Chapter 56 Meet

Lan Yuling was really surprised. She did not expect that Baiyan said that the prohibition system would be so simple, but regardless of this prohibited management, it is a good thing for Lan Yuling.It is simple as possible.

Bai Gong looked at Lan Yuling's look: "So, I'll take you to the benefits of the Zongmen." After that, he was going to take Lan Yuling to the welfare of the Zongmenmen.At the time, Baiyan seemed to hear something suddenly, and then he responded, and then he turned his head to Lan Yuling: "Don't get welfare first, Zong mainly sees you, go with me."

As soon as Lan Yuling heard Baiyan said, he couldn't help but stunned, and then she looked at Baiyan: "How do you know?"

Baiyan smiled and said: "After you have joined the Zongmen, you willWill you know, let's go. "After he waved his hand, the two had already arrived outside the room next moment, and Lan Yuling only felt dizzy, and she had changed the place next moment.How did Baiyan do it? At this moment, the door of the room was opened, and then I heard a voice saying: "Come in."

Baiyan responded, and then he left directly.After entering, Lan Yuling quickly followed up. The two entered the room and saw that there was a person sitting in the living room of the room. This person looked about thirty years old and ordinary.There is no momentum on your body. You can't even feel aura on him, but Baiyan said at this time: "See the Lord."

Lan Yuling quickly followed the salute: "See the Lord. "Lan Yuling's heart was still a little puzzled. He didn't understand such an ordinary person. Why would he become the prince of such a powerful ancestor?But then she couldn't help but feel that things seemed to be something wrong. If the other party's strength really didn't work, why couldn't see the other person's strength with her strength?She can't see the strength of the other party, isn't it just that the other party's strength is better than her?Thinking of this, Lan Yuling's face also changed completely. Her attitude was not dare to have a trace of neglect, and her expression was even more respectful.

Zhao Hai said with a smile: "You don't have to be polite, sit." Baiyan responded, and found a chair to sit down. Lan Yuling also learned the same way, and then sat down, butShe looks very careful, her head is still low, and she looks very restrained.

Zhao Hai looked at Lan Yuling's appearance and smiled slightly: "However, you are the first island master monk we recruited in the world of the gods and beasts.Without, after you go back, do some things here in the world of the beasts, do a piece of jade, and then hand it over. How can you do it? "When Zhao Hai said this, his tone was very gentle.

Lan Yuling still stood up quickly: "Yes, the Lord." Her heart was still a little nervous. Although she did not know the blood killing sect very well, she just had white eyes, and they just.She has made her kill the blood and has a impression, so she is now neglecting Zhao Hai, but she dares not to have a little neglect.

Zhao Hai nodded, and then smiled: "It's okay, don't be so nervous, sit down." Lan Yuling responded and sat down at once, Zhao Hai watched her laugh and laughed.Tao: "In the future, you will be your own. You will go to the benefits of Zongmen with Baiyan in a while, and then you still have to return to the beast world. The Zongmen now needs the situation of the gods and beasts, so how can you work hard.. "

Lan Yuling responded, and Zhao Hai then turned his head to the white eyes:" Lao Bai, you do not have to be too careful in the beast world.No, we have never caused trouble, but we are not afraid of things. The reason why we have to contact the people here in the world of the beast is actually to pull them into the Zongmen. This is equivalent toSave them, if they do not join the ancestral gate, then it is good to kill. It is good to become a necromancer, so don't worry too much about this. "

Baiyan responded, Zhao Hai nodded noddedThen I said, "Okay, okay, you two, I will tell you this time, the main thing is to let Lan Yuling see me, at least he knows what he looks like, don'tI saw it in the future, I do n’t know who I am, then my prince is not too embarrassing? Go. "Baiyan responded, and then stood up. Lan Yuling stood up quickly.Zhao Hai took a gift and turned away.

Zhao Hai watched the two smiles, waved the door with a wave, and then returned to the Jingshi room. This time he saw the blue jade bell, mainly to see, the monks in the gods of the gods, andWhat is the difference between them, but after reading it, he found that there is no difference. With his strength, of course, you can see the cultivation of the blue jade bell at a glance. To be honest, it can only be considered a normal. There is nothing special.He is a little disappointed. It seems that he is here in the world of the beasts, and the realism is like that, that is, he is here that he is afraid that there will be no special gains, but you do n’t know. In the futureWhen the monk, there will be other gains.

