Chapter 413 Artifact of Skeleton Face

Facing the golden scissors with a trace of blood from the five necks.The skeleton face Wang Xiaolei's body and mind shock, the fear spread the whole body, and quickly released a white light from the body. The white light transformed into gold instantly. Then, a golden aperture with strange glory was released from him, the aperture rotated, and it emitted.Woo.

A Jin's face suddenly changed, because she found that when the aperture appeared, the effect of the attributes of the enemy disappeared.The golden scissors collided in that golden halo and closed instantly before, and then swept out. A loud noise was blocked. Akin was shocked and turned out.

Ji Shi, who has been sitting firmly on the sofa, suddenly got up, because he could see that the reason why Akin closed the alloy scissors was because she was afraid that her widow maker would be damaged.Widow maker is a secondary artifact!Can her make such a judgment, is it ...

While Akin was forced to retreat, the skeleton face had screamed."Cao Yi, what are your fools doing, do not quickly protect the young master, let's go." This guy also looked at it very much. Seeing that he would suffer a lot, and immediately greeted his men to leave.

After the golden aura in the air shocked Akin, he immediately turned into a ray of golden light and returned to the skeleton face again. The guy immediately turned his weak body and turned and ran.

A Jin snorted, his body flashed, and he chased up like lightning.At this time, Cao Yina finally rushed over. Although she kicked her in her heart, she stopped her way.

At this moment, Ji moved, no one saw how he moved, as if he just passed by a flash, and the next moment, he had blocked the skeleton face.And Cao Yi's five people were still going all out to compete with Akin.

"Insulting my partner, do you want to leave?" Ji moved quietly in front of the skeleton face, and the skeleton face couldn't hold his feet and almost hit him.Looking at Ji Shi's white hair and deep eyes, the skeleton face only felt that an indescribable chill came from the bottom of his heart. Although his strength was not very good, he was extremely sensitive.when.He has already understood that the person in front of him is even more scary than the frosty beauty with gold scissors.

"Let it open." The skeleton shouted sharply.

Ji moved coldly, watching him disdain, suddenly a slippery step, his right hand revealed, and he had already grabbed the skeleton face.

The skeleton face yelled. The Jin Guang, who had blocked Akin before, appeared again, and the golden halo came out, and instantly hit Ji.

The moment when the golden aura appeared, Ji Shi had already understood why Akin had put away his golden scissors before.This golden halo exudes a very special temperament, not the sharpness of the metal, but the elegance of the metal, the erratic breath, and the pure extreme gold fluctuations, which makes it impossible to find out it at all.Where does it come from?But the unspeakable solid feeling, but the real Ling Ji's strong soul power was shocked.At this moment, Ji Shi has affirmed his judgment.However, his hands were not retracted.

The red light shone, Ji moved on the right hand.The eye -catching glory has been brightened, and the extremely hot magic has gathered the elegant elegance of the golden halo instantly. The golden halo was shot in a moment. How can the Ji Dai make it like it?As soon as the wrist turned, the illusion flashed like it, and it was accurately grabbed on the golden halo. Suddenly, the golden halo turned red, and the collision power completely disappeared.

The skeleton face has changed greatly. The original pale skeleton face rose red, and it seemed to be struggling with all his strength.Jump, want to break free from Ji's hands.However, Ji's right hand was as firm as a rock, and copper was cast iron, and there was no shock at all.

Ji moved coldly: "The artifact depends on who is used. I don't know how your chaos gold is understood. But you don't deserve this artifact at all." While saying itHis left hand has been filmed lightly. This palm is full of noble and elegant, but everyone who is familiar with Ji Shi knows that if he is really photographed by his palm, I am afraid that the artifact care will be injured.Not to mention the fragile body of the skeleton face.

"Majo merciless." At this moment, the voice of the fat man Zhou suddenly sounded.At this time, on the other side of Akin, the widow maker has been opened again.Among the five people who stopped her, only one Cao Yi was still panting.

A loud noise, Cao Yi swept out the golden scissors after being closed, flew out from a distance, and was sprayed with blood in the air. This is the result of Akin's mercy.If he is, he has landed like his nine other partners.

The palm of Ji Shi also changed, and a loud noise, the body of the skeleton face had fallen out, just fell in front of Akin.The widow maker in Akin's hand fell off, and it seemed to fall to the ground very naturally. However, I do n’t know if it is a coincidence. The tip of the scissors was flat on the skeleton's legs, and there was a stuffy sound.

The skeleton face was originally flat, and the widow maker shot, but his limbs and heads seemed to be hanged by something.The prawns are like the mouth, and the mouth is loud, and the sound of crickets can't even call it.The eyes seemed to be staring, and there was no The eyes seemed to be staring, and there was no half blood on his face.The whole body trembled like a sieve, and suddenly his eyes rolled his eyes.

The position of the widow maker seemed to have some things like egg white egg yolk. Obviously, some functions of the skeleton face have been completely abolished.

The fat man Zhou Xiaoxiao had already come to the skeleton face next moment, watching him look, and then looking at the widow maker in Akin's hand, he couldn't help but fight a chill.He didn't really have a hand with A Jin, and he knew it at this time.This cold girl was so powerful. The previous combat process was under his gaze. A Jin's strong combat ability really left him an extremely deep impression.

The bitter smile appeared on the face of the fat man. "Didn't I have said that my men are merciless?"

