di yi bai liu shi jiu zhang shui sheng mu V mu sheng huo

Extreme magic is the ultimate magic. When the scorpion and the cold rain are together, the two major magic power is bursting, aquatic wood, and the ultimate aldown instantly released the huge life atmosphere to make everyone look sideways.Although the five -element yin and yang world on the other side is too strong, the breath of the scorpion instantly rising is still clear.

The surface of the scorpion covers a layer of milky luster. The whole, people look like white jade carving.The black crowns on the top of the head have become milky white, and even the five -crowned brand can no longer be seen.Indeed, with the full support of the cold and rain at the same level, she is no longer as simple as level 58.

"Extreme Ogi, life blooms."!The scorpion raised her hands, and a white jade lotus bloomed quietly. She did not attack Ji Shi, but fell directly on the ground in front of her.

The milky white halo spread suddenly, and it turned into the most pure white light. The full range of the half -mountain waist was covered.A layer of milky glory was covered.Others felt that it was not obvious, but Ji Shi, who had just killed two dark magicians, suddenly returned.He clearly felt that the idea of the scorpion was expanding, and within the scope of all white light, she had her thoughts.Just a little movement, the huge life atmosphere can clearly complete the lock.In the case of plenty of magic, the scorpion uses the most stupid and most magical but most effective way to lock Ji Shi.

That is, as long as Ji moves within the white light range she previously released, no matter how she changes her figure, she cannot get rid of her induction.The effect of Mu Snake was suddenly weakened.

At the same time, Ji Shi can clearly feel that the ultimate Otsuki magic after the scorpion multiple of the scorpion multiple is increased, and the huge vitality is like a sticky liquid chasing his body, although his extreme flame is right rightExtremely Otsuki has a good restraint, but at this time the scorpion's release of the breath is too huge. Therefore, under the shroud of this life, Ji moved to a certain restriction.

The original scorpion, wearing dark green armor, has a large amount of white skin on the body, especially those long and round thighs are even more thoughtful.However, at this time, when her body was shrouded in this layer of milky light, it was full of sacred atmosphere. Although there was a black light pattern unique to the dark five elements around the white light, it did not affect this.From an attractive hot girl to the incarnation of a virgin full of sacred atmosphere, the change of temperament has shown the strength of the scorpion at this time.What surprised Ji even even more was that the scorpion seemed to be the master of all plants in the range of white light. In addition to controlling the huge life atmosphere to cover the surroundings, there was more life atmosphere in injection directly into her body.It is madly supplementing her life energy in her body.

These vitality does not help the scorpion to restore vitality, but it is enough to use fuel used as a burning skill in life.

After passing the body, the three -meter -high flame king faces the saints of Dark Oki. Ji Shi did not start actions to attack other enemies, but stared at the scorpion direction.The attribute combination of the two dark saints made him have no shot to do other things.The scorpion's next attack is no longer his fishing snake flashing at this stage can dodge.Only the faces are welded.

At this moment, in the disaster, a life energy full of masculinity rushed from behind. Because this life could have no hostility, when Ji moved to react, it had shrouded the whole body.Suddenly, the extreme double fire on him seemed to be ignited, and the surging golden flames raised a few meters in an instant.

"Is it you?" When he turned his head, Ji moved, and there was one more behind him.This person looks like he is in his thirties, with a medium figure and ordinary appearance, but he has a six crowns on his abdomen.Six -crowned and half -star, Sixty -one Kami Tsito.Crossing down is ride on a blue giant lizard. The giant lizard is from beginning to end. The length is eight meters away.Dragon lizard.

This man Ji Qi knew, in Yinyang Academy, his ranking was even higher than that of the water.

The first combination of Ji Ji when he came to this world was to treat magic skills by him and Shui Ruohan.It is currently the fourth -ranked Longtian of Yinyang School.

The dragon's body is wearing a cyan armor, holding a long -handle war knife on his right hand, and the blue light full of masculinity life is constantly being released from him and the green wood dragon lizard, and directly injected into the motion of the Ji.On magic, of course, his magic power cannot be compared with the ultimate magic of the Dark Saints.Compared with the cold rain.With the help of him and the mount, Ji Dong felt that he seemed to be bearing the increase in Yao Qianshu.Bingwu Yuanyang Shenghuo showed a dramatic.

"Ji Dong, remember, you are not fighting alone." Long Tian's words were very short, but he said powerful.Although his magic help to Ji Kimong could not be transmitted directly through his body like cold rain, but with the six crowns, he broke through the bottleneck's cultivation, and the magic of the green wood dragon lizard was not weak.The reason why Long Tian couldn't touch Ji Xun's body to help him increase is very simple. One is because he wants to control the blue wooden dragon lizard. The other point is also the most important thing. The extreme yang fire burning on the flame king is not what he can get closer.

Except for Brothers and Lambaoer, this is Ji Dai on the battlefield. "The first, reinforcements, and the first comrades.

The appearance of Longtian, for Ji DongFor the help, he made Ji Dong feel that he was no longer alone.

When Ji moved back again, when the ultimate Otsuki magic had improved to the scorpion of terror, the scorpion was surprised.The cold red eyes changed, like two groups of blood flames burning, and the strong fighting spirit accompanied by the extreme proud shore and the overbearing spray.Shooting, it appeared in front of the scorpion.

Facing Ji Shi's domineering proud shore, the scorpion was not afraid, and raised his right hand, just raised his hand in the simplest way to meet Ji Ji to JiMove, her palm was completely launched with milky white glory. "There was a white lotus flower in the palm, and it was light and fluttering, as if it was not strong.However, as soon as her palm was shot, she had already come to Ji Shi, and the distance between the two of them seemed to be shortened instantly.