Baiyan and Lan Yuling at this time, but it was already outside. Lan Yuling couldn't help but breathe, and then said, "It's strange, the Lord of Mingming has always been a smile, andIt looks very gentle, why would I be so nervous when I saw the prince? What is going on? "After speaking, she turned to look at Baiyan, trying to listen to what Baiyan said.

Baiyan smiled slightly, and then said, "It's okay, you will not be nervous after a long time.He loved it very much, but he never softened to the enemy. "

Lan Yuling nodded, and then she said," What are the welfare of Zongmen?Isn't it?

Baiyan smiled slightly: "Our Zongmen welfare, that's it, I will take you now."The benefits have gone, and Lan Yuling has not been serious about it yet. She really does not believe that the welfare of Zongmen welfare of blood killing sects will be special, but when Baiyan really saw the welfare of Zongmen who killed the Zongzong,Then she knew how outrageous the welfare of the Zongmen welfare of the blood killing Zong, and she even had a few more lives. The main thing is that she can also turn her beasts into her natal beast, and she can be right.His destiny beast transformed a bloodline.In terms of Lan Yuling, it is definitely good news. After Lan Yuling received the benefits, she also had a sense of dizziness, and it felt unreal.

At this time, Baiyan said: "Because your situation is extremely disabled, I will give you all of your benefits at one time. Originally, these benefits would have to be divided into several batches.Let you slowly adapt to these benefits, but now the situation is special, we still have tasks in the gods and animal worlds, so we can only go out. After you reach the outside, you can slowly understand your own benefits. "

BR> Lan Yuling responded, and Baiyan then said: "After you go back, you will refine Yan Tianqiao first, and then Yan Tianxiao will slowly teach you other things.Slowly take all the benefits, just receive all of your own hands. Okay, let's go, let's go out. "Lan Yuling responded, and the next moment the two had appeared in the snake snake.In the inner space, the white eyes then said to the blue jade ling: "Go back, otherwise, your men should be anxious. Remember, after returning, first refine it to the sky, and then slowly receive it.Other things. "Lan Yuling nodded, and then Baiyan sent him out of the tail snake. Lauksch was waiting for her. When they saw her out, Lauksch had a breath.Yu Ling nodded at Laukecci, and then turned directly to his god beast and flew up. Laukschs quickly followed.

When they returned to Blue Jade Bell's beast space, Lauquechma went straight to the blue jade bell: "Island owner, how is it? Will they not be good for us?" This is LaukschThey care about them. They see the power of Baiyan, and they are really afraid that they will deal with them. If they want to deal with them, they are afraid that they will really die.

Lan Yuling shook his head and said, "Rest assured, they will not be unfavorable to us, you go on, I will retreat these days, we will stay here for a few days, I have followedThe white island owner said that, they won't go. You will do your own thing in the past few days. When our food is collected, you will lead people and collect all the food. ThenAfter planting the bread tree, after planting it, remember to water, and remember to activate the seeds with aura. "Lauksic quickly responded and then exited the inner space. After Lauksch leftThen Ling took out Yan Tianxiao, and then refined Yan Tianqiao directly. Baiyan told him that Yan Tianqi was the name of the blood sect disciples.Instrument.

Lan Yuling believes that Baiyan will not lie to him, and there is no need to lie to him, so Lan Yuling directly refined Yan Tianqiao into her destiny instruments. Don't look at her as a monk, and it is stillAn island owner of the beast island, but she has no munition instrument, so when she was refined, she was very careful. After Lan Yuling carefully refined the ball, she felt a lot of informationAfter entering her mind, Lan Yuling closed her eyes, slowly digested these things, and entered the things in her mind.

After a while, Lan Yuling said the content of those content, and then she opened her eyes and then murmured: "It turns out that this is Yan Tianxiao, Yan Tianmei is so amazing." Lan Yuling originally listened to Baiyan's eyes.Said that Yan Tianqiu has all kinds of magic, but he is not attentive, but at this moment, when he really learned the magic of Yan Tianxiao, she knew how amazing Yan Tianqi was.With this Sanxian, she is equivalent to automatically learned the formation method. When to the enemy, there are endless means and all kinds of magic. This makes the blue jade bell very magical.Thinking that this Yan Tianxiao would be so powerful.

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