Chapter 117 An accident

Chapter 117 Unexpected Incident

Lu Xuyang took the computer on the bed after taking a shower.When he was buying the original, Yin and Yang mirror said that it was just an ordinary computer. What would it look like if he was promoted to the lower level with the yin and yang mirror?

I meditated in my heart, and the information of the computer upgraded was transmitted to Lu Xuyang's mind.

"A ordinary 'computer' disappeared ... Congratulations, you have achieved a" super computer ". You have obtained a clarity of 10%and the power saving rate is 10%.Determined, unable to trade, can be destroyed ... "

" A 'super computer' disappeared ... Congratulations, successful blood refining, you have gained a "smart brain".The electricity rate is 20%. With the "Zhi Ling LevelIn the matter, Lu Xuyang couldn't laugh and laugh.Does the computers he bought tens of thousands of dollars become a watch after upgrading?

After laughing bitterly, Lu Xuyang began to be fortunate: Fortunately, he bought a silver notebook. If you buy a red and blue, wouldn't it become a red and blue watch?If you don't pay attention to that, it is difficult to pay attention?

The so -called ‘brain,’ should it mean smart computers?How to use such a small computer?I don't know how to get bigger, it is best to get back.

Lu Xuyang was thinking, suddenly he heavy, and the computer actually appeared again.It was the same as I bought before, but there were thin layers of silver light on the surface.It turns out that it can be controlled by the thoughts in the heart?Lu Xuyang suddenly realized.

Looking at the computer in his hand, Lu Xuyang exhaled, otherwise the classmates of the dormitory saw asking him where the computer went, and he really didn't know how to explain.

Just when Lu Xuyang was glad, the phone suddenly rang.When you turn on your phone, it is a strange phone, but it can be seen from the address displayed above.Consider it.Lu Xuyang still connected the phone.

"Hey? Which one?"

"Xiao Xu? I'm Wu Wanfen, should you know?"

"Of course, what's the matter?"Lu Xuyang had an accident.It should be Wu Wanfang's fight?

I heard it was Lu Xuyang.Wu Wanfen's voice began to become eager: "Xiaoxu, your family happened!"

"What?" Lu Xuyang was shocked.He came out for a few days.Is something wrong at home?Moreover, with the character's character and character, there should be no enemies.

"It was a matter of demolition. I heard that someone came to persuade you to move. You did not agree. Some time some time ago, there were some little huntering, saying that you can move them for a few days for your parents. But thisWhere can I move for a while and a half? Your father is theory with them, but it is injured. I am still lying in the hospital. In order to prevent you from studying well, you did not tell you.There are a lot of confusion in your door, and what time is that the deadline has arrived. And the excavator is also driven, as if you want to directly lift your home. "Wu Wanfen on the phone eagerly explained.

"I'm back right away." Lu Xuyang didn't say too much, and he hung up the phone simply.The wise brain changes that were too late to study were brought back to the previous watch.The other hand grabbed the mysterious bag and ran out of the school.At the school gate, a car called a car and drove towards the airport.

Lu Xuyang has considered changing the house long ago.I have also seen the house before.But if I didn't find it, I couldn't think of it for a while, and I thought about it in the future.But I did not expect that my inertia psychology caused my family to suffer so much.

"Master, drive quickly, I hurry up ..." On the taxi.Lu Xuyang kept urging.

"I am already the fastest speed, and it will be speeding." The driver replied.

Lu Xuyang didn't speak, and took out a stack of banknotes from the mysterious bag and threw it in front of the driver: "Master, the fine is me, please hurry up."
"Okay!" Take over.The driver of the banknote was very refreshing and immediately accelerated to the airport.

Although the driver speeds up, Lu Xuyang still feels too slow.

I do n’t know if the ordinary dodge of the Shangxingyun ring is useful for cars?Thinking of this Lu Xuyang from the mysterious bag, took out the bathing ring ringing in the mysterious bag when he took out the bath just now.Then he opened his mouth to add a state of Zhizhi City.Fortunately, you only need to call it with that skill.Otherwise, the rental driver has to pull him to the mental hospital.

Taxi arrived at Jingcheng International Airport in Lu Xuyang's constant urging urging.I kept adding skills to the driver in the car before, and the driver almost did not treat him as neurosis.Fortunately, he was in a hurry, and he hurried to the airport when he got out of the car.

It didn't take long for Lu Xuyang to get out of the car here, and the taxi driver felt wrong.He watched the time, and only one -third of the usual needs when he arrived at the airport.He didn't even know when his car skills became so good.

It must be that weird problem.The driver thought.Can't help but tremble.

Lu Xuyang in the airport did not know that the driver had the idea in his heart.He bought the air ticket at the fastest and got on the plane.After sitting down, Lu Xuyang fell asleep.Before, I continued to help that driver to add skills, which consumed him a lot of physical strength.If it were not for the transformation of the yin and yang mirror, it is estimated that he would have been lying down.


It was already 12 am when it arrived in Qingzhou Airport.Lu Xuyang rushed to the house and drove home.

As soon as he arrived at the door of the house, Lu Xuyang saw the houses surrounding the houses, as well as the small courtyard that was pushed down, leaving only a simple single room.Lu Xuyang avoided those random bricks and ran into the room.There was only a grandfather at home, and I saw that he was sitting on a broken chair and didn't know what he was thinking.There are a lot of blood stains on their heads.It seems to have moved with people.

"Grandpa, what about your parents?" Lu Xuyang asked Grandpa to whisper.

"Is it Xiaoxu? How did you come back?" Grandpa didn't avoid Lu Xuyang's question.In the Lu family, Lu Xuyang's learning is the most important.In the hearts of the previous generation, children will only have a good job in the future.

Lu Xuyang walked lightly to the corner of the bed, sat down opposite the elderly to comfort, and said, "Rest assured, you can't delay learning for a few days. Where do you tell me, where did you go?">
The old man glanced at Lu Xuyang. For a long time, he talked and said, "I was beaten by those grandsons. Now I am in the hospital."Which great god is disturbed, let's suffer these sufferings. "

" Okay, grandpa, don't think too much, go to bed early! "
Lu Xuyang comfortedGrandpa Lu did not come to the only hospital nearby until he fell asleep.