Chapter 20 Class 10 Bingding Double Fire Scholars (Part 2)

Yang Bingtian said: "I know that you have a good relationship with the two children of Bisu and Carl. However, they may be able to condense into yin and yang crowns in the near future.Will exercise the dean's recommendation, and directly recommend to the institution of higher education to continue their studies. They are going to leave, why do you leave? Although you are still young, this age is the most important period. "

Ji nodded and said, "Thank you, Dean Yang. After this semester, let's talk about it, let me think about it."

Yang Bingtian smiled and picked up the cocktail,"Don't worry, although I can't send you to the headquarters headquarters of the bartender guild, at least you can also recommend you to our South Fire Empire Bartendian Association. How much is my old alcoholic? There, where, I amI believe your future will be bright. In fact, I can't bear you than anyone else. Except for the wine you adjust, now I can't drink any other wine. "

He resigned, and returned to his room. I thought about it in my heart. Dean Yang, I will definitely surprise you in the final assessment of the fourth year.I hope to leave with Carl and Bi Su, but I don't want to separate from them.Zhu Gui, although I failed to become your opponent at the Fire College, but in the higher school, I will definitely catch up with your pace.

After standing behind the bar, Ji Shi's face gradually showed a smile, and his soft smile was full of memories and the deeper feelings of four years.Even if it is a crush, in his heart, this emotion is getting deeper.I do n’t know when the hits have jumped into the hands. A branch of wine bottle does not need to be seen with eyes. He has dumped in his mastering. The flying bart -up pot brings a dazzling color to dance in his hands.Focusing emotions are released without reservation.

The wine entered the cup, stroked his chest in his right hand, and called the name that could never be forgotten. The red lotus swept it, wrapped Ji Shi's body, and he had quietly disappeared under the faint red light.

The familiar warmth and the surging dual -attribute fire element quickly tolerate Ji Shi's body. Although he has never been deeply and has no in -depth ability, but for this place near himThe lake situation is a finger.After all, he has spent more than a thousand nights here.

"Are you ready?" The soft voice of the flame sounded, as if it was condensed from light, appeared in front of Ji Shi, and took the wine glass in his hand.

I glanced deeply at the flame, which has become Ji Shi's habitual movement, as if every time he arrived, he had to marked the flames more deeply in his heart.

For four years, he has never asked the origin of the flame, and the four years have not left any traces of the years on the flame.Still is still so perfect.

"I think, I'm ready." Ji moved up his hands, here, he did not need to have any cover.His palms rose out, rising for a few meters, and the five golden -black two -color coronation on his forehead became extremely eye -catching.

The flame nodded to Ji, "Since you are ready, then let's start. For you, this is the most important moment of early cultivation, no matter what you feel later, it feels like it will be, no matter what you feel,Nothing can shake my mind. I can only be guided as a guidance, truly condense the yin and yang crown, and rely on your own strength. "

Ji moves tightly with a double fist, and the flames on your hands are extinguished at the same time."I will definitely succeed. "The simple seven words are full of unparalleled firm beliefs and persistence, and the pride that has never disappeared from previous lives.

The flames slowly tied wine, and his feet moved lightly. Ji Dong only felt a flower in front of him, and the flame had walked around his body for a week.Immediately afterwards, Ji moved clearly, just in the heart lake under them, the magma rushed up, and a huge fire pillar with a diameter of five meters rose into the sky.

There is no surprise for such a change, and he will not shake his mind. He believes that the flame will never harm him.

The magma pillar is stagnant under their feet, and the flames are empty. It seems to be randomly pressed down at will.EssenceA pattern that made Ji Dong is very familiar in front of him.That was a Taiji yin and yang fish.The difference is that the white in the yin and yang fish has become golden.

Tai Chi is divided into two instruments, and the two instruments are yin and yang.In this world, the flame also knows this pattern.

I didn't wait for Ji to think too much, and the flames said: "Sit down your knees, you can start. Don't think about anything, I will always be with you."

Deliberately only, Ji Dong sat down in the center of the yin and yang fish, and he was surprised to find that the dual -attribute fire elements around his body were no longer the usual Binghuo and Dinghuo, but with his origin nowThe attribute is the same, it is the element of Bingwu of Zhiyang and the Ding Ying element of Zhiyin.This is obviously the most suitable environment for him to condense the crowns of yin and yang.

Closing your eyes, Ji moves with both hands and holds between your legs.At this time, he also kept his body in a relatively balanced state.

The dual attribute magic in the body lit up at the same time, and the five double -colored crowns on the forehead became extremely clear. After four years of hard work, he finally began to condense his own yin and yang crown.

In the past four years, he has learned enough theoretical knowledge. The yin and yang crown is the symbol of the Yin and Yang magician, and also the representative of the yin and yang magician's strength.The human body's bearing ability is limited. Even the five elements of the five elements are the most mellow and soil elements. After reaching a certain concentration, it will cause a strong destruction effect on the human body.Therefore, when the cultivation of the Yin and Yang Master reaches a certain degree and the body can no longer bear more elemental energy, it is necessary to achieve the purpose of continuing to improve by condensing the yin and yang crowns.Therefore, the yin and yang crown is also the source and fundamental of the magic power of the yin and yang magician.It is necessary to say more, rushing to the list on Monday, a total of five broke out.The specific time has been mentioned in the previous chapter, so I won't go into details.

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