Chapter 627

Yes!Except for the ultimate nirvana.What other power can fluctuate the red lotus sky fire that is like the sky?That is the terrorist power that even the dark sky did not dare to touch easily.The only concept of the ultimate nirvana is the power of God.

When I think of the word God, Li Yonghao is even more like a ice cellar. Is it that God -like characters have appeared among the saints tomorrow?

No, this is impossible.Li Yonghao denied his thoughts for the first time. If there is really a god in the saints tomorrow, what else do they need to hide?It will have been swept directly to the dark continent and killed the dark sky.

"Let's go." Li Yonghao sang, raised his hand to summon his huge black dragon, rose up, fell on the back of the Black Dragon, at the fastest speed towards the creation of the Creation Liuhe MagicThe blooming direction galloped.Other Dark Sky Saints have also released their own Warcraft partners.Since the Dark Sky Metrops of the Holy Peak, this is the first time in their hearts to feel nervous.Especially for the scorpion of the Magoto, her feelings are the clearest. Although she has also realized the mystery of the chaotic wood with the help of her brother.The Mito Magic is as if the Magic in his body is going away at any time.

When the Dark Tianyan saint began.When flying towards the direction of the creation Liuhe, just the saints will be done tomorrow, and the diameter of the creation Liuhe has also exceeded the 30 -meter mark.The horrible magic blooms from each petal, and the magic of the saints will be exhausted tomorrow.Even they did not expect that the Genesis Liuhe would be so strong.

Chen Sixuan's face is pale. If it is not supported by the magic of partners, at this time, she has already been in a coma.Shi Liuhe was absorbed.

The situation of Yao Qianshu is just a little better than Chen Sixuan. The power of the creation of the six -in -match is really terrifying. The loss of his magic power is second only to Chen Sixuan's ultimate beam magic.Support the power of the Five Elements Revolution Circulation Formation.

Ji Shi is still so calm, from the expression on his face, he can't see what he is thinking at this time.

At this time, in the sky, the figure of the dark magician already appeared. The first purple robe priest with the attribute of the Camp fire had already arrived.He didn't even use his own mount Warcraft to urge his body to fly with all magic.

Far away, he has seen the strange gloss of the white and green, and the whole body has been scared and cold sweat. What kind of horrible power is this!Even if he was a great priest, he never felt the power that made him dare to compete at all.

Finally, he has come to a close distance, clearly seeing the blooming Liuhe, and the magic injecting the magic injecting the saints tomorrow.If the original forest still exists.Perhaps it can still be blocked, but the large forest has long been absorbed by the creation of the Victoria Liuhe, and it has withered completely. In the night, it is very easy to see such obvious goals.

Who are they?What are they doing?The great priest was frightened and did not hesitate to release his ultimate Binghuo magic. No matter what these people were doing, it was obviously not goodwill.Stop them to continue to talk about it.

At this moment, the great priest of the purple robe suddenly felt that several huge pressures instantly locked his body, accompanied by a low dragon girlfriend, a huge body had appeared in front of him.The huge dragon tail swept out and went straight to the body of the purple robe priest.

It ’s too late to attack below. In any case, my life is the most precious., A golden -red nine -order fire dragon.

But the next moment he was already cold, because.He found himself surrounded.Opposite the two Warcraft, one body black and white, a dragon with two heads floating there quietly. Above this dragon, there is a Suzaku floating like a Suzaku, but the back of the back, but the belly is dark under his belly.Strange Phoenix.When the fire dragon under him felt the breath of the double -headed dragon, his body was obviously trembling.This is a typical upper dragon suppression effect.

In addition to these two Warcraft, there are nine extraordinary powerful Warcraft around them, at least they are more than nine or higher.Although no magician appeared, the purple robe priest also deeply understood that the Warcraft in front of him was by no means to deal with themselves.In my heart, I was retreating, and my thoughts moved, and did not urge the nine -order fire dragons under my body. Instead, my toes were on their backs of their mount partners, and their bodies rose like lightning.A resistant to the fire ring tried to block the pursuit of these powerful Warcraft around.This purple robe priest has a special skill that consumes half of its own Binghuo magic behind it **, which is used to instantly increase the speed to the limit.With this trick, he was born under the attack of one ten -order Warcraft when he had only seven crowns.

No matter what the people below do, keeping their lives first is the most important.Therefore, at this moment he did not hesitate to choose to give up his Warcraft partner.

But at the moment when his body had just risen, suddenly, a layer of light appeared quietly, and his body hit the ten colorful glory.In the loud noise, the whole person had rebounded back, because the speed of his sudden outbreak was too fast. This impact could not bear it with the body of his nine -crowned magician, and the spine was instantly broken into three sections.

The lights of the light of the saints headed by the Dan Yan Fire Dragon, of course, do not all have the ultimate magic to exhibit the five elements of yin and yang, but it will never affect them to exhibit the five elements of the Dark Lord like the Dark Lord.EssenceWhen the purple robe priest appeared, the following Ji Shi had ended the partner's magic injection of the creation of the creation. At this time, the magic intensity reached by the Creative Liuhe had exceeded his expectations.It's time to leave.

The magic of Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu was taken short at the first time, falling in the arms of Ji Shi and Wolf Sky.The other saints were shocked, and their remaining magic at this time was less than 10 %.

