Chapter 385 Before Exchange

Listening to Ji Shi's words, Fer's eyes gradually changed.

Ji Shi's voice suddenly became stunned.He said with a high voice: "I have been prepared. After ten years, I report to the flames, and I will go with him. Brother, I know you want to live. If you want to die, I will never stop, I will never stopFighting. However, if you want to die like a man, seeing Sister Ye Xin in another world after death can explain to her. Then, I report to her to die.You have not died yet, do you understand? "

The crowd outside listened to Ji Shi's almost shouting voice, one by one, he was dull. He even persuaded Lei Di to die?Miao Miao was about to rush in, but was pulled by Yao Qianshu and shook her head to her.

Frey looked at Ji Shi, he was about to say something, but was stopped by Ji Shi to raise his hand. "Brother, you don't need to say anything now. I will give you the time that the day of consideration.The students who led the teachers to establish the college came to the Tiangan College for exchanges. If you are willing to become my comrades again, then stand on the battlefield tomorrow and let our teachers and siblings learn it once.After I avenge the flames and Sister Ye Xin, I will also spur you. Thunder Emperor to the tyrant, let us give us a good lesson to Tianshan College, I am waiting for you. "

While saying, Ji moves his hand.The light flashed, and the Suzaku bracelet had released a bottle of the source of life of millennium, and it was stuffed into Frey's hands.Without doing more, he turned and walked out.

After walking out of the room, Ji Dong's first seeing was Miaomiao's eyes that seemed to be able to kill, shook his head, Ji Shi patted her shoulder, and said, "Don't disturb him., Don't let your emotions blind the spirit. "

After listening to Ji Yong's words, Miao Miao first stunned, she was not stupid, in a moment, she seemed to want to understand something, looking at the door in the door.Frey still standing there.As soon as he gritted his teeth, with others, he followed Ji.

Ji Shi did not continue to stay at Tiannan College. After walking out of the teaching building, he temporarily said goodbye to his partners and returned to the hotel.When he returned to the hotel door, she saw the figure again. She still stood in the same place last night, standing there quietly, waiting silently.It wasn't until she saw that Ji moved to come, and her calm face smiled with satisfaction. At this moment, Ji Dong had to admit that there was a ripple in her heart lake.

Emotional things, sometimes you don't need to be more touching, some subtle places are easier to move.

"Don't wait for me anymore in the future." Ji Shi didn't say much, as if he didn't see Chen Sixuan, went straight to the hotel, Chen Sixuan was not annoyed at all, and still smiled with a smile on his face.By his side.With a satisfying smile on his face, he didn't feel just being angry.

Ji Jing's heart is actually very strange. Why is this girl's nerves so tough, she has not only clearly rejected her once, or even hit her, but her attitude towards herself is getting closer and closer.Essence

Actually, where did he know? In fact, Chen Sixuan had already thought about it. Since she was reborn as Princess Xuan, she has always been with Ji. It can be said that she saw Ji's other side.She is very satisfied with the current day, and the content of the content Changle. This is the mentality of Chen Sixuan's recent summary.She told herself, what else can this life be dissatisfied now?Ji Shi rejected her, proved that he loved the flames, that is, he loved herself deeply, and he could be with him after rebirth. He saw him every day, and he could still help him when fighting.From this point of view, he is even more intimate than the previous flames.After asking many girls, she summarized the path of chasing she was going, that is, for a long time, and the moisturizing was silent.Inconsistent with the gains and losses of the city and one place, with his gentle love to slowly melt his heart.Anyway, there is time to spend a lifetime with him.If his love for flames can really last for a lifetime, then even if he has been chasing like this, it is worth it. There is such a man who loves himself.What else can I not be satisfied with?Therefore, she has already seen the gambling contract with the King of God. As long as she can watch him every day, be with him, so that he can see herself, which is enough.

Therefore, with the support of such a powerful mentality, Chen Sixuan's ability to withstand is much more powerful than that of Ji Shi's imagination.Of course, this tenacity is just aimed at Ji Dong.

"Teacher Ji Dong, the deputy army leader is here." Chen Sixuan said with a smile.When talking to Ji, she also deliberately lifted her veil and just showed her perfect face to Ji Shi.

Looking at her smiley look, Ji Dong's mood at this time was only helpless.As the so -called reaching out without a laughing face, he really couldn't refuse to like him.Moreover, Chen Sixuan never found him any trouble, and now he doesn't even like him to hang his mouth, but just keeps him silently.Even the person who picks bones in the eggs can only say that she can only say something impeccable.Ji Shi now regrets deeply, why would she let her be the saints of the Temple of Tiangan, so, wouldn't she have to be with herself for a long time?If you want to see it, you ca n’t be annoying.

Lan Baoer and A Jin have a good opinion of himself, Ji Shi also knows, but he is not worried about anything.Anyway, as long as he clearly refuses.Lan Baoer will never come to entangle him, let alone Akin.The pride in Akin's bones does not have to be less.The reserved and shyness of Lan Baoer's girl could not do anything without being recognized.

But Chen Sixuan is completely different. Needless to say, she is enough to be comparable to the flames. Moreover, in order to chase herself, she has put down the girl's restraint, shyness, and even dignity, and even dignity, and evenAs an Omi department, she really has great help to herself, whether it is magic or soul.Although she has not made herself feel dependent, when she is there, Ji Shi can already feel more at ease.It can be said that Akin's lethality is not as lethal as Chen Sixuan.But what does Ji Kimin do?He really can't help it.

