Chapter 121: The Breeze Purple Dragon Horse

In the canyon, a purple figure was blocked by the wolves from the two ends and surrounded. The purple figure stood in place, slightly moved with elegant steps, and a strong body was there.In the face of more than a hundred wolves around the surrounding area, it is not afraid, as if the large group of wolves around it is a group of chickens and dogs.The fierce wolf is like a group of lowly humble robbers, but this purple figure that should have been tall and majestic is a bit small and a little naive.

"Good guy." Xiao Yan was shocked, which was very surprised: "It's a strong wind and purple dragon horse. There are such noble things here, the strong wind purple dragon horse, that is the blood that really has the blood of the dragon.. "[]

Dragon is an ancient and great beast. It has a high status in hell. It is not the title of the dragon.Words, no matter how oligopoly, there is definitely the blood of the dragon. The status in hell is expensive, and the potential is very huge. Almost every end will have extraordinary achievements. It is definitely the best in the beast.

Xiao Bingcheng, the secret of the nourishment beast, Xiao Yan has just been deepened, but he did not expect to encounter the dragon species.In the secret state, no one actually surrendered it to his own mount pet.The body shape of this strong wind is almost the same as the giant wolf. Seeing that it should have passed the childhood period, it has been in the development period, and it is still in the small secret. If you are bigger, no one can conquer it.

These noble spirit beasts can only be conquered easily when they are young.Don't move, Little Ling Beasts like you, get close to you, you can collect them as pets. After growing up, they will become strong in strength. They have adapted to their own lives and have their own will.At that time, even if they were defeated, they may not be able to get their recognition. At that time, some powerful spirit beasts would even choose to die, and would not choose to surrender.

This is especially true of beasts with a trace of blood with dragons. They are proud of their nature. When they grow up, they will not subtore.If no one can surrender it if no one can surrender it, then there will be no chance.

"This is really lucky." Xiao Yan smiled on his face.The secrets of the Han family are open to all disciples. Whether you are a disciple of the outer hospital, the disciples of the inner hospital or the elite disciples of the two hospitals, and even the leader disciple, you can find the right spirit beast in it. Of course, the leader -level disciples can beIf you want to find a spirit beast, you can also find it outside. Hell is very big. Although there are many beasts in the small secrets, those who are suitable for leaders level disciples will only be found in the deepest part of the secret realm.The deepest is not the little spirit beast itself, but the strong parents.

So if Xiao Yan conquered this strong purple dragon horse, then it belonged to him.There are two servants of Xiao Yan now, one is a small bone, and the other is Zhuo Duanqiu. Both of them are servants, not the 'pet' said by the girl of Chu Yue.It is very thoughtful. If you use it, it will definitely help in the future. Especially, the spiritual beasts such as Malaysia are good at running. It is an indispensable transportation of hell after forming magic patterns in the future.

In the last life, he also had a mount with a bloodline with a dragon. He blocked a lot of disasters for him, and helped him escape the hunting and killing of Sanguang City many times.The virtue of virtue is also clear. If you recognize you as the master, then you are its pride, and everything is done. This is like a glory that allows them to follow this rule in the bones. If it is it, if it isIf you do n’t recognize you as the master, ordinary people will be angry when ordinary people touch it, because in its eyes, you are not worthy.

"This guy is interesting, it is really proud, so a little bit big, it is so domineering, knowing that these fierce wolfs are calling for the same kind to help out, but even stopping it, letting it go, okay, okay, goodDomineering. "Xiao Yan hid in the grass really, and praised him again and again.The strong wind and the purple dragon horse can grow more than one foot, and now it is almost the same as the giant wolf, only one meter high, it is indeed a "a little bit". What he is interested in now is how this little guy should deal with the siege of these fierce wolves,Now the fierce wolf group has gathered almost, and it should soon launch an attack.

Just like people, excellent, even if it is a dragon beast, and the same type of dragon beast, there will be different talents, so Xiao Yan now does not know that this end can enter the growth of growth.What kind of strength is the strength of the fierce wind and the purple horse, how strong the strength is to know.

