Chapter 56 Do you want to eat human flesh

Hearing this, Meng Fan couldn't lie anymore, he opened his eyes and sat up.

"Ah ..." The two middle -aged people in front of them yelled in horror, but they called differently, one yelled: "There is a ghost!"Yes: "Zombies, live dead!"

The younger one of them ran out immediately, and this older one seemed to be bigger, he Yes: "Zombies, live dead!"

The younger one of them ran out immediately, and this older one seemed to be bigger, he fucking behind the door, he put it behind the doorThe ghost knife split on Meng Fan's head.

How can he hurt Meng Fan with his speed?When the man raised the knife to the highest, Meng Fan stood up and flew up and flew out. He hit him on the courtyard wall and died like that.

There was a row of iron hooks on the courtyard wall. He happened to hit the iron hook, so he was killed by the hook.The blood stains above this iron hook, I do n’t know how many dead meat, but now it has been replaced by himself. It is really a causal cycle!

This foot also made Meng Fan understand that his superpowers did not disappear. Although the power that played was only at most only half before the injury, it is estimated that it is only because of too much physical energy consumption.As long as it takes a period of rest, it will be recovered.

Meng Fan is not killed for the first time. Besides, this person originally wanted to eat a faint self. Now people are alive and do it. Isn't he looking for death?So Meng Fan didn't feel guilty at all.

At this time, Meng Fan was completely naked. His clothes were all picked up by the two guys, and Meng Fan's body was obviously cleaned.I'm afraid they really have become their meals.

I just don't know why they said that Meng Fan was dead. Isn't he still alive?

Meng Fan quickly stopped this meaningless thinking, and found it in this courtyard.

This courtyard looks very simple. The rooms are all wooden structures. The courtyard walls are surrounded by bamboo. There are several bone tip knives in the courtyard.The meat.

Meng Fan immediately ran over and gobbled up. After taking a few mouthfuls, he saw a human finger in the basin.

Meng Fan died suddenly, then began to vomit, and spit out the things you just eaten.But after vomiting, Meng Fan began to hesitate again. This is human flesh, but human flesh is also meat. Now Meng Fan's body needs energy urgently. After eating these human flesh, Meng Fan's chances of living will greatly increase.

Eating or not, not just about moral quality, but also about life and death.

For thousands of years, not eating the same kind has become a view of human beings almost instinctively, but in the war or disaster era of food deficiency, people eating people have never been legendary.

Contradictions, tangled, even when the guns became a zombie Liang Shuang, Meng Fan did not have such contradictions, because Liang Shuang had become a zombie at the time.The vent of human feelings cannot represent the final decision.

I paused for ten seconds, and only paused for ten seconds. Meng Fan tilted the meat inside and ate slowly.

For Meng Fan, living is more important than anything, so the problem of eating or not eating does not need to consider too long at all, and this time, Meng Fan did not vomit anymore again.Essence

Although they do n’t eat human flesh, Meng Fan may not die, but for a person who is very fighting but hungry, it ’s a lot of possibility to live after eating a full meal.

After eating things, Meng Fan felt slightly restored some physical strength. In fact, this is not only because of eating things. After sleeping for so long, Meng Fan's spirit is much better than before.

"I didn't expect me, Meng Fan would fall into the situation of eating dead meat." Meng Fan said to himself with a certain mockery, "Fortunately, there are no outsiders here, and no one sees me to eat me to eat.Human meat. "

Sometimes, what really wants to come, because a sound suddenly sounds in the ears.

"Uncle, can you put your clothes on before eating, do you think you are exposed?" A very nice woman's voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

After the disaster, Meng Fan rarely pays attention to his face cleaning, so now he looks like a beard, and it is difficult for people who do not know to see his true age.

Meng Fan turned around alertly, only to find that there was a pillar in the corner of the yard, there was a pillar, and a person was tied to the pillar. Because she was pressed by the miscellaneous object, MengNo one found her just now.

This should be a woman. This is judged from her voice, because from her face, it is polite to say that Meng Fan has seen the ugliest woman in her life.

A marijuana with a face on the left half, with a pustule that has begun to ulcerate on the right half, and there is a ugly black fetal notes on the forehead.

