Chapter Eighteenth, the first second of my friend, the next second to the enemy

Perhaps it is because the fierce struggle just accelerated Niu Yunqiang's body fluid circulation, which caused the drug to control his corpse to lose its effect in advance. Maybe Niu Yunqiang was scratched by the zombies.The lesions, but these may not be important. It is important that Niu Yunqiang has indeed become a zombie now.

Meng Fan knows that as long as he and Niu Yunqiang live in the world, as long as they still have the opportunity to meet, there will be a battle between them sooner or later, but he does not expect that this battle will come so fast to come so fast, Such an incredible alternative.

Meng Fan didn't know what he was facing now, whether he was Niu Yunqiang, because it was clear that he could no longer control himself, otherwise his first attack would definitely not be Yizhan.He is no longer a thoughtful person, at most he has a zombie with Niu Yunqiang.

Although there is no human thinking, Niu Yunqiang is by no means an ordinary zombie. This zombie inherits Niu Yun's strong body, so he may be a zombie above four levels.

I am afraid that only purple blood can be compared with such zombies. For humans on the rooftop, the joy of the rest of the life after the robbery immediately goes away.Zombies.

"Niu Yunqiang, I did not expect that we still fought side by side just now, and now we are going to show off. I originally planned to let you go today. It seems that there is no need." Meng Fan cleared coldly.The knife in his hand said: "All the people of Tianjiao listened, Niu Yunqiang has become a zombie. You must now obey my arrangements unconditionally, otherwise one way." In fact, even if Meng Fan didn't say, they had realized this.Essence

When Meng Fan was talking, "Niu Yunqiang" had pulled out the dagger he had inserted on his back. He seemed to not care much about the pain. From this point of view, he was no longer humans.

"Niu Yunqiang" puts the dagger away from far away, and does not use weapons, which is also the characteristics of zombies.

There was no answer, no confrontation, the battle from "Niu Yunqiang" aside the dagger, and Meng Fan seized the opportunity. Suddenly a sharp sprint, the sharp arms in his hand split directly to the "Niu Yunqiang" neck.Essence

It is like a mountain, and it is like a rabbit. Now Meng Fan is much faster than the rabbit.

A black shadow came to "Niu Yunqiang" in a blink of an eye. Meng Fan's physical strength was left, and Niu Yunqiang had just changed the corpse.Meng Fan strives to kill the enemy.

At the same time as Meng Fan sprints, more than ten tentacles behind "Niu Yunqiang" appear at the same time, entangled with Meng Fan's body, but all the tentacles are empty because Meng Fan's speed is too fast.When the tentacle was about to catch him, his body had moved a lot.

Meng Fan has come to "Niu YunqiangThe goal clearly ran to the neck of "Niu Yunqiang".

"Niu Yunqiang" suddenly turned his body. This knife did not cut his neck, but cut it on his shoulder."I stopped after the chest.

Niu Yun's strong and hard -like skin strongly protects the "Niu Yunqiang" after the corpse changes, so that Meng Fan's knife only cut into his chest body, but he failed to cut it in half.On the other hand, this result was also caused by Meng Fan's powerless strength.

One shot was not fatal. The dozen tentacles of "Niu Yunqiang" immediately countered like a tide, wrapped Meng Fan and "Niu Yunqiang" tightly together.Bite Meng Fan's neck.

"Meng Team, Captain." Long Saifei and others yelled nervously, dragging the injured body to Meng Fan.

If the body is trapped, the speed of speed can no longer be played. Meng Fan's only time to do it with his hands to grab the chin of "Niu Yunqiang" to prevent his mouth from biting himself.

There are more and more tentacles. In the end, Long Saifei could not see "Niu Yunqiang" and Meng Fan. Suddenly a blue light rose into the sky, and the tentacles were hit.It was dangling on the edge of the rooftop and eventually stood still.

Meng Fan used too much physical energy, and he almost fainted, but looked up to see the blood -red eyes of "Niu Yunqiang" and the nervous and frightened Dragon Saifei and others. He did not hesitate. He knew that if he continued to fight, I have almost exhausted my physical fitness, and there is no possibility of defeating the monster of Niu Yunqiang, so Meng Fan chose to flutter.

"Meng Team ..." Long Saifei, Li Xiaotian, Chu Qiang, Li Lei, Zhao Tie, Tongmeng rumors and others petrified on the spot. They could not accept what happened in front of them.

A few hectares, when they ran over, they found a blood -blooded hand and grabbed the eaves.

It turned out that Meng Fan was still alive ... everyone was relieved, but what happened next made them more desperate.

The bloody body jumped up, but it was not Meng Fan, but the Niu Yunqiang who became a zombie.

Only two or three tentacles of "Niu Yunqiang" can be used. The left arm was cut off by Meng Fan.very slow.

