Chapter 421 The soldiers who do not fight

If Ji Shi just came out of the sun, moon, yin and yang world.Well, I am afraid that only the strong who is more than eight crowns can barely survive, but it must be hit hard.The soldiers of the Jin Sha Legion were dull, and they even lost their ability to think.From the establishment of the Jinhe Legion to the present, they have never encountered so pale.Even in the face of the Diamond Legion, they asked themselves to fight for their own work.But at this moment, they were defeated, but they were defeated in the hands of a person.

Ji Shi's eyes are very calm, but at this time, he is more arrogant and magnificent than before.

"Do you still want to continue?" Ji moved in the direction of Bai Mangcao faintly.

The lips hidden under the helmet are tightly tight, and no one feels more complicated than his mood at this time.As the head of the Jin Sha Legion, he has too much glory.But at this time, he had to admit that he was defeated, defeated the ground, and he lost even a shot.The young man in front of him had nothing to say.This party wants the life of others, but people are merciless, and they have not launched a real attack at all.

At this time, there was only one sentence that appeared in Bai Mangcao's heart: soldiers who did not fight.Ji Shi is perfectly interpreting this.

Jin Shalong slowly fell on the ground under the urging of Bai Mangcao. He shook his right hand and had a long gun in his hand.It was not almost half inserted on the ground, and he took off his helmet at the same time.Throwing away the weapon, this is already a surrender.For the Jin Sha Legion, this is an unprecedented shame, but people are indeed merciless. He really does not understand why the young man in front of him can have the power of the ultimate double fire, and he can directly perform oversupply.Nirvana, and it can be controlled so wonderful, looking at him, not even using it.

On the overall power, Ji moves alone compared with the elites of more than a thousand Golden Emperor.With the combination of chaos and the law and assimilation, it was just abolished all Bai Mangcao's arm assistance, and then deterrent with ultra -murderous techniques. It was really the highest state of the soldiers who did not fight.From beginning to end, his magic did not have a substantial contact with any golden legion soldier, but he won that.

Wang Daojun stood on the stage, and the eyes of Yin Bian have completely become dull. Because Zhou Xiaoxiao said, he estimated to Ji Shi very high, but he must not let Ji Ji make Ji JiMove.Not to mention that his grandson is dead.The key is how he recovered the artifact on the grandson.Once Ji Kimong became the heir to the president, then.I'm afraid he is about to be over.Although it is not forgiven to lose a artifact, although he is not forgiven, it is impossible for him to keep the position of his speaker.Therefore, he was particularly difficult and came up with this extremely difficult assessment.But the strength of the young man named Ji Shi was even exaggerated than Zhou Xiaoxiao described.He knew clearly that even if Zhou Xiaoxiao faced the elite of the Jin Sha Legion, it was never possible to be so relaxed when he could not hurt people and cannot use mounts.Is this kid really only seven crown repairs?

The Golden Emperor Corps slowly retreated. Almost every golden legion warrior's face was ugly. They lowered their heads and rode their own metal dragons. They were full of shame and sorrow in their hearts.With more than a thousand elites, the elite of the Golden Corps gathered here, but the final result was so unbearable.Since the birth of the Jin Sha Legion, it has never been defeated.

Zhou Xiaoxiao's thick legs suddenly kicked in the head of the city. The fat body was rushed into the air like a meatball shell, haha in the laughter, opened his arms, and gave Ji a big move to a big move.The bear hug.

"Your kid is really abnormal, I know that I have n’t read the wrong person. I see. I wo n’t take long, I’ m not your opponent at all. There is a genius who is so shocked by you in the future.The Qian Business Association, I am afraid that it will stand for thousands of years, and the business association will not have any problems. Ji Dong, although it is not enough to express my gratitude, but my brother still wants to say to you, thank you. "

JiA slight smile, "Fat, when did you become such a mother -in -law. This is the first level of the assessment. This is too early to inherit the Chairman of the Commercial Association."When it was about to fall, the sage king of the god of fire on Ji Shi's body slowly disappeared in his body.

Wang Daojun's face has returned to normal in this short period of time, and even nodded slightly to Ji, and said with a smile: "Congratulations to Mr. Ji Tong passed the first assessment. JiMr. Tong's strength really surprised us! Mr. Ji moved hard, please take a break first, and tomorrow we will tell the content of the next assessment. The next two assessments may consume Mr. Ji Dong some time,Please forgive me. "After that, he nodded from Ji Xieyu again, and took a member of the members behind him to turn away.He couldn't stay here, because he had clearly seen it before that the members of the members of his side had changed significantly, and he could not let these members and Ji move have a deeper opportunity to communicate.

Power is always the first element in the conquest process. There is no doubt that Ji Shi did this.After all, the silly money business association is a businessman. It is the so -called businessman. No matter which camp, they must first consider their own interests.Ji Tong's strength left a deep impression on them, the key is his youth.Such a younger way can reach this level, and the future of the future is not limited.From the heart, most of the members of the silly money business association have recognized Ji Shi through this first assessment.

Looking at Wang Daojun's back, Zhou Xiaoxiao couldn't help but stunned and spit out a sputum.In his opinion, Wang Daojun is likely to have received the news that Wang Xiaolei passed back and lost artifacts.

"I want to see what the old things can come up with."

Ji Qi stretched his body, and kept thinking about the process of previous battles.Before he was in the air, when facing the opponent's super -killing technique golden cross -cut attack, the first thought was to fight hard with super killing skills, and touched the opponent attack.However, he quickly came over, no matter what, this is not a place he is familiar with. As the leader of the saints of Heaven, he cannot make his strength consume too much. In case of something, he did not respond.Ability.Therefore, he released his own power of chaos, intending to relieve his opponent's lock in his lock through chaos, and calmly flashed the power of this super killing skills.

