Chapter 8 Playing Pigs and Tigers

Listening to his meaning, he didn't intend to surrender."Don't you surrender?" Meng Fan asked.

Spring and autumn shook his head miserably: "The people under my men were killed by them. As a captain of the police, how could I surrender like this, I used to be a soldier before, on the battlefield, on the battlefield,It ’s that dying can not surrender. It has always been the fine tradition of our army. Although I am not a soldier, it does not mean that I will not ask myself like this."

"There is a kind!" After listening to this, Meng Fan, Meng FanI immediately looked at him a little bit, "So, I pretend to surrender first, explore their reality, and the captain and dream ballads are prepared here. If I go smoothly, you will rush out again."
"Is this too dangerous?" Shi Chunqiu looked at Meng Fan with doubtful eyes.

Meng Fan doesn't make a contribution: "To be honest, I don't have any confidence, and I don't rule out the possibility of really surrendering or throwing down your escape alone."

If you do n’t know each other, you do n’t have to support each other if you do n’t come. If you can escape, you and you do n’t need to worry about me. "Shi Chunqiu was also very straightforward.

"Then I go out with you." Tongmeng rumors said immediately.

"You can't go!" Meng Fan immediately opposed.


"Because you are a woman, and a very good -looking woman, I go out to surrender, but if you go out, hey! Of course, if you like to be


"Because you are a woman, and a very good -looking woman, I go out to surrender, but if you go out, hey! Of course, if you like to be fuck by a man,. "

" You! "Tong Meng rumor bit his lips, so he was speechless.

"Xiao Meng is right." Shi Chunqiu began to speak again, "Women are no more beautiful than men, especially beautiful women, if you go out, alas! It is difficult to avoid that kind of thing."

Children's dream rumors can only be silent. Meng Fan said softly, "Captain Shi, you contacted Police Officer Tan, don't stand out, she will kill me, then I die too much too much.Fack.

Meng Fan has seen the walkie -talkie in Chunqiu's ear, so he said so.Shi Chunqiu nodded his head and immediately issued an order to Tan Ya.

"Captain Shi, how can you believe that such a person who has been unknown!"
"Captain Tan, we are police, we cannot protect the life of citizens in itself, there is a negligence.What are the reason to ask them to accompany us to death, okay, listen to my orders to do things! "

Although Tan Ya did not agree with some views of the spring and autumn, he still expressed his obedience. Meng Fan believed this TanAlthough Ya is dead -minded, the dead brain has the benefits of dead brains, that is, it is strong, at least not promising to hit the black gun of others behind him.

Meng Fan began to shout loudly: "Historian, don't shoot, I am willing to surrender, I am willing to join you."

After seeing the lineup of the other party, Meng Fan couldn't help scolding again: "I After seeing the lineup of the other party, Meng Fan couldn't help scolding again: "I fuck fucking, there are only twenty people, so I dare to call myself a armored division, and what kind of teacher is the master.">
The tone of the Bawang Gang in the last days is indeed bigger than the sky. The heavenly religion of 40 or 50 people dare to call a even love.The recruits, so it may be expanded to the real company at any time, and this last world domineering gang, but more than 20 people bragged a armored division, it was really a brown skin.Looking at their weapons and equipment, there are only a dozen guns in more than twenty people in his mother, and some of them are actually scratching spears, so they can also be called "armor".

Looking at their costumes, there are all things in Huahua, typical miscellaneous troops, typical stains, this group of people looks more like bandits in the Republic of China, and likeIt was Tu Ba Road in the Anti -Japanese War in the seven years, and accidentally traveled to the 21st century.

One of them, tall and burly, shaved a bald head, like a monk who became a monk in Shaolin Temple, there was no incense scar on his head. Of course, even if there were fragrant scars, people like him could not be a monk.Holding a large -caliber shotgun in his hand, there was a little girl who was painted with ghosts, but the figure was quite sexy.

Obviously he is Shi Zaijin, the so -called end -of -the -day Overlord's first armored teacher, and he now takes care of the young people who stand in more than 20 meters away from him.When he found that the young man had only one hand, he smiled contempt.Obviously he is lighter.

Shi Zai Jin laughed, Meng Fan also laughed. During the battle, the opponent's light enemy was definitely a good thing. At this moment, Meng Fan sounded a very nice woman's voice later: "Don't shoot, I also surrender! "

Then Tong Meng rumors held up their hands like Meng Fan," Dead woman! Cleanly add chaos to Lao Tzu. "Meng Fan scolded softly.

"Hum! Don't leave me!" Tongmeng rumors also seemed to be accurate Meng Fan's pulse. On the surface, Meng Fan was fierce, but it was heroic at the critical time.Ignore it.

"Oh!" Meng Fan sighed and said, "Lao Tzu is for hello, you are encouraging the morale of the other party!"

Sure enough, people who gangs in the last days see the way out of the car out of the car out of the car.A beauty came, they immediately cheered excitedly. This was an excitement of the original ecology, just like a group of wild dogs saw the flesh and bones, and a group of wild cats smelled the fish.

