Chapter 13 Black Shadow

"Where?" Meng Fan immediately looked, but did not find the trace of the zombies. Meng Fan was shocked immediately: "The vision of the child dream rhyme is far less than me.Not good!

Children's dream rumors are really like Meng Fan thought, pulling out the dagger and stabbing his heart. Meng Fan reached out and grabbed her hand, and the dagger failed to pierce.


"Bastard! Lao Tzu worked hard to rescue you back, do you repay me like this?"
"Meng Fan, I can't repay you, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the car, in the carWhat you can get me obviously is that you don't cherish the opportunity. If you are not afraid of being transmitted now, I can give it to you now. "
" I rely on! Who are you?All women go! "Meng Fan was a little annoyed.

"Meng Fan, why do you stop me, you should be very clear in your heart, I will become a zombie." Tong Meng rumors sighed.

"Wrong, if you become a zombie, I will never show mercy. You still listen to me first. At that time, I also burned it.Lack of courage and surviving, a girl wrapped me in the quilt to help me warm it with my body. I slowed down and did not become zombies. I think, since I can, you should have no problem. "

> "Really?"

"I don't believe it?"
"Well, I believe you, just, do you intend to warm up with your body?" Tongmeng rumors finally drummed upThe courage to survive, whispered and whispered.

Meng Fan stunned, and said coldly, "Don't think about it, I won't take this danger."

Meng Fan no longer?A bungalow is going on.When I came to the door of the bungalow, two or three meters outside the gate of the bungalow, Meng Fan first observed the surrounding environment. After not finding any abnormal movements, the child dream rumors supported the wall to stand, and he reached out to the door of the bungalow.

The door of the bungalow was covered, and Meng Fan pushed the door of the dark paint to push the door of the dark paint. After pushing it away, Meng Fan observed it carefully for a while, and then turned to help the dream dream.rumor.

Meng Fan uses his left arm to help children's dream rumors, and his right hand holds the alloy war knife as always.Suddenly Meng Fan felt a danger in his heart. He hurried back and saw that there seemed to be a dark shadow passing by on the dim gesture.

Meng Fan observed nervously for two minutes, but no longer had any movement."Is it because I look at the flower eyes? Impossible, I have never missed the premonition of danger. It seems that I have to be more careful."

"What's wrong with Meng Fan? What did you find?" Tong MengThe rumor asked.

"Nothing? Maybe it's a gust of wind!" Meng Fan answered vaguely.

Although children's dream rumors are very puzzled, she trusts Meng Fan very much and can only trust.

There are two trees in this farmhouse, one is a sycamore tree, and the other is also a sycamore tree. Because of the long time, the weeds in the yard are clustered, in the northeast corner of the courtyard,There is a well -eating water well.Most of the things near the city are banned from being used, saying that it will cause the decrease in groundwater, but now for Meng Fan, this is simply a life -saving object.

But what Meng Fan has to do first is to check if there is a zombie in the room."Dreaming, you sit down and rest first. This gun will be given to you, but try not to shoot, and call me immediately when you find that the situation is called."Meng Fan is still assured.

Meng Fan closed the door first, and then entered the bungalow to search.First touched the door gently, and then pushed it away sharply. The body took a few steps back and made a good fight. If there was no movement inside, Meng Fan repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly took these tactical actions. At present, he is the biggest.The imaginary enemy is a zombie instead of human beings, so you can't need to break in suddenly.

Most of the rural houses are very spacious. There are four small rooms and seven small rooms in this bungalow, and there are three bedrooms. In the bedroom that is the most east, Meng Fan saw a person lying on the bed., To be precise, it is a dead man.

Because it is at night, although Meng Fan's eyes can see the objects at night, they can only look at it. This dead person has a long hair. Therefore, it should be a woman during his lifetime.The preservation is complete, which makes Meng Fan a little puzzled. The door is blocked. Why does not have zombies or other creatures come in and eat the female corpse.

But Meng Fan will not waste time on such an irrelevant itching issue. When he was about to turn back, he heard the shout of children's dream rumors: "Ah! Meng Fan!"

Meng Fan hurriedly exited the room, but saw that there was no other creature except for children's dream rumors."What's wrong, dream?"

"When you entered the house just now, I saw a black shadow flashing pass by."

"Are you looking at it? "Meng Fan carefully observed that the surrounding environment was not dangerous, and said with a smile.

"Going to you, although I have a fever, I don't confused!"

Meng Fan also believes that children's dream rumors will not look at the eye, which means that this black shadow will definitely become their threat.The question is why this black shadow just passed by, but did not attack them.

The answer may only wait until the black shadow surface is surfaced before you can know. Meng Fan does not intend to leave this small courtyard because even if you leave, it does not mean safety. Since the speed of the shadow is so fast, then they have arrived at the time of the shadow, then they have reached the time.No rest will be safe.

