di yi bai ba shi jiu zhang yin huo mie shen ji

Ji Dong stood still, and naturally he would not compare with these little people.Even the magician is not, at most it is just some ordinary people with a strong body.When he was about to release his yin and yang crowns to scare these people, the previously disagreeable voice sounded again.

The heads of these strong men are talking about these strong men. They look about forty years old. They are not tall, but they are very strong. A pair of small eyes fall directly on the flames and look up and down.It shows a trace of skin, but her temperament can be completely covered by cloth clothes, perfect figure, and the big red and long wave long hair, which is even more fascinating and full of mysterious temptation.Pay attention to it, you can feel amazing.

"This girl is good! Come on! Brothers, give me a surround. These two guys who do not know the thick and high -earth guys dare to violate our Golden Eagle Commercial Association, first say it.

ThisThe light in the eyes of the guy can be seen by individuals. The people from the Golden Eagle Business Association around him suddenly called around, watching the flames in unhappy, and laughed at the same time. Obviously.This kind of thing is not the first time they have done it.

The dragon has inverted scales, and the touches are soaring. The tyrant also has inverse scales, that is, the goddess in his heart.Even if she is blasphemy with her eyes, Ji Shi will never be allowed.

The silver chain created by the deep -sea Shenyin rotates around the slender willow waist for a week. Ji Shi's body rotates the flame as the center.For a moment, their bodies have been solidified there, and they can never move anymore.

What Ji Shi did was simple, but he just pressed it gently on each of them.These strong men looked on the surface and were unharmed, but the next moment, the strange scene appeared.From their seven tricks, the green smoke was up.

Yinhuo destroys the gods.This is the first time that Ji Dong has performed the gods to destroy the gods. The people of these Golden Eagle Business Association paid the price in their hearts.The Yinhuo burst into the body instantly, and on the surface, although they were unharmed, in fact, their brains had all turned into ashes. For these ordinary people, Ji moved only Ding Huo.

Back to the flames again, Ji moved to look at his palm. For the first time, he showed a strange feeling in his heart.When he condensed Ding Huo in his palm and patted the heads of these people lightly, Ding Huo, who was condensed at a little bit, just stayed slightly on each of them, but the next moment.But it seemed like a sharp needle pierced into their minds and broke out.

It is worthy of the title of God. The magic in the body is completely different from the skill burst in vitro. Ji moves clearly that as long as the enemy is destroyed, there is a situation of death and no injuries.Seemingly simple, chicken rib skills, can truly exert it, can you feel the domineering.This is just the first to destroy the gods.

"Let's go." The flame said gently.

Ji moved nodded, waved with a wave, a gas flow swept away, and rolled the corpse standing around. At the same time, his fingers played with more than ten scales like scales.go.When they stepped into the woods, there was a roar and surging fire in the outside.

Ji Kimong's control of magic is just right. Under his deliberate control, Long Flash not only prevents the pursuit of ordinary people, but also suffers from the loss of the horse's horses.

Entering the forest of life, the temperature has obviously declined, the humid and fresh air in the forest is refreshing, and the surging life of life continues to rush from all directions.

But at this time, Ji Shi had lost his mind."Flame, the forest of life has always been the Senmons. There is no powerful Warcraft here. Although it is rich in fruits and some rare plants, the most precious is the source of life that Mori is brewed. If I don't guess wrongIn the case, the goal of the Golden Eagle Business Association is probably the source of the life of the Mori Demon. Since we are here, let's take a look. "

The flames raised the veil and revealed her peerless life.Yan, Xiang Ji smiled slightly, "The human world, you are the landlord, I naturally listen to your arrangement."

Ji Tong glanced at the flame's face with some obsessions, so hurriedly didn't go through, don't know if it wasNot because of the gradually improvement of strength, the flames are now gradually disappearing for him, and his self -control is getting worse and worse.Blag.After this hard work, Ji Dong woke up and had secretly resolved. After the second battle of the second holy evil he participated in, if the strength could be further improved, and then expressed love to the flame.He also knew that he was escaping, but there was no way.Because he was too afraid of losing flames.

Pulling up the flame's hand, Ji moved up.His magic pushed himself and the flames of the flames in his forest under his clever use of his own magic, and walked towards the inside of life.

From time to time, more than a time before they arrived, the people of the Golden Eagle Business Association should have entered the forest, and they must catch up quickly to prevent these people from doing evil.

Gold and black flames gradually formed on the shoulders of Ji. The two small fire people quietly appeared, which is the element of the Holy Fire and Magicitis element.Different from the condensed on the island of Holy Evil, at this time, Ji Shi condensed again. These two small fire people seem to be similar to humans. Not only are they all in their hands and feet, but they also have a similar appearance to Ji Shi.The whole body is around, and it looks like a five or six -year -old child, sitting quietly on Ji Shi's shoulders.

As soon as they appeared, there was a condensed law array behind each of them, and the fire elements in the forest of life quickly merged, moisturizing their ontology.

The two -skill summary, the biggest feature of these two skills is evolution.As the exhibitors have evolved, the longer they exist in the outside world, the higher the strength will increase.The flame told Ji Shi that if the body of the fire has evolved to the extreme, then.They will reproduce the style of the two kings.It can be seen how amazing this skill is.

