Chapter 137 Secondary Artifact, Jun Mo Yin Yang Armor

The strong magic fluctuations flow in the air, and it has a light bloody atmosphere. Because of the tension, the double punch has been clenched a little tightly.The eyes of Yin Chaoyang are still bland, but they also carefully stare at the changes in the armor.Only Yin Zhaogong's expression was a little sad and lost.Teng Snake had already bid farewell to her before. The partners who accompanied her for decades were going to pursue the existence of another realm, and she naturally couldn't stop it.However, how can she relieve her easily about the departure of this partner of this teacher and friend?

The magic armor's own light has become more and more intense, and gradually, it can no longer distinguish the black and golden color, and the flow of Ji Zhen's blood has also made his face change, his body is weak, and his body appears weakly.Feeling.

At this moment, suddenly, a burst sounded, and there was an unparalleled surging magic fluctuation in the entire wooden house.A hot air, but the four people present were strong in the fire. Naturally, they would not care about the changes in the temperature.At the time, Ji Dong destroyed when he broke through the four crowns.

"Brother, it's enough." Zhu Xi cheered ecstaticly, Ji Shi instantly recovered the magic of controlling the wound.It has been turned into two white lines, and under the skin, there seems to be a large amount of milky white halo to the wound.

But at this time, no one paid attention to the changes in Ji's wound, because the armor that had been piled together on the ground had already undergone tremendous changes.The golden and black double -colored armor has exploded in that sound, and it turned into a piece of flying in the empty empty empty, and it floated in front of Ji.

The light is no longer flashing. Each part of the armor is quietly suspended in the air. The armor itself is golden, but the background is turned into black, and it seems that there is a strong black air flow condensed.The sound of the 不 metal continued to echo. Looking at it, Ji Dong couldn't help feeling a feeling of blood connection. It seemed that this set of armor was part of his body.

And, he now noticed that this set of armor is not a set of armor, but a set of light armor as I said before.Armor consists of multiple parts.Including masks, two shoulder armor, front and rear heart mirrors, waist armor, pleated skirt, knee pads, boots, elbows, wrist protection and hands.

Among these components, only the front and rear heart mirror flying hands are connected to the wrist.The remaining exists alone.It just protects the most important part of the body.

What attracts Ji Kimong is the mask floating on the top.The mask is very large, not only can the face be completely covered, but also highlights from the four sides. The overall look is full of stubborn atmosphere. A total of ten sudden stabs protruding from the edge of the mask.It is not straight, but twisted like Teng Snake's body, even if it is the position of both eyes, there is a layer of dark red film protection.Among the full sets of armor accessories, the spiritual atmosphere of this mask is the most strong: the reason why it can attract Ji Yong's attention is not only because of these, but more importantly, in all the armor parts, there is only this mask on this mask.It is full of proud air that is exactly the same as him, and it comes from the proud shore that Ji Shi and the two kings are integrated.

Two fine lights have been electrically out of Ji's eyes, watching the position of the mask's eyes.At this moment, he unaware that he released all his pride, and the strong extreme double fire burst out.

It is like understanding Ji Shi's summons. All the sounds of the armor itself stop. The next moment, they have turned into golden light, but they rushed towards Ji Shi with black tail flame lightning.

Raise his arms on both sides of the body. Ji Shi only feels hot on his face, and everything in front of his eyes has become a bloody color, but it is particularly clear, even if he can do it in the corner of the darkSee clearly.The hot heat blooms on the face.He can clearly feel that the magic power in his body is instantly combined with the breath contained in the mask itself. There is no card slot or belt on the mask, but it is so perfectly fit with his face, and it will never fall off.fall.Immediately after, with a series of hoeing sounds, all the armor suits were attached to Ji movement.Every time there is an extra kit, Ji Shi feels that the magic in his body has become more turbulent. When all the suits are upper body, the feeling of water and milk makes him feel that the whole body is full of hot magic fluctuations.a feeling of.

The degree of rotation of the yin and yang vortex increases a few points by itself. The degree of absorbing magic from the outside world is significantly enhanced. When his magic is injected into this armor, the ultimate yin fire is injected, and the armor will become black.Injected by the extreme sunfire, the armor will become golden.When not injecting any magic, the armor will return to the eye -catching look of dark red.

Although the armor covers almost the joint joint, it will not give him a sense of delay. Although the armor itself is not light, it feels like a dress at most.The power that brings to Ji moves is far from the load brought by its weight.

Ji Shi, who covered the body with armor, said like a dream, "After 10,000 folds, I just show it. These metals are not enough to make a whole set of armor.Light armor only protects the most important part of the body. Ordinary light armor also requires leather connection, but you do not need it at all, because you have the protection of Suzaku. This set of armor is designed to offensive and defensive.It has no crystal nucleus and crowns. But in fact, in order to complete the casting of it, when the last time folded, I used the 100 or higher crystal nuclear cores to be crushed into a powder and integrated into it.The steps of the Coroline Crystal and a tenth -order Dinghuo Crystal Nuclear are the core, and the magic power of these crystal nuclei is completely imprinted into the armor. I will not have the five elements of the law. I can only stabilize the magic attributes and stability of the armor in this way.As long as you wear it, your own magic recovery will increase by 50 %.

