Chapter 55 Tears

Nothing wrong, after Lan Yuling arrived here, her first feeling was that it was really large, the height reached about a hundred feet, and the area was not clear at all. I could only see countless huge pillars.And those columns are all Dongfu. Some people live inside and look around. You can also see countless huge channels. The channel is as high as this cave. It can be seen how huge this cave is.The second feeling is that there are really many people here. She saw countless people in those caves. That is to say, all the caves here are full of people, and the most terrible thing isThese people are all monks.

While looking at Lan Yuling's appearance, he smiled slightly: "What? Is it surprising? Actually, don't be surprised. This is the place where the gods and beasts are underground.There is absolutely no energy of the shadow family. "

Lan Yuling said as soon as Baiyan said, she couldn't help but be surprised. She looked at the four weeks:" This is the place where the beast world is underground?There is a big base in the ground underground? "

Baiyan smiled:" It's normal, we just built a huge base here, how about it? Is it good? "

Lan Yuling smiled bitterly, and then said, "Very good, very good, ordinary people, there is no such big hand, you are really amazing." Lan Yuling really didn't really have noThinking that the people who killed the Zong would be so powerful, and they could build such a large base, which was indeed unexpected.

Baiyan said with a smile: "This is normal. There are too many people in our Zongmen. The small base is not enough at all, and our opponents this time are the shadow people, and the film clan will be the beasts.Almost all of the boundaries here are occupied. The power of the laws and beast world has almost all turned into the law of the shadow people. In this case, we should make such preparations.We want to empty the underground underground of the entire god and animal world. Above the ground, now the Yingying people are managed. In the future, I will forget it. Of course, we want to do this step, and we wantIt is not an easy task, we still need to do it for a long time, but I believe that one day in the morning and evening, we will do it. "When he said thisMake Lan Yuling even more surprised, Lan Yuling really doesn't know what to say.

At this time, Baiyan smiled at Lan Yuling: "This is just a base we established in the gods and beasts. Our real Zongmen station is not here. I will take you over now to see it.Look. "As soon as he waved his hand, he disappeared directly with Lan Yuling, and Ding Chunming, at this time, had already been busy with his own affairs, a blue jade bell, and no one of them needed so many people together.Accompanying, it is completely unnecessary, and Lan Yuling and Baiyan have reached the basalt space at this time.

After Lan Yuling saw the situation in Xuanwu space, she was stunned directly, and he looked at all this.She has never seen any places. The sky is blue, and the air around it is so fresh. The main thing is that there is a sun in the sky, and the surroundings are full of trees. Countless birds fly in the sky.With her strong spiritual power, she can also see that there are countless small worms climbing in the grassland.

If the current world of the gods and beasts is a dead silence, then it is completely different here. This is a life thing. Everything is so vibrant, and all of this for blue for blueFor Yu Ling, it really exceeded her imagination.

Lan Yuling has no idea how long he has been, and hasn't seen the tree, not a bread tree, but an ordinary tree. She doesn't remember how long she didn't see itI have passed the birds, I have never heard the bird call, and I have heard the insects. These may not care about it before. When you really lose it, you really feel that all this is all.Poor.

Lan Yuling suddenly closed her eyes and took a breath. Then she opened her eyes once and saw everything in front of her eyes was still there.She looked at the four weeks and looked at everything here, as if to engrave everything in this place deeply in her mind, and then she opened her mouth: "Baiyan, tell me that all this is true, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me.I, all this is true! Tell me! "In the end Lan Yuling used roar.

As soon as Baiyan heard Lan Yuling said so, he could not help but smile, and then he said deeply: "All of this, of course, all are true and true." Lan Yuling heard Baiyan said so,I couldn't help it anymore, she cried out with a wow, and she stopped crying for a while, and then she talked: "Really, all this is all true. This is your blood killing.Is Zong's station? "

Bai's eyes nodded:" Yes, this is our residence of Zongzong, how is it? Isn't it good? "With a smile, Lan Yuling looked at the four weeks, and she murmured: "Okay, great, I haven't seen such a scenery for too many years. Where is it? Is this still in the beast world?It is impossible to have such a place, it is impossible. "Lan Yuling is very clear about the situation in the world of the gods and beasts. She really does not believe that there is such a place in the world of the beasts, so she will say that because she is veryIt is clear that here the God of Beast Realms has long been eroded by the energy of the film clan, and it is impossible to have such a place at all. It is absolutely impossible. This is the most sad place of Blue Yuling.

