Chapter 78

Lan Bao'er shook his head "Ji Dong, if it wasn't for you this time, I am afraid that I couldn't even complete the preliminary exam. You were born and died, so I got these troops.There are more than forty. You can put it away from the others. "

Ji moves the right color:" It's not me who is born and died, but the two of us.

When I was against the enemy, if I didn't have you, I couldn't defeat the opponent in the end. I only took half of it. If you insist that you doAfter the two series of crystal nucleus with Ding Huo, the other crystal nucleus took only half, stood up, and turned to leave.

"Ji Dong, you" Lan Baoer hurriedly grabbed his sleeves and looked at Frey as he asked for help.

Ferry smiled, and said, "Baoer, don't be polite to him. Can you still see it, my little brother's temper is very stubborn. Although these Warcraft crystal cores are worth a lot of valueMoney, but it is not a precious thing. Just put it away. Go, we enter the city, and our brother invite you to eat to celebrate the smooth completion of the preliminary exam. "

Lan Baoer had to collect the remaining crystal nucleus, and the three went in the direction of the Central Plains City together.

Zhongyuan City is still so lively. Although it is not the first time to watch the city from the outside, when looking at it, Ji Dong still feels shocking.At this point, it was getting late, and the setting sun shone shining on the city, rendering a layer of red golden glory.

As soon as he entered the city, Feri took the two to walk towards the city with a light car. After passing through several streets, he entered one of the top ten main roads in the Central Plains City.Named according to the magic of the ten series.The palace is located in the land of the central land.

At this time, Ferry took them on the Binghuo Avenue. These main roads were extremely wide, and even ten carriages would not feel the slightest crowded.

Just set foot on this main road, Ji Shi immediately smelled a strong aroma, which was the smell of barbecue.

Frehaha laughed and said, "That's it. I invite you to eat barbecue, this is where I usually come."

Ji Tong looked at Weiru's eyesOn the left side of the two fire avenues, a large -scale restaurant is seen. There are only three floors on the restaurant, but the height of each floor is more than five meters. Although in tall buildings on both sides of the main road, it is also very easy to identifyEssenceBecause it is fiery red, it is different from the vast majority of yellow buildings.

Feri took Ji Shi and Lambaoer into the hotel, and did not need to be led by the waiter. He found a table in the lobby on the first floor and shouted loudly: "Special -name barbecue, first of all, firstCome to ten skewers. The height of wheat wine is three liters. Hurry up, hurry up, "Lei Di's temperament is like his magic, hot and eager.

"Guest you later, come for a while."

I heard that the waiter responded, Frey laughed like Ji Shi and Lan Baoer: "The barbecue here is the Central Plains.The city is the best. The key is to be tender in the inside. The key is enough to eat it. Eat it with a lot of money. The barbecue must be equipped with wheat wine, and the concentration of wheat wine. It is fun to eat. Baoer, do you want to eat something else? "

Lan Bao'er smiled slightly and shook his head, and said, "Just eat the same as my brother."

After a while, the waiter took a huge tray and sent the soil to send the soil to come to come to the soil.There are indeed ten skewed barbecue in the tray, but this barbecue is really large enough. Each skewers are one meter long, ten pieces of earth noodles, golden grilled meat, and the rich meat fragrance comes from the nose., Eating the purpose of food.

Frey grabbed a string of "Come, taste it. This is the lamb meat of the soil and other soil, which is extremely delicate.

Never stuff the teeth. Water wine is faster."
A large glass of wheat wine was sent to the soil, and Feri Zhang Luo tied Ji Shi and Lan Baoer, and he had already started to eat.His appearance is like his people, rude and wild.

Ji Shi also grabbed a string, a large piece of barbecue entrance, suddenly full of aroma, the hot barbecue bite the rich gravy, and the mouth was full of mouth.Lien.The two generations were human, and Ji Shi never eaten such a delicious barbecue.As Frey said, the key is to enjoy such a large skewed barbecue.

After eating the dry food for a few days, Ji Xun's stomach had long been in trouble. At this time, he was not polite. He ate it, and seemed to be as faster to compete with Frey.

Wheat wine is presented as a strong amber, which is not transparent. Drink it in one bite. The cold and rich wheat fragrance flows into the throat.How deeply studied Ji Xun's wine.Immediately understand that the height of Ferry before is the high concentration of malt rather than alcohol.This kind of wheat wine is a real liquid bread.Drink a big mouth and eat meat.This kind of pleasant pleasure Ji Shi couldn't help but enjoy it.I thought in my heart, I must remember this place, and I can come frequently in the future.

Ten one -meter -long meat skewers add up to ten pounds of meat.Lan Baoer hadn't finished eating yet, but the remaining nine skewers had been divided by Ji Shi and Frex. Compared with his brother, Ji Shi just ate a series of less.

Thunder Emperor wiped the oil of the soil Let ’s make it with special methods. The technical requirements are high, the key is fresh enough, mellow enough.

Frankly, although I like alcohol and like all kinds of wine. But I do n’t like the bar.On the contrary, I prefer the feeling here. Usually, when I am okay, I will come here to eat something.

In the future, you will also come often. The waiter, come again for another ten meters. "This is two meters high. This is two meters high. This is two meters high. This is two meters high.A few pounds of meat was nothing at all for him, and he was far from full.

He was talking, and suddenly, Ji Shi saw a few familiar figures, a total of more than a dozen people, four of which were more familiar to the female disciple who ranked third in Yinyang Academy., Laying the water is the fifth -ranking Jiamu Lingtian and the sixth ranking Renshui Ruohan Ruohan and the tenth -ranked soil.

