Chapter 384 Wake up Emperor Lei Emperor

Chen Sixuan told everything that happened last night to Ji Yeyu last night.After listening to her, the look on Ji Ye's face suddenly became difficult.

"His Royal Highness, the silly money business association is the first business association in the world, with hundreds of years of accumulation. However, it is just a business association after all.In this matter, therefore, I have informed my father and emperor. For this matter, our Dongmu Empire will definitely react. Teacher Ji Dong is your brother, should you also have a statement?If you are worried about the influence of a silly money hotel, you haven't said it when I said. But the position of our Dongmu Empire will not change. "

Ji Yeyu's eyes narrowed, orderedNodd, "Princess Xuan, I know this. You can rest assured, I will deal with it. Thank you for everything you do for Ji."

Chen Sixuan shook his head and said, "If Ji movesThe teacher is willing, my people are all his. I don't need to thank anything. Well, His Royal Highness, leave. "

Ji Yezhen watched Chen Sixuan and the students of the Black Fire College away from leavingGo, I can't help but say a little jealous: "Ji move. What magic you have, why do you have such a perfect girl?Princess Xuan's identity and face are also worthy of you. Perhaps, only she can help you come out of the sadness of the gods of the flames. Stupid money business association, a silly money business association.Is the Empire a bullying? "

Several followers of Ji Yezhang's followers have followed up at this time, and a confidence asked:" His Royal Highness, where are we going? "

BR> Ji Yeyao Shen said, "Go to the Palace of Equality."


Ji Yeyao went to the Equal Palace here.He has also finished his experience since this time. His eyes have become red. He has not cried, but anyone can feel his extreme pain.

Akin lowered his head silently, with crystal crying in his eyes, and Lan Baoer and Du Xin'er were crying.Miao Miao lowered his head and said to Ji: "Sorry, Ji move, I was not good just now."

Ji shook his head, and the red in his eyes gradually faded away, "The flames did not die in my heart. Wait for everything.After the matter is over, I will naturally accompany her. I have finished everything. I believe you are also strange why I will communicate with the students of the Blazing Fire College. If I explain it to you now, it is difficult for you to have a kind of one.I know intuitively. After the battle of tomorrow will be over, you will understand. "

Yuntian Tourism:" Master, you will not leave after this return? "

BR> Ji moved the look on the face softened a little softened, "God, I have not said it. Don't call me the master, just call me the name. After the battle here is over, I will go to the Holy Ap for a trip.Evil Island. The flames have passed away for almost a year. I am going to sacrifice her there, and I will take me with this group of trainees to see how the Holy Evil Island looks like. After thatThen stay there for a while, and you all go with me. Tiantian, Tiansan Omi Saint and Tiangan Wu Tuotu, do you have any candidates? "

Yun Tianji shook his head and said,"The candidates of these two saints are waiting for you to come back to decide. "

Ji moved:" Okay, then the two candidates are determined by me. "

Yao Qianshu said:"Ji Shi, if these two candidates can be determined, I think we should go to the Palace as soon as possible. You are not there, everyone has not practiced the Five Elements Fatches. This is what we must master as soon as possible. "

> Ji Dong said suddenly: "This is also good. There is still more than a month from the sacrifice day of the flame, and it is too late to have time. Then, after we are here, we will go to the Palace of the Palace first, remember the five elements of the law, and practice together.Then go to the Holy Island. "

Everyone nodded one after another. This arrangement is obviously the most reasonable.

Ji Shi stood up and said, "Take me to see my brother. He is also a part of our saints. I must wake him up."

"I take you."Miao Miao said voluntarily.

Ji nodded.The crowd left the conference room and directly came to the entrance of the Yinyang Academy. When they didn't know how to enter because they didn't know how to enter, Bi Su came with Lengyue, Zhu Gui and Carl.

"Brother Ji, why is your hair white?" Leng Yue has now grown into a big girl. Although it is not as perfect as Chen Sixuan, it is also the beautiful beauty of Lan Baoer.Although Zhu Gui looked at Ji Shi's white hair, he didn't ask anything, but his eyebrows were significantly beating a few times.

"Nothing. Leng Yue, take us into Yinyang School first. I want to meet my brother."

Moon is now the chief of Yinyang Academy. In the Yinyang Academy, there is great authority, Open the passage, everyone runs in.It has been to Furi's residence on the fifth floor of the ground.

The door of the room is closed, and the movement of less than half a point from the outside is dead.Everyone's expression was depressed. Once upon a time, Ray Diferi was definitely the iconic figure of Tianshan College.For many years, he has been the chief of Yin and Yang Academy, and this position has never been shaken.Leading the disciples of Yinyang School on Shengxie Island, the record is brilliant.It can be said that all the idols in the hearts of all Tiannan College students.But now he close himself in this small room.

Standing in front of the door of the Ferry room, Ji moved in a deep voice: "You let you open a little. No one will follow it later."
"Ji move." Miao Miao calledHe sounded.

Ji Tong turned to look at her, "What's the matter?"

Miao Miao said with some concerns: "Don't be overly happy, take it slowly."

Ji Shi showed a little smile, "Do you want me to tell my brother, do you like him?"

"Ah?" Miao Miao was shocked, and his face was red and flushed. "Ji Dong. What are you talking about?"

