Chapter 273

The head returned to the room in the room. At this time, Mingyue's bite lips had exuded bright red blood. The tears were blurred and the thoughts were gray.

The head of the head silently came to Mingyue, put her hand gently on her shoulder, and said softly, "Cry, kid, wrong you."

I couldn't restrain it, tears sprayed out, crying and crying.

The head stroked her shoulders gently, her back and black hair, and her lower body slowly expanded.

"How could he treat me like this ..." Mingyue sobbed and said.

"Huang Jianguo is a man of love, not worthy of your sadness for him." The head of the head of the Moon.

Mingyue slowly stopped crying, her eyes slowly became cold, and she only heard her gritted her teeth: "I want to retaliate."

The head of the head said with a smile:"How do you want to get revenge, I can help you."

"Isn't he your son -in -law?" Mingyue puzzled.

"From today, it's not." The first long replied.

"I want to retaliate ..." Mingyue's nerves were completely immersed in the sudden blow and extreme pain, and said angrily.

"What do you want to retaliate?" The chief asked again.

"I ... don't know." Mingyue "wow" crying again.

"There is one of the best ways to revenge ..." The head stopped.

"What?" Mingyue stopped crying.

"In front of his face, you hand over your body to another person, so that he has great regrets and make him feel painful."

"Give it to the other person? Who?" Mingyue was puzzled.

"I can help you," the chief said with kindness, while observing the expression of Mingyue, and then said, "Of course, it looks like, not the relationship between men and women."

br> "Do it ... Let him regret it?" Mingyue murmured to himself.

"Yes, you and I pretend to be affinity in bed, and let him hear in the living room, so he will regret it, painful, you say stop, I stop, you see how to retaliate against him like this?"The head said, feeling that the lower body became more expanded.

"I said stop, you must stop, otherwise you will regret it at that time." Mingyue thought about it, made up his mind, and said hate.

"I promise," the chief patted Mingyue's shoulder in kindly, saying, "You take off your clothes and go to bed, wait at your heart and wait for revenge, I'll arrange it."
The door went.

Mingyue took off his jacket and shoes to lie down on the bed, pulled the quilt and covered her body. In case, she was still wearing underwear.

The head of the first came back quickly, quickly removed all the clothes on the body, revealing strong muscles, and only a pair of shorts were retained in the lower body.

"You ..." Mingyue exclaimed.

"Hush ... he is here." The chief reached out to stop Mingyue, jumped into the bed and got into the quilt. At the same time, the outside door rang, and Huang Jianguo came in.

"Father, are you looking for me? Where are you?" Huang Jianguo spoke respectfully.

"Well." The head responded vaguely.

Huang Jianguo heard the door open the door of the bedroom ...

"Hurry up and call it twice."Suddenly put his hand into Mingyue's underwear ...

"Ah!" Mingyue exclaimed, and the revenge mood suddenly left the clouds., I can't push it at all.

"Stop! Hurry up!" Mingyue yelled.

The head of the head didn't mean to stop at all, and the buttons of her underwear suddenly pulled out, and the plump ** jumped out.

Mingyue's face flushed with a full face, eagerly standing hands, and he wished the first type of "ghost hit the wall" in the mouth, and wanted to separate himself from the head of the air field.

The first time Mingyue saw that the head was in the hall of Bai Yunguan. At that time, the impression of this person was just a middle -aged man of Yuli Xuanang.Master.He often goes to Bai Yunguan to meditate because this is the location of the Chinese Taoist Association. He often meets the top figures of Taoist factions, which helps himself to take advantage of his strengths and improve his skills.

Zhengyi Fa is the oldest Taoist system of Taoism in Taoism. It originated from the "ghost road" of Zhang Daoling Tianshi, and is good at the method of "men and women".

The chief is in the high position of the government. It is a materialist -indaccium. Therefore, the practice can only be carried out secretly. He is good at Runey, but rarely takes the impact.Tonight, the tea in Mingyue's tea is the "heavenly teacher drives evil spirits

But what I encountered is the first witchcraft of the Central Plains since the rivers and lakes that have disappeared from the rivers and lakes -I wish you can easily resolve it?When he debuted in the early Ming Dynasty, he could not fully grasp the essence of divine skills, so he was affected by the "heavenly master's evil spirits" to a certain extent.

