Chapter Twenty Twenty L forces

In the small secrets of the spirit beast, it is a vast grassland, with occasional mountain peaks, and the different dimension world where the Xinwu City they had stayed in the new Wucheng they once stayed.But there is no sun, and there is no day and night. This is the case every time, and other natural phenomena such as other ** wind blowing are still there.

Xiao Yan took a deep breath with a slightly moist grasses, but only felt that he was refreshed, and a melodious wolf floating in the distance, he heard Xiao Yan's eyes slightly cold, his body shape, his body shapeYoudi came out of the direction in the direction of the sound.[]

At the entrance of the small mystery, a large number of people have gathered. The nearby wolves have been cleaned up. Only after deep into the grassland of the small mystery can we find the trace of the wolf group. This time, this timeThe wolves in the small secret are huge, at least tens of thousands of. Fortunately, it is scattered. Otherwise, with their disciples of these foreign courtyards, if you want to drive all the wolves, the casualties must be difficult to be too big.bear.

In this secret, the danger is not just those wolves that break in. Similarly, other spirit beasts living here are also a source of danger.

The so -called spiritual beasts are creatures that are good, high, and easy to communicate. Only such creatures can establish a relationship with the human race.Biology can be said to be that the talent of hell creatures is quite good, with huge potential, and can get the spirit beast, which will definitely help themselves.Is it strong or not.

If you want to get the spirit beast, it is not a relaxed thing. The more powerful the spirit beast, the better the potential, the more unwilling to be restrained.Powerful, when they choose the human race, they often depend on whether that person has potential, whether it can become stronger, and whether it can bring benefits to them. Therefore, if you want to get the spirit beast, you must surrender.Although their disciples of foreign courtyards are here to help the wolf to eliminate the wolves, they are not so friendly to each other.

These wolves are not different from the spirit beasts, maybe wisdom is high, but the personality of these wolf groups is brutal, and it can not form a partner relationship with others.It is difficult to domesticate the contract with a tough means, and it is difficult to domesticate the contract. Although it will not attack his master, it is a disaster for others. Therefore, these foreign wolves will beIt is cleared, otherwise I do n’t know how many souls who are weak and small that need to be cultivated will suffer.

“给我死。”狱魔刃带着尊贵的橙黄色光芒,滑过一头灰色巨狼的颈部,那头还扑腾在空中的灰色巨狼身体顿时一凝,从半空After falling, the energy in the body overflowed, and Xiao Yan was absorbed into his body. On the ground, he lay down with the corpse of more than 20 wolf wolves.

Xiao Yan gasped slightly, walked over and gently opened the head of the giant wolf, took out a light red crystal, and more than 20 wolves were collected in just a little.Some messy, there are several places in the plane, which is cut through the sharp claws of the wolf, but there is no blood stains, and it does not hurt the flesh. It can be seen that these wolves are not so easy to deal with.

Xiao Yan's more than twenty wolves this time are all bronze levels, which is five or sixth levels taller than Xiao Yan.More than a dozen ordinary -level bronze -level fierce wolves made him a little bit messy. The wolf is one of the most group cooperation groups, and as a fierce wolf, it is too tricky to fight.He was bitten by this wolf for a meal. The energy dedicated by these twenty wolves made him a step closer to the sixth level of the Black Iron.

This is the third batch of wolves he encountered in this small secret.

"Now it has reached the level of life levels. It is really difficult to improve. It can get too little energy to kill these ordinary levels and refine it.The words of a higher level of fierce wolf are dangerous and not to mention. The key problem is that I have now 987. The root bone value of 987 can be killed.It is even more difficult to be promoted to the leader level. At that time, it was even more difficult to improve. It seems that I have to change my mind to upgrade. "Xiao Yan said to himself.

"Maybe, I should choose to hunt the murderous wolf. If you don't kill these levels, you should kill the ordinary fierce wolf of the silver level. In this way, Greatly increase the speed of upgrading, and it will not be promoted to the leader level prematurely. I am now the elite level. It should not be a big problem against the murderous wolf at the normal level of silver.Don't stay at one point to improve a lot of help. In this case, then I will go deeper and deeper.The weakest is close to the entrance. Those spiritual beasts who are unwilling to be caught as pets are turtle deeply in my secrets. "

" I heard the sound of wolf how much farther, obviouslyIt was not made by these wolves, the sound is long and long, and the strength of the fierce wolf should be at least silver level, and then go in in this direction. "Xiao Yan rested slightly in place, so he got up and continued to hear it just now.The direction of the wolf sounded.

