Chapter 2 Generation of Bacchus (Part 1)

Twelve o'clock, the new week is coming, today's 3rd chapter, the new book is rushing to the list, troubled with new and old book friends, and vote for your recommendation votes to Xiaosan.Bookmates who do not have a collection of collections are also troublesome to collect it.Thanks.Xiaosan will work hard to create a new book and return everyone.Tomorrow, if everything goes well, it should be three chapters.The liquid was poured into the taulla, and the little beggar's hand trembled slightly, and it was not stable. Fortunately, there was no liquor to spill out of the tuning pot.Yang Lao, Boss Zhao and the bartender all know. The bottle of wine chosen by the little beggar is Volo, which is a very strong pure wine. The so -called pure wine is the lack of fragrance and pure sweetness.The base wine as a cocktail is very common.

It can be seen through the transparent crystal jug that the Volo wine poured into the little beggar accounts for about three tenth of the tenth of the hits.In the end, the little beggar joined the Woolsti sauce, Tabask pepper oil, salt and pepper according to a certain proportion.

After joining these seasonings, the little beggar picked up the filter and showed a touch of helplessness on his face, but he still put it into a jug.But now I have to use it.

Cover the lid, and the little beggar takes the jug into his hand. After all, his hand cannot be compared with adults. It looks a bit laborious to hold the hits. This makes those who are not optimistic about him.The nose is nose.

As we all know, the most important thing is the cocktail formula, followed by the technique.And the poor hand, how can it not look like.But just when no one was optimistic about him, the little beggar was manual.

He simply took the weight of the jug in his hand and exited half a step backwards. At this moment, his eyes were lit like two stars, his left hand was behind him, his right hand supported crystal wine with crystal wineThe pot raised it, and suddenly the five fingers fluttered the room, and the palms were close to the jug. I saw the crystal jug rotating like a gyroscope in his palm.

The little beggar's right hand slowly raised, but the jug was always rotated at high speed on his palm, just like his palm has sucking power.It has been completely rendered into red, and the jug is rotating quickly, like a red disc was supported by him.

Surprisingly, it sounded one after another. Obviously, this little beggar was not as simple as most people thought.

The even more strange is still behind. The hand of the little beggar holding the jug gradually erected, and the constant rotating jugs are naturally erected, but it is still closely rotating on his palm.There are no signs of drop.His right arm slowly raised his palm forward from the right side of the body, with the high -speed rotating jug from right to left, from low to high, and then low, like the sun returned to the whole night from early morning to noon.process.In this process, the jug is always erected and fits on his palm. This hand alone, none of the bartender can do it, and they have never even seen it.The young bartender, who had ridiculed the little beggar before, had widened his eyes, staring closely at the sun -like red disc.But he couldn't see how the little beggar did.The amplitude of the movement is very small, the palm of the palm is constantly adjusted, and the shrinking and upright movement is made, and his five fingers have a rhythmic tremor like a wave.Touch, this is the secret that he can keep the wine jug and always fit on the palm.

However, it is easy to say, but it is difficult to do it. Even if the rhythm is a bit messy, the jug immediately returns to fall from his hand.The little beggar's movements are slightly jerky, but they can insist on doing this. It is not easy for a child who is only eleven or two years old.

Just when everyone thought that the bartender of the little beggar would end in this dazzling way. Suddenly, the little beggar had previously stretched out the left hand behind.Flying up.It was like the sun fell, and the wine guests were shocked.

But the look of the little beggar has not changed at all. His two hands seemed to disappear suddenly, and he could only see a faint shadow.This time, even Yang Lao didn't see it clearly.The crowd only felt a flower in front of him, and the falling sun had risen again, and in the moment of time, they saw three sun shock.That's right, it's three.

When everyone thought they were dazzling, they banged lightly, and the jug had fell on the table again.

The little beggar was not in a hurry to open the jug, swept through the face of the people around the people, watching those who were stunned by the Sanyang Yingyue of his own hand, the corner of the mouth was slightly uplifted, and the pride in his eyes seemed to seem to be.It's a bit heavier.Only the sweat left on his forehead showed that he was not easy to complete these.

I didn't wipe the sweat, because he couldn't dirty his hand, naturally and elegant to unscrew the lid, dumped the slightly sticky blood -red wine into a Mattini wine glassEssenceThere are not many drops, a lot of drops, just leave the edge of the wine glass.

His right -handed thumb was stuck vertically on the inside of the wine glass, and the finger was surrounded by the outside. He handed the cocktail in front of Yang Lao with an impeccable standard posture.

It seems that this glass of wine does not seem to be as transparent and dazzling as the flames of the previous bartender, and there is no flame above as an embellishment.However, this blood -red wine can make people feel a demon.

Yang Lao subconsciously picked the wine, and the sound of a little beggar sounded in his ears. "The real flame should be burned from the heart, not the surface. Because it burns your mood, it is your mood,Instead of your vision. This is the real flame to burn love. "

The veteran Yang Yang's glass was sent to his eyes, his nose moved lightly, and he smelled a faint smell, which was mixed with tomato juiceLemon juice and alcohol change the breath of blood.The little beggar did not say that in fact, there was a name that he made up the flames of burning, named: Bloody Mary

Yang Lao's eyes began to become hot, sending the glass to his mouth to take a sip.The eyes of the wine guests and bartender fell on his face, waiting for him to make a judgment.After all, the final judgment standard for cocktails is taste, not techniques.No matter how dazzling the wine, the wine is not good, and it doesn't make any sense.