The reason why Ji moved did not release them around him because this skill also had disadvantages.First of all, if he releases two elements, then these two elements will continue to absorb the surrounding fire elements. If he is practicing, it will be much slower than usual.Two elements go away.In addition, these two elements cannot be transmitted in any form, which makes it impossible for him to use the rich fire elements of the ground to cultivate them.Therefore, only in the battle.Or in a long battle, Ji Shi will release them and use them to attack or reconcile.

Ji moved to the figure, and the speed became strange. In his eyes, a layer of white glory was revealed, as if it was plating a layer of black eyes,Bao Guang, if someone can use the power of the soul at this time, you can see that a trace of white halo ends from Ji's eyes and spreads to the front.In his mind.Therefore, although the terrain is complicated in this forest, the speed of him move forward has not diminished. You do n’t have to distinguish anything at all. He can also find the best way to move forward quickly.Deep in Mori.

The most peculiar thing is that Ji Shi at this time still did not release his own yin and yang crown. It seemed that it just exuded some basic magic, so he increased his speed to this extent.

About half an hour, the two have penetrated into the inside of life. Ji Shi always follows the huge spiritual power after controlling the fire of the soul, and always follows the traces of the people of the Golden Eagle Commercial Association.Go forward, and you are not afraid to find the wrong direction.

"There is a bloody smell." Ji Dong stopped with the flames and stopped, stood on a thick branch, his nose moved slightly, and frowned.

His six feelings are more keen than ordinary people. After cultivation becomes a yin and yang magician, this characteristic has naturally become stronger.Perhaps because he had worked hard in the relationship between his previous life. Among his six senses, the two strongest types were the sense of smell and taste. Although the bloody atmosphere in the air was not rich, it was in his sense of smell.Different from the fragrance of the surrounding plants, it is still easy to identify.

"It seems that your judgment is correct." The flame sighed, "The conflict between your human beings is much stronger than the world of the earth."

Ji Shi clenched the flame's hand, "Let's take a look." Opening the figure again, this time he no longer had to distinguish the traces left by the Golden Eagle Business Association, but just followed the direction of the bloody atmosphere.

About a few minutes later, Ji Shi saw the first corpse. It was a green body. It looked at least seven or eight points from humans, but it was thinner than humans thinner than humans., The proportion of limbs is longer, with a sharp tip of the head, no hair, and dark red blood stains the surroundings. There is a huge hole between the entire chest and abdomen.

"Is this the Mori Demon?" The flame's tone was slightly cold.Although her face was covered with veil, Ji Shi could still feel that the flame was frowning.

The people who killed those Golden Eagle Commercial Associations before using the golden fire before Ji moved, because he didn't want the flame to see the blood, but at this time, it was inevitable.

A flame erupted by the ingredients of the Holy Fire, turning the corpse into ashes, and the two continued to move forward.

The next scene they see can be described by shocking. In this large forest full of life, more and more corpses and strong bloody smells are presented one by one.Most of the deaths are the skin that is a blue green monster. Some of them are killed by sharp blades, and some are killed by obvious five -element magic skills.place.

The flame sighs, "No one can deprive the power of a ethnic group. Ji Dong, help them."

At this time, Ji Dong had already burned anger in his heart, even if the flame was notSay, how can he stand by?The misery in front of him had touched his violent heart, because the flames showed the gentle eyes on the side, and were replaced by the coldness full of killing.

Far, the sound of the killing has come, the screams are endless, the closer to the sound of the killing, the more corpses on the ground. In addition to the Mori demon body, occasionally you can see it.First, the corpses of the two Golden Eagle Business Association are mostly killed by some wooden weapons.But compared with the number of deaths of the Sen Monster, there are too few and too few.

Finally, Ji Shi and Flame saw the battlefields of both sides. In this dense forest, the swords and swords were flickered.At least more than 5,000 people are in this melee.

The number of Mori Demon accounts for the majority. These thin ethnic groups are using their humble weapons to resist the invasion of the enemy, but the enemy they face is too powerful.The magicians of the Golden Eagle Commercial Association can kill at least one Mori monster at least one of the skills, which is simply a unilateral slaughter.

In the Mori demon, there are also some strong ones that can use the magic skills of Kimu and Otsuki attributes, and they are larger than ordinary Mori demon, but after all, there are only a few.The Golden Eagle Business Association is like a wolf -like master. They are defeating, and every step back, they will leave dozens of corpses.

"Elder Tam, do you still have to be obsessed? For the source of life, isn't you even the life of the people? According to our survey, in the foresee of life, the number of you Mori monsters is againMore than 200,000, but your tribe has only less than 5,000 people. Although it is also most of the Mori Monster Kingdom, if you continue to be obsessed, I don’t mind sweeping you from the Forest of Life. Not to mention it isYou, even if all the Mori monsters are here, it is impossible to stop us. As long as we have the source of life, we don't want your life. "

The Golden Eagle Business Association is the top figure, and we look at it. We look at it and look at it.The middle -aged middle -aged people of about fifth said.This person was wearing a cyan armor, with a dazzling blue light all over his body, holding a spear with a spear, but did not join in the team.But the crown on his head fully showed his powerful strength.The entire seven crowns are marked with nail wood, which is actually a seven -crowned master.

A business association can sit in the town of seven crowns, and its strength is strong.In particular, this person still rides a huge Warcraft. It is a Jingmi Dragon with a blue horn of the whole body, one of the Asian dragon species. Looking at it, it is also a seven -order Warcraft.

The seven -crowned strong is equipped with the Seventh -order Warcraft. Although this combination is not enough to cross the mainland, there are also strong people.The flickering spear in this person is also not ordinary products.

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