After Meng Fan checked that no threat was found in all the rooms, he retreated and helped the child dream rumors into a room that looked clean. Of course, cleaning is relative.The living room is bound to be covered with dust and spider webs, how can it be very clean.

The soil on the bed shakes. Fortunately, there are not many soils on the bed. This is the benefits of the south. If it is a northern countryside, there will be a layer of sand in the room in the spring of ten days in the spring.It is covered on the furniture.

Opening the cabinet in the bedroom, Meng Fan found two new quilts in two beds. The quilt wrapped in a moisture -proof plastic cloth, and it was not humid at all.

Tongmeng ballad has a strong fever. This is a very strange phenomenon. Obviously, the body is hot, but it is cold. Meng Fan thinks of a lot of plots on TV, but most of them areThe leading actor shouted cold for injury or other reasons. The heroine took off his clothes to warm up his clothes. The consequences of the two may have sex or become lovers. If men and women do not change, the man is suspected of taking the opportunity.

Meng Fan did not care about being misunderstood by children's dream rumors to take the opportunity to take the opportunity. She had agreed to have a relationship with Meng Fan. Although it was only for Meng Fan's humanity, Meng Fan didn't care whether the other party was repaid or the person was repaid orWhat are the other reason, as long as the beauty is willing to go to bed with him, (unwilling to be hard on Meng Fan?) He is happy to plan, but at present, there is no condition for him to have a relationship with women. After all, life is more important than that thing than that matter.Essence

The dark shadow outside the gate is still the main reason for Meng Fan. Meng Fan does not believe that he will look at the eye, and he does not believe that the child dream rumors will have the illusion.

Meng Fan puts a bed quilt on the bed, and the other bed is used to wrap the body of children's dream rumors. As soon as the child dream rumors were supported, she hugged Meng Fan's body and did not let go. MengI know this cold feeling, because he has once had it, so as long as there are any warm objects, she will not hold it.

After fighting with the Hulk, the clothes of children's dream rumors have been soaked by sweat. If they do not take off her clothes, the effect of the quilt will be greatly reduced.Use the quilt bag, and then tear her clothes. It seems that children's dream rumors also feel that wet clothes are uncomfortable to wear on her body, so they take off very well, otherwise they should take off with one hand of Meng Fan.Her clothes are really not easy.

Now the child dream rhymes in the quilt are only a pair of panties. Meng Fan tried to restrain himself from looking at her. Meng Fan was a normal or even powerful man.A woman with a taste, so as long as a small spark, they will burn the two.

Even without the threat of the mysterious black shadow, Meng Fan will never hold it with a woman who may change.Essence

For Meng Fan, its own safety is the most important.

"Cold, Meng Fan, hug me, I'm so cold!" Tong Meng rumors stunned nonsense, holding Meng Fan's arm tightly without putting.Although Tongmeng rumors are wrapped in the quilt, the role of the quilt only makes the body's heat loss less. It does not produce calories itself, so children's dream rumors will be so cold.

But Meng Fan had no pity and cherishing the jade. He suddenly slapped two palms on the face of Tongmeng's rumors. Tongmeng rumors immediately appeared to be awake. When she found that she had only one pair of underwear on her body,, Suddenly blushed.

"Dream of ballad, sober, I want to go to the yard to take water, you can take the gun, but don't do stupid things, remember that people will die sooner or later, don't worry about it."

> The biggest benefit of pressing the well is not to use it.There is a large cylinder next to the small yard. The half -cylinder water inside has already been dirty, but it does not prevent Meng Fan from using it to divert water.

I finally got fresh groundwater. Meng Fan drank a few big mouths with the scoop in the tank before I went to the kitchen to find the sea bowl for children's dream rumors.

Pushing in the door, the scene in front of him made Meng Fan a bit out of nosebleeds. Tong Meng rumors even threw the quilt aside, and lying naked on the bed.

"Hot, I'm so hot!" The situation of Tong Meng rumors and a 180 -degree turn just now, she no longer shouted cold, but shouted hot, she was the only ones.A piece of shame was also pulled down and thrown on the ground. She lay on her back on the bed and placed a "big" character. The most mysterious narrow Valley Tan was exposed in front of Meng Fan's eyes.

One hand of children's dream rumors grabbed her head and scratched, and the other hand rubbed on the snow -white row.If someone records her appearance at this time, she will show her, and I don't know how she will do it.


"I fuck! Actually tempting me like this. If it is in the safe zone, I do n’t have the surname Meng for dozens of times." Meng Fan swallowed and pressed down to come forward and the Tong Meng rumor**The **, drank a large mouthful of groundwater in the sea bowl in his mouth, and sprayed it on the child dream rumors **.