"The wolf is here? So fast." Ji Shi said subconsciously at Chen Sixuan's short -term loss.

Chen Sixuan feels very satisfied with Ji's lost feeling. Her feelings are also keen, and naturally can clearly find that Ji Shi's resistance to herself seems to have been decreasing.As long as there is this process, it is enough.

"You promise to let people follow you, if I am him, I am afraid the speed will be faster. He will wait for you in the hotel room. I will take you."

Chen Sixuan took it withJi Shi came to a new room on the same floor on the same floor. Sure enough, the wolf Tian was waiting here.

"Shao Lord, Oh, no, Ji. I'm here." Wolf Ten looked at Ji Shi, his eyes became hot.He didn't even hand in the army, but he ran home at the fastest speed after asking for leave, and told his father and uncle.He never saw his father's surprise. At that moment, his father even jumped up because of excitement.He shouted in his mouth, and the wolf family was finally in his early age.Next, the wolf evil talked to the wolf heavenly and talked with the wolf heaven for a night. Everything he said was about how to help him to help Ji.It was a dead order, no matter what Ji Shi ordered, it was an unspeakable order.After getting his father's strong support, he naturally did not have half of the scruples. With the authority of the Diamond Legion, it was too easy to find someone in Central Plains City.Go straight to the door.

"Have you explained at home?" Ji Shi asked with a smile.

The wolf nodded, and said, "My father said, let me obey your instructions."

Ji shook his head with a smile, "I said. We will be a partner in the future.Alice, you go home first, and reunite with your family more. After the process of processing in the Central Plains City is handled, you have to leave here with me. "Leave the hotel.

Chen Sixuan looked at Ji Shi and asked, "Teacher Ji, are you really going to let our students go to the top 30 students in Yinyang Academy?"Nodded and said, "When did you say what I said? This is to help you help. You can send them one six -order crystal core according to the attributes. Tomorrow you will still be with meCommand them with mental strength. "

Si Xuan's eyes show a trace of color, and the practice of Ji Shi has already understood a bit," I'll go now. "After that, she turned around and left.Essence

Looking at Chen Sixuan's back, Ji Shi couldn't help but stunned. The girl was too smart. She didn't need to explain too much at all, and she could understand her meaning. If there was no flame, maybe ..., maybe ..., maybe ..., maybe ...Unfortunately, there is no perhaps.

In the early morning, the 30 students of the Blaza Academy stood at the door of the hotel.Today they don't look as simple as before.Everyone put on a sharp dress. The most important thing is that they all put on the magic armor specially equipped for them.Although it is just a light armor, the light emitted on the magic armor still makes the people passing by.

Even the civilians who have never been in contact with the magician industry know that things like magic armor are definitely sky -high prices.Each of these light armor can be said to be worth 10,000 yuan. With them, the ability to offensive and defensive can increase at least 20 % to 30 %.

Everyone will know that they are the real devil, even if they are young.Of course, these magic armor were not sent to them in vain, and Zhu Rong was not so generous.Even if the trainees are willing to pay money, the Black Fire College will not sell it.Any magic weapon is priceless.Zhu Rong's approach is very simple. After these students graduate, they are willing to stay in the college to continue their studies. The armor can continue to wear and serve the college for ten years. This armor can be attributed to them.

This approach seems very harsh, but the students of the Sun and Moon School have no objection, and they all signed an agreement with the college.Of course, this is not entirely because of the magic armor. There are many other reasons. The most important point is naturally their teacher Ji Shi.After they signed such an agreement, Zhu Rong directly exempted all of their tuition for them in the future.In order to create the sun and moon school, he can also be said to be painstaking.

At this moment, these trainees are very excited. Each of them has a glove with a glove, and the reason is not to protect the hands, but to fix the one in the insideCrystal nucleus, up to six -order crystal nucleus!When they never thought about it, they could use the six -order crystal nucleus.With the help of this glove, their left hand can not only complete the connection between the fascinating array, but also recover the magic through this crystal nucleus.After all, attacks and defense are not their weaknesses, and their weaknesses are the weakness of their own magic.

Of course, it is not to say that with the crystal nucleus, their magic is strong, no matter how good the crystal nucleus is, it takes time to replenish the consumed magic.The highest level itself.Otherwise, without these restrictions, can it be a master as long as each magician does not consider the value of the crystal nucleus.

These constraints will not know, but he still sends a six -order crystal nucleus for everyone. He naturally has his thoughts.

Ji Shi still wore the white Chinese suit that Chen Sixuan gave him, and appeared in front of the students. What surprised him was that Chen Sixuan today did not wear yesterday's long skirt, but replaced him.He was very similar to the couple outfit. Although she was still masked, the two stood together, but their temperament was extremely matched.

I felt Ji Shi's somewhat doubtful eyes, Chen Sixuan smiled, "You said yesterday, the two sides sent two teachers to guide the students. So, today I am naturally another other college.One is nothing like you wear? You are not afraid of the shadow crooked. Are you still afraid that others will misunderstand? "

She said this, even if Ji Shi was afraid of others' misunderstandings, I couldn't refute it.I frowned, and said, "Starting."

When they came to Tiangan College again, or close to Tiangan College, it was completely different from yesterday's situation.I couldn't help but be surprised.It is full of people under the wall in front of Tiangan College.

On the second day of the month, ask for a monthly ticket.