Chapter 17 Extreme Double Fire (top)

At the Fire School, Ji Shi began to live a regular, calm and even boring life.Every morning in the early morning of the yin and yang, you can practice for half an hour. After breakfast, you start the daytime courses to learn the various knowledge of the Yin and Yang Lord. In the evening, you can practice for half an hour, and then prepare a cup of cocktail for Yang Bingtian.After dinner, he returned to the room to prepare a glass of wine for the flames, took wine to the heart, and started the most important three hours of cultivation.Regular cycle.

After being stimulated by the wishes, both the sissy Bi Su or the Gao Gao and the strong Karl has devoted all the body and mind to the cultivation, and he did not even go to Ji Dong to drink.The progress of the two is indeed very fast. Not only did they become a first -class apprentice, but the quality shown in all aspects is among the best in the first grade, second only to wishing.

For Ji Dong, the teachers did not pay too much attention, even if Yang Bingtian only asked him how he cultivated occasionally.Naturally, Ji Shi could not expose what he practiced in the Lake Lake, and he was perfunctory at will.Therefore, no one knows his specific cultivation situation and degree of cultivation.

In a blink of an eye, it was a time of the school year, and it was time to test at the end of the period.

"Flame." In his hand stroking his chest, Ji Shi called out the name that made his soul dreaming.The familiar red lotus rolled up quietly and wrapped his body disappearing in the room.

Such a process Ji Shi has gone through more than 300 times, and the familiar one can no longer be familiar.Everything in the fiery red world, red lotus turns into a bubble to support Ji Shi's body.

"You're here." The flame with a smile took the cocktail in Ji Shi's hand, and Ji Shi just nodded, but his eyes never left her face.

In the past year, the time of the flames can really see the flames every day, and it is only such a short moment. After receiving his wine, the flames will leave and let him cultivate himself.More than 300 days and nights, the admiration of the flames in Ji Dong's heart not only did not diminish at all, but became stronger.Although he did not really understand the flames, even talking to the flame every day was a few simple words, but in the cocktail he made every day, his emotions would be a little richer than the day before.Ji Shi didn't know if the flame could feel this, but he could be sure that his alcoholic skills had returned to more than 50 % of the previous life.high.The flame has always been satisfied with his wine and never raised his objection.

"This glass of wine is called sea breeze, and the taste is wave -shaped. There is a wave of impact but uninterrupted feeling ..." Ji Shi's convention introduced the wine prepared today.

The flames listened to his talk, and slowly tasted the sea breeze practice, and the two had already formed a tacit understanding.He explained that wine tasting is the joy of flames, and telling this perfect beautiful beauty, watching her drinking the wine she prepared for her is also the happiness of Ji Shi.When he saw the flame changing because of the taste of the wine, Ji Dong could not say satisfaction.

When Ji Dong's narration was over, the wine was exhausted, and when Ji Shidong's habitual preparation was sent to the cave wall to start cultivation, the flames spoke.

"Xiao Ji moves, tomorrow is the time for your first school year. Are you ready to be amazing in the final test?" The flames returned the cup to Ji, and asked with a smile.

In fact, the current Ji Shi is much larger than a year ago. Of course, it does not mean getting older. This year's cultivation has made him completely out of the original thinness, although not like it looks like itKarl is so tall and strong, but it looks like an ordinary eleven -year -old boy.The body grows a little taller, and the bronze skin is full of healthy luster. The college -standard male students have short hair, and their eyes become firm and calm.Although not handsome, his calm temperament is still easy to impress.

Ji moved for a moment, "How do you know that I will conduct a final test tomorrow?"

The flame smiled slightly, "Actually, I know everything you know.You send it here and give you back, and at the same time, it is also my eyes. This is the secret I once told you. "

Ji Tong suddenly realized," That's it. No wonder. "I remember myself.When I first came here to prepare for cultivation, I knew the flames, and she always paid attention to herself.

"You haven't answered my question yet." The flames groaned slightly.She was so blame that Ji Shi was the first time to see. It can be said that when he saw the flames, he was the weakest moment when he came to this world.

"I have never thought of a blockbuster. I just want to work hard and become a real yin and yang magician as soon as possible."

So is you eager? "

Ji moved:" Yes, I long for strong strength, without strength, there is nothing in this world. And, since I chose this profession, then I must definitely beIt is best to do it. You will definitely work hard for this. "

Flame nodded," I believe this. For almost a year, your daily cultivation is actually in your eyes.Since you come here for the first time to cultivate, you have never wasted a trace of time, although the three hours of cultivation here are dozens of times better than you cultivated that hour on the ground.I have given up the practice during that time. Three hundred days like a day, this persistence is really rare. I also drank your wine for a year. If you don’t care about the eyes of your classmates in your college, then, I have something to have something to do.Teach you. It will have great benefits to your future cultivation. "

" Do you want to teach me? "Ji Qi asked in surprise.The joy in his heart was eighty percent of him not because the flames had to teach him, but because he could see more time to see the flame.Looking at her alone, listening to her voice, Ji Shi's endocrine will accelerate significantly.Although the nosebleeds that will not be as shameful as the first time, the unspeakable intoxication can be said to be the only entertainment in this school year.Even if the cultivation is boring and hard, as long as he sees the flame, his heart will be more firm.What he didn't say just now is that an important reason for the pursuit of powerful strength is because of the flames. He knows that now he is not worthy of flames anyway, and he must become stronger.Only to really pursue her qualifications.And the cultivation of the Yin and Yang is the only way for him.At the beginning, the yin and yang crowns will only be wonderful, and wish all the scholars a happy Christmas, all thoughts, everything.

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