is so popular, and the policy is not allowed to cover the house and not sell it.High, the original price of 500,000 houses, the transaction price can reach 700,000. In this way, there are also many models loaned from the bank. These houses accumulated in your hand can wait for the price**, it is not affected at all. "

" But? "Liu Ziguang said," Buy so many houses in a person's name, how to loan the loan. "

Li Yan explained:"First, the bank credit reporting system will not be so sensitive. The house purchased within one day will be used as the first house in the personal name. Besides, the relationship between opening and banking is very good.Can't do it. "

" The big opening is really despicable and shameless. The poor people are played by them like this, and they do n’t want them to send the money saved by the whole family for two lives.To knock the bone and absorb, squeeze the last dime, is it that the housing prices in the second -tier cities in Jiangbei City must not be possible? "

Li Yan sneered:" Now the real estate industry is like this.It is more explicit. There is a saying that it is good to say that who God lets him perish, and it must be crazy first. I see that Nie Wanlong, who is open, is crazy. "

" So how should this contract be used to use to in orderLet Nie Wanlong enter crazy in advance? "