Chapter 62 Conquer with force in force

People are such strange animals. When they get high returns, they will forget danger and pain, just like a woman's first child.When that little life, they would immediately immerse themselves in the joy of being a mother, and many of them began to discuss when the second child would be for the second child.

"Boss, you don't know how powerful you just now, and keep us all." As soon as he heard this, he knew it was Li Xiaotian.

"Meng Team, you were really dangerous just now. If the head of Zhou was not shot without letting his men shot, you would be ..." Long Saifei said.

"Meng Fan, are you crazy just now? You almost killed me. Although I saved it back, you always have a reason, you must lose consciousness."Tong Meng rumored that there was a lingering.

"You're wrong, I'm not crazy, don't lose consciousness."
"You didn't lose consciousness?" Everyone was surprised. Since Meng Fan did not lose consciousness, why could it be made?Such a crazy move.

"Yes, although I have not lost consciousness, my body is no longer dominated by my consciousness. My whole person seems to be controlled by a kind of power, but my consciousness is indeed indeedIt's awake, I know what I said, everything I do, although it is not what I want to say, it is indeed made from my mouth. "Meng Fan sighed:" That is really a kind of kindIt feels very scary, but my body does not listen to me, as if my consciousness has become an extra thing, or I am just a bystander, everyone has seen the animal world, zoologists put the camera the camera to put the cameraOn the top of the animal's head, you can shoot what the animal experienced. At that time, the body was the selected animal, and the consciousness was the person who watched the camera. "

Everyone sighed, this matter was strange enough,Coupled with the description of Meng Fan himself, it seems to become more weird. "Fortunately, you wake up in time, otherwise you don't know what will happen?" Zurich flashed his eyes with a big eyes. Her sentence seemed to say a word at the end of a speech., Pull everyone back from various speculations back to reality.

"Okay, the patient needs to rest now, you go out first!" Lan Ruobing began to make a guest order.Although Meng Fan was very dissatisfied with others as a patient, it seems that his physical condition is really like a serious illness, and he needs to rest well.

After injection of several energy needles, Meng Fan's body recovered super fast. Twenty minutes later, he could already walk down.I just don't know why, I found the kind of ecstasy that I grew back again, and quietly slipped away from Meng Fan's heart in these twenty minutes. Now Meng Fan's inner world has become surprisingly quiet.

Meng Fan opened the window and saw that it was not known when it started to float again. The raindrops fell on the leaves of the sycamore leaves outside the window.

"The ghost weather in the south is always rainy, and people's hearts are like hairy, and they are extremely humid." Meng Fan sighed.But Meng Fan knows that the humidity in his heart is not because it is often raining outside, but for other reasons. Perhaps Meng Fanru's Zhou Tianzi generally feels that the difficulty of human survival becomes depressed. In this environment, most of them are mostly on the environment.Humans, emotions will not rise.

There are always exceptions in everything, Gao Qingshan's mood seems to be very good, which can be seen from the expression of dissatisfaction when Zhou Tianzi returned.

"This Gao Qingshan actually entertained me like this in this case, and I almost lifted the table!" Zhou Tianzi said angrily to Meng Fan.

"What's wrong? Could this Gao Qingshan dare to eat nest of pickles directly under the central government?" Meng Fan asked.

"If you really have pickles, I have no opinion. You guess what food he prepared for me, Manchu is full!" Without waiting for Meng Fan to answer, Zhou Tianzi himself said the answer, "Now the central government is the central government, it is the central government.The chief dare not eat such a big seat! Look at the hungry people outside, the streets, do not know how many people starved every day, they dare to eat the full seat of Man Han? "

" Oh, the emperor,! I am the suspect that you are the suspect's housekeeping, treat you slowly? After having it for a long time, you are the suspect that you eat it so well, I said you are tired! Even if you do n’t eat this full Han, the hungry people on the street areIs it gone? If I am, I don't care about the three seven twenty -one.> "I want to eat you to eat, I can't eat it." Zhou Tianzi looked at Meng Fan with contempt: "Lao Meng, you have a problem with your mentality!"

"Go goGo! Do you have a problem with your mentality? The old saying is good, it does n’t hurt after eating, it ’s not a waste to eat the mountains and seafood into the stomach.> Zhou Tianzi immediately pointed at Meng Fan and said: "You, you, more and more realistic."

Meng Fan immediately retorted: "You, you, more and more idealism."