Ji Shi shook his head helplessly," Of course I won't talk about it, you ask everyone, who else knows you like your brother? This is not a bad thing. I support you. "

Miao flushed his head and lowered his head, dare not see others, but did not deny it.When the Holy Evil Island was robbed, she fell in love with Frey.Sometimes, one person likes another person, there is no need for too much reason.Miao Miao also remembered that when everyone recovered the ability of the chrysanthemum and pig, Frey blocked the scene in front of her for the first time.His generous shoulders, although above the Wanlei robbery, still brought her a strong sense of security.

Later, Ye Xin died in the Wanlei robbery. Ferry was almost crazy. Miao Miao always tried to persuade him to accompany him.However, Frey has completely trapped in that extreme pain. In the past year, the most popular number of Frey is Miao Miao.She will come almost every day.Send some food and wine to Frey.She didn't know why she would like Frey, but it was precisely because of Frey's relationship that she had never returned to the Demon League and handed all the magic alliance affairs to the elders for treatment.She didn't even know her herself.Whether you are waiting for this relationship can have a result.

"Don't come in for a while, I will talk to my brother alone." While saying, Ji Shi has come to Freana's heavy door.

Without knocking on the door, Ji Shi directly raised his right hand and pressed on the stone gate. In the moment, the rich extreme overcast fire bloomed instantly, and the black flame was drowned the entire stone gate almost in an instant, but there was no but no noWaves to the surrounding walls.This control alone made everyone's admiration. Obviously, in less than a year, Ji's strength improved again, and the progress was quite large.

The heavy Shimen quietly melted under the strong magic of Ji.It disappeared without a little sound.When the Shimen disappeared, a strong alcohol rushed from the room, making the black flame released by Ji Shidong obviously rose again. The next moment, the alcohol had been swept away by this extreme flame.

Although Ji Shi was already mentally prepared, when he saw the scene in the Ferry room, the look in his eyes still fluctuated violently.It was almost drowned by the bottle.At a glance, he couldn't even find Fer's figure.

With a wave of hands, the two gas waves were lifted from Ji's hands, accompanied by a series of bottle bottle collision, and the room was swept out by Ji Shi in the room, and Ferry's figure was also on.It appeared at the end of this channel.

The clothes on his body did not know how long it has not been cleaned, and the shape of his body is still so tall, but at this time, he was a little bit came back, facing the back of the door, sitting in a dumbfounded sitting dumbfoundedThere, short hair like a steel needle has become a chaotic long hair at this time.And this long hair turned out to be gray.Ji Shi was right, no one knew more clearly than him.Looking at Fer's back, he stood there for a few minutes without moving.

Although the crowd outside did not come in according to Ji Shi's instructions, their eyes fell in the room, and they looked a little nervous.

"Brother." Ji Xi's low voice echoed in the room. He was not a simple call, but mixed with the shock of the power of the soul.

Frey's body was shocking, and it seemed to be awakened by Ji Xun's call, but his body turned a bit stiffly.

Ferry is old, and he should have been in the middle of the age. He seems to give people an old feeling.Looking at his empty eyes, Ji Shi was like seeing himself.

When Frey's eyes fell on Ji's body, his empty eyes finally showed a touch of virginity, lips, and the hoarse sound of unimaginablely: "Little master brother."

At this moment, Ji Shi stepped forward, and almost came to Frey in almost a few steps, bent over and reached out.He grabbed the front of Fer's clothes, pulled him up hard, and then tightly held his tall and great body.

There was no consolation, but Ji Shi brought to Frey, and the shock in the soul was indeed shocked. Fer's body began to tremble unconsciously. His empty eyes gradually became red., Ye Xin is dead. Little brother, do you know, my night heart is dead. "Such a majestic man cried at this time, but his hands finally held Ji Tong's body.

Listening to Fer's voice, the crowd standing outside the door, in addition to A Jin's look, can barely maintain calmness, everyone else shed tears.Regardless of whether it is Lei Emperor or tyrant, they have a persistent heart about love under their strong appearance, otherwise, they will not be as painful as they are now.

Ji Shi didn't say a word, and he held Frey's body so, and the light white light flashed from him, injected into Frey's body like silk, and it was the power of chaos.Remove attributes, the purest power of chaos.

After killing the three -legged Jinwu and the fat man Zhou Xiaoxiao, with his strong soul vortex, Ji Dong finally began to control his chaos.

With the nourishment of chaos, Frei's stiff body began to recover slowly, and the magic in the body was awakened by the help of chaos.

For a long time, after Fer's crying gradually closed, after the muscles and bones recovered their strength, Ji Shi slowly released his hands, grabbed Frey's shoulder, pushed him away to one distance herself one.In the position of the ruler, his hands were not released, and his eyes stared at Frena's eyes full of pain.

"Brother, the flames are dead."

"What are you talking about?" Frey suddenly shocked, the reason why he heard Ji Shidong's call can be temporarily wake up from his self -closure temporarily waking up temporarilyCome over, it is because he and this younger brother have deep feelings.The words of Ji Shi at this time were like a sharp sword that broke his closed heart.

It is not until this time that Fer's eyes can see everything in front of him. What he sees is a little white -haired younger brother.Essence

"You said, the Queen of the Flame ..." Frey looked at Ji Shi dullly.

Ji moved his hands hard, grasped Frey's shoulders, and even could hear Fer's shoulders squeak. "Brother, our lover is dead. No one can know you better than me now.Mood. Because, I used to be exactly the same as you, but one day I suddenly figured it out. We sink like this, can we be worthy of our lover? What is the use of us?Is it? Before dying, the flame left a wish. She needed to complete it for ten years. At the same time, in this decade, I also need to use my own strength to avenge her. It is this goal.Let me awaken from sinking. "

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