It is natural to attack X's defense power. When you injected the magic of three crowns to it, it is really trueIt will be fully displayed, not only can it help you defense, but it will also turn into your most powerful attack weapon. "Speaking of which, Zhu Xi stopped, and he continued to say:" As for the mask, it is me, it is me, I am me, I am me, it is me, it is meAfter careful consideration, decide to build, on the Holy Evil Battlefield, you may not only face the enemy's attack, but also encounter the sneak attack of those students of Tiangan College. With the existence of this mask, no one can know who you are.With it, you will always be mysterious. And this mask can keep you sober at any time, protect the face, the pupil, and the crystal film on the top of the film.It can make you see clearly. The only defect is to bring it, you are only red in front of you. "
" Brother, I will gradually help you improve this set of armor in the future, and finally let it really become a set of whole body.Armor, now I can be sure, this set of spiritual armor itself is already the existence of a sub -artifact. If you can complete the whole body armor, you can portray the five elements of the five elements, even if it is really an artifact.It is necessary to step by step. So, you must work hard to understand the Five Elements. "

Ji Shi, wearing armor and mask, blooms his own proud shore more perfectly, the cold metal X -bloodedThe red eyes were cold and deep, and it seemed to be able to smell a bloody atmosphere from him.

Ji nodded, "Big Brother, this set of armor is forced by you, you give it one, the name."

Zhu Xi laughed, and said, "Okay.Last time you played with Frey, it was thrilling and made me feel a lot. When you released the extreme yang fire, like a violent king, when your magic is transformed into an extreme yin fire, it is like a deep demon king.You have the ultimate yin and yang attribute. This set of armor is better to be called the monster yin and yang armor. "

" Jun Demon Yin Yang armor. "Ji Shi repeated Zhu Xi's words, he could clearly feel thatIt seems that the armor on the body passed on to himself with an excitement. Obviously, it likes this name.Tyrant and demon king, these titles are not much to care about, but the library of library but he is the skills of inheriting the flame king and the dark devil.

"Okay, it's called Jun Mo Yin and Yang Armor." With Ji Yong's affirmative answer, a buzzing, the armor on his body was shining, and the black and gold double color shone alternately.The armor of the armor flows brilliantly, even if the artifact is really named.

Zhu Xi smiled with his eyes, his body shook, and he slowly fell. The yin Chaoyang stepped across him, grabbed his shoulders, and output from the palm of his hand, and passed into Zhu Xi's body.

Before Ji Shi died, he saw that the wishes at this time were closed, but his face still smiled.

Yin Chaoyang swinged his hand to Ji, "He is too tired. Let him rest and rest.At one time, it will naturally take you to the battle of the Holy Evil. "Yin Chaoyang, who needed to tell, has already said that it will not say anything at this time.

Ji moved to the two Supremes of the Yin Chaoyang and Yin Zhaogong, and walked out of the wooden house after leaving, ready to take off the monster yin and yang armor first. He could not rush on this armor.At the same time as his thoughts, his right wrist was slightly hot, as if he felt his thoughts, his whole body was light, all armor had been separated from the body, and it turned into a rush flow into Ji.The Suzaku bracelet disappeared.

With the golden -red light of the Suzaku bracelet, Ji Shi couldn't help but stunned for a second. It was indeed a sub -artifact, and it really communicated with himself.I don't know how the artifact -level magic weapon can reach.

, the younger brother of good armor, I am jealous."As Ji moved, Ferry's voice had sounded. The tall figure of Lei Di had covered the sun and came to Ji Shi.

I have had such a big movement before, how could Ferra not may not haven’t possibleSeeing it? Just afraid of affecting Zhuyan's casting, this did not go in. But Ji Dong's appearance of the armor naturally was just seen by him.

Frey did not cover up his envy, bowed his head, lowered his head, and lowered his head."It's a pity to get to Ji Shi, but unfortunately."

Ji moved funnyly," Brother, unfortunately?"

Ferry sighed." Unfortunately, my attributes and you have different attributes! "Otherwise, I must grab your armor to change.If I read it correctly, your set of light armor should be the pinnacle of the uncle.

It will be difficult to say whether it will be in the future."

Ji Shi smiled," I believe the elder brother will be able to make breakthroughs in the future.With his dedication to casting, one day, artifacts will be born in his hands."

Ferry said helplessly:" My name is Uncle, your brother is the big brother. "This is awkward."

Ji Mao said" Master ancestor can let us go out.Time should be almost.

Frey nodded, and said, "I'm also preparing to find a master ancestor. It's almost time. We must always get a little more early. Only by acting with the Tiangan Legion can we enter the Holy Evil battlefield.Let's sneak over. With the deterrent of the last master and master, I see that Tiangan College did not dare to embarrass us. After all, the battle of the Holy Evil is related to the safety of the entire mainland.Wait until we (after half a dream participated in the battle of the Holy Evil. "

Ji nodded, and said," Then we will come out. "

Ferre" Okay, "Okay, okayI bid farewell to the ancestors and masters, let's go on the road here.

There is a thunder, we can reach the place in a long time. "

After the clock, the body seems to be huge againThe a little Zi Lei Yao Tianlong rose into the air, with the two young people who broke the air.

The wind blows the wind, Ji Shi is sitting behind Ferri this time, and Frey himself and Zi Zi and Zi Zi and Zi.The dragon saddle on the back of Lei Yao Tianlong fits it. Although he did not wear armor, he was sitting on the back of Zi Lei Yao Tianlong.Frey plus Zi Lei Yao Tianlong, I am afraid that as long as you hit, you can make yourself unbearable.

Holy Island, it is east of East China Sea. If you want to reachThere is no doubt that the entrance to the evil passage can be one.It is even more unknown that outside the continent, there is another continent that may bring aggression at any time.

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