The two looked at each other and ended the quarrel. It turned out that when they were in college, they often attacked each other. Zhou Tianzi said that Meng Fan was reality, and Meng Fan said Zhou Tianzi idealism.Personally, become the best buddies.

Meng Fan laughed: "I really admire you. I can't forget when I worry about the country and the people, the worries of the world, and the joy of the>
"Hehe! I envy you, and I can't forget to fill my belly first, never know what is sad."
"Oh! I said that I used to say that I said thatYes, but now? "Meng Fan was right, but quickly laughed:" This is called farmers' character. Who tells us to give birth to farmers?, Lao Tzu feels hungry. You, you do n’t eat it yourself, and you do n’t bring us back, and let me see what the dishes in the Manchu seat. "

The name is better. If it is nutrition, what foods can be compared with nutritional meals specially prepared by the Nutritionists of the Military Sciences., Guarantee full. "

" Of course, these things are full, but the taste is a bit worse, but fortunately I am not a discerning person. "Meng Fan smiled.

After a full meal, Meng Fan felt that his physical strength was recovered a lot, and at the same time recovered, there was a belief in unconvinced and high -fighting attitude.

Gao Qingshan sent people to invite Zhou Tianzi and others to review his troops.See what medicine he sold in his gourd.

Meng Fan didn't want to go, but Zhou Tianzi had to pull him. There was no way. As a friend of Zhou Tianzi's strong helper, Meng Fan couldn't follow it.

A group of six people. In addition to Zhou Tianzi and Meng Fan, there are also political commissions Wang Kun and Deputy Captain Qian Jin, plus two guards of Zhou Tianzi.Although the guards are mostly settled with Zhou Tianzi's ability, the preparation must be available, and at a critical time, it may also play a role in protecting.

Feifei drizzle is still continuing. At this time, Meng Fan has also replaced a brand new military uniform prepared by Zhou Tianzi. As the saying goes, the Buddha rely on gold in gold, and people rely on clothes.After his clothes, Meng Fan's essence was immediately mentioned, and even the gates of takeaway snacks and women standing on the corner of the street looked at Meng Fan.

But the eyes of those women on the roadside are soon concentrated on Zhou Tianzi, and even Meng Fan had to admit that Zhou Tianzi recruited girls more than him.All seven centimeters high, white dumps, and tiger -eyed silkworm eyebrows. If in the past, there is a flowing hair with elegant artist's temperament.

When Li Qiuyun saw Zhou Tianzi, he said to Meng Fan: "If you know Zhou Tianzi first, you will never follow you." Meng Fan laughed: "It seems that you never thought about going to be going to want to wantFollow me, it's just forced by me. "

But at this time, Zhou Tianzi can be more eye -catching, and there is another more important reason that he has the highest rank among these people, even those who are the highest, even those who are the highest, even those who are the highest.Women do not necessarily recognize the arms chapter on their shoulders, but seeing other people's attitude towards Zhou Tianzi can also guess who of these people's status is the highest. People who survive in the last days are more sensitive than others' identity than peaceful periods in peacetime periods., So even if Zhou Tianzi looks a little sorry for the audience, these women will also vote for their desire.

Although Zhou Tianzi is more handsome than Meng Fan, the rank is also high, but his brain has been filled with the ideal heroic complex, so in additionOutside, there was no longer dealing with other women, so Meng Fan did not envy him in terms of women.

On the contrary, for women, he no longer pursues in a gentle way, but conquer in a force.Speaking, the heart of beauty is there. Of course, no matter men or women, of course, they hope that they have a appearance that attracts the opposite sex, but men's pursuit of appearance is far lighter than women. FortunatelyAlthough it is not as good as Zhou Tianzi, he can't go out. In all, in terms of appearance, he is a very ordinary person.

Meng Fan, Zhou Tianzi, and others took military jeep and passed through the layers of isolation iron gate. They soon came outside the gate of Beishan County.Follow the role of these isolation iron doors.It turns out that Beishan County has been isolated into twenty -four areas. These areas are separated from iron doors upon fifteen meters. These iron doors are not closed under the daytime.The door will be closed and guards by a special person.There are several? Tower in each area, and all of the tower have special communication tools.Once a zombie appears in the city, the soldiers in Wangta will immediately respond upwards, and all iron doors will be closed as soon as possible, so that even if zombie virus appears in a certain area, it will not spread quickly to other areas.