Baiyan smiled slightly: "To say that this is the god of the beast, it can also be said that it is not the world of gods and beasts, or it is not. This is actually an internal space. We call it Xuanwu space.It was made from the master, and our ancestors' station, but now it can be called an independent space here, because this space has its own independent law, so there is everything in this space. This is only our blood that belongs to our blood.The space of killing sect, and his area is not smaller than the gods and animal worlds, and may even be larger, because the number of disciples of our blood killing sect is too much. As far as the current statistics, our bloodThe number of killing Zongzong has exceeded 160 billion yuan. Do you know how many people are there? And the area of the basalt space, these can only be regarded as the local wide people, and they are dissatisfied., They are all large -scale unmanned areas, so how big is the area of Xuanwu space? You can slowly imagine yourself, how about it, Blue Daoyou, I said, this is a chance for you. I didn’t lie to you. I didn’t lie to youYou. "

Lan Yuling looked at Baiyan, and then said," Your strength is so strong, why not fight with the shadow people? "

Baiyan smiled slightly:" WeIt will fight with the shadow people, but it is not now, we have to fight with the shadow people sooner or later, but before the official start of the war with the shadow people, we must understand the situation of the gods of the gods. We ca n’t do everythingI do n’t know, just start fighting directly with the shadow people? Although even so, we are not afraid of the shadow people, but there will be a lot of losses. This is what we do not want to see, so before we fight with the film clanWe want to understand the situation here here, how are we? Are you willing to join our blood and kill the sect now? "

Lan Yuling looked at the white eyes:" If I said no?What do you do? "When Lan Yuling said this, his eyes looked at Baiyan, Baiyan glanced at Lan Yuling, and then smiled slightly:" You are a smart person, you came here from following meYou should think of this result, you will definitely join us. If I really lie to you, if you really never think of joining us, then you will be forcibly prohibited. At that timeEven if we want to be unbelievable, it won't work. Otherwise, we will kill you, and then turn you into a necromancer. At that time, you will still be our people. You are a smart person. You will make it yourself.What is the choice, what is your last choice? "Baiyan looked at Lan Yuling Road.

Lan Yuling looked at Baiyan, and suddenly smiled: "It seems that I have no choice, I can only join you, okay, then I will add it." Lan Yuling said this.It seemed very wronged, but her face had always been smiling.

Looking at her, the expression on her face often moved, but it recovered soon, and then he laughed: "Okay, from today, you are the people of our Zongmen., But the procedure that should be taken must be left. I have to plant the ban on your body now. This prohibition is actually not effective. As long as you do n’t judge the Zongmen, this prohibition is not existing for you.If you betrayed Zongmen, then this forbidden system will naturally want your life, but so far we have killed so many people, and so far, few people will betray Zongmen, and all of them are not sober.Guy, except for them, no one has betrayed Zongmen, I believe you will not judge the gate. "When Baiyan said this, his eyes were full of confidence.

Lan Yuling looked at Baiyan: "Yes? Are you so confident?" Lan Yuling didn't know why, and always wanted to use words to stimulate Baiyan, she didn't know what it wasRebate, just want to do this.

Baiyan smiled slightly: "After you really understand the Zongmen, you understand why I said that, that's it, not much to say, I will plant it on your body now, youIt's okay not to resist. "Lan Yuling nodded, she did not oppose it because she was very clear. This was necessary to do it.People, if she really does this, then he is afraid that today there is no way to leave here, so of course she would not say anything.

But the white -eyed hand was hand in hand, and his hand was directly out of the line. Then he would fly in the next moment.In Yu Ling's body, Lan Yuling didn't even feel much. When the white eyes disappeared, Lan Yuling looked at Baiyan: "It's over?" Baiyan smiled: "It's over."