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"Said, what are they of their identity? Why do they have to kill us?" Baiyan watched the monk standing in front of him. The guy's long -mouth monkey cheeks were the guy who was in contact with them on the first day.It's still alive.

This man is standing in front of Baiyan in respect. When he heard Baiyan said, he quickly said: "When I came to see an adult yesterday, I didn't lie., Our owner's name is Tie He. This time we came to rob. "

Lan Yuling said," Paled, if you really came for robbery, why come in the middle of the night, andI also used the French formation. You obviously want to kill people, saying, what do you want to do? "Lan Yuling's face was very ugly. She now knows that Tie He even told him that the names were fake., So she was even more angry.

When the man heard Lan Yuling said so, she quickly said: "When I return to the adult, I dare not say false words. All I say is true. We are really for robbery, but at the same timeWe also came to kill people, because Tie He had killed someone in the world of God Beast before, and that person was a big league. After the big league knew this, heWe have no way to hunted us, and we fled here. The most important reason for the reason for this time to kill people is that we cannot let you go back to the beast world.Back to the gods of the beast alive, then our points will be known, then it is dangerous. The people in that big league will definitely come to kill us. "

When he heard him say that, blueYu Ling and Baiyan nodded all, so they understood what was going on. Lan Yuling turned his head to the white eyes: "It seems that they are not small this time, otherwise they will not move us.Killing heart, how do you prepare these people? "Lan Yuling looked at Baiyan, she felt that they had too many secrets, she didn't know. She now has reached an unprecedented height, So Lan Yuling is now looking at them, but there is no trust.

Baiyan smiled and said: "Let's handle it, Blue Daoyou, please come with me, I have something to tell you." After saying that he made a request, BlueYu Ling glanced at Bai's eyes, but didn't move. Baiyan looked at her, and couldn't help smiling: "Blue Taoist friends don't have to be nervous. If we really want to be unfavorable to you, do you think you can live now?? "

Lan Yuling said that when he heard Baiyan, he couldn't help but nod immediately:" It's good to say, if you want to kill me, I die a long time ago, I will die, I will die, I will die, I will die, I will die, meIt's not your opponent. "After speaking, she flew forward, and her eyes followed.

After a while, the two of them reached the inner space of the snake snake. When they arrived in the small space, Ding Chunming had been waiting for them there.The beasts are all dead, and the disciples of the blood killing Zong are also the first time to deal with such a big beast. They are going to send these three beasts to the basalt space to let them study them well.Therefore, they are more troublesome to deal with it now. They must first build a portal door, and they must be large enough. As for the people in those three gods, they are now sent back to the tail snake.In the space, let them stay here for a while, and then send it to the Xuanwu space, but these things, there are people below to handle it, do not need to control them.

Lan Yuling looked at Baiyan at first glance. She couldn't help but be more nervous. Baiyan saw that Lan Yuling was nervous.If you come, there is actually a chance to give you, Blue Daoyou, you also see that we are very different from the people in the general gods and beast worlds. Our strength is not weak, but we are here.It doesn't seem to know it, so you have doubts about our identity. In fact, this is normal. We can understand that we will tell you this today. Of course, I hope you can do itA choice, as for what you choose, I am telling you when you are. "Speaking of which, Baiyan stopped, glanced at Lan Yuling, Lan Yuling looked at Baiyan calmly, waiting for Baiyan to go on, whiteSeeing the appearance of Lan Yuling, I couldn't help smiling slightly, and then opened the grade: "It's calm when Blue Daoyou is here."What can I do if I do n’t calm down? Is n’t it easy to kill me with your strength? I just want to know who you are. "Lan Yuling's face was calm.

Baiyan smiled slightly: "Of course we are monks, but we are the monks from the lower realm."

Lan Yuling heard the white eyes say so, and her eyes were as soon as she said.Glasting the boss, he said immediately: "Impossible, absolutely impossible, the person who has risen from the lower boundary? How many years have not appeared, you might be the person who has risen from the lower realm." Lan Lan. "Lan LanYuling really has no way to believe, because since the dramatic changes in the world of the beast, the person who has not risen from the lower realm has now told her that they are the people who have risen from the lower bounds. How can she believe it?Intersection

When Baiyan heard that Lan Yuling said so, it also smiled slightly: "There is nothing impossible, we just rose from the lower boundary, what else is there?The lower bounds rose up, but the entire Zongmen rose from the lower bounds, so we have the ability to deal with those film clans without being killed by the shadow people. The reason why we are not afraid of the shadow people isI have already handed in hand with the shadow people. We were in the lower bounds and killed the shadow people. Then I rose up. How about it? I said it clearly? "Baiyan looked at Lan Yuling and wanted to say ourselves to say that he wanted to say that he wanted to say it.All said.

