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The younger brother, at first glance, is the primary dwarf of the society.

In a car on the roadside, Liang Xiao was explaining to Liu Ziguang's origin: "This person was initially mixed with Cheng Guoju.After Zhou Guoji was arrested, he returned to recognize Cheng Guoju as a checker. He was a boss who had conquered the Lianlian victory.The heavy case team wanted to pull him for a long time. The files were piled up three feet high, and there were no strong evidence. "

Shangguan on the back seat sneered:" The law has become a shield of criminals. The so -called social rule of law societyIt's really sad. "

Liang Xiao was about to fight against his lips. Suddenly, the window was knocked a few times. He looked up and looked at it. He was a military uniform, a firewood on his shoulders, in his fifties, wearing a pair of glasses.

"Uncle Hua, what about patrol?" Liang Xiao greeted the old policeman.

"A Xiao, you can't stop here. The buds of the Ministry of Communications will not speak so well." The old policeman said.

"I know, Uncle Hua."

Uncle Hua nodded and continued to patrol.

Suddenly the door of the nightclub was opened. A man was raised by two big men from it, thrown on the sidewalk, punching and kicking.Confucius walked around and walked over, blocking in front of Uncle Hua.

Uncle Hua subconsciously pressed the handle and shed it: "Stop!"

No one cares about him, and the beating is still continuing.With this old policeman, Uncle Hua has been patrolling in this street for more than ten years. He is a good person who dare not cause trouble.

Uncle Hua should be retired next year. He will have two pride. One is that he hasn't fired a gun for so many years. The other is that a daughter is studying in the United States.The sand exhibition did not go to it, and there was no red chicken rope, flower, chicken rope and black chicken rope. That was not something he cared about. It was the happiest thing to be able to retire and retire stably.

If you are used as usual, when you encounter the beyond -confused and beating people, Uncle Hua will hide behind and let his colleagues deal with it, but today colleagues are suspended, only to patrol the street, and there will be a heavy case team not far away.Inspector Liang stared, he didn't want to get up.

"Stop!" Uncle Hua sang again, his voice trembled, the night was strong, neon flickering, no one noticed what happened here., Dowed.

Uncle Hua wanted to fight the gun to deter the opponent, but he couldn't pull it out. It turned out that he didn't open the buckle in panic.

"Want to happen, go!" Liang Xiao pushed the driving door and walked over the meteor, and took out the police document while walking., Was stopped by Liu Ziguang: "You stay here."

Liang Xiao is the northern descent, close to 1.8 meters, a straight black suit, a stop in front of the old and confused babies, which is quite deterrent.Liu Ziguang was wearing a set of Versace Black suit that Shang Guanjin helped him yesterday. He stopped with Liang Xiao, and naturally was mistaken for the police.

"Doing it? Rebellion!" Liang Xiao drank angrily, under his majesty, the thin and dying babies with thin figures dared to say, but just stood there.

Liang Sir came, Uncle Hua finally relieved, stepped forward and asked the guy who was knocked to the ground: "Sir, do you want to sue them?"

"We are kidding. "The guy who was beaten with a swollen face obviously was obviously afraid of the gangs and dysfunction.

"Ah, sir, is you having to be joking?" A lazy voice sounded, and the young and confused people gave up a way, a young man in his twenties walked out of the nightclubEssence

Uncle Hua whispered: "A Xiao, this is Ruan Xiong's head, widowed Biao."

Mourning Biao walked to Liang Xiao and stood in front of Liang Xiao, staring at Liang Xiao at the tip of the nose at the tip of the noseHis eyes said arrogantly: "There are regulations in Hong Kong law, can we not meet here?"

Liang Xiao looked at it angrily: "Be whatever, don't let me catch your handle?"

BR> I laughed and turned around a few steps, saying, "Ah Sir, Hong Kong is a rule of law society. You will sue you to slander like you talk about it."

Liang Xiao was angry, but helplessCompared to those old policemen, his experience and deterrence are still insufficient, especially in the experience of dealing with this edge.

Liu Ziguang couldn't stand it anymore. He reached out and dragged out the stick between Liang Xiao's waist. He shook away, and pounded it straight on the widow's lower abdomen.Raise the stick, smashed the widowed Biao to the ground, and rebuked: "Let you take the law as a shield, you fucking, find it!"

The pouring out of the back alley instantly surrounded them in the middle. Uncle Hua was frightened, his hand shook his hand on the gun handle. Liang Xiao pulled out the Glock19 police gun and pointed at the sky and drank: "Don't mess up!"

Liu Ziguang, this trouble, didn't care about it. He pointed at the old and confused babies with a stick with a stick: "Come on, come."

A kid really couldn't help it, and he couldn't help it.After coming up, Liu Zi was pumped on his knees before he waved the chain lock, and he was planted on the ground. Liu Ziguang stepped on his back and continued to point to the crowd with a stick: "Come again!">

In the nightclub bag room, Jin Xudong was restless, and he did not hold it up for a few cups of wine. Hong Kong's entertainment venues were far worse than Shanghai.Grade.

