Chapter 119 Family Mission

Eight silver -grade weapons, thirty -six top silver -grade weapons and more than 100 sets of top -level silver -grade armor, plus Ho Shang Panna's 250 yuan of Chinese productsThe silver -grade weapon bought by the soulstone is a silver -grade weapon. Xiao Yan has obtained a total of more than 300 yuan of Chinese soulstone. This number is definitely a heavenly wealth among the disciples of the outer courtyard.So even elite disciples are difficult to have such a large amount of wealth.

Even Xiao Yan did not expect that he would get such a large amount of money. Speaking of which he would like to thank He Shangpan, if it wasn't for him, he would definitely spend a lot of money.strength.[]

With so much money, Xiao Yan wants to quench his true gas, of course, he will not use the soul stone directly, quench the true gas, and there is something better than the soul stone, onlyHowever, these things are more expensive, so Xiao Yan did not think about it at first, but now he has enough money to buy. He can't say his true gas, and he can reach medium quality soon.With skills, with the skills, the strength absolutely increased, and there are more killers in your hands.

Jin Yunshi.

This is what Xiao Yan needs to buy. Ordinary soulstone whether it is the top product or the Chinese product, it contains a kind of energy.True qi can be quenched, but if you want to quench your true gas faster and better, you can buy a heavenly material treasure that contains different energy according to the attributes of true gas, and the soulstone is often used as currency.

Jin Yunshi is such a treasure of heaven, which contains powerful metallic properties, and the Luo Ashura Tao that Xiao Yan is now cultivated is also a metallic method.Only to reach the level of Luo Yan's murderousness.

Although there are few Jin Yunshi, there are also some sold in the Hanjia Market. Most of the inner disciples have better tempering things.Zhongpin Soul Stone, this is a huge number for most of the outside disciples, so the use of Jin Yunshi to quen the true gas is more luxurious.

Xiao Yan bought ten pieces at one time. According to his estimation, these ten golden stones were at least enough for him to use the real gas for one month, and it was enough to raise his true gas quality to five.The above.

"Xiao Xiao, you finally come back." As soon as Xiao Yan returned to Qingqu Peng, there was a person who joined them with the Han family who came to the Han family.You have been for a long time. "

" What's the matter? "Xiao Yan asked strangely.

"That's it. The family has released a task to us. Everyone who just comes here must do it. It is said that it is an entry -level training task.The huge benefits, the heads of Yang and Brother Wei have already gone, let me wait for you to inform you here, so as not to plant it in the room after you come back. "The man said.

"Oh, you have the heart, thank you. Let's go and see what the task is?" Xiao Yan asked.

"Oh, helping Captain Xiao, you should do things. If you do n’t have everyone, I might die early. How can I have the first batch of this ability to enter the Cold Bingcheng?" The man touched his head, some did not, some of them, no, no, no, no, no, no, some, noI was so embarrassed, and then said, "I have already inquired about the specific tasks, saying that in a small secret in the inner city of our cold home, for some reason, it is connected to the outside world., Run in a batch of fierce wolves, and to harm the spiritual beasts in the small secrets everywhere. What we have to do is to hunt these fierce wolves. When I heard that the fierce wolf was killed, I could get a little contribution. I went toOther outside disciples have inquired, and the contribution value uses a lot. As long as it is enough, it seems to be able to exchange for anything. This time, not only we will participate, but also other disciples of other peaks will also participate, because there are too many wolves in the wolf clusters, because there are too many wolves.It ’s just that as a disciple who just joined the family, we just encountered this task as an assessment of combat power."

"Other peaks also participate?At this time, the rewards are jealous and must not be missed. "Xiao Yan thought about it.

During the speaking, the two have come to the place where Qingqueta picks up the task. It is a deacon of Tang who publishes the task.It is the contribution value of the ancestral court in hell.

"Captain Xiao, I have received the task, and I take a step first." The member came here with Xiao Yan and said.In fact, he had already taken the mission. The purpose of his stay was just waiting for Xiao Yan to tell him.

"Okay, be careful when the task is, you'd better do tasks with other companions. Wolf creatures are generally tied in groups, and more people are safer." Xiao Yan remindedEssenceAlthough these ordinary member strength is relatively good, the equipment is not good. This large task is too dangerous if one person is done.