After Lan Yuling listened to Baiyan's words, she was silent, and then she glanced at Baiyan: "There are such big beasts in the lower bounds? When you are in the lower realm, you have made a hand with the shadow people.Is this unlikely? "Lan Yuling had no way to believe that there was such a big beast in the lower realm, and the lower realm could defeat the movie tribe, but they failed, which made her unable to accept it for a while.

Baiyan smiled and said: "Actually, this is not a god beast. He can only be regarded as a half god, because he can't be alive, but he can't count it. He is a special magic weapon., It is a special magic weapon combined with the combination of God beasts and machinery, so he will have so many layers of space. These are all made by us, and we are just some elders in Zongmen.We come out and see if there is a monk's existence here. "Baiyan looked at the Lan Yuling Road.

As soon as Lan Yuling said that Baiyan said so, her expression could not help but be obsessed. She looked at Baiyan: "I really want to believe you, but I really have no way to believe you.I have no way to believe it, unless you have more evidence. "

Bai eyes looked at Lan Yuling, and then smiled slightly:" Do you want evidence? Actually simple, I am very simple, I am very simple, I am very simple, I am very simple.Take you to the station in our Zongmen, you should believe it, but if you want to go to the station of our Zongmen and find that all we are talking about are all true, then you must promise us to join our ancestorsThe door, otherwise, we are not assured of you. Once you say the matter of our ancestors, it may cause great trouble in the beast world. "Baiyan looked at Lan Yuling after finishing speaking.

Lan Yuling said as soon as Baiyan said, he couldn't help but stunned, and then he said, "Join your ancestors?"

Baiyan nodded: "Yes, join us, join usZongmen, only when we join our Zongmen can we rest assured. If you do n’t join our Zongmen, you are afraid that you ca n’t let it go, so do you still have to watch? Of course, if you want to see our Zongmen’s gate’s,I can guarantee that you will not regret it. What about it? Do you want to go to our Zongmen to see? "Baiyan looked at Lan Yuling after finishing speaking.

Lan Yuling looked at Baiyan, and then she smiled suddenly: "Okay, then go and see, if you are the gate, it is really as good as you said, thenI don't lose it when I go. If your Zongmen is not as good as you are talking about, it should not be much worse than my current situation? I already know your secrets. You are afraid of keeping your secrets, afraid of your secrets, afraid of your secrets, afraid of your secrets, afraid of your secrets, I'm afraid of your secrets, afraidI won't let me go, then I might as well look at it with you. "Lan Yuling looked at Baiyan after finishing speaking, and the smile on his face was deeper.

When Baiyan heard Lan Yuling said so, he couldn't help laughing. Ding Chunming also laughed all of them, and then Baiyan said: "Okay, fast, among women, there are blue.Daoyou, you are so proud that it is really rare. Bai admires it, okay, then we will take you to our Zongmen to see. Our Zongmen are here in the beast world.The station here is the residence of our Zongmen. There are still a big difference between the two residents. Let's take you to see the residence of our Zongmen here in the beast world, please. "After that, he finished him.He stood up, then glanced at Sheng Yan, smiled slightly, and then waved his hand. The next moment he appeared in front of him, and Baiyan pointed at the portal and said a word to Lan Yuling.

Lan Yuling glanced at the teleportation array, and glanced at it again. Then she walked to the teleportation array, her eyes also kept up, and she also entered the portal. Lan YuAs soon as Ling looked at Baiyan's movement, she couldn't help but feel slightly, and then she couldn't help nodding secretly. She could believe that Baiyan could believe that Baiyan could estimate this. It was really not easy.It is equivalent to telling her that this portal is not dangerous, making her rest assured. For the intimate moves of Baiyan, Lan Yuling's heart is still very useful. She did not hesitate to enter the teleportation array.When the teleportation array, she felt that her head was dizzy for a moment. Next, she found that she appeared in a space, and Baiyan was standing there, looking at her with a smile, and Lan Yuling looked atAt a glance around, her face could not help showing a surprise expression. She found that she seemed to be in a very huge cave, but this cave was too big?And there are too many people here?

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