It seems to see Jin Xudong's mind, Araki Naoki took out a check on the table and pushed it over. Jin Xudong's eyes lighted up.Six million yuan.

"Jin Sang, this is a deposit, I want your contract to copy it." Araki said.

Jin Xudong put the check in the leather clip and took a glass of wine and said, "Thank you Araki, I should leave, and then contact it tomorrow."

Araki Naoki laughed: "How can you go? "Speaking of the slap, the private room door opened, and the six stunning beauties walked in under the leadership of Mom Sang, lined up in front of Jin Xudong's face, showing a proud posture.

Jin Xudong glanced at it, and the color of the goods was okay, but he had already surpassed the level of a woman in a venue of Fengyue, not to mention the current event, how can you put the wave -shaped skeleton, he is about to quit, a man in his thirties left, and a man in his thirties left.Come in, jeans, wide belts, yellow leather jackets, beard, and shade with a face.

Araki Naoki stood up and greeted: "Brother Xiong, hello."

The coming person is the protector of the nightclub, and the new brother Ruan Xiong, who is winning.

Ruan Xiong sat down and said to Jin Xudong, "This is Mr. Jin from the Mainland, fortunately."

Big Brother Here comes to accompany the guests in person, Jin Xudong has no longer mentioning it.In the matter, Araki Naoki introduced: "Lao Jin, this is the handle of Yau Jiaowang, Xiong Ge, your safety problem, he can be responsible."

Ruan Xiong's eyebrows picked: "GoldenSir, who dares to find your trouble, as long as you say a word, I set him in minutes. "

Mom Sang also said with a smile:" In Hong Kong, our male brother is more than the police officer director.You need to use it. "

Ruan Xiong stared at:" How do you do, stand there, the guests don't like, change it. "

Mom Sang hurriedly took the six ladies out and went out.Ruan Xiong took a wine glass and strolled over a large cup and said, "Mr. Jin, say hello, it's rude." After speaking, he drank this glass of wine.

Jin Xudong had no choice but to accompany a cup. At this time, his mother Sang brought a few new ladies in.Said: "Come with Mr. Jin."

Mom Sang said: "Xiongge is good, Emi is a student of the University of Hong Kong.

Jin Xudong did not dare to quit, so he had to play on the field, and suddenly the phone rang. It was Ma Fengfeng. Jin Xudong hurried out to answer the phone.

While he was not there, Araki said to Ruan Xiong: "Xiong, some people want to be unfavorable to Mr. Jin, can you help me settle?"

Ruan Xiong said, "What is the other person?”




Jin Xudong came in after the call and said, "I'm really sorry, Mr. Ma has something to do with me, I have to go first."

Araki said, "Okay, I'll send you over."

Ruan Xiong also got up and sent to each other. Before leaving, Jin Xudong also took a lot of graceful Hong Kong dollars to the female students at the University of Hong Kong.

"Jin Sang is really pity and cherish jade, have you left the number just now?" Araki Naoki joked.

I came to the door all the way, a younger brother hurried over, and said a few words to Ruan Xiong. Xiongge's face changed greatly, and said to Araki, "The person you said is, but some police follow."

Araki Araki heard the words for a moment, pulling Jin Xudong and walking to the door, only to see a piece of dark and confused, there were three people in the encirclement circle, a military police officer, a plainclothes policeman, and a positive one positive.It was the one who was tracking from Shanghai all the way.

"Xiong brother, the enemy is here, look at you." Araki said.

"No, add money, plus 200,000." Ruan Xiong stared at the people outside.

"A word is determined." Araki was very refreshing.

Ruan Xiong sent two younger brothers to leave from the back door with Araki and Jin Xudong.


Liu Ziguang's shot was ruthless, and the ancient confusion was afraid of his skills and "police" identity, and he could only make an angry roar. Suddenly, a man came out of the night club., "Papa" took three slaps, and the noise stopped.

"You are all scattered, Liang Sir, Uncle Hua, today is so free, and this new chief does not know how to call it?" Ruan Xiong and Heyan said.

The old and confused babies slowly spread out, and Liang Xiao also said to Uncle Hua: "Uncle Hua, go to patrol first, it's okay here."

I walked busy.

Mourning Biao and another old and confused that Liu Ziguang was lying on the ground like a dead dog. Ruan Xiong frowned and said, "Liang Sir, what day today, you come to check my field?"

Liang Xiao said:" Ruan Xiong, I have come to find someone. Have you seen this person? "

Ruan Xiong looked at the photos of Jin Xudong in Liang Xiao's hand, arrogantly:""Chief, you have to come up with people when you come to ask for a person, and what's going on to hurt my head and horse?"

Liang Xiao said, "Ruan Xiong, don't be too much, be careful of me."

Ruan Xiong's opponent said," Ajie, call Call CALL, and Zhang Sir of the Police Complaint Section. "

Liu Ziguang can't stand it again, and step forward to hold forward and hold back and hold back.Ruan Xiong's collar was pushed to the wall. Ruan Xiong's feet were off the ground, struggling in vain, his throat couldn't breathe, and his face turned purple.