Chapter Fifty Period of Death (1)

This is like a person dreaming, and he knows that he is dreaming.

There is no sense of direction at all, there is no sense of direction. Meng Fan only sees the beautiful and bright starry sky.

There is a star that is particularly large and bright. Meng Fan feels that it is getting brighter and bigger, like a huge fireball.

A blue star soon appeared. Meng Fan knew that it was the earth, and of course, the fireball just now was the sun.

The earth is getting closer and closer to himself. Meng Fan can see the planet he lives in so beautiful.

Suddenly the earth is closer to himself faster, getting closer and closer -ah!Meng Fan screamed frightened because the earth had hit him, or he hit the earth.

The hallucination disappeared. Meng Fan still stood well on the floor on the second floor of the museum, holding a bronze box in his hand, containing a strangely shining and transparent bead.

"What is this?" Meng Fan said to himself, and he couldn't touch the bright bead.

"Ah" Meng Fan yelled again, a blue lightning shot out of the bead, hit Meng Fan's right hand to touch the bead's right hand, and the bronze box fell to the ground, but that wouldA bead sticking to Meng Fan's hand, Meng Fan felt that his head seemed to have countless lightning in an instant.

"Meng Jun, what's wrong with you." Yuko helped Meng Fan's hand and asked with concern.

After a while, Meng Fan felt that his head suddenly didn't hurt, but it seemed that there seemed to be a lot of information in his brain, a huge stone, a lonely figure, a blue planet,Mission, New World, soul, explosion, in short, Meng Fan couldn't pay attention to his head.他只能淡淡的说:“没什么,就是有点头疼。”

那颗珠子已经掉在了地上,孟凡将它捡了起来,重新又放到了盒子里,只是他发现,那A bead seems to have become dull.

"Do not open the sealed." Yuko suddenly looked at the seal in Meng Fan's hands and said.

"Do you recognize the ancient words above?" Meng Fan asked in surprise.

"My father likes the ancient culture of China, so he couldn't be forced to learn some when he was a child. At that time, it was really annoying, but he was forced to put some in his head." Yuko suddenly suddenly suddenly.A naughty smile: "It's like being with you, although it was forced by you at the beginning, isn't it still pregnant with your child?"

Meng Fan smiled awkwardly when he heard this words, Yuko Zizi smiled, Youzi ZiziHe said busy: "But later it was voluntary, so you don't need to blame yourself."

Packing up everything, boring them to roll up things in the valuable cultural relic collection room, paintings, paintings, and exquisite blue and white porcelainAfter watching it, they put it back completely. These things are now useless to them, but if the world is too peaceful in the future, maybe it will be valuable.

Meng Fan turned to a booklet recorded by the museum, and Meng Fan found the number of the bronze box.

The booklet recorded some relevant information about that bead, which seemed to be a legend: about 2,500 years ago, the heavenly boulder was in the north of Guzhou City, the sound was shocking, and the fire was shining. (At this time, Meng Fanxin said: I do n’t know which year it fell, and it described the scene at that time?), The latter beast rushed out of the fire, hurting the people to reach thousands of people, and then the officers and soldiers were thunderous with thunder.The stone of the stone was hit, the giant beast fled, leaving a pearl to the ground, and the views of the people's views appeared. After one person touched it, he asked the mage town to seal it in the ancient box of bronze.

There are some other records below. In the past two years, the Chinese Academy of Sciences borrowed this thing twice for research, but eventually returned.

Meng Fan ficked the booklet and thought, and still had no clue, and simply stopped thinking about it.

Meng Fan searched for useful supplies in the museum, but he found a electric heater and electric furnace, but to drive these electrical appliances, he naturally consumes more electricity.

Now Yuko is a woman who needs to be taken care of, and the valuable cultural relic collection room is closed well. It is not suitable for baking fire inside to warm it. It is very suitable to use this electric heater.

Meng Fan connects the wire of the generator with the electric heaters. Although Meng Fan is not an electrician, most men still know the knowledge of the circuit.

Two days later, the fuel in the generator was exhausted, and Meng Fan had to go out to find some fuel back.

Yuko holds Meng Fan's neck and is not allowed to go out to take risks, saying that Meng Fan can feel warmth.

Meng Fan said with a smile: "Youzi, you need to worry about me, my life is very hard. Besides, Lord Yan is very busy, and the little ghosts are not free to find me."

