Chapter 21 Gel Yin Yang Crown (below)

This is the real burning. It is a scene that ordinary C. Binghuo and Dinghuo Yin and Yang magician will never appear when condensing the crowns of the yin and yang.Otherwise, it is either burned to death or the magic that will be able to practice easily.

Ji Kimong is not the same. Although the magic he practiced by himself consumes great, he was immediately filled with the element of Bingwu and Ding Ying elements in the body.Now he is like a metal full of impurities, which are forged in these two extreme flames.The temperature of forging is gradually rising, and the pain has become more and more intense.

At this time, the flame eyes revealed a little serious expression, not the seriousness of energy control, but that she had to observe very carefully about Ji's physical condition.Once Ji moves unbearable, she must stop this forging process.

Against the yin and yang crown, there is only this time in any Yin and Yang magician. At this time, forging his body, the foundation is the most important, determining the future of Ji Dong's future cultivation.Therefore, the flame must make this forging reach the limit that Ji Shi can withstand.

Soon, Ji Shi's body has basically met the requirements of the flames, but she was surprised to find that, unlike herself, Ji Shi's body still did not reach its limits at this time.Although he was struggling in pain.But the will is extremely firm, and there is no meaning to collapse.

Willpower is often the most powerful force of human beings. As long as the will can be supported, the human body can explode unimaginable huge potential.Ji Shi's entire body seemed to be burning, and the kind of painful flames had also experienced, and naturally understood the horror in it.

I did n’t drink anymore, showing a dignified look on the flame face. Although Ji Shi can still persist, she must also watch more closely. According to the reason that he has exceeded the limit, he may collapse instantly at any time.

At the same time, the color of the flame eyes also shows the color of the reward.For four years, Ji Shi almost repeated the same cultivation every day, but the cocktails that made her every day would bring her a different taste and the same feeling.Although the flames felt that there seemed to be a subtle force in this wine a few years ago, she seemed to have influenced herself, but she didn't give up this feeling.Inadvertently, four years have passed.The four -year -old teenager also slowly grew up under her gaze.

No one knows how much he paid for the four years for practicing Ji Qi than her.Can practice in the tenth -level apprentice in just three years can condense the yin and yang crown?If everything in the flame is perfect in Ji's eyes, then four years have passed, and all the flames made by Ji Shi can not find half a flaw.Sometimes the flames wanted to tell him that let him take a day.But she did not say it after all, because she knew how good this persistence would have for Ji Shi's future.

Burning again, Ji Shi's body itself is like a flame, sometimes golden, sometimes black, because of extreme pain, his face has been distorted.The impurities in his body have long been burned by the flames of yin to yang, and these two flames have been completely integrated into each part of his body.The process of chairing this burning process is to make his body more pure.

In the practice, the flames will not help him. Only the ability he can get through continuous efforts is the most valuable. Foreign power will only affect his future.If Ji Shi knows how the flame is using a goal to guide him to cultivate, he will be surprised.Unfortunately, when he knew these, it was a long time and a long time.

Enough, the flames really can't bear to see that Ji Dong persisted in such a pain, and continuing will not have more benefits to his body. He has done it enough.Press the hand in the chest of Ji to slowly rotate, and then recycle it hard.Suddenly, Ji Shi only felt that all the flames raging in the body seemed to find the source and re -condensed towards his chest.

The wine glass in the flames floats into the air, her hands are up and down in front of her chest, the palms are opposite, the palm of her palm is clawed, and her right hand becomes a golden color like the Holy Fire of the Bingwu Yuan, while the left hand is the left hand, while the left hand is the left hand.It turned into the deep black of Ding Yingming Yin Linghuo.The strong golden and black airflow fluctuated violently between her palms.

The flames in Ji Xi's body also seem to be trapped by the flames between the flames. After condensing to his chest, the two extreme fires did not reject each other, but fused together.The rotation of rotation forms a vortex of gold and black.

The sound of the flames sounded in the mind of Ji.It is a kind of fire. This yin and yang vortex is the fusion of your own two flames of flames. From now on, you are already a real yin and yang magician. "

Double -color energy has been condensed into a black gold and two -color beads at this time. It is arranged according to the appearance of yin and yang fish. Under the light bounce, the position of Ji moved into the position of Ji moved.Among them, a special crown has been condensed in the middle of his chest, and it is also in the middle of the black gold vortex.

This crown is not fixed, and it changes with Ji's breathing. Gold or black, two colors flashed alternately.They are clearly presented in their own consciousness.Not just the source of the yin and yang in the chest is changing the light, and every place in his body also converts in gold and black.Third more.It will be fourth before 5 pm, around 8 o'clock.

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