The energy of the first type of "ghost hit the wall" sent by Mingyue's first type of "ghost hit the wall" is only about one inches heavily in the head of the chief, and then it will not be powerless.On his body ... Mingyue was shocked, and he stretched out his hands to draw two arc -shaped shapes, which directly used the third type of "walking dead".

The head of the head shocked, doubting his head in doubt, and finally let go of his hands holding Mingyue's body tightly, and Mingyue took the opportunity to turn over and rolled under the bed.

I wish the third type of "walking dead" mainly influenced the opponent's brain thinking by biomagnetic fields, generating hallucinations, and completely departing from the original real intentions. Therefore, like a walking dead.

The head stared at a pair of confused eyes, and his two hands grabbed in the air, as if looking for something.

Huang Jianguo stunned in the middle of the room, suddenly woke up suddenly, rushed forward a step, and picked up his placket to tear the semi -naked bright moon from the ground.

"Founding the country ..." Mingyue's eyes called again with tears with tears.

Huang Jianguo put Mingyue back to the bed again, and held her arms hard, and at the same time yelled at the head of the head: "Father, she is here!"

Over his head, a pair of beast -like congestive eyes stared at Huang Jianguo ...

Huang Jianguo's heart was straight, and he gritted his hand and pulled his father's palm straight on the towering Rufeng of Mingyue ...

Mingyue finally completely desperate, the teeth bitten the tip of the tongue, and the blood mist was sprayed on Huang Jianguo's face, and then I wished the fifth style of the eighteenth style- "The witch curse of Li Daao's stiffness is the highest one of Wang's mother -in -law.

The head shrank back to the palm pressed on the chest of Mingyue, holding Huang Jianguo and pressing it on the bed.** Pressing it naked ...

Huang Jianguo's horrified eyes stared at his father -in -law seemed to be a beast, madly rushing to him, gloating himself.He bite his lips, closed his eyes, and shed tears of humiliation ...

Mingyue slipped quietly to the ground, and finally glanced at the man he had loved deeply, put on his coat pants silently,Leaving without returning.

Xiao Yanfang and several subordinates stood in the courtyard. They were ready to go according to the command of the head, waiting for Huang Jianguo to go to the northwestern Yunnan Plateau after the head of the head.

The sound of fighting came from the room, and then the panting sound of the chief "哧" was inexplicable, but no one dared to explore.

The door opened, and Mingyue walked out of his face.

"Stop, Mingyue, what are you doing?" Xiao Yanfang asked strangely.

Mingyue ignored it at all and continued.

"Stop her!" Xiao Yanfang ordered.

Immediately, a big man rushed forward when he heard a laughed and rushed forward, reaching out and grabbed Mingyue's mind.

Mingyue's complexion was pale. At this moment, it was never merciless, but he heard a "snoring

"Ah ..." The strong man stood there, and his two eyes had become two blood caves, and blood flowed down with broken eyes.

Xiao Yanfang was shocked and shouted in a hurry: "Fire!"

"Bang!" Someone shot a gun at Mingyue.

A bomb hit Mingyue's left shoulder. She shook her body, stunned, and then crossed the courtyard wall and came to the street.

The rainstorm stop, except for a few lonely and dim street lights on the streets of Poyang County.

Mingyue covered his left shoulder, split his legs and kept running forward.It was dark all around, and only the lights of the farmhouse flickered in the distance in the distance. This is already outside the city.

Where are you going?Mingyue was so purposeful and walked forward.

There is a crossroads in front, she is uncertain, and at this moment, she is physically and mentally exhausted. Where is the place where he is?

There was a roar of the truck loading on the left. The dazzling light came over and saw the young girl wandering on the road.

The car stopped. A middle -aged driver found out from the window and asked, "Comrade, do you seem to be injured? Did you meet the bad guy? Do you want me to send you to the hospital?? "

Mingyue shook his head.

"It's so late, a female comrade is very dangerous outside, come and get on the car, I'll take you home." The driver said concerned.

Mingyue got into the car and sat in the cab.

"Where is your family?" The driver asked.

Mingyue raised his face, his chin fingered ahead, and he didn't speak.

"Well, this girl must be scared." The driver hung up the gear and drove towards Wuyuan.

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