The three -meter -high flame king faced the slim and jade palm, but Ji Dong's look became unprecedented, and anyone in the outside world could not feel the magic of the scorpion. Only Ji JiThe dynamic side can feel how huge the pressure is.

The magic fusion of the dark and rain of the Dark Austrian saints, and the ultimate Otsuki magic of the scorpion is full of vigorous vitality of the sky.And this vitality is full of softness, like a thousand layers of stack but extremely tough.Why did Ji Dong attack without charging, because while Long Tian's Jiami Magic was transmitted to him, the ultimate magic of the thousands of layers had already squeezed into his body as an invisible cover.

The combination of magic is definitely one plus one and one more than two. As a dark altos of the dark, the scorpion is extremely clever.Magic suppression.In the face of this situation, how could Ji Shi let her succeed, so he chose to attack when the scorpion moved.

Faced with the scorpion of the jade -like palm, Ji Shi also raised his right hand, and the palm of the giant dog of the Flame King was directly printed with the scorpion's palm, Jin and Bai, two extreme light,Instant shot, this is the most direct strength competition.

The scorpion is based on the two saints merging magic and aquatic wood.Ji Yong's increase in the wooden fire and the sun and moon Shuanghui gloves and the monster yin and yang armor.

Double palms are connected, winning and defeat.Without a violent roar, a circle of magic fluctuations that the two sides could not help but stop suddenly spread instantly.Countless golden light spots waved in the air, the golden red figure burst out instantly, and the body rotated in the air for several weeks before falling to the ground.

The scorpion stood in the original position in the sun, and she did not have any erosion effect on her.Ji Shi also shocked her palm, and even the king of the flame king was broken by that palm.The magic that had previously absorbed the fiery fire, all the magic that was temporarily condensed.The power of the ultimate magic combination is too strong. With the help of Longtian's Jiami Magic, Ji Shi couldn't stop the palm, and the flame king's body was destroyed and turned into a little bit of golden light.

Suzaku double -winged, Ji Shi's body was folded in the air, his body was exhibited again, and he rushed towards the scorpion.What surprised him was that Long Tian was worthy of being the top five strong men in Yinyang Academy. Although his body was shocked and the direction was changed in the air, the magic support from Longtian never interrupted himself in the air. In gold, gold has never been broken.Turning black, the ultimate yang fire instantly turned into the ultimate yin fire. In the air, the firing method of the yinhuo quietly appeared, making the motion of Ji surge, and the scorpion had already come to the scorpion in the blink of an eye.

The black bending moon in the rotary showed coldly, and Ji moved a hint of cold gods on his face. He couldn't see what skills he was going to do. This time, he had no support from the king's change.

The scorpion snorted coldly, and the previous palm repelled Ji Kimong, which made her heart cool, secretly in her heart, barbaric, you also have today.Seeing that Ji Shi flew again, he couldn't help but drink, "You can stay this time." It is also raised in his right hand, and the strong white light burst out than the previous white light.Grabbing out.

The huge magic power accompanied the extremely tough suction power to swar, but at this moment, when Ji Shi was approaching her, suddenly, Ji Dong's body suddenly shakenFor a moment, although the scorpion was locked by the huge ultimate Otsuki magic power, it was at this moment, and the sense of the position of Ji Shi still appeared for a while.

In this puzzle, Ji Shi's body suddenly seemed to solidify in the air, and the infinite darkness bloomed from the darkness behind him in an instant. At this moment, a dark Teng TengThe snake suddenly rushed out of the black crown from Ji's head.

In this Teng Snake, which was transformed into the ultimate yin fire, the scorpion could not help but be surprised because she could not help recalled the nirvana released by Ji Tong when she killed Platinum Tianpeng.It seems that it starts with the release of the four dragons and four snakes.People will have a subconscious, and scorpions are no exception. In the face of the sudden change, she responded as soon as possible.The claws that originally grasped Ji Shi were gathered in an instant, and a loud noise was under the action of the huge ultra -ultra -omitic magic, and the painted black snake suddenly turned into countless black lights in the air.

At this moment, the yin -fire soaring the magic array behind Ji Shi has quietly transformed into a yin -flame condensing the law array. When the black Teng snake burst out from the crowns, his right hand was raised high towardsIn the air, the black moon behind it echoed the sky with the sky, the magic was bursting, the clouds were fog, and the same round of black moonlight fell from the sky in the sky.Two or two.

Because of the blocking of Teng Snake, when the scorpion saw this scene, it was already the time when the broken Teng Snake re -turned into the ultimate yin fire towards the yin -fire behind Ji Shi.Essence

How familiar she was in front of her. At first, her life burning skills were frozen and corrosive in the blow that Ji Shi was going to be released at this time.

At this time, even if there is the support of the dark rain of the dark and the saints, she has no time to release any skills.The ultimate Ogi magic is fully released.

This punch made her look like a white Yulian. In order to resist Ji Mao's blow, she had done my best.Although it is not skill, the attack of this punch is not inferior to nirvana.

The cold black flames arrived, and the cold and deep breath gave a feeling of trembling. The scorpion did not dare to attack Ji Shi. Her blasting fist could only go towards the ground.She was afraid that after she was fixed by the horror magic, Ji Shi released the nirvana fusion of the yin and yang double fire that could not be dodged.

Boom 7

In the strenuous roar, the soft and ultimate Otsuki magic has played a horrible explosive effect.But even so, the entire mountain peak was still roaring in the trembling. On the mountain wall, a large hole with a diameter of ten meters was accompanied by a milky white glory spreading 100 meters.

This punch is comparable to the two strong men who fought in the air. The cold black flame has almost no struggling power in the milk white light, and it has quietly collapsed.However, the scorpion's heart has sank into the bottom of the valley.The cold and black flames that come to the ground are not the attacking techniques at all.

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