A Jin glanced at him coldly, "If you don't say, the broken one is the broken one that is broken,His head. "After speaking, the widow maker lifts up. This time, there is no dirty thing on the artifact. This is one of the characteristics of the widow maker, but when it is lifted, the men, including Ji,The movement and Frey have all shrunk the heart suddenly. The deterrent power of this thing is really an artifact level for men.

Akin turned and left, but Zhou Xiaoxiao was helpless. He squatted down and patted a few palms under the skeleton face, sealed some important blood veins.Essence

Ji Shi also came over at this time, Zhou Xiaoxiao's eyes fell in his hands and held a saliva that was still struggling.**, Wang Daojun, the **, Wang Daojun, the bastard, gave his grandson for his grandson one of the three major artifacts of the Commercial Association. As the Speaker of the Commissioner, I openly violate the rules of the business association. I will not give up with him. "

BR> said, he had raised his hand to grab the golden aura in Ji's hand, but Ji Shi flashed, avoiding his grasp.

Zhou Xiaoxiao stunned, "Ji Yong, what are you doing? This is what we are stupid and rich in business associations."

Is it yours? Who can prove that this is something of your silly and rich business association? This is what we robbed, naturally us. Even your business association, just now you ask us to help you teach you lessons and lessons.This kid, this is even hired to hire us. "

Zhou Xiaoxiao stayed," Ji Dong, you are entangled.The assessment is only for you to use it at most. "

Ji moved a slight smile, and a touch of evil appeared on his face.Is the remuneration excessive? And, who said that this artifact belongs to you? If I read it correctly, this artifact of this Xinjin system should be one of our heavenly saints.It should have been us. What's more, you also said just now that this artifact was the one who gave the skeleton face in private, even if you lost the artifact, what did you have to do with you? "

Zhou ZhouLittle frowned, "That's not OK, I am the chairman of the Stupid Wealth Business Association. Ji Dong, this is not a joke. You grabbing the silly money guild, do you think of the consequences?"

"The consequence is that if the silly money business association is the enemy of us, in the near future, it will be erased from this world."At this time, they had come over and surrounded Zhou Xiaoxiao in the middle.The gas machine is hidden, even if it is as strong as Zhou Xiaoxiao, I feel a little suffocating.This time, he did not have the help of chrysanthemum pigs.In the final analysis, chrysanthemum pigs are from the saints of Tiangan.

After listening to Frey's words, Zhou Xiaoxiao calmed down, because he suddenly felt that Fer's words were not exaggerated.Perhaps, the ten young people in front of them, coupled with the opportunity, have 11 people in total, their strength is far from enough to compete with the silly and rich business association.However, he did not forget the previous lesson.The Middle -earth Empire and the Dongmu Empire were so moving for Ji to move alone. Now the five elements of the five elements invented by Ji Shi can be said to be the lifeblood of all the magicians.The Magic Association will support him without reservation.In this case, if they really want to destroy the entire silly and rich business association, they may pay a lot of money, but the final result does not seem to be impossible.Moreover, it is really expected that many people will wait to see the jokes of the silly and rich business association.After all, as the first business association in the world, the silly money exists for too long and too long.

Inhalery, Zhou Xiaoxiao reluctantly calmed his feelings of excitement. He knew that his choice at this time was likely to be related to the fate of the silly money business association in the next century.

Silently, Zhou Xiaoxiao finally raised his head and said lightly: "I haven't been here today, I haven't seen anything. Stop it."

Look at the fat manThe unwilling and unwilling look, Ji moved a smile on his face, "It seems, it is really not easy to want to live in a silly money hotel! Let's go."

周 那 那 那After careful thinking, he finally decided to press everything on these young people.Of course, what can he do even if he opposes it?Despite being a 96 -level Supreme, he will not have a chance at all if these young people are joined forces.The artifact in Ji Shi's hand will not be taken back by him.

Zhou Xiaoxiao beckoned to a middle -aged man not far away, and he walked over and whispered to the middle -aged man.Obviously, after dealing with the good afterwards. After they left, the skeleton face could not die, otherwise it would be really difficult to handle.And he had never been out before, and no matter how strong the speaker was, it was impossible to force things to fall into his head. Even if he recognized Ji to move them later, what could he say?The responsibility of the loss of artifacts is not Zhou Xiaoxiao.

Ji moved down, waved his right hand, and a faint white air flow passed from the palm of the palm, injected into the skeleton face.With a humming sound, a circle of golden halo was separated from the skeleton face. He also let go of the power of the Vulcan at the same time.Essence

Ji Shi didn't even look at this golden halo, and he had handed it to Akin. Akin took it very naturally. Jin Guang flashed, and the halo had been integrated into her body to disappear.

The skeleton face itself is not worth mentioning, but the four -crowned realm, but I do n’t know what the method is used, and it can lead to the power of chaotic gold.Ji Shi can easily restrain him, one is because his strength is not enough to play the power of artifacts at all, and the other is because of the fire in the five elements.This ring -shaped Xinjin artifact.And Akin is an authentic Xin Jin saint, and also masters the mystery of Chaos Jin. It is natural to fuse this artifact. Of course, she wants to completely control the power of this artifact.Adapt to the fusion in the true sense.

After coming out of a silly money hotel, Ji moved to pat the shoulder of the fat man. "This time, I owe you."

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