Chapter 38 Clear Eyeline

Even in Tianjiao, Meng Fan has never given up searching for the pearls, Wu Hainan and others, but they have always had no news. Meng Fan already feels that they are still living in a very slim, gradually, and very very, and it is also very very very.Think of them less.

At this time, when I heard that Kong Changqiu caught so many survivors, although Meng Fan felt that there was no possibility of the pearl in it, but according to Meng Fan's personality, there was a pole of jujube without jujube.There are many things in the world, just like the enough level of playing six brands. There is almost no possibility of a person who has six kings at the same time, but Meng Fan once once came to the six kings.

Meng Fan does not have the ability to climb the wall. He wants to go up the roof. The same way as others use, that is, climb the stairs.Since there is little possibility of high zombies, Meng Fan's concerns are much less. He jumps quickly in the staircase, and he is faster than ordinary people running on the flat ground.

When you encounter a zombie, you can avoid it and avoid it. Meng Fan shot directly. The tallest building on more than 20 floors took less than a minute.

There are usually locks on the top floor of the floor. Of course, Meng Fan cannot stop. The biggest benefit of the last days is that no one will claim you to you, and there will be no police to find you from you.trouble.

Raising the troops with a telescope, Meng Fan saw that the soldiers with the second company were fighting fiercely with the zombies. When they set off, there were twelve trucks. Now there are only seven left.On the five trucks, in addition to the Tianjiao soldiers, there are many civilians.

There are more than a hundred people in a row with two companies. In addition to twelve trucks, there are two Dongfeng Warriors, Hummers after two or two modifications, and a armored transport vehicle.It is much stronger than the three companies, but in the zombie world, it must not only have strength, but also good luck. Perhaps Kong Changqiu feels that his firepower is very fierce.Now.

Meng Fan searched between the civilians. Just as he was a little disappointed, a familiar face reflected in Meng Fan's eyes.The woman's face was yellow, and her clothes were full of dirt, but Meng Fan still saw that she was Liang Luoqi, who once proposed to change her bread in her body.She was a beauty, but now she has a lot of worse complexions. It seems that during this period of time, she has suffered a lot, but this is not important. The people who can live now are all God’s darlings, so why be extravagant?EssenceAnd Meng Fan also knows that as long as there are a few meals, coupled with the cosmetics with high chemical components produced in the world, women will become as good as magic.

When the man around Liang Luoqi lifted his head, the feeling of surprise and excitement immediately hit Meng Fan's heart. He was Wu Hainan, the dead party of Meng Fan at the Red Sun Machine Tool Factory.

For so long, he is still alive.Meng Fan smiled happily.

Since the two of them are still alive, the pearl is likely to live. Meng Fan continues to search, but did not see the pearl.However, many people were crowded together, and many people lowered their heads. Meng Fan couldn't be sure. Among the people he couldn't see, there was no pearl.

Another realistic problem also appeared immediately. Although Wu Hainan and Liang Luoqi confirmed to be alive, the possibility of the pearl is also very likely, but they fell into Kong Changqiu's hands.It is a problem to save people.

Meng Fan did not want to ask Kong Changqiu to release people at all. Even if this idea is good, Meng Fan is unwilling to bow to Kong Changqiu's head, not to mention, Kong Changqiu will be very likely to let people go.

At the moment Meng Fan looked down, new changes have taken place.There are more and more zombies embraced on both sides of the street. Soldiers on the trucks suddenly push the caught civilians under the car. Of course, pushing out of the car is mainly a little older or unsightly woman.It is estimated that the old and weak disability is solved when catching people. It is the rules of Tianjiao without burden.

The zombies behind the truck tightly, saw fresh flesh and blood from the car, and immediately rushed up. The zombies needed only flesh and blood.Not in the eyes.

Zhao Tie punched it on the escort: "These

Zhao Tie punched it on the escort: "These bastards actually use the life of civilians to attract the attention of zombies to escape. They are simply not humans."

Meng Fan smiled slightly,It seems that Zhao Tie is still a young man with a sense of justice. He still does not understand, or he does not understand, and the person who escapes can do everything?

Meng Fan is accustomed to death and killing. He is not surprised by the behavior of Kong Changqiu. He even thought, would he even do so if he was trapped by himself?

He soon ended this boring imagination. Many things, if not in the immersive, could not get real answers.It is impassioned at the conference, which is useless.

How can I save Wu Hainan and Liang Luoqi?This is the problem that Meng Fan needs to consider.Meng Fan's eyes turned, a bold idea, quickly formed in Meng Fan's mind. Meng Fan watched the team that gradually entered the distance in the distance. "Kong Changqiu, Niu Dawei, you often do against me.It ’s time to make life and death. Today, only one party can return to the base alive."

Meng Fan has decided to kill Kong Changqiu, Niu Dawei and their soldiers to rescue those civilians who were caught.