But even so, his strength is too powerful for the injured people such as Long Saifei.

"Woo ..." The strange voice sounded from the back of Dragon Saifei and others. I saw that a few seriously injured soldiers and theoretically died in theory suddenly stood up, and they turned intoZombie.

The front and rear pinch, they seem to have no way to retreat.

"Meng Fan is gone, but his spirit should not be far away from us." Long Saifei used an unintentional arm and one hand to hold a sacrifice -filled soldier, fullSadness but unwavering voice said.

The desperate eyes of others reappeared. They nodded, and they raised the knife difficultly to form a fighting formation.

Suddenly, Niu Yunqiang, who was approaching to them, fell down in a very standard lying posture. Behind his huge and swollen head, a military knife was inserted.

Then, a familiar face appeared in front of everyone."Niu Yunqiang, the game is over, you lose." The familiar voice also appeared at the same time.

It turns out that in the place where Meng Fan and Niu Yunqiang fell five meters down, there was a platform that was prominent.So I did not fall, and Meng Fan just fell on this platform. In Meng Fan’s thought, perhaps this platform has not played any role, it seems to be waiting there, waiting for Meng Fan to wait for Meng FanSave his life when he falls.

Although Meng Fan did not die, he also fell seven. He didn't have the energy to stand up immediately, so he lay down for a while, and he climbed up after accumulating a little effort.Essence

So the remaining zombies that have just become just become a problem.

Three hours later, Guzhou Municipal Political Affairs Center.

The ancient state government building is also one of the iconic buildings of Guzhou City. If the Star Building is an economic center, then this is an absolute political center.It is said that the square in front of the building spent a 100 million yuan. The big pillars in front of the building were worth 3 million.

Meng Fan is now sitting on the leather sofa that was qualified to sit for a rest."Meng Fan, there will be a transport helicopter to transport ammunition after a while. At that time, all wounded will be transferred to Dragon City, where there are good medical conditions."
"Hmm!" Meng Fan respondedOne sound.

"You are not hurt lightly, otherwise, a transfer!"

"My injury is not serious. Compared with treatment, what I need is just sleeping."

" Rest assured! Meng Ying, the head of Meng Ying. I have checked it. He has a skin trauma. I have injected a nutrition needle for him.Will heal automatically. "Lan Ruo Bing smiled lightly.

Meng Fan suddenly found that when Lan Ruobing was talking to Zhou Tianzi, his attitude would be much warmer. Could the two have one leg?

"Dr. Lan, I have a question to ask, how much do your Military Academy know about the dormant of the zombies?" Meng Fan interrupted Lan Ruobing's laughter.

"This ..." Lan Ruobing's eyes turned slightly, it is said that this shows that the person speaking is about to lie.

"Okay! This is the end, I and I have gone out. I am not just a PhD in biology. In a very time, the whole people are soldiers. I am a special warrior. I am also a member of the dragon group.I already knew here that in order to stabilize the heart of the army, I did not tell the head of Zhou. "

" Can I understand it like this, your superior, asking our superiors for more than a thousand temporary troops to make cannon fodder, and to make cannon fodder.The zombies who quoted dormant came out, and when we knew it, we were bait, and we came here. "

" I think our situation is not so bad! "
"Today, everyone in our reserve team has been on the road of death. How do you think it can be worse? Do we want us to hang up? "Meng Fan couldn't help anger.

"Meng Fan!" Zhou Tianzi suddenly interrupted: "Actually, I know this plan, you want to blame you to blame me!"
"No! Captain Zhou, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this oneIt has nothing to do with you, you don't need to bear it for me! "Lan Ruobing said stubbornly.

Meng Fan suddenly had a very decaying feeling. This feeling made him even get angry. He looked at the two who had been responsible for each other, and suddenly laughed: "Good you Zhou Tianzi, Placing the heavy color and light friends! I didn't say anything, do I have to fight her a little eye, isn't it just being a cannon fodder? Isn't it just sacrificing the ego and becoming a big self? Lan Ruobing is a woman who engages in scientific researchDare to danger in danger, Lao Tzu dare not. Besides, when I came, I have determined that the zombies will not be so small, but I don’t kill it.You two are also affectionate. If you want to do things, you will be fast. This is the last days when you are not tomorrow. Don't look like a lady. "

Zhou Tianzi did not clarify anything, just smiled lightly:"The war is right, how can you think of something else, tomorrow's artillery camp will be in place outside the city, and there will be ten dragon fighters come to support tomorrow at noon, Meng Fan, now you should rest assured!"

"Meng Fan!" Meng Fan was about to speak, and Tong Meng rumors hurried in: "Li Xiaotian can't do it, you go and see!" Meng Fan was shocked and hurriedly followed.