Although he is not familiar with the rest, he also faintly remembers that these are all people in the Yin and Yang Academy, and from an age point of view, they are too big. They should be the top senior in the school.

Ji Shi saw it, and Lan Baoer naturally saw "Brother Ferry, Sister Ye Xin, they are here. Do people from Yin and Yang School like to come here?"

Frey's gaze beating slightly, nodded silently, and said something that Ji Shi and Lan Baoer did not understand, "Rarely they have this heart."

Ye Xin, Longtian also watched them.When the three were on the side of Fre, but did not sit over and took another larger table from the other side of them.

"Lei Di, did you take them to the first exam? How can you take a bite?" Ye Xin asked in surprise.In the face of Ray Difer, she seemed a little restrained.

Frey said faintly: "Their preliminary examination has been completed. Go to eat your meal. Thank you for me."

Ye Xin smiled slightly "We just like a bite of fragrant barbecue. Then I won't bother you. "As she said, she blinked to Lan Baoer, and then walked back to her table.

Ferre Xiang Ji and Lan Baoer said: "It's strange. In fact, here is" he just said here, suddenly, a loud voice sounded "Weirui, come again for his brother to support his brother.It's. I haven't seen your kid! "

Ji moved to look at it, and saw a strong man who was not smaller than Frey. This strong man wore a chef's clothes,In a few steps, they came to their table, and they were not polite. They opened the chair and sat down.

Lan Baoer made a exclaiming low, but in Weiru's sharp eyes, he hurriedly covered his mouth and saw the person's appearance, Ji Shi was slightly shocked.

The strong man wearing chef's clothes looked like he was in his forties. Although he was strong, he had no right arm, and there was only one black hole left in the left eye.The faces were all flaws, and they looked extremely scary.Lan Baoer was just a little girl, and naturally was startled.

What even surprised Ji Shi and Lan Baoer was that Ferry was the chief of the Yinyang Academy, the six -crowned Thunderboy, and the dignified Thunder Emperor.In the face of this chef, he was very respectful: "Brother, I have gone for a long time. Recently, I went to the North Water Empire Bartender Association.

The chef laughed:" SeeCome, your kid's nine -star bartender is roasted. Yes, come here to adjust two glasses for his brother. These two are new little guys. "While saying, he said to Ji Shi and Lantao.Children smiled kindly, but his smile with his face was really ugly and frightened.

Ferry said: "Yeah! These two little guys have just passed the first exam. Big brother, do you drink a few glasses together?"

The chef shook his head and laughed: "I listened to the little brothers under my hands and said you came to see it. I have a lot of work there. Those little brothers are not good, and this barbecue is also a science.It ’s so hot, but I ca n’t smash my scent of fragrant. You eat slowly, this meal is me. Even if you are welcome to the new guy."

While saying that the chef has stoodGet up, turn his head and leave. After the night heart, when Longtian's table, he greeted them.

"It's strange why I respect him so respectful, right?" Frey said with some emotion.

Ji moved: "This chef should be the magician. And it is our Cinghuo system. If I didn't guess it was wrong, the grilled meat here was so delicious, it should be that he used two to use two.It was baked by fire. "

Frey nodded, saying:" Little brother, your observation is very careful. You are right. He is called A Bing, because when he shows magic skillsLike a endless horror artillery, everyone gave him a nickname called gun dragon. When he left Yinyang Academy, his magic was five crowns. Now it should still be five crowns. For me, Brother Cannon is for me.It's like I am now. At first, he took me to the Eling Mountains to take the preliminary exam. When I was the first time I was in the battlefieldThe price paid in the sacred battlefield to save me. "

" Brother Cannon is originally ranked eighth in Yinyang Academy, and is a student who is very optimistic about the teacher.
After disabled, he couldn't break through the six crowns. He was not resentful or dissatisfied. He abandoned the recruitment of the major empires and unions, and took the pension issued by the college to open this fragrance here. "

When talking about this, Frey seemed very calm, but from his slightly trembling eyes, Ji Shi could see a lot of things.

"Brother Gonglong is born with a boldness, I can have today, I can become a thunder in the Yinyang School, except for the teacher, he will help me the most. He will always be my brother.

Here, it's not for consumption here. Every time you come, in addition to eating a skewed skewers grilled by Brother Gonglong, it is more to see him. I know that he used to cultivate to the Binghuo LordThe highest realm is the goal. "

Lan Baoer's eye circles have become red." Sorry, Brother Ferry. I will apologize to Big Brother Bao Long. "Girl. How could Brother Bigmong care about this little thing? He will be very happy to see our disciples in Yin and Yang Academy. He gave up many good treatment and chose to stay in Central Plains City, more because of the Yinyang AcademyReally. But he knows that he cannot teach new students, so he still chose to leave. From beginning to end, he did not cause a little trouble to the college. "

It is another ten meatAfter the skewers were sent, although Ji Shi had been full, he still picked up another and tasted the skewers again. He found that the taste of a scent seemed to have changed again.

At this moment, Frey, who was sitting opposite Ji, suddenly stood up, and everyone at the table at the table was also standing up not far away.Ji Tong turned his head and looked at the gate of a fragrant hotel, and saw a silver -haired older sister walking in from the outside.

This old sister is very characteristic. Although it looks like it is not small, she wears a very gorgeous blue dress.Even young girls rarely wear such bright colors.And it is a standard noble palace dress.Holding a dark blue -like crystal -clear scepter like coral in his right hand, he walked slowly to the hotel step by step. Her movement was really slow, as if she was afraid of the dresses on her body.

Strangely, although she is gorgeous, she does not wear any jewelry.Between the eyes of the eyes, the waist rods are quite straight like a young man.