However, when he releases the power of chaos, he is connected with it through the power of the soul.Facing the huge pressure of the golden cross, he suddenly realized that he suddenly remembered everything that happened when he first realized the origin of the chaos.Although it only lasted for a short time, the scene always remained clearly in his mind.

Everything that happened next can also be said to be a trial of Ji Shi, and his attempt was successful.It finally found another way to use the power of chaos.Who said that creativity cannot be applied to actual combat?Isn't it the creativity of chaos and Austrian?After the traction of assimilation, there was such a magical scene.

Tiangan saints also came up, Du Xin'er patted himself."Teacher, you scared me just now. So many people attacked you, I thought you can't hold it anymore."

Akin's words are more direct, "How do you do it?" SheIt also understands the mystery of chaos, so she is even more curious about what Ji Shi has just done. In the application of chaos, whether she or Frey, she cannot be applied to actual combat.

Ji moved: "Let's go back and talk. I will tell you all my feelings at the time."

Zhou Xiaoxiao laughed, and said, "What go back? Go, let me, I ask you and youTo celebrate to celebrate, I am so happy that the fat man today. It is really happy to make Wang Daojun's hometown.Happy. "

The words of the fat man made everyone speechless, Ferry laughed:" This is the morning, just drink? "

Zhou Xiaoxiao laughed:" Who stipulates that in the morning cannot beDrinking? Ji Shi may have to go through the second assessment tomorrow. Drinking in the morning is right. After drinking, he can go back and take a good rest. Facing the next assessment. Let's go, let's go together. "

Miao Miao came out suddenly, and said, "I don't drink, just go to drink, our girls should go back to rest for a while, or go outside to see the style of this Jincheng. I still have the style of this Jincheng. I still do n’t.The first time I came to Jincheng. "

Du Xin'er patted his hands and agreed:" Sister Miao Miao is right, what wine do our girls go, I want to go shopping. This Jincheng is most suitable for me to go shopping. AkinSister, Baoer, let's go together. "She is Geng Jin is a magician, and it is naturally easier to buy things that suits you, such as crystal nuclei.

A Jin hesitated, and nodded, "Okay." The same is the golden department, and she has a strange feeling for Jincheng, and she wants to see it.There are no young people by the resurrection of the flames. Akin's clear guidance, who was before the frozen, is likely to belong to the Xijin Empire.This is the capital of its motherland.She also wants to see it.

Lan Baoer nodded silently, and did not object.Since the goodbye, she has become very silent. She had the flames before, and she knew that she had no chance.Now she finds that the flame is still without a chance.Even the perfect girl like Chen Sixuan was so deeply affectionate to Ji Shi, and she could not be recognized by Ji Shi. After changing itself, she could only be distressed again.Therefore, she buried all her emotions in her heart, and all energy was devoted to cultivation. In this time, her mood has turned better recently.

Chen Sixuan's eyebrows frown slightly, shopping or drinking, she didn't have much interest. She just wanted to move with Ji, but the other four girls said that she would not drink anymore. She was inIf you want to go, there is some ...

At this time, Miao Miao held Chen Sixuan's hand and said in a low voice in her ear: "Sixuan, men can sometimes not post too tightly.They are free at all. "

Chen Sixuan froze. For Miaomiao's words, she seemed to understand it, but eventually nodded.

Miaomiao smiled, pulling Chen Sixuan: "Let's go back to the room to chat."

Watching the girls leave, the smile on the fat man's face suddenly became a little insignificant.Divided, whispered: "They don't go, let's go, let's go to drink and celebrate, even if girls don't go, you must go. Cultivation is not bad for this meal."

Speaking of drinking, Ji Shi and Frey Yin have a little feeling. Recently, they have rarely drinking, and all their heartpieces have been used in cultivation.But after all, drink so much every day, there are still some wine addiction. The wine from the fat people will not be bad, and they are also a little bit excited.

Everyone returned to Jincheng, and Zhou Xiaoxiao found a place to change the ordinary cloth. Then he took them towards the silly half city of the silly money business association.In other places, few people know his costumes, but in this Jincheng, there are too many people who know his robe, plus his special body shape.It is not easy to drink a stable drinking wine, so I changed my clothes deliberately.In this way, no one knows it, and drinking is much more convenient.

Entering the silly half city, Zhou Xiaoxiao took them directly to the silly money hotel in Jincheng.Although it is not as large as a silly money hotel in Central Plains, the scale is also quite amazing. After all, Jincheng is the headquarters of the silly and rich business association.In terms of scale, this silly money hotel is only second only to the city of Central Plains.

After Zhou Xiaoxiao's special modification, the ordinary service staff did not recognize his identity. He asked a private room and everyone sat in.

"Fatty, we only have seven people. What do you want such a large private room?" After entering the room, Fer couldn't help asking.

It is no wonder that he would ask, Zhou Xiaoxiao brought them in this private room, the table alone was a giant round table that accommodated twenty people.Seven people eat and drink, and it is obviously not convenient to use such a large table.

Zhou Xiaoxiao's eyes showed a little wretched, hey smiled, and said, "What does it mean for men to drink? I call a few little girls to pour alcohol and picky vegetables. This is good."

After listening to his words, everyone couldn't help but stun, and he shook his head helplessly, and Ji Shi and Fer's face were a bit unhappy.

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