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When Lan Yuling used it for three days, this was the use of the usage of Yan Tianqiao completely. She couldn't help but sigh a terrible thing about Yan Tianqi.An omnipotent helper, which is really important for her, because the use of Yan Tianqiao is too much.

But she is still preparing to study Yan Tianqiao slowly in the future. One of the things she wants to do now is to expand the team's beast space first, and then in the blood of her beastsImproved, this is actually very simple, that is, it is good to feed some of the beasts. In the end, let the beast eat a piece of blood to improve blood, the blood of the god beast will be improved, but when the beast is improved when the blood is improved, the beast is improved.There may be some new changes, so before the bloodline improves, she must first arrange the people in his beast space. When I think of this, Lan Yuling has a breath, and then she stands.After getting up, walking out of the small space, and outside the small space, she immediately said, "Laickcic, come over."

Her voice is not very loud, but she can be sure, LaukschYou can definitely hear it. Sure enough, after a while, Lauksch flew directly to her, and walked at her: "See the island owner."

Lan Yuling nodded, and then said, "Give you a task. If you go to notify everyone, the space may become larger in a while, so that everyone will not panic, stay in your own room, do not come out. "

LaukschThen he looked at Lan Yuling some puzzled, Lan Yuling nodded at him, and Lauksch immediately said: "Yes, the island owner." When he said this, his expression was withWith a trace of excitement, he was really happy and excited. He did not expect that their beast space would become bigThey will be able to deal with blood more easily in the future.

As soon as I thought of this, Lauksch went to arrange it immediately. He asked all the war soldiers to inform the people in the space and let everyone prepare them.When all the war soldiers came, they came to his life and told him that he had notified everyone, and Lauksch reported to Lan Yuling.

After listening to Lauksch's words, Lan Yuling nodded, and then she said deeply: "You come with me." Lauckic responded and followed Lan Yuling out of the god beast.In space, when the beast space, Lan Yuling went directly to the head of the beast. The head of the beast was very huge. He was lying there now, looking at the four weeks boring, and when he saw the blue Yuling coming, he was happy.Standing up and shouting in Lan Yuling, this feeling is very strange. The body of this beast is too huge.When he saw Lan Yuling, he was still happy.

Lan Yuling looked at the beast, she smiled and stretched out her hand, touched the god beast gently, and the god beast did not know if she felt it. Anyway, his face was exposed.With a very enjoyable expression, Lan Yuling smiled slightly, and then she moved, and there was a fruit in her hand. This fruit was not very large, only the size of the basketball, which was small and pitiful for God beasts.The beast seemed to see this fruit, and it seemed a little excited. Lan Yuling smiled and said, "Open your mouth." The beast opened his mouth immediately, and Lan Yuling then threw the fruit into the mouth of the beast, and not onlyOne, but has been lost to nine fruits in, and then stopped. It was not that she didn't want to feed more, but that the beast can only eat nine stalks at most. It is useless to eat too much.There are some harm, so the god beast can only eat nine lattice fruit at most. As soon as the beast is closed, the nine fruits disappear.

Then there was energy fluctuations on the beast of the beast, and the blue jade bell immediately led Loukeci to return to the beast space. Fortunately, they could still enter in the beast space, and when they entered the beast space, they entered the beast space., They heard the sound of the beast space, and the sound of the sound of a burst of rough sounds. This sound is loud. If it is not like a thunder, if it is not Lan Yuling notifying the people in the space in advance, the space must be confused now, but now it is now a chaos, but nowBut nothing happened. The people in the beast space stayed in their own room, where they shivered, and with the sound, Lan Yuling and Laukech saw that the beast space was getting bigger, but it changedThe large area is not very large, but the blue jade bell soon discovered that under his space, the second layer of space appeared again, and then the third layer of space, the space has been increased to the nine layers, this is this.It stopped, and Lan Yuling's face showed a surprise expression. She really did not expect that this kind of beast space was expanded like this, that is, if she did not want people to know in the futureOthers will not know that his beast space has become so large, and he will only think that his beast space is larger than the average god beast space, but it is not much larger. Generally, people will not pay attention at all, andThis is exactly the result of Lan Yuling's wanting.

