Chapter 18 Who is more important for chastity and steamed buns

"Nothing, just like here, it is also food." Di Jin said busy: "It is mainly hidden over there, and here is a processing fast food."

"Oh!"Meng Fan pretended to believe that he would no longer speak.

They took some food and returned to the ground. There are gas, stoves, and cooking. It is not a problem to cook. What surprises Meng Fan is that there are still water here.It is far away here and does not connect the tap water pipeline. These water are all natural and non -polluted mountain spring water led to the mountains.

Ten minutes later, a rich lunch began.Food has instant noodles, sausages, peanuts, various cans, and dehydrated vegetables. Even in Tianjiao, Meng Fan rarely eats such rich food.Of course, there is one thing that is essential, that is wine.

Moutai, Wuliangye, Bailan land in France, red wine, British whiskey ... There are almost all famous wines in the world here. Dijin is a person who can enjoy life.Come to enjoy.

"What wine do you drink?" After showing his rich reserves, Dijin's name also changed, and he began to call Meng Fan brothers instead of the elder brother.

Meng Fan does not care what Dijin is called, because even if someone kneels on the ground and licks your toes and calls your grandpa, it does not mean that when you turn aroundSo the title is just a title, which cannot represent his respect for you.

"I'm still some Chinese bar!" Meng Fan said with a smile.

"Okay, then Moutai! Or Moutai can represent the motherland more."

Eight people are surrounded by a table, with peanut rice and a dozen boxes of cans on the table. Among them,Most of the beef cans, the other are canned fruit, and there are several cut sausages, soaked dehydrated vegetables.

Zhang Bingbing's face was full of smiles. From this smile, Meng Fan felt that even if the two brothers Di Jindi would want to ** her tonight, she may not refuse, because if it was outside, she was raped outside and was raped outside.Women often do not get any compensation.

In the last days, changing to a full meal with the body is a very cost -effective buying and selling for many beautiful women. The so -called virginity is far better than a steamed bun.

Perhaps in Zhang Bingbing's eyes, Di Yu's scarring face has become cute with this rich meal.

The eight people who eat have changed from the original hostile state to a warm family.The people who can survive are the darlings of God. This is a church. First of all, we have to thank God for retaining our lives, not let us become a zombie, nor let us starve to the streets. Thank you for our hard -working farmers.Provided us with food, thanks to those who processed food that they could keep the food for a long time. Here, I want to go to Zhang Bingbing, yes, what are you called the student girl? "

"Xu Xiaoxiao!" Student girl whispered.

"Oh! Yes, I want to say sorry to the big star Zhang Bingbing and Xu Xiaoxiao. At that time, it was really the situation.His remarks made Meng Fan feel that he was not like the leading leader of the criminal organization of Chinese criminal organizations like the infamous and famous Chinese criminal organization.

Zhang Bingbing is obviously ease of this occasion. She raised her wine glass and laughed: "Mr. Di does not have to apologize. I know that Mr. Di did not intend to hurt me and Miss Xu.If it weren't for Mr. Di, how could we have such a rich lunch. When we return to the government base in the future, we will surely prove to the government of the government. Mr. Di will be a great person.Is it true? "

Dijin's face changed, but he quickly returned to normal. He laughed:" Miss Zhang said, think that I am too cold here, is the grade too low?"

" No, no, no. "Zhang Bingbing said with a hurry.

Di Jinhaha smiled: "Just don't, then you might as well stay for two more days, go back, let's talk about it! It's not me to boast, I must be much better here than the government base, you want to thinkAll survivors are closer to the government base. The food of the government base must be tense. Even if the government's measures are in place, even if the government measures are in place, even if the survivor is isolated for a certain time, who dares to guarantee the virusThe incubation period will not become longer. There are so many survivors from the government base. Once someone carrys the S virus, it may spread between the survivors. Due to the dense population of the government base, rescue will be very difficult.Once it is unavailable, it is not ruled out that the government's abandonment of civilians and the possibility of the military withdrew from Beishan County. Isn't it an example in Guzhou City? "

In principle, Meng Fan's heart was secretly: "Zhang Bingbing is now a woman without any freedom. She stays completely without herself, so Dijin has no need to persuade her to stay, so Dijin's words are clearly clear.It was to say to me, because as long as I didn't leave, Zhang Bingbing couldn't leave. What should I say? Now I don’t know where Dijin hides the weapon in, so it is a pity to leave.How can I relax Dijin? By the way, I have to leave, but I ca n’t go away immediately, and I want to pretend to be proud but no city, so that Di Jin despise me, thinking that I am not difficult to deal with."

