Chapter III Emperor Yinyang Crown (Part 1)

Second, spread it early for everyone to see.With the help of book friends, we temporarily occupy the first position, and it is necessary to bother everyone who has more recommended tickets to the yin and yang crowns to ensure our position.There is another chapter at 8 o'clock in the evening.Seeking collection, recommending tickets, thank you.BR> Of course, it is impossible to taste as a beggar as a beggar, so he only has to watch, smell and listen.With a keen sense of smell, hearing, and eyesight, coupled with his experience of wine god.The smell of the bartenders emitted during bartending, and carefully observed the alcoholic expression, physical changes, and comments in their words.After a full month, Ji moved to find out the taste of most wines here, and compared with the wine of his original world.

If anyone knows that he can judge the wine like this, and can successfully adjust the bartender, I am afraid that the chin will fall to the ground.Moreover, the formula of cocktails is extremely rigorous. When you come to a new world, you can adjust the proportion of bartending materials with your own observations. Ji Shi is definitely worthy of the title of wine god.

As for Yang Lao, it is also the main object of Ji Shi observing. If he wants to solve the problem of food and clothing first, he naturally has a way.With the pride and self -esteem of his alcoholic god, he must not allow him to be an ordinary bartender.Therefore, Ji Shi chose Yang Lao.

Yang Lao will come to the flame to burn love every day. With Ji Jing's eyesight, he can naturally see that this old wine guest not only has a very rich experience in wine tasting and his dedication to the wine, but also has an extraordinary position.EssenceToday, his appearance is not accidental, but after a thoughtful plan.Whether it is the route to sneak into the open -air bar, or the time to make a sound, Ji Shi has studied carefully.Even he even left immediately after alcohol, and he was planning.It is the desire to seize the cause.

The reason why Ji Shi sighed was not only because of the current fall, but also for this body.In the previous life, he was tall and handsome, but in this life, not only because of his age very thin, but this body was too weak.Just now, the sake of Sanyang Yingyue was thought to cooperate with this body after Ji Yong was deeply considered.For him in the previous life, this is just a very simple way.But today's body is used to be almost lost. Sanyang did it, but that month was not, it could only be regarded as the success of the control.Of course, outsiders are invisible.

And, because of the concentration of previous bartending and the body consumption in the process, he now feels strong weakness.Even walking is a bit unstable.An excellent bartender must have an excellent body, otherwise, no matter how good the technology is, it will not be able to play.Ji Shi is now facing this helpless embarrassment.

"Little brother, wait a minute." Ji Shi only felt a flower in front of him, the red shadow flashed, and Yang Lao had blocked him.

So fast, is this the speed that humans can achieve?Ji Shi was surprised at Yang Lao. He was convinced that the speed of Yang Lao's flashed just now must exceed the 100 -meter champion of his original world.You know, when he listened very amazing, when Yang Lao's voice shouted, it was at least tens of meters, and the next moment he arrived in front of him. This made him unable to understand.However, from the change in Yang Lao's name, Ji Shi knew that his purpose was achieved.

Looking at the thin figure in front of him, he was covered by dirt, and the obviously malnourished Ji movement. Until now, Yang Lao still couldn't believe it. The previous glass of wine turned out to be his hands.But the facts were in front of him, and he couldn't believe it.

"Little brother, how can you go so anxious."

Ji Shi glanced at him, "After the wine is over, why not go?"

Yang Lao admired admirationTao: "This cup of flames you just adjusted was the most distinctive cocktail I have been drinking for so many years, but I am very strange. Since you have this craft, why still ..."

> Ji Dong naturally understands the meaning of his words. The pride from the bones made him subconsciously standing up his chest. "Wine is an art, and it is targeted to use money to measure it.It's not that anyone can drink the wine that I can drink when I fall into a beggar. Today I shot, just because I saw you as a person who loves wine, I don't want you to continue to be intoxicated by those garbage. "

> Although this is said from a child who is only eleven or two years old, but because of the previous cup of flames, Yang Lao did not doubt at all.After rubbing my hands, Yang Lao's eyes changed a bit, as if determined something, and said, "Little brother, I don’t go around with you. I hope I can drink the wine you tune every day.There is no such honor. "

" Are you? Why are you? "Ji moved up his chin and looked up at Yang Lao, but his eyes were not half timid.

Yang Lao just looked at his eyes, "It is based on my life's only hobby, and this is the same." While saying, his eyes suddenly lit up, and a huge described by words could not be described as a word.The pressure suddenly released from him. Ji Shi only felt that his chest was stuffy for a while, and he stepped back subconsciously.

The red light of the stabbing eyes suddenly burst out with the body of the old man. Under his control, the red light rose only within a meter around his body.Inside, the air was twisted like water waves because of this red light. A huge fire red phantom appeared behind Yang Lao. It seemed like a big red bird.In the same way, the red light around the old body also shrouded in a layer of Phnom Penh, which made him look like a god of heaven.The invisible majesty is the source of the pressure.

Then, above his head, the red light gathered, a thing like a crown appeared there, and the crown was dazzling white. When it appeared, it immediately became Yang Lao and his distribution of him.The center of the breath, even the huge flames behind it, cannot be comparable to it.The white crown looks extremely dazzling. Below is a circle of about five centimeters wide, connected to the circle, the upper above is the raised of nine triangles. Each top is a small ball like a ruby.On the front of the circle, there are three complete red pentagrams, as well as a half of the pentagram, shining as glorious as the red ball on the nine tip of the crown.The most noticeable is the flame pattern branded on the tip of the triangle. The flames are like alive and fluctuate on the tip of the crown, because this strange crown is surrounded by a circle, and Ji Dong can't see clearly clearly.Is there a flame brand on every raised triangle?But he could clearly discover that this top of the crown contains extremely terrifying energy.

Ji moved to stay, is this magic?