Just looking at this, Meng Fan didn't want to go to the second glance, so he ignored her at all, but went to wear his own clothes, but Meng Fan now has one less hand and wearIt ’s a lot of trouble to get the clothes. Fortunately, the left arm is still there. Meng Fan hung his clothes on the iron hook, slowly extended his hand in, and took more than ten minutes to finally wear the clothes and light armor.leave.

Meng Fan killed the people here, and listened to the meaning of their conversation. This is not only the two of them. There should be many people, but those people go to the mountains to hunt.

"Hey! We are the same as the End of the World, you should always save me!" The woman was not polite to say something: "Don't look at me ugly, the same is the sameWoman, and I have a beautiful sister. As long as you save me, my sister is grateful to you, maybe ... "

Meng Fan actually planned to save her, no matter what, she alsoA living person may only be the snacks of this group of people.

Put on the bright armor again, insert a alloy war knife on the back, and don't have a 10 -type automatic pistol from Li Qiuyun on the waist. Although there are fewer bullets, only eight rounds, but for MengIn general, the gun is generally needed under normal circumstances.

Meng Fan pulled out the military knife and walked slowly. Although the woman was ugly and scary, it seemed very calm, not like an ordinary villager.

Kicking off the debris and gently waved the knife. The rope on the woman immediately disconnected. The woman smiled slightly and moved a little bit.Stretch out his right hand.

A Meng Fan couldn't think of the opening remarks. It seems that the killer is a very secretive act. How can he tell others easily?Could it be that she gave her strong and brave.

But then again, the killer is very secretive. It is a matter of the previous world. The area in this area is now the world of zombies, so it is not important what identity was before.Because the zombies will not care what kind of career you are before, what identity, and you should eat it.

Also, how can a name like a fairy tale, how can you have a ugly face?So Meng Fan was wondering if she was afraid of others to recognize her, or she was afraid of being beautiful and encountered in the same kind.But is the truth that Meng Fan does not care? Meng Fan is more interested in food, women?No need for the time being.

"You don't have to know it. I am not interested in you and your so -called sister. Now you are free and you can leave, but do n’t follow me, you see, I eat human flesh.

Tongmeng rumors seem to be slightly surprised: "Don't you really plan to go with me? Many people and many helpers, you must know that I am not an ordinary person, I have a strong ability to survive."

"Can you not resist being tied to the pillar?"

"Hey! Don't you reveal my short termination, Guan Gong still defeated Maicheng? Besides, you are so powerful, not, not, not, not, notThey were also caught by them. "

" I'm hungry, let alone, in the end they don't still die at my feet. "
"When chasing, they accidentally hit their traps. Otherwise, how could they catch me with them. "

Meng Fan no longer ignores her and leaves the small courtyard quickly, but children's dream rumors willStill follow him and talk about the reason why she was arrested.

"You can leave." Meng Fan said coldly.

"Cut, do you think I love to follow you! Hum! Don't think I don't know why you don't tell me the name, you are afraid that I will tell others that you eat human flesh, but this is really nothing.At this time, it is not unusual to slaughter the living people, not to mention that you just eat some people who have made others. "

It seems that the killers in the movie are very proud and silent, but why Meng Fan meetsWhat about a long tongue woman?Maybe she was not a killer at all, it was just her own bragging.

"Do you believe or not, if you follow me, I will slaughter you to eat when I am hungry."
"" Cut! You think I am scaredI won't follow you anymore. If you weren't for saving me, do you think I am willing to follow you? "Tong Meng rolling said, and he chose another way to leave.

However, Meng Fan's heart seems to have a premonition, and he feels that he will encounter this woman again.

Two hours later.

Now the location of Meng Fan should be a countryside, because there is an endless terraced field around, but the ground is deserted, and unknown weeds grow more lush than crops.

Naturally, there will be villages where there are places in the field. Meng Fan stood on a tall hill and looked at it. When he saw a village outside of a thousand meters.

This is a very happy thing for Meng Fan. There may be no one in the village, but there are generally foods, especially in rural areas. Most farmers have some grains in their homes.

But most people in the past have zombies. Meng Fan can only say that he would not encounter high -level zombies.

Walking cautiously to the front of the village, the first one who came out to meet Meng Fan was a puppy called "Wangwang".

The fur of this dog is yellow and white. At first glance, it is the kind of hybrid dog that is not valuable at all. From the perspective of its eyes and its cry, it seems that the original characteristics are retained.No mutation has occurred.