Chapter 21 Gel Yin Yang Crown (Part 1)

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To be precise, the power of its own attribute elements that human basic constitutions can withstand is the level of the 10th apprentice.Although the human body will continue to be improved with the improvement of renovation.But after more than ten apprentices, the speed of improvement of the human body cannot keep up with the speed of magic.If you practice forcibly, you will be rejuvenated by your own magic.

The yin and yang crown is to condense and compress the magic in the body into a strange element body and condense on the chest.Because of compression and condensation, the magic element in inhalation does not affect itself.This is also known as the source of the yin and yang magician.When the magician needs to fight, it will release his original yin and yang crown, and quickly combine with the outside of the outside world to form a yin and yang crown on the top of the soul master.

Since the source of the yin and yang crown has a strong attractive effect on the same attribute magic element, after having the yin and yang crowns, the yin and yang magician body will also appear with a layer of yin and yang.The stronger the strong yin and yang magician, the external energy absorbed by the yin and yang crowns of this source will form a stronger cover.In simple terms, even if a low -level yin and yang magician attacked a high -grade yin and yang magician, attack may not be able to break the protective cover generated by others.At the same time, after having a yin and yang cover formed by the yin and yang crown attracting elements, these energy that is separated from the in vitro will also absorb the elements of the same attributes in the air at any time into the magician's body.The speed is much faster than before the cohesion.

After the yin and yang coronation is condensed, how to enhance the strength of the yin and yang crowns of this source is the direction of all Yin and Yang Lord cultivation.The stronger the origin of its own, the more energy to absorb the outside world when it is released, and the strength of the strength will be opened in geometry.The rating of the Yin -Yang Lord came from this.At this time, what Ji Shi has to do is to complete the condensation of his yin and yang crown first, so as to enter another level of cultivation of the yin and yang magician. Only when he enters this level, is it recognized as a real Yin and Yang Lord.Register, with the professional identity of the Yin and Yang Lord.

Of course, for the general Yin and Yang magician, what they want to condense is either a crowns or a crown, and at this time, what Ji Dong wants to condense is the true yin and yang crown.Bingding double fire is yin and yang crown.

Ordinary yin and yang magician condenses its own yin and yang crown is the compression process of its own magic. When the magic is compressed to a certain degree, it will naturally form a source of yin and yang crown, and the magic is internal.So as to complete this improvement process.

However, when Ji moved to condense, he immediately discovered the problem. As a dual -attribute magician, all he had to do was not only compressed condensation, but also to maintain the yin and yang balance of his own attributes.During the compression process, maintaining the balance between Cinghuo and Dinghuo is simply a task that is impossible.

In fact, in the history of the Yin and Yang Lord, there are no people who have not had a balanced physique in the yin and yang, and there are no shortage of people who are willing to work hard.But the reason why they did not succeed in the end is that they were stuck in the closing of the yin and yang crown.Compressing condensing magic, magic is constantly deformed in the process of being squeezed. How can it maintain an absolute balance?Even if it is relatively balanced, it is impossible to maintain.At this time, the magician itself is changing at the speed of absorption of external elements, and even Ji Shi's current mental ideas cannot be controlled.In particular, what he has now is the sacred fire of Bingwu Yuanyang, who is Yangzhigang, and Ding Yingyin spiritual fire from the yin to soft.These two flames are more difficult to control than ordinary Campfire and Dinghuo.The attribute is too strong.

It was okay when they were politically politically, but at this time, Ji Shi had to compress them. The flames with different attributes would naturally be fused together to compress.In this case, the strong rejection of each other's extreme attributes to each other has a huge distress on Ji Shi.When he had just controlled two extreme fires, he immediately had a problem.

Boom —— Ji Shi only felt that his chest seemed to be exploded.Blow.He desperately controlled it, but where the disorder of the two extreme flames collided was so easy to control, the two magic power was like an enemy met and was jealous.Crazy attacking each other.And Ji Xi's chest became their battlefield.

I haven't felt too hot for a long time, but at this time I feel that my entire body seems to be burning, and the speed of heart beating has increased sharply several times.As soon as the extremely high fire just collided, it was attracted to each other like a magnet. Even Ji Shi now wants to separate them, and the process of stopping this yin and yang coronation can no longer be done.

But even so, Ji Dong's heart was not worried at all. While controlling it as much as possible, he could keep calm.Without it, the flame was by his side.The master of the eighteenth floor, the emperor of the flames here, what is he worried about?

At this time, the flames were shot.In this case, she can't wait. The collision of the two extreme fires only takes a long time, and it will immediately bring Ji Mao's irreparable devastating blow.Therefore, when Ji Tong felt strong pain, a fibrous jade hand of the flames had already pressed his chest.

"Broken-" A light voice spit out of the flame mouth, and Ji Tou immediately felt that everything in his chest stagnated, and the two extreme fires that were still in the first second were the extreme fires that were rolling with each other.Then stagnant in each other, and then, there was another strong roar than before, and it sounded in his chest.

In the loud noise, Ji Tou felt that it was not painful. There was a blank in my mind, and the six sensations dropped to the lowest level.The ultimate flame magic is like being smashed up by a giant hammer, and it was broken.Turned into every corner of the whole body.

Each extreme flame is hot and comforts his meridians, and it is quickly flowing in the body, and the outside of the yin and yang fish composed of flame magic also releases the huge element of Bingwu and Ding Yan elements madly into Ji vivo.

The expression of the flames was very calm, and she didn't even forget to slowly tasting. For her, Ji Dong's magic at this time was too weak, but it was easy to control like a palm.As long as she is there, there will be no problems.

Gradually, the six senses return, the extremely severe pain and sudden sudden pain, the body of Ji Xun's body shaking, the skin, meridians, bones, internal organs, as if they are burning violently.Black flame.