Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Shen Qi Lingluo

"Mom, what is this? Is Dad's serious injury?" As soon as he entered the door, Lu Xuyang saw his father who was sleeping on the bed, and the doctor who was drawing blood for his father.He felt strange. Even if he was beaten into internal injuries, he shouldn't draw blood?

"Xiaoxu, how did you come back, how did you know? What do you do when you come back?" It is another preaching, Lu Xuyang is used to it.Very skilled comfort explained: "In a few days, you can't delay. Don't you believe in your son?"

Then the topic turned: "Mom, how about my dad?"

"I don't know too!" The mother was also confused, and she didn't understand the hospital's approach.

"When the hospital was prosecuted before, it was clear that your dad was fine. Suddenly, he suddenly came to draw blood again, and he didn't know when to get rid of it to be discharged." The mother then explained.

When Lu's father lying on the bed heard Lu Xuyang returning, he had already opened his slightly closed eyes: "Son, I'm fine at all, this hospital is a fuss!Don't you know? Your mother is too, I said that she can be discharged, she has to let me cooperate with the doctor or something! "

" Oh, I said ... you, why don't you know. You know.I don't know what you look like when you first arrived at the hospital? "Mother Lu argued for herself.

Then he turned around, and continued to Lu Xuyang: "Xiaoxu, I tell you, when your dad just arrived at the hospital, that blood ... but the whole body is all, I can't bear to see it, I can't bear to see it.It's too worried, the tears flow, and I am afraid that he will leave our mother and child unexpectedly. How can I live in the future? "Speaking of this, Lu's mood was obviously a little excited.Tears flowed out of the eyes of crying again.

"What do you say?" Father Lu refuted a little bit.Although it was refuted, the sound was obviously much smaller.It may be the heavy feeling in Lu's dialect.

From the mouth of Lu's father.Lu Xuyang heard that his father was nothing big. From the mouth of Lu Mu, he felt that he was seriously injured, and the hospital had said nothing.But he left his father at the hospital.Also drawing blood, if it is seriously injured.Shouldn't it be blood transfusion?Is it ...

Lu Xuyang suddenly thought of a very incredible thing.

Could it be that his father's injury was originally very heavy, but he recovered quickly during this time?

If this is really the case, the hospital will have a reasonable explanation if he does not give his father a blood out of discharge.They probably want to test it. See if there is any rare element in the body?

"Damn, I actually treat my father as a mouse!" Thinking of this Lu Xuyang hated.

How did the father's rehabilitation ability come from?Is it the effect of exquisite fruit before?

This exquisite fruit is so powerful, it must be rare.Fortunately, the wine of Zheng's father was upgraded through the psychiatric mirror, otherwise where did he find a large amount of exquisite fruit for him?These are the last rewards.A total of ten rewards, currently only six.It seems that it is good.Lu Xuyang thought.

After clarifying the reason for Zheng's recovery, Lu Xuyang took his heart.Go out of the ward.Lu Xuyang called Hai Ye.

"Xiaoxu, how did you think of me today?" Only then did you connect, Haiye's full of confident voice came from the phone.

Lu Xuyang carefully brewed, and Chong Haiye said, "That Haiye, I want to ask you. Where is the house in Qingzhou better?"
"Yo, you want to buyThe house? "Hai Ye froze for a moment, and then asked," What price do you want? "

" Um ... probably around 10 million! I need to be quiet, eat around, shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping. The facilities are relatively unbound. "Lu Xuyang thought.

"So, then I will help you pay attention, and let you notify you when there is news. By the way ..." Hai Ye suddenly thought of something like he said, "Xiao Xu, is Uncle Li, have any uncle Li, do you have any uncle Li?Call you? "

" No! What? What happened? "Lu Xuyang asked puzzledly.

The illness of the Li family has been cured.What else can I find him?

"No, even if that, I just heard a little inadvertently, I don't know if I do n’t know. If there is something, it is estimated that he will contact you in person?" Hai Ye guessed.

Then the topic rushed to Lu Xuyang and persuaded: "The influence of his family in the capital is still good, and the boy Wen Bing is not a bad person. If you can help, it is best to still use it, it is better to still still use it.Help him, it is also helpful for you to do a good relationship with him. I told you last time that his information is this thought. "

" Rest assured, the boy understands!It was. "Lu Xuyang said with thanks.

"You're welcome, you can also look at your boy and like it. You know. You know, the old man has no children under the knee. Do you want to think about it?"I asked on the phone and asked.


Lu Xuyang simply agreed with Haiye's proposal.Acknowledging that such a capable old man is not only his wish, but also gives Lu Xuyang a backer in Qingzhou.It can be considered the beauty of the two. Lu Xuyang has to consider it again, and it is stupid.

"Well ~~" Hai Ye smiled happily on that end.It can be seen that he really likes Lu Xuyang.

Hanging the phone, Lu Xuyang walked into his father and brought his previous glasses on his face.He carefully observed his father's body without any bad places.This confirms his previous thoughts.It is estimated that it was discovered by the hospital.

Lu's father's discharge procedures are very successful. It is estimated that the hospital has not found anything special. Besides, people are already good, so they are helpless.

I walked out of the hospital, and Lu Xuyang's phone rang again.Pick up the phone and see, it is Haiye's.

"Hey, Grandpa, what's the matter?" Lu Xuyang changed his mouth very naturally.

The opposite Hai Ye smiled embarrassed: "That ... I forgot to tell you that let you come and play often, haha ..." After saying, he smirked.

Lu Xuyang laughed.However, he can feel Hai Ye's love for his grandson: "Grandpa, I may not be able to go recently. If I have time, I must go."

"I know, you want to go to school, it's okay!Just come over and play when you are on vacation. "Hai Ye refused to understand.

"No, I am now in Qingzhou, but because of demolition, my dad has been injured. This is not just out of the hospital.I don't know where to live now. "Lu Xuyang rushed to Haiye to explain.

"Is there such a thing? Why don't you call me?Come to me, I sent someone to pick you up! "Before Lu Xuyang refused, Haiye simply hung up the phone.

Lu Xuyang had to hang up the phone.This is also a good way.Anyway, the old man has no others.And now it has been recognized, and there is no need to divide it so clearly.Otherwise, it is estimated that the old man will be unhappy.