But this is good, so that they will relax Meng Fan more, and Meng Fan's possibility of sneak attacks will naturally be even greater.

当孟凡看到史在金身后那两辆阻住道路的卡车的时候,他的脸色立刻变了,因为他发现,这两辆卡车的其中一辆的车牌号,正It is the license plate number of a truck in the Beishan County fleet. Of course, the other may also be, but Meng Fan cannot remember the license plate number.

Meng Fan's memory was not very good, but the latter three of the license plate number were May 16. Before the dragon flying away, Meng Fan laughed and said, "It is said that the truck license plate is not good.This car is really an accident. May 16th, I want to go smoothly, very good, Saifei, I wish you all the way all the way. "

However, the license plate of May 16 does not seem to give Long Saifei them.Bringing good luck, just relying on these twenty numbers of dirty people, is it really necessary to defeat Long Sai to fly to them.

When Meng Fan and Tongmeng rumors walked about ten meters away from those who were about ten meters away from the last hegemony gang, the two gangs walked over under the sign of Shi Jin and searched their bodies.

Meng Fan's clothes are hard. The man groped for a while and found no weapons, so he walked back.After the dagger was pulled out and threw it to the person behind, a pair of salty pigs touched the body of children's dream rumors again. Obviously, he was not just searching for himself.

But he found the wrong target. How can children's dream rumors be a good master? When the guy hit her proud twin peaks, she chopped it on his neck, and thenHe raised his kick and kicked on his lower abdomen again, and the guy couldn't stand up.

Others immediately aimed at the children's dream rumors. The children's dream rumors did not show weakness at>
The atmosphere was a little nervous, and even Meng Fan sweated for the child dream rumors. At this time, Shi was laughed at Jin suddenly: "Personality, I like it, this woman belongs to me."

"Hehehehe! Big brother, to be honest, this mother -in -law is amazing. She and she have already set a kiss, but now they have not kissed. Since the elder brother is interested, she is the elder brother.At first glance, the elder brother knows that he is a heroic hero, and a woman with a strong temperament can be used to adjust the small sheep. "

This horse is very comfortable in Jin.Counting current affairs, doing it, you will follow Lao Tzu in the future, what's the situation in this car, let's talk to us now! "
" Hey! If you want to say this car, it is really spring light,Issue star Zhang Bingbing, you have heard of it! It is the star who is said to be hidden by Ma Yimou (Director) in the scandal. She is now in the Chinese and bus cars behind it! "Meng Fan said that it seemed to be flowing in the water herself.He came down and looked at it by child dream rumors, but he didn't realize it.

Although Shi Zaijin heard that Zhang Bingbing was very excited in it, he really wanted to hear these useless news, but people who had weapons in the car, as well as their weapons and equipmentEssence

But as soon as he saw Meng Fan's appearance when he talked about Zhang Bingbing, he looked more at Meng Fan. He felt that he was a little wretched but indifferent virgin.

"Boy, don't say that these are useless, I ask you, what weapons are there in the car, what weapons can get it."

"No, there are four, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, twoOne of the jeep in front, one was killed by you, and the other was hiding behind the car and dared not show up. Is there a weapon? It seems that there is a micro -rushing, a few pistols, what is it, I don’t know.It was on the car behind. I heard the driver said that the bridge was broken, and I came out to see it. Later I met you. "

" There is no police officer in the China -Pakistan car. "

br> "Yes, there is no police in the China -Pakistan car now."

Children's dream rumors look at Meng Fan angrily. She does not understand why Meng Fan wants to tell the other party.

Shi Zi was in Jinyi, and more than a dozen men who shot shot slowly gathered around the CMB and Jeep.Gaoming, a few shots of guns fell down.

People who gang in the last days hurried down and fired. Although their marksmanship is not good, they have more guns, and the firepower alone will be overwhelmed by the spring and autumn.Can't fight back.

Meng Fan felt that the opportunity came at a glance. Most of Shi people around Jin had no swords and no guns.It can be plundered to him in a few seconds.

When he is a strong, the first thing Meng Fan wants to capture the king is to capture the king.

As soon as the wind is like the wind, it is as urgent to describe Meng Fan at this time. When Shi was in the golden sense of Jin, Meng Fan had traveled behind him.His neck.

A cold air leaked in Shi Jin's skin, and a touch of blood appeared from his neck.Shi Zai said coldly: "I really did not expect that one of the wretched men who had only one hand, and one when she said that a woman drooling, it would actually be a master of no trace."

MengFan smiled slightly: "Over the prize, now you are in my hands, and if you want to live, let your brothers put all the weapons!"

What Meng Fan didn't expect is that this history is in this history in this history inIn this case, Jin is still very calm, and his thinking is clear: "Brother, do you think I'm stupid! If my brothers put their guns down, then I really have to be dead."

Meng Fan Fan Fan FanFirst of all, then laughed: "Say well, but I didn't expect that the master of the historian was really a hero.Really dangerous! "

Shi Zaijin's sentence is right at all. Although Meng Fan lived in Shi Zaijin, he was all around Meng Fan, so heIn terms of situation, Meng Fan cannot take advantage of the upper hand.