When all the sounds in the space stop, Lan Yuling said to Loukeci: "Go, let the war soldiers notify everyone, it's okay, they can be freely moved, and after telling them, they can be told after them.You will come back and bring all the war soldiers at the same time. "Lauksch responded, and immediately arranged. He first gathered the soldiers and let the soldiers notify everyone. They couldFreedom activity, when the war was notified and his life was reunited, he led all the war soldiers and came to Lan Yuling.

Lan Yuling glanced at everyone: "Today, our gods and beasts have become larger, not so simple, but they are as big as the white island owner, that is, in ourBelow the space, there are eight -layer space, a total of nine floors, I will take you to see below. "When everyone heard that Lan Yuling said, they were all excited, but because of their respect for Blue Yuling, they dare not mess aroundCome, although it was excited one by one, no one dared to shout around, and Lan Yuling took them to the second layer of space at this time.The land is, because this layer of space is transformed by the power of the Park, so there is soil in this layer of space.Earth, they can plant them here, and Lauksch looked at them one by one. They really did not expect that this time the beast space will become so big.In the future, do you not have to be hungry, there is no way. For some people who have never had a full food for a lifetime, eating is the most important thing. They are afraid of being hungry.

After all the remaining eight spaces were visited, Lan Yuling said at the second layer of space, "Lauksch, you are all war soldiers, and you are also, so on.The people who have practiced on the island, you have seen it, what kind of life your loved ones are now, and now I want to give you a chance so that you can get rid of such a day, can you be willing? "

As soon as Loukeci heard Lan Yuling said so, he immediately said: "We are willing!" Others also said: "We are willing." Of course they are willing, they want to dream ofOne day, Lan Yuling is now willing to have this opportunity. Of course, they are willing, and even they are extremely excited, because they can finally get rid of this situation now. This is something they dare not think about it. NowIt was going to be realized, how can they not be happy, they are too excited.

Lan Yuling nodded: "If you are willing, then I will tell you the current situation. Before I talked about the things between us, I may not know, you may not know,The Bao Island Lord belongs to a prince named Blood Killing Zong. This ancestral gate is extremely powerful. As long as you add this ancestral gate, your strength will be greatly improved. In the futureThe Lord is not impossible, so I joined this sect, and I am now a disciple of blood killing. "Speaking of this, she stopped. The reason why she said, Lauksch may be a one in the futureThe island owner of the Shenlou Island is because of this most intuitive. You tell them what to practice. Lauksch did not feel so intuitive, but you told them that one day you will become an island ownerThey will immediately understand what it means, and they will also be excited immediately.

Sure enough, Lauksch they immediately excited and looked at Lan Yuling with excitement, and Lan Yuling looked at them: "If you agreeThen I will let you add it to the blood killing sect, how about it? Do you agree? "Lan Yuling looked at Loukeci after speaking, and Laukschs responded excitedly:"Agree! "

Lan Yuling nodded and said," Okay, just agree with you, as for the others on the island, you will also join the blood killing sect, but I don’t have their opinions.Need to ask, because this is the best choice for them, let's go, let's go back now. "After speaking, she took everyone and returned to the first layer of space. As soon as I returned to the space, the blue jade bellTo Loukeci: "You are waiting here, and at the same time, you can make it clear to the others on the island and make them prepare. It won't be long to enter another space, where you willStarting a new life, we will have the same door in the future. "After the shape of Lan Yuling's figure moved, she flew out of the beast space. She was going to find Baiyan and told Baiyan. There will be arrangements in Baiyan.

Blue Jade Ling has also been clearly clear that blood killing Zong will definitely turn everyone into a disciple of blood killing, so she will do so, and the blue jade bell will reach Baiyan., Tell this matter with Baiyan, Baiyan immediately let Lan Yuling go to Tiehe's place where the gods and beasts were located. The portal there was almost ready to be built.Their three -headed beasts will be sent to Xuanwu Space, and Lan Yuling can also go in together. When the basalt space, Lan Yuling can just release all the people in his beast space, and thenZongmen will re -arrange people to give him the beast space city.

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