" This ...? "Zhang Bingbing didn't know how to answer Dijin. She looked at Meng Fan. She understood in her heart. In fact, she said that she couldn't leave.Meng Fan said it.

Meng Fan smiled slightly, and said concisely: "I live for a day, leave soon in the morning, and want to walk together, don't want to go casually."

In the last days, strength represents everything.Meng Fan will not ask Dijin's opinion at all. Don't look at the four people. There are only two of them. He is alone, and dare to pick up four of them.

"The official of the head of Meng is so anxious?" Since Meng Fan said, Dijin stopped asking them to live for two more days, but asked softly.

"Yes." Meng Fan cherished the word like gold, refused to say one more word.

"Why?" Di Jin asked a bit like a small Shenyang.

"Because I am a soldier."

"Why? How many soldiers lost contact with the army after the virus broke out and did not go back.... "Later, there was a woman, but Dijin stopped, and then said with a smile," It's not much stronger than in the army. "

" People have their own aspirations, they are them, I am me."Every time Meng Fan said, he directly pushed Dijin back and did not give him a little face.

The atmosphere is a bit embarrassing, but Dijin is not an ordinary person. He immediately raised his wine glass and said boldly: "Good people have their own aspirations, okay, I am not reluctant.Everyone sitting is also okay, and I say a word of heart, as long as you feel bad in the outside world, I want to come back, my door is open for you at any time. "

BR> This sentence makes Meng Fan feel that Dijin is very like a green forest in "Water Margin". It is very righteous. Of course, it is just that it is just that he must not mean that he must be.Speaking of false words should not be difficult for people like them.

The language is often pale and weak. It is easy to say, and it is not necessarily possible to do it.There is a sentence called the ear to hear as a virtual, and see it as a consciousness, but Meng Fan is more willing to believe that the ear listening is not necessarily true, because in this world, there are many things that even if you see it yourself, it is likely that it is a certainSome people deliberately arranged the illusion. Therefore, when identifying something, they must be concluded after the brain's rational thinking. This should be what the ancients said twice and then moved!

So how do you judge what Dijin said is true or false. It is very simple. First of all, look at his history.He can be said to be exhausted and folded, but he can still be able to give away the law. What does this show that he is definitely a person with a deep city and a very cautious person.What happened.Meng Fan is a military person. He already knows now, so what's the reason for him to put a soldier who already knows that he has known him to return to Beishan County alive? Isn't he worrying that Meng Fan betrayed him?If he is a person who is angry, can he still live now?

Thinking of this, Meng Fan concluded that Di Jin will never be so easy to put himself back. Meng Fan believes that he is a military fire dealer.Talking about the hiding of the weapon, it shows that he is very careful about Meng Fan. Meng Fan now clearly told him that he would leave tomorrow. Then he had to kill Meng Fan and Tong Meng rumors.That is, from now to tomorrow.

Meng Fan deliberately set the time to leave in tomorrow. In fact, it is to force him to get out of the weapon where the weapon is in the Tibetan weapon, so as to clarify where he hides the weapon.So much time and energy to play with him.

Dijin raised the glass, and said loudly, "Come, we can meet us in the last days."

The wine was taken out of the basement with Di Jin, and the cup wasTong Mengzhu was brushed and sent to everyone's hands. Meng Fan filtered the whole process in his heart. He thought that there would be no omissions, so he raised the wine glass. Tong Meng rumor saw him raised his glass before he lifted it up.

"Dream of ballads, don't you not drink?" Meng Fan laughed.

Tong Meng rumored for a moment, and immediately understood Meng Fan's meaning, so he put down the wine glass and said, "I drink water."

Di Jin laughed: "Yeah, unlike me, there are eight wives, all of which are fierce as tigers. "

" The knocked wife and good noodles are often repaired. "Meng Fan said with a smile.