The five -element enchantment released by a group of Warcraft in the air was exerted under the control of Ji Shi's soul. The five elements of the five elements of the line of life here were over.Control.The great priest of the purple robe was really too fast, and he never thought that these Warcraft could also set off the law.The spine broke on the fifth elements.Even if he has the ability of Tongtian, it is impossible to exert it.

A Danan Fire Dragon's Danan Tail Hammer fiercely pumped him on the ground and suffered a full bombardment of the holy body.No.The great priest is definitely the most tragic nine -crowned magician in history.Even a skill was not released.

As for his nine -order fire dragon, in the face of so many powerful Warcraft, it was just a shot, and the nine -order Warcraft crystal nucleus was directly cheap.EssenceDan Yan Holy Dragon is extremely humble.I didn't grab it with it.

After Huaer swallowed the fire dragon crystal nucleus, dived down, and took the crown from the nine -crowned magician. At this time, a kind of Warcraft had returned to their master.After a little hesitant, let everyone temporarily recovery Warcraft, and then went to the Danan Holy Fire Dragon together.

Although all Warcraft is there, the protection of the protection is much stronger, but the goal is also obvious.At this time, it is already close to dawn.It is still more likely Dan Yan Fire Dragon to take the attention of the dark magician.

Poor Yao Qianshu's green dragon was absorbed by the magic, and the owner was also coma. He could only be included in the Suzaku bracelet by Ji Shi.Sixong refused to enter the bracelet, but jumped on Ji Shi's shoulders.

When the crowd jumped into the Danan Shenghuo Dragon, Huaer had returned. In such a strong atmosphere of Ogi Magic, the feeling of it and Danan Holy Dragon felt the most comfortable.Sheng Dinghuo.Not only did she have no effect on her, but it greatly promoted the magic of it and the Dan Yan Holy Fire Dragon.

The strong fog rose suddenly, and the nine dragon claws of the big and powerful dragon of the Danan Holy Fire Dragon kicked the ground at the same time. The huge body was like an arrow.Running towards the Dark Five Elements Continent.

While the Dasan Holy Fire Dragon was lifted off, several other purple robes stationed in several other warehouses have also rushed over. They even saw the appearance of the Dan Yan Fire Dragon, but none of them did not haveGo to chase, because the creation of the 6 -in -six -in -six -in -six -in -laws below the below is more attractive.

The tragedy is that of the five old priests of the later, one after another is Kimu Magic and the one is the Magic.In the process of coming, they felt that their magic was constantly lost. When they were here, they had only less than 50 % of the magic of the two.

At this time, there is no wood attribute magic nearby that can attack the Venus Liuhe absorption. Although it has no spiritual wisdom, the absorption force fell on the two nine -crowned magicians.The horrible magic fluctuations rose instantly.The two nine -crowned magicians were almost exactly the same as Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu, and after contributing all their magic, they became unconscious.Fortunately, before the coma, they had already landed first, so they did not have a fate of being killed.

The remaining three purple robe priests looked at the Diamond Diameter below that had developed in the 40 -meter Generation Six -Heman, and his face became extremely dignified.They are Wutu, Ji Tu, and Renshui Lord.

Renshui is a purple robe priest, Shen Sheng said: "Two, this seems to be the Totem Six in the Timi system. How can it be so huge?The magic it contains is really terrible. You see, the surrounding air has gradually become cyan. How did this happen? Where did those people come from? "

WuThe priest of the Turkish Purple robe said: "The two must not launch the six -in -line attack, otherwise we will be finished. Don't take care of those people. Think about how to solve this Liuhe.As if there is a life, constantly absorb the surrounding wood attribute magic. In this way, the three counties of us try together. See if it can be cut off to absorb the outside of the outside world.I can no longer grow. I see, if you want to solve it, I am afraid that the adults need to take the lead. "

I ca n’t think of better attention. Since they have rushed over, they ca n’t do anything. First, control the expansion of Chuangshi Liuhe, obviously the only thing they can do at present.

It is indeed the nine -crowned magician. The three of them shot at the same time.The four directions rose, and the close links were together, as if a house was formed, covering the creation Liuhe.At the same time, the great priest of Renshui was also shot. A layer of extremely solid thick ice was shrouded outside the earth wall, making the house more seal.In their opinion, closure of all the space around it can prevent the continuous increase of the creation of the Creation Liuhe.Although it contains a huge magic, as long as it does not lead it, it will not be dangerous for the time being.

Unfortunately, they will think of the creation of the world.This diameter has gradually approached 40 meters of creation Liuhe, which absorbs all the magic power of the saints and the saints tomorrow, as well as all their magic power in their duration method, coupled with the increase in the five -element recycling formation method.It can even be comparable to the dark sky.What's more, there are a large amount of wood in the vegetation and the magic of the dark magician nearby.Although it has not yet reached the degree of ultimate nirvana, it is by no means comparable to the top murder. The huge wood attribute suction power can be stopped by their three purple robes?

Just as they thought they had sealed the creation Liuhe, suddenly, the three of them were shocking at the same time. Then, countless cracking traces appeared on the closed stone wall like the rain.In an instant, in the loud noise, the white light emitted from the creation of the Creation Liuhe was obviously a bit unstable to fluctuate.

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