di yi bai jiu shi si zhang sen yao bu luo

Facing Elder Tam's plea.Ji Shi couldn't help frowning. Of course, he didn't want to help these Forests, but how can he help them?

Seeing Ji Yin groaning, Elder Tam thought he was hesitant, and hurriedly continued: "Ann, as long as you are willing to stay, we are willing to use all the savings in the family to exchange for your blessing.We are willing to make money or resources. "

Ji shook his head, saying:" Elder Tam, this is not a matter of money. I really have a lot of things to deal withProtect you. You can understand the mood of hiring the strong. But this is not a long -term plan. Once you are not a person, I am afraid the ending will be even more miserable. "

I listenedIn the case, Elder Tam couldn't help but bowed his head sadly, and said sadly: "Is it true that we really want to be there?"

At this timeTao: "Elder Tam, do you want to migrate for the safety of the ethnic group?"

Ji moved.Xiang Fan said: "Do you want them to migrate to the ground?"

The flame shook his head.Looking at Elder Tam through the veil, waiting for his answer.

Elder Tam hesitated: "Our Forest Monster has always lived in the forest of life. This is our home and the place where the goddess of life cares about us. If you leave our own home, I'm afraid... "

The flame sighed," Elder Tam, after entering the forest of life, I can feel your Forest Monster's role in this large forest.But there is an innate talent for plants. With your own strength, you can better cultivate various plants and help them reproduce. This is why the forest of life is so lush and full of vitality. But you, you, youHave you ever thought, why do you face such a crisis? The reason is simple, because you are too weak, your ability is only to take care of the forest, but you do not protect the power of the forest.You, but you can find a powerful allies who can really bless you. This ally should not be humans, but Warcraft. In short, if there are a large number of Warcraft in this life, those business associations can still send troopsCome to deal with you? "

" Warcraft? "Tam stunned," But, Warcraft is more fierce than humans. They have no human wisdom and will treat us as food. "

> The flame shook his head.Tao: "When you can achieve symbiotic conditions with at least one ethnic Warcraft, how can they hurt you? Therefore, if you want to let the Senmons continue to reproduce, then you have to change to a home.There is a possibility of survival. This is a natural protection. "

Ji Shi's eyes flashed, he probably caught the meaning of flames, rotated his mind, and said to the flame:" You are talking about the earth spiritThe mountains?

The flame smiled, "There are many powerful Warcraft there. And, with your relationship, it can naturally help them. If the Mori Monster wants, I think we should help them.To leave the Forest of Life, but in less than many years, they can transform the Eling Mountains into another life. "

Ji nodded, the flame said, it is really feasibleThe method, with the relationship between him and Binghuo's beast Suzaku, let these Mori Monsters survive in the Lingshan Range, there should be no problem.As the strongest in the Eling Mountains, Suzaku, who dares to move the Forest Demon?What's more, if these Mori Demons have reached the Earth Lingshan Range to break down and cultivate various plants, it is only good for Warcraft there.In the case of Suzaku's deterrence and coexistence of interests, the Mori Demon family is likely to survive stable there.

Ji Shi turned to Elder Tam, "Elderly, our suggestions you also heard. This is a forever and for all. If you believe in me, I am willing to help you this busy, lead the leader, lead the leader, lead you, lead the leader, lead you, lead you, and lead you.You go to the Lingling Mountains of the Middle -earth Empire. There is a powerful Warcraft there. I have a certain friendship with the King of Warcraft there. I arrange you to settle there. There should be no problem. "
" This ... this ...… "Tam hesitated, watched Ji Dong and the flames, his eyes flickered, and shook his head gently, saying:" Two kinds of people, this matter is important, not what I can do. If you want, I immediately applied for the Mori Monster Society to discuss this. I know that the two benefactors were thinking for our Forever Demon, but this incident involved the reproduction of our Forever clan for thousands of years. The relationship is important.! "

Ji nodded and said," We can understand the mood of the elder. In this case, we will stay here for a few more days, wait for your news. "

Tam's mindNodded heavily, the proposal of Ji Shi and Flames is theoretically feasible.But this involves the survival of the entire Senmo group, and he is also tangled in his heart.From time to time, he looked at Ji Shi and Flame, his eyes showing a hesitant light.

In recent years, they have been persecuted by humans too much. Even if Ji Shi and Flame have just saved their tribes, he cannot fully trust these two foreigners.

Elder Tam's gaze, Ji Shi also felt it, but he had no ghosts in his heart, and he was right.

"Kalom, you bring two benefactors to our tribe to rest, Benam, you and I call you the elders to discuss."

Hurry up and agreed, one of them walked inside Ji Shi and Flames towards the inside of life.

The two fire elements returned to Ji Shi at the same time, and their bodies have swelled again, and they are still constantly absorbing magic elements in the air.Ji Shi is the owner of them, and their own breath is completely controlled by Ji Shi. Therefore, they cannot leave Ji Shi a certain range. The closer to Ji Shi, the faster they absorb the magic.

The bloody smell in the air gradually faded, entering the inside of life, all kinds of strange flowers and strange grass, all presented in front of Ji Shi and flames.In this dense large forest, various plants grow well.It is all leaflets, and it can be seen how much Mori is going to take care of the forest.Some fruits that can be seen outside are much larger here, and it is full of life atmosphere that is not available outside.There is no doubt that this is the best place for health.