Yu Gong, Meng Fan has returned to the government, knocking on the government for the government, and saving a few civilians came out.For ordinary friends, of course, Meng Fan must find a way to save them.

But Meng Fan knew very well that the reason why he saved these people was mainly private. Meng Fan was not the kind of savior, and he didn't want to be the savior.

Meng Fan took out the walkie -talkie: "Li Xiaotian, limited to you with the recruit named bangs in front of the public supermarket within two minutes. I have a new task for you."

"Yes! I promise to arrive within two minutes. "Li Xiaotian Hongliang's voice came from the other end of the intercom. Like Xu Wei and Deng Chao, he didn't ask what task it was.

"Saifei, let Sanlian soldiers stop moving materials. Everyone cleans up the zombies in the buildings on both sides of the road and sets up roadblocks with waste cars. I want to play a ambush here."

"Voltage?" Long Saifei was very strange that he would fight in this environment, but he didn't ask why, but directly executed the task.

Two minutes later, the shepherd stopped at the door of Volkswagen's supermarket with the sound of wind, Meng Fan waited there, "Laughing the sky, bangs, come in with me."
Find a separate room, Meng Fanhei made his face and asked, "Liu Hai, talk, Niu Yunqiang sent you to three companies, what do you want to do?"

There was a hint of panic, but he still said calmly: "Meng, Meng Lian, what do you say? I can't understand."

"Huh!" Meng Fan smiled coldly: "Do you think you thinkI don't know anything? You said, do you not sleep well the night before, what did you go out? "

" I, I didn't do anything, I just went out and sprinkled a urine.Long, I'm loyal to you! "

" Li Xiaotian, do you say for him! "
" Yes, Lian Long! "Li Xiaotian took the words:" The night before, you, you, you, you, you, youI handed a note to the subordinates waiting for Kong Changqiu outside, and I quietly went out to faint the guy. I copied the contents of the>
"Ah! No, no need." Liu Hai was shocked: "Meng Lianchang, I, I can't help it, it is the order of Niu Yunqiang, let me stare at the three companies, I can, I can, I canI didn't say bad things about you. "

In fact, Li Xiaotian went out with him, but he did not stun the people at all, but quietly reported the situation to Meng Fan. Just now, it was just bluffing.Liu Hai.

"I don't blame you." Meng Fan shook his head and said, "But don't blame me either." Meng Fan waved his hand, Li Xiaotian immediately made a decisive knife, and as a result, Liu Hai.Li Xiaotian is the veteran who has always been with Meng Fan. Meng Fan once gave him three H energy liquid, so he can be regarded as Meng Fan's confidant, and the gesture of Meng Fan is even more important.

But Li Xiaotian asked timidly: "Lian Jian, we killed the eyeliner that was arranged beside us by Niu Yunqiang, would he find you trouble."

"Laughing, the person I was going to kill today is not just this bangs. "Meng Fan smiled easily:" Go, the zombies of nearby buildings should be almost cleaned up. I want to hold them a pre -war mobilization meeting."

With Meng Fan's order, the three -company soldiers quickly gathered in front of Meng Fan. In addition to Long Saifei with two people alert nearby, Gecko Zhao Tie observed on the high -rise building, five ten, tenThe soldiers who joined Sanlian before were in the hilly area, even if they were in Qi.

"I know that all brothers are from all over the world, and in this case, fighting together, becoming a comrade -in -arms, it is not easy. I am not a saint and do not want to be a hero.It is not for the sake of the heavenly religion, to have eternal life, and everyone knows those who are coaxed. I just want to take my brothers for a few more days in this last world. "

Meng Fan suddenly reveals his eyes.Jingguang, swept from the face of each soldier: "To be honest, I am really not a good person. I have four women, but except for the first one, I went to bed and talked about feelings.One hundred, there are eighty, the zombies that have been killed are unclear, there are thousands of thousands of, but there are thousands of, but "Meng Fan pauses and then said," I never kill innocent people, I kill people just to protect myself and and to protect myself and themselves andMy brother, the soldiers of Tianjiao, can be burned and looted outside, but I have not taken you to do it. Therefore, in this troubled world, Meng Fan believes that it is not a great crime, but if it is, if it is, if it is, if it is, if it is, if youWho blocked Lao Tzu's way, Lao Tzu would never be soft when he started! Today, I want to kill someone, and he has no me. This person is Kong Changqiu, the head of the Tianjiao recruit camp.Leaving. However, the ugly words are in front, and I don't allow him to return to Pingtou Mountain Base again, otherwise, I will kill it, and I will never show mercy. "

The soldiers looked at each other, some are at a loss, some are at a loss, some are at a loss, some are overwhelmed,They don't know why their company commanders suddenly kill their superiors Kong Changqiu.