The grassland of the small secret situation is very flat, and all kinds of grass grows to the leg bending, and some even shake the waist, so look at it from a distance.Yes, but no one knows what is hidden, and it is not as flat as you see. There are also canyons and concave ground in the grassland.

With Xiao Yan's advance, there are more and more wolves he encountered. Fortunately, the number of these wolves is not many, so they can cope, but the ears are full of various wolves in the ears.Howling, this situation, Xiao Yan guessed: "The more you come here, the number of wolf groups encountered has increased significantly. In this short way, I have encountered a dozen groups.If you do, the movement of the wolf completely surrounds me. Such a wolf is so anxious that you are calling for the same kind. All the wolves who hear the screams in all directions will gather in this side. ">
"I don't know what trouble I met, it will make the wolf here summon so many kinds of kinds, I have to find a way to see it." Xiao Yan lurked in a grass at this time, and he was away from the wolf.There is still some distance in the place, because there are too many wolves on the way, and accidental will fall into trouble, so he cautiously dare not approach, because the wolf's nose is very sensitive, it is too close to be found.

"Yes." Xiao Yan thought about it and called in his heart: "Blood wolf, have you slept enough?"

"What do you do? Is there something to ask me?It is said that you have reached the stage of true gas now, shouldn't you borrow my power? Although my true gas quality is thousands of times higher than you, it is troublesome to want to restore a trace? Who can rely on?It is better to rely on himself. "Xiao Yan still said, the blood wolf started to complain, and was very unwilling.

It has no body now. If you want to restore your strength, it is entirely relying on the roll that is still in the blood of Luo Yan's blood that is still in Xiao Yan's body.The energy recovery is less, so under the circumstances that it is less than ten times, it does not want Xiao Yan to use its power at all. Before he hunting the skeleton king of the Hou level, he used it once.After a short time, a move was made, but under the launch of the anger and blood, the consumption was three times the three times.After so long, I slowly recovered. Now Xiao Yan has to hit its idea again. It is not happy at all.

"I haven't said anything yet, you just remember to refuse. Believe it or not, and now use your strength?" Xiao Yan picked his eyebrows, this attitude towards itVery dissatisfied: "Lao Tzu has to use your strength, you don't have to say hello. You are the slaves of Lao Tzu. Do you want human rights?"

Xiao Yan was when the blood wolf was weak., Planting it is the Lord of the Soul Soul, which is also a disguised master and servant contract. When Xiao Yan wants to borrow power, he has absolute power.However, because the quality of the blood wolf is the original quality of Luo Yan, I do n’t know where to go more than he has just quenched the real gas characteristics.The reasons for the destruction of Qi into the destruction of the qi in the last life, now his true qi must condense a trace of devastating true qi., So in general, he will not use it without life and death.

"You ... fierce ..." The blood wolf popped up almost two words from his teeth. To be honest, this was a matter of sorrow in his life.The damn "Tianhun Soul Sending Lingya Law" only appeared in the legend. Even Luo Yan had only heard it and never seen it."Say, how do I help you?"

"I want to know, can you be a wolf now, can you have the breath of the wolf?" Xiao Yan asked.

"Do you want to cover your own breath with my breath?" The blood wolf was relieved: "This is simple, I am the ancestor of the wolf, is the breath not simple, as long as my soul does not have any soul, there is no soul.Change, even if I lose my body, my breath will always belong to the wolf tribe. "

Said, a faint blood covered Xiao Yan in it, and his body revealed a faintness on his body.The majesty, very light, this is also the result of the blood wolf that can be suppressed, otherwise it will inevitably cause the wolf's commotion in the small secret.

With the cover of the blood wolf, plus the deep and waist here, Xiao Yan didn't have to worry about being found. Even if there was a fierce wolf seeing the wind and the grass, there was that breath for cover, others for cover, others otherThe wolf would not care, and finally, Xiao Yan came to the place where the wolf sounded.

This is a concave ground like canyon, with a large number of gathered in it, and there are more than 100 sayings, plus the periphery of the surrounding peripherals, the number is more.The enemy is poor, there is only one, or one.

Below the canyon, the center of the canyon blocked by both ends of the wolves, a purple figure is proud.

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