The Mori demon Calem is in front of the road. It is not long. Ji moves the sound of water in the ears. Between this mountain forest, there is even a small stream flowing. The stream is clear.Half -division impurities.Even if you look at it with your eyes.It seems that you can feel the sweet taste.

Just on a large tree on both sides of the stream, the vines are surrounded by vines, covering the sky, and only some subtle sunlight can fall on the ground through the leaves and vines.

Wet and fresh air, with a strong fragrance and life atmosphere, giving people an indescribable sense of pleasure.

Calem said respectfully: "Two kinds of benefactors, this is where we live. We live on it. If the two benefactors are not disliked, let's live here first."

Ji Shi said in surprise: "Is it a tree house based on vines?" He had seen the trees here very weird, the branches were not very high, but the branches were very dense.

"Two benefactors, please come with me." While saying, Calham had climbed up a big tree next to him.Ji moved to pull the flame's hand, and drilled into the crown directly from the gap.

Compared with the surrounding big trees, the crown is more lush, and the internal space is elliptical.Some extremely subtle gaps can be seen outside.Not only is the air more fresh in the tree house, but even the vitality is stronger than the outside world.

The layout of the tree house is very simple, there is only a bed paved with huge banana leaves.

Calham made a request, "Two benefactors please rest first, I will take some fruits to wait for the two."
Ji nodded slightly, "Thank you

Calem said in panic: "Don't say so, no benefactor, maybe I am a corpse now." As he said, he had quickly retreated to the tree house.

The flames took off their heads with excitement, and picked it gently on the tree house, and laughed: "It's still good in the outside world! It's full of magic everywhere. This tree house is naturally formed naturally.The power of chaos creation is really amazing. "

At this time, she was like a curious girl who saw the strange world, and there was a majestic look of the rulers of the world.

Seeing the smile of the flame, it is the greatest satisfaction for Ji Dong, and smiled slightly, saying: "If you like it, we will live here for a while."

Falling the shoes and walked to the thick banana leaves and lay down directly.His hands behind your head, watching the top of the tree house, "It's really comfortable here, the life of the Mori Demon is simple and simple, and it is similar to that of my heart world. Just, everything here is much richer than the world world.After coming out of you, I don't want to return to the world anymore. The last time I came to the outside world, I just walked around myself and saw a lot of things on the surface and some of your human beings.You feel that it seems to have changed completely. Everything that seems to see is so lively and full of attractiveness. Ji Dong, thank you, I am very happy now. "

Ji Tong smiled:"It should be, thank you for you, I have never seen this world well, and now I finally have time, and you are accompanied by you. For me, this is like a fairy life."

The flame shook his head gently, "No, you are wrong. God's life may not be perfect. What are you talking about?"

"Uh ..., fairy can be said to be God's other otherA title, "Ji Shi said helplessly.He couldn't tell the flames that he came from another world.

Time is not long, Calham has climbed up with a small basket woven from a rattan, put down the small basket, and he first took out a plate size of the leaves in front of Ji Dong and the flames, and thenTake more than ten various fruits from the small basket and place them on the leaves.These fruits are also carrying crystal water droplets, and obviously they just took off and washed it and sent them over.

None of the more than ten fruits are the same, various, and some of them are crystal clear like rubies.Transparent, thorough crystalline like emerald.Where is this like food? Instead, it is more like a bizarre treasure in front of the two.

The rich fragrance, the rich life atmosphere, all refreshing, Ji moves to say: "These are the masterpieces of nature!"

Karham's smile, "Please taste the two benefactors. These are the specialties of our lives. Because one day after picking, it will be rotten because there is no strong vitality protection, so I can't eatHere, his eyes were suddenly dull.Looking at the flames, he opened his mouth.

Before when he climbed into the tree house, his mind was placed on the fruit. At this time, he raised his head and saw the flames of the veil. His eyes were completely solidified.I couldn't say it. It was funny that the light blue tongue in his mouth was twitching down.

Ji moved a little bit of dissatisfaction. Although he was able to understand Calem's state of mind at this time, the goddess in his heart was stared at such a straightforward look, and he was still a little uncomfortable.

"Ah! Ah! Praise the goddess of life, God! Are you the goddess of life?" As a member of the Mori demon, the vocabulary that can be used to describe is really scarce., It has caused this Mori to be in an indescribable shock.Without half a blasphemy, it is completely appreciated by beauty from the heart.

The flame smiled slightly, just like the blooming blooming. The tree house seemed to be lit up in her smile. She didn't have a smile on this smile.The rhoton in the nose was soaring. Fortunately, Ji moved quickly, and he pulled a leaf to block the blood.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Callham hurriedly lowered his head. He didn't dare to go to see the flame again. He turned and climbed down under the tree house. Who knew that his hands and feet were soft and fell down.

Fortunately, there are many plants under the tree house. Calham rolled over and got up from the ground.What ... "Under the stunned gaze, the Mori demon rolled away.

The flame stroked his face, and then looked at Ji Dong, and whispered: "We must help these Mori monsters. They are really cute.That's all. "

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