Meng Fan told Yuko before going out: "Before I come back, you must not go out, lock the door. When I come back, I will knock on the door and say my name.You must not open the door for him. "

Yuko nodded seriously:" Meng Jun, don't go too far, it doesn't matter if there is any electricity. "

br> "Hmm! I know."

Meng Fan left the museum again, with those plastic barrels and pipes to find diesel.The goal he searched was still the car stopped on the roadside.

Finally, he found another car using diesel. When he bowed his head to bend over and sucked out of the diesel in the car, he suddenly had a dangerous premonition.

Meng Fan immediately squatted down and hit a bullet on the car in front of him.Meng Fan is now a full armed, with a dragon sword on his back, wearing bullet -proof combat clothes, and Zhao Shenghu's pistol in his waist. In his hand, the Aka rifle of the cultural relics was mentioned.

Meng Fan immediately lost everything and started to escape. One after another was hit around him. He couldn't even figure out who attacked him.

When Meng Fan fled to a facade room by the road, he had the opportunity to observe his enemy. His vision was very good.On the helmet, it is a symbol of a globe.It even encountered terrorists from the United Front organization.

The opponent fired at Meng Fan again. Meng Fan hid in the building and did not dare to show his head easily. The other party was a sniper rifle.Super power, I am afraid that it has been killed by the other party.

A bullet exploded in Meng Fan's facade room. Meng Fan suddenly smelled a scent of nose, and the other party fired a poisonous gas bomb.

Meng Fan immediately felt dizzy, and he thought sadly: Why do these buns be harmed the same time at this time.

Meng Fan stood up, only two steps, and could never persist again. His strong body fell unwillingly. At the moment when his eyes were closed, Meng Fan remembered again.his parents.He saw his parents, standing on the road of the village entrance, waiting for himself to go home.

When Meng Fan woke up, it was a completely strange place, a long corridor, white and bright lights, smooth and clean floor and walls. This is heaven, or hell?IntersectionIt is really different from the heaven and hell described by people!

Meng Fan's weapon has been removed, and the bulletproof combat clothes are also stripped. Only the close -fitting underwear is still worn on his body, but it is not cold here.

When you walk to the end of the corridor, the door opens, a bright room, but there is no window. The light source comes from a energy -saving lamp on the roof. This room looks more like a laboratory.

There are a few cabinets behind the door of the room with some weapons, all of which are cold weapons. It seems that this is hell, because there will be no such thing in heaven.

But Meng Fan quickly saw that there was a display on the wall. After reading the words above, Meng Fan understood that he was still alive. This is not heaven or hell, but the site of the United Front organization.He was caught by the united front organization by the world's largest terrorist organization.

The display is written on the display: Welcome to the Warriors City to participate in the death game.Meng Fan sneered, what welcomes are welcome, I can't think of it?You are not forcibly brought me. The game of death is not a good thing when you hear the name.

Meng Fan went down to look down: the warriors who participated in the death game can have three options, first, kill your opponent, second, be killed by your opponent, third, refuse to participate in the battle, By the organization.

The warriors who go through smoothly will join the greatest cause of all human beings. You will become a member of the earth's united front. Your name will be written into the history of mankind.Warriors, choose a weapon and fight!

It turned out that they were really the same as Cao Jiutian said, it was a group of

It turned out that they were really the same as Cao Jiutian said, it was a group of fucking lunatic.Some angry Meng Fan quickly remembered Yuko again. Can he still return now?

A drawer -like box -like box on the wall slipped out, with a large piece of raw beef and a cup of red beverages inside.

Meng Fan is already hungry, picks up the beef and bite it. The raw beef replenishs the calories, but the taste is really bad. Meng Fan can only swallow it with his scalp.

Meng Fan does not think that they will be poisoned in the food, artificial swordsman, I am fish, they want to kill Meng Fan, some are methods, and they cannot be waste such precious food.

Meng Fan drank a drink and frowned deeply, because it was not a drink, but the blood of a certain animal.Meng Fan even thinks that this may be human blood, because the most lack of lack of here, it may be a living person.

But Meng Fan still finished drinking it. Living is more important than anything, that is, human flesh, and Meng Fan will also eat it.His life not only belongs to himself, there is a person in the museum. He is waiting for him to go back. If he can't go back, it is difficult for Yuko and the children in her stomach to survive.

I don't know how long it took for a long time, about an hour.The door of the other end was opened, and the system of the system sounded in the ear: Please select weapons and participate in the battle.