"I understand." After speaking, the man waved towards Xiao Yan and quickly rushed to the small secret of the task.

Small secrets are the space developed by people with great abilities. According to the size and stability of the secrets, they are divided into different levels such as pseudo -secrets, small secrets, medium secrets, and big secrets.There are many such secrets in the Han family, and every city will not lack this.

"Tang Dedan, I don't know what the girl Han is doing recently. I want to find her some things, but I don't know where she is." Seeing Tang's dealer, Xiao Yan did not rush to pick up the task, but insteadSaid.

Han Xichao once said that he got her identity nameplate, not only representing the recognition of Han Xichao, but also what else hidden in it, and her father and her father's father and her father.What the agreement is related, Han Xichao said that he would tell him clearly after coming to Han's house, but he has never seen her since he has been, so he is asked now.

"I know you have been recognized by Miss Qi, and also got her identity nameplate. Miss Qi once looked for you, but at that time you were tempting.There is something wrong with her home and needed her to deal with it. Now she should be on the way to complete the task. If there is something, just wait for her to come back and talk. "Tang Sui said.

"That's it, thank you for notifying Tang." Xiao Yan stunned, but he did not expect Han Xichao to find herself. It seemed that she really had to value her.

"You should come here to pick up the task now? Just now your companion wants to tell you very clearly, you go now." As soon as Tang Sui raised his hand, a mark appeared in a mark.In Xiao Yan's hands: "Each of the wolves this time has reached the stage of true gas. In the small secret, there is a grassland, and the terrain is wide and flat. Be careful not to be surrounded if you fight.It will make you truly understand the cruelty of hell. This task will be divided into winning or defeat according to the crystal nucleus obtained by a person. Each time you get a crystal nucleus, you can get a little ancestral contribution value.The more, the more you have just come, there are other rewards, and the task marks on your hands will record all the battle and prevent cheating. "

" Thank you for your deacon. "Xiao Yandao, although he knew all these experiences, of course, he would be grateful for the other party.

"Don't thank me, you get the nameplate of Miss Qi. The significance of this inscription card is not the same as small. You don't want to weaken the name of the lady."

"What does her nameplate represent?" Xiao Yan asked strangely.

"Miss Qi will tell you naturally that the old slaves will not talk much. Anyway, you have to remember, you must try everything to compare others."Then he waved Xiao Yan and waved the Astronomy Network. Although the disciples of other peaks were not mandatory, more and more people took the task. You go early and early."

" Okay."

" What will happen to others?"After leaving Tang's deacon, Xiao Yan touched this sentence. It seems that Han Xichao didn't tell himself that it was not easy. There were so many people in the Han family. Of course, I can compete in the outer courtyard, but I am about to reach the leader.In the level, the doorway that can be said in it is big, which means that it is not just that the foreign hospital is better than others. The inner hospital is even promoted directly to a leader disciple, which is better than others.

Every leader disciple is all disciples.It is not easy to deal with, as far as the cold tide is concerned, she is so powerful. Now she is also the master of the peak, and also a leader -level disciple. Xiao Yan asked him that the strength of Lihan Xichao was far from.

HeAlthough the strength of the strength is not only the top of the disciples of the outer hospital, but also the top of the elite level. It only stepped into the leader level in one step.Even if the mountain peak is obtained, it is the weakest of all leaders, because among the elite disciples in the field, the advantages of his root bone will disappear after entering the leader level, because the person at the level of each leader reaches the leader level levelThe time is not for a while, and the root bones are much stronger than him. The skill method is the key training object of such a large city of the Han family.Disciples are better than going, how easy is it to talk about?"Xiao Yan smashed his mouth and showed a smile:" But this is the challenge. Anyway, I don't want to be pressed by a group of leaders -level baby."

In his opinion, even if it is Han Xichao, it is also tender now.

The small secrets of nurturing spiritual beasts are not far from the blue bird peak.I found that many disciples of outer doors walked there, and there were all peaks. It seems that things have spread, Xiao Yan no longer hesitate, and pits it into a small secret.

Putting others othersIt's not difficult for him to continue.

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