In the canyon, the high -winding purple dragon horses that are more than one meter of meter in the center of the central are not felt a little pressure, and it is also purple., Crooked my head and looked at the murderer around me curiously. It looked like I was thinking. It was very humane, and it looked very cute, giving a feeling of ghost spirit.

"This guy." Xiao Yan was speechless, and it seemed that it was not easy to deal with. Generally, the more humane, the smarter, the smarter the potential of the future cultivation.

Ordinary strong wind purple dragon horses can achieve the strength of the third prison level. Those talents are super good, and they can reach the level of Shura.What is the level of Zilongma? Xiao Yan is a bit far away now, and magic eye techniques have no effect, but one thing can be determined, that is, this little guy is definitely the level of life of the lord level. This is born.Can reach this level.

"Oh -." The fierce wolf below finally had actions. The fierce wolf who was dare not fight the enemy because of the fierce and purple dragon horse.About two hundred giant wolves, most of them are bronze levels, and there are many silver levels. Dozens of heads. These guys finally have confidence.The wolf also called the same kind to help at first. With the order, the fierce wolf in the canyon almost at the same time, rushing towards the strong wind and purple dragon horse in the center.

The wolf is famous for its cleverness and fierceness, but the wolf in hell is affected by hell atmosphere. Except for a certain level of wolves, everything else is left.At the time of time, there will be no room for leaving. Their attacks are always the most fierce and fatal. Even if they are just a small beast who has just entered the developmental period, they will not be merciless.

The moment when the strong wind and the purple dragon horse rushed up the wolf group, it also moved, the forefoot was raised sharply, and then stepped down, just like the huge hammer hit the ground heavy, the groundOne trembling, a shock waves formed by energy spread towards all directions, and some of the giant wolves that rushed into it were hit by this shock wave, and the flesh was broken directly.Death.

Only those who have reached a silver level or above can we stand the impact and quickly approach the strong wind and purple dragon horse.Instead, instead of evading, he rushed towards those wolves. The movement was agile, and it was incredible. As soon as the forefoot stepped on, he stepped on the flesh and flesh directly to the ground.Flying the fierce wolf behind the back.

"Woohoo-!" The leading elite silver wolf saw that the close -up fighting that the horses were not good at macarons could not work, and immediately changed the strategy.In addition to the fierce wolf with the strong wind and the purple dragon horse, the other fierce wolves suddenly made the true gas. Various attacks that belonged to the wolf came out. For the time, countless energy balls, edge blades, and sprayed towards it.The fierce wind and the purple dragon horses were shrouded in the sky.

"Good opportunity!" Xiao Yan watched on it and fluttered out of the grass without hesitation. This moment looks like the most dangerous moment of strong wind and purple dragon horse, although Xiao Yan believes this littleThe guy has the ability to be safe, because it is not stupid, but if you help now, you can definitely get the favor of the strong wind and purple dragon horse. It is the easiest to fight together to fight together.

Of course, there must be a bottom limit to help. If you are fighting, it is best not to intervene, otherwise it will be disgusted by it, thinking that you are denying it.Help solve the periphery.

Xiao Yan's breath was disguised as the breath of the wolf tribe. These fierce wolves did not expect to suddenly kill such a person behind him, plus Xiao Yan's speed quickly, the prison demon blade sharply sharply sharp sharp blade sharply.Unusual, almost one sword, in between a few breaths, the fierce wolves of different strengths have been killed under the knife.

Those fierce wolves who were attacking the fierce purple dragon horse then reacted, and surrounded Xiao Yan. At this time, Xiao Yan took the time to look at the situation of the strong wind and the purple dragon horse.The pale purple cover covers it in it, and various attacks are hit on it, just like attacking on the gold iron, even the bite and wolf claw attack of those fierce wolves who fight with it in close body have not been destroyed, and the wolf claw attack has not been destroyed.The purple cover is half a point.

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