di si shi liu zhang hong fa guai ren xia

"Magic barrier?" Wish the old look suddenly become dignified this time, and then his expression suddenly became extremely excited. "Boy, where did your magic barrier learn from?" Although his magic power is strong, although his magic power is strong,But it was blocked by an invisible magic.With the strength of the old man, of course, he can easily destroy this blocking magic, but if he does that, Ji Shi will be destroyed by his powerful Binghuo magic at the same time, and he cannot detect the situation in the body.

Ji moved faintly: "I don't know what magic barrier is." Looking at Zhu Lao, Ji Dong couldn't help raising a trace of sorrow. Without strength, he could only be slaughtered.Yesterday, in front of the sommelier guild, he also challenged the door, showing a powerful skill that made the entire bartender guild unattended.But after entering Tiangan College today, he encountered this strong man. He understood that in this world of Yin and Yang Lord, he can only allow himself to survive at most, but he never gets the respect of the previous life.If you want to keep the pride in your heart, you can only continuously improve your strength and achieve your peak in the field of yin and yang magician.

"I don't know? Then you talk about how do you practice? Who taught you the practice of cultivation?" Zhu Lao asked a little eagerly.

Ji moved his eyes cold. In any field, he rashly asked others to have a taboo skills. Although he is now weak, it is far from the red -haired person in front of him, but it will never mean that he will yield to succumb to yield.Essence

"How do I practice with you? Why should I tell you?" Although he was polite, he couldn't move by the other party, but Ji Dong didn't have a cowardice.

"I have to be rude." The night heart was taken aback, and hurriedly scolded Ji.

Ji Tou glanced at her, and from his cold and proud eyes, Ye Xin could not see half of his respect, but saw a bit of heartbroken.It seems to be telling her that you have no lesson to be qualified.

"Enough." Zhu Lao stopped Ye Xin from talking about it, and at the same time loosened his hand to grab Ji Shi's hand, "I took the liberty. But I am strange, your magic is very strange, it seems to beIt's different with me, but it's different. Lady, can you tell me why this is? I can change things with you. "
" YeIt shows a bit of envy.

Ji moved faintly: "I don't want your stuff. There is nothing strange, I am Bingding Double Fire." As he said, he raised his hands at the same time, red and blue flames complement each other,On the top of the head, the black and white double -colored two -star double -star yin and yang crown followed.

"Yin and Yang balanced double fire series? Can the yin and yang balanced double fire system that can be transformed by magic conversion?" From the previous impulse of Ji Shi, the red -haired monster saw that he could use his double doublesAttribute flames convey mutual attributes.The discovery suddenly made him surprised.Muming said: "No wonder, no wonder it will be accepted. Very good, good ..."

While saying, the red -haired monster stood up, walked aside, turned out a few metals,Then I walked to the huge melting furnace, paused slightly, and sent the metals into the furnace.

Ye Xin hurriedly said: "Ji Dong, Special Forty -ninth, Yin and Yang Double Fire Department. Cold Moon, Special Fifty, Guishui system.

Standing in front of the huge melting furnace,The red -haired weird man seemed to not feel the temperature in the furnace at all. In the same wave, a red light blends into it. Suddenly, the flame in the furnace suddenly became hot, and even faintly faint green.Although this room is large, the temperature suddenly rises, which has caused night heart to increase magic output to protect themselves and Leng Yue.

Ji Shi's standing position is very close to the furnace, but he is the same as the red -haired monster, and he doesn't feel like it.I am surprised to make Yexin look at it.

After a while, the red -haired monster was so explored to enter the furnace, took out a few pieces of red metal, took out his red hammer, and tapped it.

Ji Shiqian simply sit on the ground with his knees. The fire elements here are extremely strong, and the waiting is also a waste of time. He just sat there and cultivated it, absorbing the rich C and Fire element in the air, and supplemented himself before he had previously herself.Magic consumption.At the same time, I am also thinking about my old words.

From the perspective of strength, the night heart has to surpass Longtian and Shui Ruohan. The cultivation is naturally above the 58th level, and it may even be a six -crowned strong.The red -haired weird man is so respectful, but you can imagine how powerful this weird strength is.With this huge gap, he could not detect his magic situation.why is that?Is there a special reason for it? Is it your own yin and yang vortex?No, this possibility is not much.What's more likely is the method of locking yin and yang.

The time is not long. The red -haired monster has completed his knock. The two token appeared in the hands and handed it over.It is the fiery red, and there are forty -nine carved.

Ji moved for a moment, looking at the red -haired monster, the other party had known that he was the Yin and Yang double fire system. Why did he give himself a token that symbolizes the Cinghuo system?

The red -haired monster said to the night: "Xiaoye Xin, you take this little girl out first. You can get it for him for the enrollment procedure of this kid, I have something to ask him.

BR> Ye Xin respectfully said: "Yes, after an hour, I came to pick up Ji Yong's younger brother."

The red -haired monster seemed to wave her hand with some impatient, motioning him to leave quickly.Ye Xin didn't dare to neglect, and walked out with Leng Yue.Leng Yue couldn't help crying, "Brother Ji."

Ji Tou nodded at her, "Go. All in the college, we will meet again."

br> Bang -, the door is closed.There are only two people in the room and the red -haired weirdo.The red -haired weird man snorted, "Boy, do you know who I am?"

Ji Shi Xian's smile in the face of the cold moon was gone, and said faintly: "I don't know."
The red -haired weirdness: "They all told me to wish my second child. In Tiangan College, including those teachers, whoever saw me was respectful, even the directors of the college did not dare to offend me., I am a magic weapon cast. "

" Magic weapon casting? "


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